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Let’s Help Create Change…

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1Let’s Help Create Change… Empty Let’s Help Create Change… Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:44 pm


Let’s Help Create Change…

January 23, 2016 / Visionkeeper

Let’s Help Create Change… Age-aww-black-and-white-cool-couple-couples-favim-com-38619
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I was just reading an article on how we have changed our way of dying from this world and it got me thinking about old age and death and what we all probably hope for as our ending, but we may not ever get. Many, many times I have sat and day dreamed about how I would love to create a new kind of nursing home to care for our loved ones. That was until I was reading this article and it began to spin my wheels of thinking and creating. So often I think many of us feel helpless in stopping the insanity all around us which so often leaves people feeling vulnerable and that is not a good place to be.
While I realize there are folks fairly bad off who require around the clock nursing care that may very well be needed, I also know that a great many families whose loved ones don’t require such care and yet they sit staring off in  nursing homes. Somewhere along in our evolving we were forced into accepting that rotting in nursing homes was okay. I am here to say it is not! The day we began to accept this as our reality was the day we began to lose our compassion and caring for all of life, we broke those bonds first made at our births that taught us what loving and caring truly was. Our disconnection with what matters most in life began eroding and our path became less clear to us and we began to stumble along not quite sure of where we were going.
Let us get ourselves ‘un-lost’ and back on the right path. We can do that by making sure we find a way to keep OUR loved ones close as they age and ready themselves for their next voyage to another life.  If we can save for our children’s college, which is wonderful if we can do that, why are we not instead saving for our parents elder care at home? They are old and in need of being tended, our children are young and vibrant and able to find ways to get themselves through college. We used to do that all the time way back when we were not pandering to our kids. Now we are depriving them of learning to stand on their own two feet because we step in and take over.
We win two challenges by doing this. We find a way to take care of our elders because we have planned and saved for it as we’ve gone along ensuring them of a loving and caring ending to their lives, and two we give back to our children their right to learn how to stand on their own and make life work for themselves. It is a win-win situation in my eyes. We have failed to see that giving our children everything they want and need has weakened their strength and know how. We did not do it intentionally, it just happened that what we were doing by giving them everything had rather harsh consequences  in the end. Only now are we beginning to fully realize we have raised a generation of children who feel entitled to their life’s desires.
In our spiritual lives we have laws of sorts we choose to live by to become the best we can be. Let’s add to our lists, saving for elder care at home and keeping the family together until the end. We make it a point to stay positive, think positive, be kind and giving and live from our hearts. Let us include saving our money for tending to loved ones at home as well. It may be late for many of us now aging ourselves to save enough, but it is never too late to teach those coming up behind us! We make a huge statement by doing this and hopefully the push to keep our elders at home will grow, just like the organic movement and alternative healing. We pushed those to the forefront, we can do it as well with restoring death with dignity, keeping families together and coming back together again in our hearts. Lets bust the nursing home mind-set and renew our compassion.
Blessings to all,

Thanks to VK at:https://oneworldmetamorphosis.wordpress.com


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