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Being Human VI

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1Being Human VI Empty Being Human VI Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:52 am




When I was a young boy I had a recurring nightmare; I was constantly being chased by robot like machine men that only I could see even though they made a tremendous racket as they stomped down the street during the night. Perhaps they were a bit prophetic. These nightmares stopped after the first attack, when a bully threw me in front of a passing car. Though I was only five, I survived it.

 As a boy I always felt that there was an invisible force intervening, I always felt that the world was somehow fake, and it is through this charade we begin to understand the liquidity of not only the present but the past as well. Locked within our cellular memory are not only keys to the past, but keys to the future. But let me elaborate. Our past trauma usually falls into 3 categories; ego induced misunderstandings, karma and attack. Attack being the most rare. Attack induced trauma born of malicious intent are diamonds in the rough, because they leave clues to the origin and accountability.

Here all is developmental, though many of the challenges confronting us are a mixture from both sides of the fence, seldom is there a lack of education herein, all are slowly prepared to become the metamorphosis. After a while in the trenches it becomes quite obvious that time travel technology exists that goes far beyond psychic capabilities. It becomes obvious that the activities of our present and future self became the cause for much of the earlier effects.
We are not looking to change the past, for its only with repeated tempered blows that the finest blades are forged, and it’s best we don’t create the probability field known as the butterfly effect. However, if we are to discover the who, what, where and why, the past holds all the information necessary to alter the future probability field. Though we may not own a time machine, it’s not necessary, for what can’t be derived from recorder cells can be revisited by those family members not bound to 3D thresholds. Once you know your own personal Voldermort well enough every attack becomes an opportunity, and the greater the attack…

My last post surely was cause for an effect, for the skies around here began to echo Saigon in 72, so my words hit home like a boomerang. They plastered the skies with Chem-trails to the southwest and began using their master blasters (HAARP’s) to bounce the dreaded beams to my doorstep in Colorado. Though my shields are dense and complex they are still man made, but deflection will buy one time to get out of Dodge. But running is a proclivity some are not inclined toward. I unfortunately had to call on the Calvary to intervene. Though it’s with humility I write, how can one learn such things without pushing said boundaries? I can’t say if the earthquake in Alaska was related, nor if the heater from the south was ship born from the Pacific, but the wild weather that came shortly after seemed to follow the same path, coincidence?

This post won’t help my situation and I can’t say it will ease the burdens of others. Though I’m not trying to pick a fight with King Kong “they” have become increasingly hostile toward anyone who throws wrenches at their machinery. Their investment goes beyond surreal, and although they may usurp the foundations from asunder and send me packing like a refugee, my spirit shall not concede. Though it may echo Geronimo in nature, I have already surrendered all intentions; to a source without error. So please spare me the errand boys eager for a pay day. For when we have nothing left to lose the psychology of the game changes.

What’s commonly referred to as scalar wars are nothing new, they have been going on for millennia, and if one thinks the horns that brought down the walls of Jericho were benign I beg to differ. Though technology has enabled human hybrids to develop their own frequency fences, scalar weapons are a major problem these days. The wizards and alchemists of old were not oblivious to the abilities generated from capitalizing on this “life force.” Though these secret sciences should not be shouted from the hilltop for good reason, I’m sure there are others that have learned that the body itself can be a scalar weapon when one learns how to work with these subtle energies.

When I see my brothers and sisters falling prey for their efforts, I feel the need to at least remind them of this potential. It would be great if one could teach such things at weekend seminars, but the attendee’s are guaranteed to be put in harm’s way. But I think people need to realize that they can protect themselves from many things under the heavens (including the nano) by creating their own scalar shields (frequency fences) to deflect the malicious erroneous frequencies permeating the airways.

The many types of organite or oramus products on the market are helpful, and in the old days amulets, dolmens and pyramids were used in similar ways. But the body can also generate the potential of such, though the fields need be constantly reinforced every 12 to 24 hours depending upon ones situation, due to the constant tide of frequencies inundating the spectrum. The more chakras one has opened the greater their potential. And healers, especially remote healers are already ahead of the game, simply because they are already using life force as an application. A vertical column of energy is generated through vertical (quantum) breathing and focus, and brought through the heart chakra to the palm chakras to help dispensing the energy into bodies, food, water and even plants. In fact it’s no secret that pyramids can cause acute fertilization of nearby soils if constructed properly, because of the life force generated.

Of course Tesla became one of our contemporary masters in using scalar technology, but he failed to remind us that our bodies are indeed natural Tesla coils with primary and secondary coils and an arcing brow. I like to buffer the life force with a friendly green frequency from the heart to help protect creation from frequency overload. This helps with assimilation and reduces disorientation in creatures. But when one uses scalar shielding the attacks will become more frequent, because the frequency police want to control the spectrum. Turning your mobile phone off no longer becomes an alternative way to stay under the radar, because now your body’s energetic signature can easily be picked up on radar, which makes them nervous when you get near their bases.

Due to the nature of this life force which can pass through atoms unimpeded options are limited for defense, and although deflection is possible there is the concern of where such beams end up, for like sound waves they can bounce around before losing momentum. Using a scalar pulse to cause earth quakes is probably the most irresponsible scenario because the beam can travel right on through for many miles depending on the angle. The MIC (military industrial complex) in the old days used Tesla coils for protection, but now even their aircraft are being outfitted with new technology that protects them from random blasts. A few higher race lines have styration equipment that slows the scalar pulse enough to make it non threatening. It’s an old technology once used to protect planets targeted for destruction during the Star Wars period.
This life force is ubiquitous and flows from source through the entire time matrix, while unimpeded by the organic the electro-magnetic spectrum. Foundationally it resembles conscious energy and may even be the source of consciousness. Beings at the fountainhead of creation are pure source light who only take form for our viewing pleasure. Only within the lower densities does this material crystallize for solidity. Source beings are only beings in the relative sense, for their beingness is temporal, they are referred to as Mother and highly feminine. Masculinity comes from a separation with the divine feminine, not the other way around. Our fathers will begin to come in at the 12th dimension though even here their still androgynous, whereas anatomical polar separation is exclusive to the lower harmonic.

Race lines that become separated from divinity are essentially male dominated (patriarchical) who try to overcome the divine feminine with technology as a competitive power source, while in the process loose the true power source and their ability to manifest with love which in turn creates more dependence on technology. Those fathers who incarnate here with lots of higher coding won’t be producing much in the way of male offspring, and if they do the males will only be male in form. Off course the Patriarchs will be denouncing them with dogma, in truth gays carry a great deal of the divine mother, or source coding. This androgynous balance has many advantages once one gets beyond the judgment born of ignorance.
Religion is mainly to enforce male segregation, which is funny when we consider how gay the enlightened ones were. Although my collective has had many gay incarnations I feel at an incredible disadvantage as a heterosexual male, having to work at balancing the mind back toward femininity. Many will look at this as being relative to sex, when in truth sex in the physical sense has little to do with being balanced energetically. Love requires no sex, and the distortions planted within our genome which increases the sexual appetite through the lower energy centers has more to do with expanding hybrid seed and is far from natural. Those with an uncontrollable compulsion toward sex should reconsider their coding and a vasectomy.

Due to the Male dominance here upon planet earth there will be a natural explosion of not only females but gays as well, simply to try to balance this male energy run amuck. The old kingdom rules of only male heirs to the throne, was inherited from the Anunnaki, a male dominated genome whose women are psychologically male in demeanor. Men without the feminine advantage are unfortunately easy to manipulate, and women who learn how to work with feminine earth spirit energy can be extremely powerful. But earth spirit won’t typically work with men, no matter how much you do for her she won’t trust a male dominated energy. She may allow to a certain degree and even repay a debt, but she won’t take any advice and will refuse any partnering arrangement.

Earth grids have suffered male domination for centuries. The old neutral grid point sanctuaries once contained great old trees and open dolmen rings, or even pyramids which are more neutral when constructed properly. But now are supplanted with hideous cathedrals with evil architecture and decorated with Draconian gargoyles, male dominated choirs and a pedophile minded clergy who see women and gays as their greatest threat and rightly so. It gets worse when they place detrimental devices like CERN upon them as we know. The MIC wants control of all grids and gates with hopes to spread their masculine plague to distant shores.

With the removal of ET and the frequency fences, (which is now occurring) and the rebalancing the existing grids. New grids will be plotted with a new geometrical format that better serves the evolving planet and the old gates abandoned. Which means grid domination of the old system will be a moot point. Grid workers can cease activity at this point to avoid possible conflicts with the feminine cycle now returning. But if you’re riding scalar waves, grid energy will just hold you back because grids run EM current.
However healthy grids require healthy human genetics, or what’s called fire letter activation, when we activate dormant DNA we anchor code bearing frequencies within the planetary shield and this process of activation is a scalar process not an electromagnetic process. It becomes an electromagnetic process only after we anchor our coding as a standing scalar wave field, and this is where vertical quantum breathing becomes important. Because each time we anchor into the earth’s core by running scalar life force through the body it in turn helps stabilize the grids electromagnetically through transduction. Under normal conditions this would also begin to activate Star Gates for their opening phase, but with a tilted pole and shoddy grids and plenty of distortions within the time matrix, the best we can hope for is to prevent pole shift, though there are plenty who are fond of the idea.

Even though there are still multiple layers of frequency fencing, this won’t stop the planet from being inundated with life force from source during stellar activation cycles, and this is why they want to thwart our genetics with vaccines. The fences are more about keeping the mind off the subject at hand, and from what I hear the human hybrid system installed by the MIC is the most aggressive. If those capable don’t synthesize this photonic quantum over the next few years the nano will be the last thing we will be worrying about. Instead we may be looking for a guy named Noah. But who would hitch a ride from a guy with No-ah in his Kah, for without the synthesis of ah there will be no Merkaba, no Aberahkahdaberah, just blah!
Val 2/5/16

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