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Todays Scalia Updates ~ 2/17/2016

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Scalia murdered? Sealed his fate 4 days before his death?

Feb17 by Jon Rappoport

Scalia murdered? Sealed his fate 4 days before his death?
by Jon Rappoport
February 17, 2016
(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)
Four days before he died, Supreme Court Justice Scalia voted to stall Obama’s plan to force drastic climate-change rules on the American economy. The vote was 5-4.
With Scalia now gone, the vote would be 4-4.
With a new Obama Supreme Court appointee, if Obama could ram his choice through, the vote would be 5-4 in the President’s favor. Ditto, if the next President shares Obama’s position. And the climate-change agenda would roll ahead.
We’re not talking about small climate-change rules. We’re talking about the Big Ones.
And note: such rules could very well dovetail with the Brave New World spelled out in the upcoming TPP (the Trans-Pacific Partnership).
It’s a wedge formation, a squeeze play, a pincer movement featuring new EPA climate-change regulations on one side, and new draconian possibilities embedded in the TPP.
If Scalia was murdered, the above agenda was sufficient reason, because the climate agenda has the force to transform life on the planet.
If Scalia’s murder were a movie, he would have been told, as a warning: “You have no idea how big this thing is; you really don’t understand the forces you’re messing with.”
Of course, most Americans don’t believe a political murder along this line could happen in real life. They can only accept it in a movie, where it makes perfect sense. That tells you something about the schizoid nature of the public mind.
Adrenaline-driven in front of a screen; tranquilized and programmed to be passive and accepting of recognized authority, otherwise.
“Don’t be silly. Scalia, murdered, and murdered for that reason? It couldn’t happen. That’s so…barbaric. We’re civilized.” That opinion and $6 will get you a rainbow smoothie.
Obama’s climate-change plan uses the EPA to act out international agreements signed at the recent Paris summit. But in order to, yes, scam these agreements into force in the US, the EPA has to stretch and bend and distort already-existing US law. And it has done so.
However, a number of states have sued to stop the EPA, which wants to make all states cut CO2 emissions from electrical power production by 32% in the next 15 years. Aimed mainly at coal-burning plants, these regulations would create deep reductions in the overall US energy supply and output—a primary mission of the economy-wrecking Rockefeller Globalists.
The US Supreme Court, four days before Scalia’s death, with his vote, declared a narrow 5-4 halt to the Obama plan, pending a lower-court decision on the issue. The 5-4 vote didn’t knock out the plan, but it stalled it. And if Scalia had stayed alive, his vote going forward on the Obama plan could have remained crucial.
The pending TPP, another Globalist trade treaty, contains a section that allows endless changes and additions in the text as years pass. In other words, the passion for cutting energy production for the US, and the rest of the planet, can easily be expressed and ratified by the member nations.
The TPP also reveals a cynical attitude toward the “humanitarian goal of saving the planet from CO2 death.” Major corporations that burn coal and employ other ways of releasing CO2 can relocate to far-off lands (e.g., Vietnam) and spew CO2 to their hearts’ content, without messy environmental controls.
In other words, the true underlying Globalist scheme, vis-à-vis climate change has nothing to do with messianic rescue: it has to do with lowering energy production.
Drive economies further into despair. Move more jobs out of industrialized countries.
Create further poverty and chaos.
And then bring new order in behind that—one planet, under the tight rein of one worldwide political and economic management system.
That’s the true meaning of the climate-change agenda, notwithstanding solemn promises and heraldic pronouncements about replacing lost energy with new renewable technologies.
“I have an idea. Let’s cut our electricity-use in our home by 30%, while we figure out how to replace it with some new source. That’ll work. I’m sure of it.”
On top of all this, the entire manmade-warming hypothesis is riddled with fraud and guesswork dressed up to look like United Nations science. A hypothesis is supposed to be able to make useful and specific predictions. The warming hypothesis is a dud in this regard. It was never meant to be science—it was always a strategy designed to cut energy production on planet Earth, torpedo economies, heighten human suffering, and usher in an elite Globalist triumph.
This is what Justice Scalia was going up against.
If he was murdered, there was sufficient reason.
The FBI can do two kinds of investigations, depending on the orders of the Attorney General: heavy or lite.
Heavy means leaving no stone unturned. It means taking control of the Scalia’s body now and doing whatever can be done with it, in its embalmed state, to determine cause of death. It means raking wackaloon Judge Guevara over the coals, along with US marshals, to find out exactly how the verdict of “natural causes” was reached. It means extensive interviews with everyone at Poindexter’s ranch. Wall to wall forensic analysis of rooms and spaces at the ranch. And so forth and so on.
Lite means a brush-off, meant to avoid any disruption in the present scenario.
So far, from what I see, the FBI is doing Lite. Scalia’s body should already be on an autopsy table.
There continues to be no uproar inside the Beltway about the absurd, insane, useless declaration of death by “natural causes.”
And there is something else going on. It’s the convenient mind-control program that says, “Mustn’t disturb the dead. Don’t interrupt the expressions of sadness at his passing. Don’t dishonor the man by raising questions about his possible murder. Give the family their privacy during this period of grief.”
It’s the passivity of the obedient mind. Whatever induced mood, fabrication, lie, omission can feed and expand that passivity…is deployed:
“We need to be more accepting. He was an old man in ill-heath. He passed away. Natural causes. The great cycle of life. Be gentle. Nothing to see. Move along, slowly.”
“Possible murder of a US Supreme Court Justice? Please, not at this time. It’s a discordant idea. Unharmonious. Let the man go gently into that good night.”

Todays Scalia Updates ~ 2/17/2016 Pom

Truth be told, this whole country has been subject to a “no-disturb” sign for a long, long time. Don’t think; agree. Don’t investigate; obey.
The “don’t-disturb-the-dead” program is really about the whole population. The implication is: “we’re all dead already; don’t disturb us.”
The lesson? Just because other people are mired in a hypnotic state, you aren’t obliged to pander to them. Their trance is their own.
Whether you’re alive and awake and alert and have power is a choice. Yours.
Jon Rappoport
The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

Thanks to: https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com


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Another Take on the Murder of Justice Scalia: Dave Hodges
A 360 of this event from multiple sources sheds much light and fact on the significance.
Dave, surprisingly, didn’t initially see the death as a murder, and I’m sure he wasn’t alone. ~ BP

Thanks to: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com


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Todays Scalia Updates ~ 2/17/2016 Sddefault


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An Open Letter To The U.S. Congress Regarding Justice Antonin Scalia

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Doreen Agostino
Todays Scalia Updates ~ 2/17/2016 Antonin-Scalia-Dies-at-79.Dear Members of Congress,
The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has shaken the country to its core.
Many are still waking up to the grim realities which surround both the circumstances and scene of his death.
The immediate reaction by many Americans across the entire political spectrum is that something is very wrong with this whole situation.
Regardless of political sensibilities, Justice Scalia was recognized by most as a bulwark that protected the U.S. Constitution like no other.  He was both a stalwart sentinel and stentorian who defended the spirit and the letter of the Founding Documents of these United States of America.
In fact, he was the only sitting SCOTUS jurist who always sided with the Constitution.  That’s not to say he did not make some judicial errors from time to time.  However, SCOTUS insiders knew full well that those calculated errors were deliberately made to protect the nation and American society.
You see, Justice Scalia was extremely aware of the threats that President Obama and his Administration posed to the country.  He witnessed, like all of us, the irreparable tearing of the social fabric which has occurred on Obama’s watch.  As a staunch conservative and traditional man of Italian-American ancestry, he profoundly understood the necessity of the rule of law.
Where are we going with this?
There is no question that the Obama Administration represents the most lawless presidency in U.S. history.  On every front, it has sown seeds of social chaos and political pandemonium.  Justice Scalia saw this clearly.  And he used the high bench to militate against the destruction of the American Republic.
He was not shy about expressing his misgivings with Obama et al. and the way the Administration flouted federal law and trampled on state statutes.  He was deeply pained by the encroaching anarchy caused by so many unlawful Executive Orders.  He knew that the very existence of the United State was in great jeopardy.  And he felt compelled to prevent the nation’s imminent destruction.
Clearly, Justice Antonin Scalia was the single biggest threat to Obama and his legacy.  He was the very quintessence of opposition to everything Obama championed.  He was also well known to be public enemy #1 the more he took his SCOTUS platform to the people, as he often did.  He knew deep down inside that the American people must be educated … must be enlightened … about the ongoing devastation of their country which was once defined by a rule of laws, not of tyrants.
Herein lies the crux of this humble plea from the people.  Justice Scalia’s untimely and mysterious death MUST be investigated by a completely independent, apolitical organization that is trusted by the American people.
Members of Congress, this humble plea WILL be honored to the fullest extent possible.  Should this request be ignored or mishandled, it will quickly morph into a movement.  This movement is already growing by the day, mind you.
Let us be clear from the outset regarding the absolute necessity of determining the true cause of the death of Justice Scalia.  If he was in fact murdered, as many Americans now suspect, this situation will not be allowed to go the way of JFK.
Not only that, but if the Congress fails to fully investigate this exceedingly suspicious death and official response from the U.S. Federal Government, then there will be HELL to pay.
No, we’re not gonna take anymore.  In the words of Howard Beale of NETWORK fame: We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore.
Hopefully you just got the message, because if you didn’t the following may just happen.
“When 5 million Oathkeepers and armed militia surround the Capitol Building one day and force out the entire Congress, the place will change in a New York minute. When the American people install a provisional government, the White House will finally be taken back from those who misappropriated it.”
(Source: The United States of America Was Born
in the Year of the Fire Monkey)
Lastly, may we say that Antonin Scalia was an eminently noble human being.  He was a kind soul who lived his life with great passion and joie de vivre.  He was deeply loved by his family and many friends.  He was also a true friend of the American people.  Therefore, if he was killed, whoever was responsible will be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  That’s both a promise and a threat.  As Justice Scalia would say: Capiche?!
Very sincerely,
Concerned Citizens of the USA
Todays Scalia Updates ~ 2/17/2016 174420999_131007_DX_ScaliaIsMeanjpgCROPpromo_mediumlarge_xlarge
P.S. There is a plethora of articles and commentary on the Internet (see those linked below) which have expressed shock at the manner in which the suspicious death of a Supreme Court Justice was handled by EVERYONE concerned. For your edification, here are just a few of those posts which capture the profound irresponsibility and stunning neglect of the various government’s actions and inactions
Support For Local Sheriffs Empower Organic and Public Law Owed To All
The Very Mysterious Death of Justice Antonin Scalia
Trump: Scalia Murdered? ‘Unusual Place to Find a Pillow’
The Level of Disrespect for the Deceased Justice Antonin is Unprecedented
Was Justice Scalia murdered? Forget “conspiracy theory.” This is real.
Donald Trump considers theory Scalia might have been murdered
Antonin Scalia’s Death Could Mark End of Constitution
Justice Scalia’s ‘Natural Death’—Cui Bono? And Why They Did It?
Who Murdered The Most Famous Italian-American Since Frank Sinatra?
SOURCE with thanks http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=31517
Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

Thanks to: https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com


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Todays Scalia Updates ~ 2/17/2016 Hqdefault


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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Murder is murder: and, like the Clintons, the bozo list adds another name

Todays Scalia Updates ~ 2/17/2016 Images59FJQ2IA
Supreme Court Honors Antonin Scalia by Draping His Courtroom Chair in Black Tapestry

Feb. 16, 2016 12:33pm Chris Enloe

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s courtroom chair has been draped in black to mark his death as part of a high court tradition that dates to the 19th century.

He sat to the right of Chief Justice John Roberts, the seat given to the senior justice.

Todays Scalia Updates ~ 2/17/2016 Scaliadrapery-620x406

Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia’s bench chair and the bench in front of his seat are seen draped in black Monday after his death. (Getty Images/Handout from Supreme Court) 
The entrance to the marble courtroom and the mahogany bench in front of Scalia’s chair also have been draped with black wool crepe.
In addition, the flags on the court’s front plaza will fly at half-staff in Scalia’s honor for the next 30 days.

Scalia died Saturday at age 79. He joined the court at the appointment of former president Ronald Reagan in 1986 and was its longest-serving justice.

Funeral plans still had not been released as of Tuesday morning.

(But no time was wasted in embalming Scalia nor in cremating his body - all accomplished reportedly within 24 hours. Scalia's attending physician's office reported Scalia was in good health, so why did Scalia's wife report that he had serious heart issues, thus leading the public to believe the story that Scalia had a heart attack? And why was the body immediately disposed of and an autopsy refused - though the hole above his heart had already been noted and disclosed - the same hole typically left behind when an assassination has been done with a CIA heart attack gun.) 

[size=10]http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/02/16/supreme-court-honors-antonin-scalia-by-draping-his-courtroom-chair-in-black-tapestry/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Firewire%20-%20HORIZON%202-16-16%20FINAL&utm_term=Firewire [/size]

Posted by Olive Oyl at 8:00 AM

Thanks to: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com


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CIA Whistleblower Talks About Heart Attack Gun


FKTV.IS - Alexandra Bruce - February 17, 2016
The Scalia Death Stinks to High Heaven
The FKTV subscriber jury is out: The Scalia death stinks to high Heaven. I don't think I've ever received so many dissenting replies to one of my newsletters.
As it turns out, Bill Still, who's YouTube post I chose yesterday, from the "shriek-o-meter" of Alternative News bloviators, trying to make a buck off of Scalia's death is now doing a 180º from his own previous pronouncements.
After all, he wasn't there - none of us were there and it's probably time to call in the FBI, although what Jon Rappoport, myself and others previously missed was that the FBI and Presidio County Sheriff actually were brought in to investigate the scene at the Cibolo Creek Ranch.
I have to agree that Scalia had found himself without the security of his usual retinue of US Marshals, inside a veritable viper pit of Democrats: a luxury ranch frequented by Hollywood actors (bad joke). The initial reports were of his body being discovered with a pillow on his head (later amended by ranch owner, John Poindexter to "above his head", with the other pillow in the "normal position"). Scalia was reported to be serenely laid out on un-mussed sheets and was described by Poindexter as looking very relaxed, as if he hadn't yet awoken "from a nap."
This reported lack of any foul play at the scene is what led to a chain of events (which some allege were "orchestrated" by the owner of the ranch, John B. Poindexter), whereby Justice Scalia was pronounced dead by a US Marshal "with no training in homicide" (Rappoport) and the ruling on his cause of death phoned-in by the local County Judge, after she consulted with Scalia's personal physician.
The physician's statement, which is part of his death report will remain secret, per patient confidentiality, unless demands for a criminal investigation overturn Scalia's right to confidentiality. His "family's wishes" for no autopsy were allegedly "respected". But were those really his family's wishes? Would they feel safe, telling the truth to the FBI? Why was the the death of a Supreme Court Judge not worthy of inspection by a qualified homicide detective(if such was actually the case)? Was the County Judge afraid to show up at the scene and risk getting mixed-up with NWO spooks, who might turn on her and her family next?
Being that Scalia was a Supreme Court Judge, who was about to weigh in on several initiatives that will define the legacy of the Obama Presidency and given Scalia's elevated stature within the US Government, an autopsy would have given more of a sense of closure to the entire nation, whose interests he was sworn to serve. 
However, that sense of closure could very well have proved illusory, if there was a particular weapon used in his death; the infamous "Hear Attack Gun," developed by the CIA in the early 1970s.
Suspected by some as the possible weapon used in the suspicious heart attack death of "holistic" Dr. Nick Gonzalez, the weapon releases a tiny frozen pellet of poison directly into any point of the body, rapidly inducing heart failure and quickly dissipating, such that it is undetectable in a toxicology exam, as described in this old clip of a CIA whistleblower and in a Congressional hearing about this weapon, that I'm showing today.
To be clear, my article from yesterday was largely in reaction to what looked like the play-acted hysterics of Alternative Media hucksters. I was expressing annoyance over the conflation of poorly-vetted details available to me then (i.e., the irrational conflation of John Poindexters) - and more incoherent paranoia, which has rained down on me since, like the alleged meeting between Obama and Scalia, prior to the the weekend retreat, available only on the most untrustworthy news site in the business, WhatDoesitMean.com, published by the "Sisters of Sorcha Faal", perhaps the most low-brow Russian disinfo site of them all.
I was also informed a few times of an allegedly connected assassination attempt against the (Democrat) Supreme Court Judge, John Roberts, of which I can't find any reports online. If Scalia's death is part of a vast "Demon-Rat" conspiracy, I'm not sure where the assassination of Roberts fits into this this scheme to stack the Supreme Court with Liberal Justices. I was annoyed at the incoherent incongruity of the arguments spewing forth from all except, for the most part, Investigative Journalist, Jon Rappoport, whose arguments largely do make sense.
Given the more balanced views also shared by my subscribers, as well as in the Alternative Media in the intervening 24 hours, I retract my previous position and say that our eyes should remain peeled on what happens next - and to those who are so moved, contact your local Congressional Representatives and call for an exhaustive investigation of all the circumstances and evidence in the case of Supreme Court Justice Scalia's death.

Thanks to: http://fktv.is


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