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Holistic Alternative
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Seeing Energies

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1Seeing Energies  Empty Seeing Energies Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:14 am


Seeing Energies

Many people have reported an increase in seeing visual energies in their peripheral vision. In this article, you can learn how to train your eyes to see these energies.

by timotheuslee

Since young, I am able to see energies that most people normally do not see. For example, every day, every minute, every second, I can see energies coming down from above. These energies look like drizzling rain.

When I was younger, I always got confused as to whether it was raining or not. Especially if it was only a drizzle. One day, my dad asked me if it was raining outside? I went “Uh oh. How do I tell??” Then a solution came to my mind. I peeked out the window, saw no one carrying an umbrella, turned around to my dad and answered, “Nope. No rain, dad.”

I have often been asked by friends if it is possible for them to see these energies that look like rain? My answer has always been a resounding “Yes!” I believe anything I can do, anyone can do it too!

Here is my suggestion how:

Try to go into a meditative state or at least a calm state.
Breathe deeply.
Slowly, while in a meditative state or very relaxed state, turn your eyes to any tree or trees. (Preferably the tree or trees should be far away, at least more than 100 meters away)
Do not focus too hard. Gaze at the trees in a casual and relaxed manner.
Look especially where there are lots of leaves. This is where people can more easily see the energies that look like drizzling rain.
Be patient. For some, you may see it instantly. For some, it may take a while, may take some practice.
I know and believe you can do this!
These sun-ball energies are very small. If you take a pen and gently touch a piece of paper to create a very tiny dot, it would be very close to the size of a sun-ball energy. They are bright and are brilliant gold or white in color. These little sun-balls are everywhere. They are right now all around you. They speed about, bouncing off each other, leaving trails of energies. Some of you may have seen them from the corners of your eyes.

Just as I believe everyone can see the drizzling energies, I also believe you can see these sun-ball energies too! You can practise and ‘train’ your eyes to do so. And here is how:

It is best to try this during a bright sunny day, and in the open.
Try to go into a meditative state or at least a calm state.
Breathe deeply.
Slowly, while in a meditative state or very relaxed state, turn your eyes towards the sky.
Do not look at the sun. Just the areas where it is the sky, with or without clouds is ok.
Gaze gently into the bright sky in a casual and relaxed manner. Do not focus too hard. Just relax.
Slowly, begin to notice very tiny sun-ball energies speeding about in the sky, and around you.
Be patient. For some, you may see it instantly. For some, it may take a while, may take some practice.
I know and believe you can do this!
In time, when your eyes are ‘trained’ to see sun-ball energies, you can see them everywhere.
What I also noticed is that these sun-ball energies are absorbed by nature. For example, around the edges of the leaves of a tree, I can see the sun-ball energies gather, and get absorbed by the leaves of the tree. Humans are the only beings on Earth that breathe in these energies but ‘spit’ them out just as quickly because of shallow breathing. With the above steps, you can also see this happening.

The interesting thing is that these sun-ball energies become part of the fruits and vegetables. Animals then eat from the plant kingdom, and benefit from the sun-ball energies that have been previously absorbed by the fruits and vegetables. When we consume the plants and animals, we consume the energies too!

My Spirit Guides tell me that the consumed energies do nothing until Consciousness/Intent is applied.

For example, when I eat something and just eat while watching TV or simply watch the world around me, the energies go into me and out. But (as guided by my Spirit Guides), before I eat I give Thanks for the sun-ball-like energies, the energies are activated, and work with my body, assisting my body.



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