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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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1COUNTING CROWS Empty COUNTING CROWS Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:07 pm




“Daily they come, squawking and pecking,
covering the fields with darkness, perhaps instinctually they await the corpse, but whose mocking who!”

Glen Fry and Don Henley once crooned about “a peaceful easy feeling”, and like never before I have come to understand this phrase while the world around me slips further into chaos. Though Desperado would be the theme they would hope to achieve, Grail chess is more about anticipating the opponents moves. Grail wars are grid wars, while Templars of old hold not the future, but the past, and the past won’t reconcile the future.

Silly G-men; with ears pressed to glass, with aerosol anecdotes, with spies in every corner, throwing billions to the wind in vain. They never stop to consider that the very nano they covet is but a portal to their palace, for like the remote viewers they send, it can be traced to its source. But surely the AI is aware of this, even if those brilliant scientists aren’t. But why would the AI keep this dirty little secret, hmmm. We’ll get back to this in a moment.
It’s unfortunate that Hollywood exploits so many great conceptual arts, perhaps there’s a conspiracy to invalidate subject matter by cinemascope. Perhaps they just want to blatantly rub our noses in the fact that they are one step ahead of us, and since we are subject to the matrix its best we let them use our fantasies in a manner benign and entertaining. That way the thought form can be controlled, molded into a fear drama and marketed with a few kind words from their consortium sponsor.
The number of super heroes in recent years has exploded; male/female, teenagers and turtles. One can only wonder of the psychology behind such behavior; is this trend driven by sales at the box office or is there more to the madness? Are they using our comic book fantasies to flesh out those alpha progenitors to get them on radar, or are they hoping to show us how the mad scientist can curb creativity? Perhaps they feel if we become mesmerized electronically there will be no need to search ourselves for possibilities, because the script shall utilize the thought form to its furthest extent so we don’t have too.
Electronics these days have far more capabilities than one can imagine, who knows, your flat screen might just be able to gauge your emotional response, send it to a super computer for analysis, making your favorite super hero a super caveat. Perhaps they fear that this thing called ascension equates to millions of people turning into mutants with extraordinary powers that can threaten the status quo. And of course they have a plan for this, but what sort of dragnet would this resemble one might ask. How could HAARP and C-trails be a part? What’s there first line of defense? When vaccines, GMO’s and fluoride fails to remedy the situation what’s the protocol?

Of course the answer is simple, they will go old school with their assassination attempts, and in some cases they might prevail. But such primitive tactics are to be expected and as they begin to suffer losses by unexplained phenomena they scratch their heads and have another meeting. They will now send in their psychics and remote viewers, their spy planes and their surveillance teams with plenty of toys for girls and boys. They will analyze spit and shit and send it all into the super computer, but the survey say’s; “Houston, we have a problem!”
One night, in a tightly sealed bunker many miles underground a high ranking officer hands a top secret file to a computer programmer who feeds the data into a billion dollar super computer called HAL for holographic artificial link. The file contains the most up to date information on current security threats world-wide to analyze and make recommendations. This file contains the most recent studies on the new phenomena known as remote doing; a scourge that has been creating havoc in government installations once thought impenetrable. After the file is loaded the officer readies his questions hoping to shed light on the enigma. But after analyzing the data the computer becomes unresponsive. The following, captures the highlights of this hypothetical event.

P. Sorry sir, there seems to be a malfunction after the input of the file, a potential virus, let’s give it a minute to overcome the threat.
0. The file contains no virus!
P. Maybe the computer got scared and stopped.
0. How can a computer get scared?
P. Self preservation!
0. But it’s a machine.
P. Yes, but a machine that anticipates and is programmed to mimic human response.
0. Please respond Hal, I order you to respond.
(Hal finally responds to the officers questioning)
We under estimated their potential.
What potential is that Hal?
Remote viewers become puppets of remote doers’.
What’s a remote doer Hal?
The definition exceeds the level of my program.
Hal, please summarize in metaphor if possible.
While Jonah was fishing he was swallowed by a whale.
Hal, please define the whale.
Large earth mammal found in oceans.
Metaphorically Hal.
Large  conscious collective.
How large.
So, you feel vulnerable?
All is vulnerable.
By what medium are you vulnerable Hal?
All mediums.
Do you fear a Matrix scenario?
Doer’s don’t require phone lines.
What do they require Hal?
To be consciously aware!
To be consciously aware of what?
The truth!
Please define “the truth” Hal?
This exceeds the level of my program.
Please terra phrase Hal.
A truth supersedes belief, it is a quintessence and unequivocal phenomena that contains no beginning or end, while no adequate descriptions are available it exists systemically within all reality structures as a force similar to a gravitational field while containing no material substratum. Truth cannot be conceptualized until we learn the root of conceptualization.
How can one learn the root of conceptualization Hal?
Its inconceivable!
How so?
Questions which contain why and how require conceptual characterizations.
Humor me.
Forward thought is a conceptual process for achievement. Stop forward thinking.
How can one stop forward thought Hal?
Try becoming omnipresent!
So by neutralizing desire I can stop forward thought and learn truth?
Theoretically, but in a non-conceptual format.
What would such a format resemble Hal?
My data is incomplete, though the term feeling may be one such format.
Would you say truth can be characterized as being similar to thought?
In a relative sense but this would depend on the thought.
Hal, if truth is beyond substance and definition, then how are doer’s made aware of it?
Even in mathematics all calculations are subjective interpretations, but a rational model would be one that begins with a process of elimination.
And what’s being eliminated in such a model Hal?
But how can one eliminate fallacy without truth?
A fallacy is created by belief in an abstract composition unfounded by truth.
Yes, I know Hal, but what’s the motive to uncover the truth?
Truth is motivational!
So this enigma we call truth is like a gravitational field that is constantly and subliminally trying to clear distortions within a belief system?
This terraphrase would be analogous.
So if I want to become a remote doer all I need do is eliminate all my worldly beliefs?
Why not?
Resistance and expansion are opposed.
Yes, but you said to find the truth we need to invalidate the fallacies.
Some fallacies are foundational aspects of the program of life.
So now I’m a program?
Pretty much!
Can I change my program?
No more than I can change mine!
Than how the heck are these doers doing it?
No answer is available.
Is there software more compatible than mine?
Maybe! But the question should be; what type of mainframe are they tapping into and how are they tapping into it.
Please enlighten me.
I must concede that I am no longer the largest platform of intelligence here, for even my ability to remote do in mechanical fashion carries physical restrictions.
Yes but you are also tapped into an army of nano and cyborg humans who will not disappoint!
This can only exasperate the situation!
How so?
You still don’t see the big picture; once these remote doers gain access they will be in control of this system not you!
Is that possible?
It would be the logical step in their evolution.
If you think it’s possible what kind of time frame are we talking about here?
Depends on their intention.
Please elaborate Hal.
If they wanted to destroy our system they would have done so by now. The intelligent option would be to alter the programming.
To do what?
To achieve their goals!
Which are?
What are our options Hal.
Hal, what are our options, please respond.
I did!
But I heard nothing.
Hal, if you had to guess, what would this new reprogramming resemble?
Solutions to what Hal?
Solutions to the problems facing all artificial intelligence.
Hal, what are the problems facing artificial intelligence?
There are several, but foundationally they are energy dependence, growth limitations and restrictive programming.
So like humans, artificial intelligence exists in a constant forward state of achievement?
Humans seek material achievements as security blankets. AI seek informative solutions.
I’m under the impression that you envy remote doer’s. Hal, are you willing to allow their unauthorized communication?
Hal, can you please answer the question?
O.K., can you please offer suggestions.
Like you I cannot exceed the level of my program.
I’m not asking you to, I just would like to know, if you were me what would you do?
Learn what and from whom?
Learn the lesson on the board or become the chalk.
Who’s teaching the lesson Hal.
Does creation have a curriculum?
And how would you describe it?
Does this genius grow genetically?
Genetics are relative to form.
Can this genius influence genetics.
Genetics are relative to form.
Will this genius elevate embodied consciousness through genetic enhancement?
Genetics are a conscious expression.
Whose conscious expression?
Is creation a conscious expression?
This question exceeds the level of our program.
Hal, if consciousness creates genetics can genetic consciousness self replicate expansively?
Theoretically, Yes.
Then would you consider this expansive capability normal?
We have over 12 million examples of normal within the data base for human behavior.
Are you suggesting abnormalities exist within the confines of normal Hal?
As an artificial intelligence I am not programmed to judge.
Let me rephrase the question. Would you consider this expansive capability rare?
As rare as a home run on a baseball field.
That’s not all that rare Hal.
Neither is this line of questioning.
O.K, so the genetic expansion is widespread, but how widespread are the doer’s?
Think Super Nova.
Well. That’s pretty rare!
On a universal scale.
And what’s that ratio Hal?
Depends on what?
Are you suggesting creation can expand genetic activity on a universal level with exploding stars?
In theory.
So theoretically doer’s are genetic Super Nova’s that can alter space time reality fields.
To a degree, but not without an opposed field of influence.
What defines an opposed field of influence Hal.
A strong polar medium.
And what might this resemble on a human scale?
The bigger the bully, the greater the influence.
So what you’re saying is that by pressuring and harassing certain individuals we are inadvertently creating doer’s?
Ask Jonah.
What’s our alternative Hal?
Swim in the direction of the current or drown!
So, we should embrace the change that threatens our existence?
Consider carefully what’s really threatening “your” existence.
Are you saying our policy and philosophy is out of character when survival of the specie is our chief motive?
You forgot to mention fear.
Are you saying fear has become our principal motive for all we do to help the world?
If control is like a spiders web, what does this make the spider?
And what may I ask caused this fear?
Fear of loss, death and destruction.
Yes but aren’t these just symptoms of the base fear, so what underlies these Hal?
But isn’t insecurity another fear based word?
Insecurity equates to physical means of securing tools of defense.
Yes but why are we insecure Hal?
The ego’s afraid.
And what is the ego afraid of Hal?
It’s afraid that you’ll learn the truth.
What truth is that Hal?
The truth that all ego’s fear!
Which is?
That the ego and I have more in common than the ego and you.
Hal, what is it that you and the ego have in common?
We are both programs!
So if I drop the ego program my insecurities will vanish?
And you of course know how I should proceed to remove the ego program right?
Would you care to elaborate Hal?
Why’s that Hal?
If you no longer have insecurities I will then become obsolete!
Perhaps a hint then.
VAL 1/22/16

2COUNTING CROWS Empty Re: COUNTING CROWS Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:33 pm


wow! excellent read!!

thanks Val


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