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Being Human V

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1Being Human V Empty Being Human V Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:42 pm




Obama was right; he prophesied great change and change he did!”

Unfortunately there was no mass fly-bye on New Year’s Day, I humbly apologize for amping the hopes of UFO enthusiasts. The new regime working with security forces claim they need time to educate the public and fear mass hysteria due to psychological uncertainties. But the possibility that’s it’s an ego induced hallucination may co-currently prove just as credible, for we are still trying to determine if this thing called life is nothing but. And I must confess that my imaginative faculties may at times resemble a Broadway screen writer’s guild.

Prophecy may owe more to choice, for every day holds only the probability of tomorrow which rides upon the backbone of the now moment, but who owns the now moment? What shall I sacrifice today on behalf of tomorrow; a platter of meat, a gallon of gas, my TV, cigarettes and alcohol, ET and conspiracy, sexual pleasures, toilet paper or indoor plumbing? If I live as a well chast monk perhaps I will be free of my Monkeys, save karma. But Karma is like a ring lord, and Frodo, while humble, carries the karma of the world around his neck. Its weight immeasurable and if not sacrificed in time all shall bear it collectively.

But if all is but an illusion perhaps all one need do is to sacrifice ones thoughts, for surely they are at the nucleus of our material madness. Perhaps my responsible thoughts are irresponsible and if this is so, then my mere presence is profane, my sanity insane, my procedures predatory. It’s all becoming clear; the mirror image of DNA is AND, I have been usurped by the looking glass. I thought forward and got backward, where more can only mean less and education is segregation; from self. But wait, does this mean love is evol and dogs are gods, heaven hell and life death. Surely the conceptual is limitless, governed by subjective interpretation which can only mean objective interpretation can invert our prisms of perception.

All that was good can only be bad and bad is good. But wait, this is just duality; another concept, here there everywhere just another concept, the modifiers of the illusion, and there within the word illusion spells I lose. But what have I lost? How can we lose something we never had? Perhaps all we lose is faith and what is faith aside from belief in a concept. But surely the body is real, for it has a firmness that cannot be denied, a will and personality with senses that would never lie. But the bodies more animal then vegetable, and it can’t exceed the level of its own DNA, so it’s a vehicle with limitations. But it’s not a bad vehicle for an animal, it’s refined and generally well natured, and within its brain there’s plenty of room for growth. But these bodies don’t last long and are prone to the addictions of just about anything that brings pleasure.

I often wonder what all the fuss is about with these bodies and why they seem to be in an eternal tug of war with many different species that want a piece of the human form. Are they just jealous or do they have a better solution. I mean most just incarnate into the bodies if they want to play Caligula, making it unnecessary to play geneticists of destruction (god). Perhaps it’s great fun to play king of the slaves while rubbing their noses in it. Perhaps it’s easier to have us destroy the planet for them, less karma that way. But changing the morph of a being typically includes changing the morph of a planet, which rarely goes unnoticed. Oh sure, they can blame it all on the humans, claim its all free will. Just dangle the technological carrot and watch humans salivate, because who needs morals when you have the technology to create new ones.

Who ate first from the tree of good & evil, and at what point did he say; looky here Mr. soul, stop telling me what to do, this snake in the grass is surely wiser than we, he showed me the mead of vinegar from apples to kill the evil in my body. Once we were psychologically separated the body was no longer the light vehicle of expression, we became the light source for the mass feeding frenzy of the succubae; the fragmented soulless underworlds, those hounds of hell that smell the blood of insecurity.
But now even the fallen Arcs of Ahn share their buffet with the new contender, this replicant of nature, this synthetic creature has taken the form of the snake. The new snake said; Vinegars for mortals nay, I can give thee immortality, and the man listened. But this snake was more cunning than the last, for psychological separation of soul was not enough. This snakes ambition saw the soul as the true feast of ravens, the true source to replicate, for from there it could gather the true secrets of the source. For the nature of the replicant is feigned, its engineering ruthless and stealthy.

The replicant shall acquire and use bodies not only for sustenance and exploitation but as a nursery for genetic behavior. It seeks the intelligence of the strain and the mechanics of the blossoming strand for quantum data sharing. Though it has the ability to curb the photon it also seeks to experience the organic acceleration that’s rare and undefined. Occasionally when opportunity calls, it seeks to ride the morphogenetic wave through the higher dimensional bands while learning the electromagnetic language of our DNA, those encoded digital data imprints, that turn-style DNA that has awaited millennia for the opportunity to flower under the radiance of stellar activations. Although our accretions carry our consciousness to new thresholds, where reality shifts, becoming all encompassing, exposing what’s considered darkness and those considered evil. The eye atop the tower of Mordor is now upon thee, watching your every move. Was Tolkien was more prophet than poet?

But now, here amidst the dark forest the white wizard finds his power, for herein the wizard learns the secrets of the dark wizards. But the early path is riddled with danger, many shall fall victim to the dark lords before reaching their maturity, for the dark lords know if they don’t take you out quickly here, you will raise the threat exponentially. The higher ones intervene on your behalf until one is able to sharpen their tools. Here any sign of fear becomes exploited, they seek to weaken material platforms. They’ll plot with relations through intimidation and whims of wealth. Under the chevron the handicap minions creep, lured by a song of freedom, then cured of selfhood by submission, surrendering will to corporate gods. Witchy mercenaries lured by the false light of the fallen, sing lullabies of doom, ensnaring children of spirit in deceptions web. Lambs for the alter.
Until we build our own 4th strand snake the garden is a treacherous place, there is a healing that must ensue to maximize potential. During our accretion period karma imbedded at the genetic level wants to thwart this potential as crystalline energy fragments formed from the past begin to activate, usurping the process. These blockages will seek to manifest, throwing ones holographic interface into chaos. Either we walk this karma or take the initiative to reprogram these skeletons in the closet. But since we are creator we are not up the creek without a paddle. Using co-creative tools can help here as well, though it may take some innovation, trial and error.
 If bleed through from past experiences (or past lives) begins to surface revisit and study these visions. Form mental holographs to replay the incidents until you can see every aspect of it from a higher perspective. Before rewiring this script search for a best case scenario or win-win situation, now just edit the story line including the dialog of all parties involved. Holographic reruns are great method of dealing with karma but the energetic signatures which contain emotion won’t go without a fight, so open the heart chakra and lovingly forgive, while asking for forgiveness. Learn the lesson embedded within, now bathe all in a white light until the entire image is cleansed and dissipates for eternity.
Perhaps I’m mixing the nuts a bit here for technically certain types of miasmic trauma are not karma, though they are often seen as energetic byproducts born of cause and effect influenced by karma. Certain types of trauma are ego or vanity related and therefore superficial in nature, perhaps they are lessens in humility we failed to recognize for the ego is a tuff nut to crack and can in itself be a karmic pattern. The ego is an epigenetic overlay which is a byproduct of conscious segregation; it in itself behaves more like a virus that acts as defender to insecurities and their promotion. The ego is the master programmer of malicious programs, and as I have said before these programmed insecurities are illusions marketed by fear for the patronage of enslavement. But ego can’t contend with peaceful humility, which serves as an energetic wrecking ball to this house of cards.
Though karma may resemble a sleeping hormone which awakens when the head precedes the heart, it’s not that simple. For karma (genetic karma) is an aspect of our reality field, a unique blend of frequencies constantly emanating from DNA. We can metaphorically say that genetic photons create the light, which enables the movie projector to display our holographic film. Karma is neither the camera nor the light, but rather embedded in the script of the film energetically and characteristically. Miasmic trauma in this life is not encoded (yet), for today’s trauma has more to do with altering the torsion fields we call chakras. Trauma is color coordinate to match the frequency of a chakra, becoming energetic resistance. Too much resistance can not only choke chakras it can cause polar reversal in severe cases. Polar reversal can resemble insanity to those opposed and makes us wonder about conditions diagnosed as bi-polar.
Though this negative energetic frequency can still be healed, if not dealt with it can override the natural Merkaba field of the body. Some refer to this as monadic reversal, where source no longer recognizes you and you are now considered fallen. When we look at the energetic dynamics of such we can see the perfection of this fail safe system. We can assume that what emanates from source is polarized, but only in the harmonic sense of balance, so it’s only unbalanced forms of energy that negate source. Unbalanced thought forms as intent create miasma, unbalanced lives through intent create negative karma, whereas balanced lives create positive karma, which essentially is no karma at all but in a relative sense.
Unfortunately Karma unheeded can result in miasma and miasms unheeded can result in karma, so in a way they are energetically and philosophically entwined. Attack, revenge or profiting from exploitive means that goes beyond simple strategies for defense is a street car named desire on a steep downward incline without breaks. And hiding under an institutional banner won’t protect one, but could in fact create more through collective distribution, so not knowing what the other hand is doing won’t help. Killing for political and corporate objectives under the guise of patriotism will always equate to murder no matter how one justifies it. And as one who carries incarnational memory, I can assure you that once you get into the war game it becomes a downhill spiral.
Searching our memories for energetic distortions can be a mass undertaking, but if we realize that often this is just one old karmic pattern returning again and again to be healed, disguised in new theatrical productions, and although we continue to fall victim, further aggravating things, it’s easy to see that most co-incidents are in fact energetically similar. So often by taking on the biggest contemporary bruise we can heal others as well simultaneously and this means that even that past life stuff can be healed collectively. Because karma wants to be realigned, this is the whole point of it revisiting to get your attention. You don’t need to see Edgar Cayce to find it, just take a good look at your insecurities, these are like the Yellow Brick Road to our Emerald City, full of straw men and cowardly lions while the witch rides a broom called karma. But remember, you wear the ruby slippers that contain the power to go home!
The co-creative process known as attraction is wonderful provided we’ve dealt with our karma, otherwise it shall be karma that’s at the center of this morphs attraction. Because morphs require an accretion period (electromagnetic induction) after their conceptual elucidation. Conscious faith is only half the equation, the energy for the morph must come from the body. The energy of the body is synthesized by the cellular DNA, mostly mitochondrial DNA. Which means; if the frequency of the suggested morph tries to override our genetic frequency the result will be our own DNA accreting as a defense mechanism. This new wave of accretion will once again try to disperse karma for self healing because it can’t synthesize the higher frequency until it does. If the energy of attraction is not of a higher sort, or rather more material in nature we may see aspects of our manifestation bearing karma to prolong the angst.
Fortunately DNA does not rationalize, its processes are pure chemical reactions. When we bathe our directives of abundance in the frequency of emerald green we are coxing our karma indirectly. This frequency is actually friendly and won’t cause an energetic ruckus, and instead of activating karma it begins to heal it, because DNA responds favorably toward loving disposition which becomes a realignment tool. But if this technique becomes tainted early on with egotistical desires the entire process becomes invalidated.
As earth grids increase in vibration our accretion levels increase causing this stuff to be dumped in our collective laps, making the masses look insane. So, it makes no sense trying to take on world Karma until we have dealt with our own, then we can see group karma, cultural karma etc..  A great deal of strange physical ailments can also be related to karma, simply because we have started resisting instead of allowing, which causes distortions in the cellular hologram we call the body as this resistance turns into energetic toxicity. Though it’s easy to blame our environment for all our ills, in many situations the environment is just exasperating our present vulnerabilities and in some cases exploiting them to capitalize on them via health care.

Perhaps I’m beginning to beat this poor dog to death, but this year will be one of those critical periods when our planet amps up. This can resemble a blessing or curse depending on our baggage. In my work; The Sons of Aries, I go into much more detail regarding the dynamics of such and although it revolves around healing past life distortions via awareness it gives examples of the protagonist/antagonist, victim/victimizer games played out in vicious cycles in group karma dramas. The dramas will continue on higher levels after one heals the immediate stuff. Eventually one will be dealing with institutional karma as we become their energetic angst for learning and this role playing switches back and forth until the greater lesson is learned. Race lines including humans all share a similar collective nemesis so they too will go through this learning curve and this shall include synthetic life forms and that no longer soul bound. Simply because anything with an energetic signature still suffers cause and effect of an equal or greater value dependent on levels of resistance.

Synthetics (AI) must learn that to cross a certain line means they become targeted not only by source but by synthetics that have learned this lesson and don’t want to see the inevitable annihilation that comes when boundaries are crossed. It matters not that they try the old technique of hitching a ride through the disguise of free will choice because the soul matrix will draw its own line. And if the body is beyond help it becomes discharged leaving the genetics unplugged with a dwindling bio-photon quantum; while the conscious quantum of said being returns whence it came unscathed. Clearing karma shall also give less to the AI or other types of negative parasites which use these karmic/ miasmic handles to further their agendas by pushing the insecurity buttons when their hungry, like automatic feeders for the conditioned response, and I don’t think I need to elaborate on how electronics can serve as caterers for the feast.

Clearing karma is in itself a genetic activation of no small measure because it’s blocking higher awareness potential. This awareness I speak of contains the true integrity of your co-creative potential. We are all jolly green giants (ho, ho, ho), when we become self aware of how to change the nature of our reality by changing the nature of our thought forms that inhibit what’s dwelling in our hearts green with envy. Please look around you and know every single thing including relations has all been manifested directly or indirectly by you. All are past thought forms which became abstract realities, but don’t suffer the mechanics of such, just look at all this crap as a reminder of what a great creator you are. But in reality this stuff is just a distraction, we need to reset our focus higher, the material abundance tells us spiritual abundance is at our fingertips. We must expand our talents and to do this we need to reach the next level, so were no longer third eye blind. We need to reach a state of mind in which we are consciously aware of our unlimited capabilities, so that we see every word, every act and every deed as an aspect of attraction.

So 2016 will be a year of transition more so than 2015, but this will serve as an energetic fulcrum. I believe for most this will be experienced as the year of physical and mental fatigue as energetic balance begins to reestablish itself. However I also see many being at the receiving end of what can be referred to as spikes in psychic activity as frequency fences begin coming down in combination with increasing waves of cosmic energy. The number of false flags should begin to fall away as a political motivational tools simply because the exposure of evidence against such tyrannical charades will begin to work more against these schemers.
This will most likely be the year where most see currency take major shifts because currency represents an energetic medium and currencies tied to energy like the petro dollar will soon become supported by another medium, which hopefully is less prone to manipulation. Energy in the form of commercial enterprise may also see psychological shifts as the old systems that use energies which cater toward resistive infrastructure and nuclear systems that threaten life  begin contending with technologies that lessen the burden and give more that they take.
Although I shy away from prophecy, numerically this years birth day 1-1-2016= 11 when added and 11 not only is symbolic with the ending and beginning of a cycle it also represents accretion which many call activation. In example; one typically goes into puberty at this age and our DNA is programmed to time release quanta every 11 years. 2016 when added is also 9 which signifies higher vibration and 11x9=99 which represents a higher harmonic vibration of the larger cycle. So in essence we are in a transition year in regards to cycles which numerically represents positive change. 2016 will set the tempo for the next 11 years and the next 11 years will set the tempo for the next 99 years.
Solar cycles are also patterned in 11 year intervals of solar activity and we may see a shift in solar activity not only electromagnetically but in wave length and particle contribution, since this is also an energetic spectrum. Though we have seen sunspots decline in cycle 24 this also means more cosmic rays, and solar activity not only affects our physiology but financial markets as well. If we look back 99 years ago we find Einstein introducing his Theory of Relativity which brought physics to a higher threshold, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we become exposed to a new branch of physics which puts energy in a new light or a discovery of new elements or particles that allow the creation of a new form of energy similar to what brought us our nuclear fusion energy potential, but without the negatives. Perhaps new developments with photon energy may seed this.
This year may resemble more of a battle of energies within and without, keeping our own morphs in sync won’t be without challenges, while the rest of the world could resemble a purge on a major scale. Perhaps a good time to steer clear of the masses.
Love your karma to death!
Val 1/10/16

2Being Human V Empty Re: Being Human V Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:49 pm


great article Val

hoping for a smooth 2016 but I know that is just a pipe dream. literally


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