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Everything is Backwards by Max Igan

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1Everything is Backwards by Max Igan Empty Everything is Backwards by Max Igan Fri Jan 15, 2016 9:31 am



Everything is Backwards

by Zen Gardner - Jan 15, 2016

Everything is Backwards by Max Igan 44back

Everything is Backwards by Max Igan Print
by Max Igan
The level of deception to which the human race has been subject is today, so vast and all-encompassing in its scale that it can barely even be measured. We now live in a world where our air is hardly fit to breathe, our food is hardly fit to eat, our water has deteriorated to the point that we buy it in bottles, our health systems sell sickness, our education systems misinform, our money systems promote debt, our peace policies promote war, our media promotes lies, and our Governments remove our rights to preserve our freedom.
In considering this condition, perhaps the most sobering aspect of it is the latter, the fact that this situation has all come about due to the actions of Government. People we elected in good faith and placed in positions of trust to ensure a safe and viable future for ourselves and our children; Those whom we entrusted with our wellbeing and our security; people we trusted to keep us safe and informed. But were deceived by them, and as a result of this misplaced trust, today western society is indeed more programmed than informed. And via a government education system, and the carefully scripted and tightly controlled output of the Main Stream Media, this programming has in recent times reached epidemic proportions.
Through use of these two mechanisms, media and ‘education”, over a few short generations mankind has been conditioned into accepting a world where virtually everything that is presented to them is either upside down or backwards. We have been taught to shun our natural ways and medicines and to place our faith in science and chemical remedies. In the name of pursuing peace, we have been trained to support endless war. We have been taught to accept open human rights abuses being carried out by supposedly democratic Governments and militarized law enforcement officers as being “necessary for public safety”. And the list goes on. Shooting of unarmed civilians, imprisonment without charge or trial simply on “suspicion” with no evidence required. Open support for blatant war crimes and human rights abuses, such as those being carried out in Palestine by the rogue state of Israel whom, even though it is brutally aggressive, racist and warlike in all its policies and actions, is portrayed to the world as a victim state striving for peace. We carpet bomb whole cities and decimate entire countries to “free people” from oppression. While on the home front, people are fed an entirely false view of the world by a screen in their lounge room that instructs them how to think.
In this manner people have so been trained to view real life skills and philosophical pursuits as unnecessary and to place value in materialism, success in business and economic or social standing that most have lost any real connection to themselves, to those around them and to the Earth they live upon. In order to support this lifestyle we have accepted a loss of freedom in the name of “liberty” (two words which essentially mean the same thing) to a degree that is now openly threatening the wellbeing of the peoples of all western nations, and we have allowed it all to happen under the guise of preserving peace and the pretext of “National Security”. In truth this situation has come about due to people simply failing to pay attention and by unquestioningly consuming the information that is spoon fed to them by Government and the Main Stream Media when, in the case of virtually everything we are told by these two sources, the real truth lies in precisely the opposing direction.
In even having a Government – a Democracy, a Republic, whatever one wishes to label it as, if there is to be any true freedom for the people within its structure at all, then quite obviously there needs to be checks and balances in place. If it is truly a “Government” by any standard, these mechanisms need to be in place. If they are not, then it is no Government, it is a Dictatorship. And that really is one of the things that has brought us to this point: The removal, by government, of such checking and balancing mechanisms. This has of course, again, all been done in the name of “National Security” and “preserving freedom”.
It has been done by promoting the utterly absurd concept that in order for people to have their liberties preserved and futures secure, Government needs to keep secrets from the people and should be subject to no scrutiny of its actions as none is required. This ridiculous and erroneous notion has now, in some cases, even led to Government passing legislation naming any scrutiny of its actions as a criminal offense. Whistle-blowers are now very aware they themselves are the ones facing the threat of prosecution should they ever be found to be revealing any crimes of Government.
Does this seem reasonable to anyone? Remember that in past times, the media was used as a Government watchdog. Indeed, the media is the only organization outside Government mentioned in the US constitution as it was seen even then, that a strong and free media is essential to maintaining the security of any nation. In past times, when someone blew the whistle on Government misdeeds, the media would be all over it, whereas now, things are very different. Now, when someone blows the whistle on a Government crime, an entire mechanism of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) takes place. Typically the Media quickly shifts attention to the sworn oaths of secrecy and government protocol guidelines that may have been broken and shifts the focus to the flaws within the system that allowed someone with the “obviously dubious character” of the whistle-blower to commit the “crime” of not adhering to protocols and creating “this scandal”. The whistle-blower then becomes the focus of all media attention, the government crime that was reported is pushed into the background and continues, and the one who reported the crime is attacked, vilified and prosecuted for daring to break protocols.
There is little mention that it was done in order to report a serious crime and to bring the truth to the people. It simply becomes a Political football and is used to introduce more legislation to give the Government the means to more effectively cover up any future misdeeds and provide the legal mechanisms to more effectively persecute any future whistle-blowers. In countries such as Australia people can now be arrested and held without charge or trial for criticizing or even questioning the actions of Government or Police. People who do question the actions of Government or seek accountability from Politicians or Police are are now being labelled by the Main Stream Media as “anti-government extremists” and therefore as potential terrorists. Some Australian Politicians have even openly named anyone who protests a Coal Seam Gas Well as “Domestic Terrorists”. This happening to greater or lesser degrees in all western countries.
This my friends is no longer Government by any stretch of the imagination; it is Dictatorship and this is the stark reality of what our world has become.
Yes, things have gotten pretty bad, and yes, they appear to be getting steadily worse, yet even with all of the above occurring, there is now a great awakening growing in the minds of the population – albeit rather a rude one, it is an awakening nonetheless, and it is world-wide. And rightly so. The unprecedented level of war, destruction and loss of individual rights seen in the modern world has understandably served to shock a great many people to the point that it can no longer be denied by anyone, that this Earth is run by criminals. In fact it is now becoming obvious to many that our problems go far deeper than simple criminality and personal gain for politicians and banksters. The reality, or so it would appear, is that the world of today is run by governmental systems populated by certifiable psychopaths whose actions strongly suggest they are hell bent on either enslaving the entire human species into a tightly controlled police state or, should they fail in their attempt, on leaving this earth as a scorched and polluted graveyard in their wake. And it is now becoming apparent to many that this situation is being brought about and has been implemented, by a multi-national, multi-generational cabal that uses war and its stranglehold over the world-wide money supply as its two main tools of control. I believe this truth is now self-evident.
Reality is now becoming painfully obvious to most people and many are opening their eyes and realizing that the time has now come for mankind to take the matter in hand. The question is what action, if any, can be undertaken? The situation runs so deep and the programming that most people have undergone is so ingrained that sometimes one can look at the situation and despair. Yet I, and many others believe that all is far from lost. In fact I see this time in history as one of great opportunity; a chance for mankind to at last experience true freedom, or at very least, to at last establish a pathway leading towards that goal.
Yes indeed, everything is backwards, but the same can be said for the overall perspective held by most people. And that is that they are just little people than cannot make a difference. Yet every difference that has ever happened, any change that has ever occurred regarding our social, political and economic situation, indeed any change to the earth that has even been brought about by the hand of man, ultimately came from the spark of an idea that was born within the mind of a single individual. It didn’t come from someone “special”, it was just a man or woman who had an idea. An idea that resonated with others. They were just a “little person”…like you. We have been taught to forget that and to believe that ideas will come yes, but never from us. They will always come from someone “more important”.
But that my friends is a lie. Each one of us holds this potential and each one of us can bring about change. The problems we have been facing within the ranks of the independent media and activist circles is the all or nothing mentality many people are promoting. The concept that we must attain instant freedom on all levels immediately is not a realistic way of addressing things. I believe personally that there has been a series of steps that have brought mankind to this point, this crossroads if you will, and what is needed is a way of reversing the sequence; something that will stop the system in its tracks and lead us to a point of safety whereby we can regroup, as it were, and discover what the effective pathway to real freedom is.
All that is needed is to have the right idea, to voice it, to implement it, and to see if it resonates with others – and if it does then to set the wheels into motion. Such an idea leading to such a pathway is, I believe, the World Citizen Initiative that is now being mounted by anti-war activist Ken O’Keefe. O’Keefe is working on a legal, lawful framework to be able to checkmate the Government cronies from within their own legal fiction and provide a platform whereby support for war essentially becomes illegal. It is only one initiative been launched by one man from one idea, but I believe it may be an idea whose time has come and I fully support Ken O’Keefe’s World Citizen initiative because I truly believe that if enough people get involved, it will indeed stop the system in its tracks by using a language average people can understand to legally and lawfully implement an initiative that everyone wants.
Namely, an end to all war.
Ultimately whatever the remedy turns out to be, nothing will ever work until we are prepared to face the stark and obvious truth, that all that exists here within our civilization is people, and we as a species are allowing people we entrust with positions of management to wage endless wars, destroy and pollute our habitats and strip us of our rights, our dignity and our freedom, simply because they write things down on paper and call it “law”. It is time we created and implemented the means to peacefully, lawfully and effectively remove ourselves from this farce, and to hold those responsible for it accountable for their actions. Should we fail to rise to this occasion and do so, then the responsibility for this mess lies with ourselves alone.
Freedom is now at our very fingertips.
Will we reach out and grasp it?
Will we succeed in creating a better world?
Well that will depend on all of you.

About the Author

Everything is Backwards by Max Igan LinkClick
Max is an activist, humanitarian, philosopher, artist, musician and all round good guy.
Max has spent the last 8 years spreading his message of unity, peace and awareness on a global scale through his website thecrowhouse,com and through his weekly radio show which is uploaded to YouTube and SoundCloud respectively.
Max’s message is simple – we are one and we should treat each other with love and respect.
Max Igan

Thanks to Max and :http://www.zengardner.com


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