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Sympathy for the Devil

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1Sympathy for the Devil Empty Sympathy for the Devil Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:34 am


Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil Sympathy-for-the-devil
Pleased to meet you, won’t you guess my name? But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game. – Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil
Robert Picton has written a book.
Yes, in a last ditch attempt at proving his innocence, he has written a ‘book’ while incarcerated for the murders of women at his farm in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia.
I only bring attention to this fact because Kevin Annett has written a most disturbing blog entry to ITCCS.org wherein he states:
I’ve never met the alleged serial killer Willie Pickton, but he and I have this much in common: we have both just published books that have Canada’s power brokers worried.
Willie’s book, Pickton in his Own Words, claims that he was framed by the RCMP for the murder of dozens of mostly aboriginal women. My own book, Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada, shows that such organized race killing is endemic to this nation and carries on today.
Like anyone who’s worked for many years on the streets of Vancouver’s downtown east side, I learned early on and firsthand of the deep complicity of both the RCMP and Vancouver police in the rape, disappearance and killing of local, mostly aboriginal women. These killings are no more random or aimless than were the murder by decree of more than 50,000 Indian residential school children. They were all in fact targeted executions designed to wipe out traditional native families to steal their lands and complete the final extermination of their nations.
Canada is doing its best to hide these racial murders and protect the real killers through sanitized “inquiries” run by the very groups responsible for our homegrown genocide. Our two books throw a damning spotlight on this cover up.
I would like to preface my comments with the following information:

  1. William (Robert) Picton was convicted of murdering 6 women and sentenced to life in prison.  There is nothing ‘alleged’ about it.
  2. According to an article in the National Post: “He confessed to killing a total of 49 women to an undercover police officer posing as a cellmate”. He didn’t get to kill his 50th because he “got sloppy”. (nationalpost.com Feb 21, 2016)
  3. In Picton’s book, he does indeed accuse the RCMP and Commissioner and total corruption and that the Hells Angels gang was behind some of the killings.
  4. Willie Picton was, in fact, on Vancouver Police and RCMP radar as early as 1998 and again in 1999 when tips about the murders of women at the Picton farm began trickling in to CRIMESTOPPERS.
  5. Former Det. Lori Shenher wrote a book about what went wrong in the early days of the investigation.  Her interview with CBC’s Current can be heard here.
  6. Picton already had an extensive RCMP file that included attempted murder and forcible confinement before he was officially charged.
  7. Commissioner Wally Opal wrote a report detailing the many failings and oversights by police that allowed Robert Picton to prey on women from Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.
  8. Kevin Annett claimed to have information from a ‘confidential informant’ that named members of government, RCMP, Vancouver police, Judges and movie stars that he aired on his show at Vancouver Co-Op Radio.
  9. Kevin Annett claims he was summarily fired after he spoke on Vancouver Co-Op Radio about the Picton case and states that the reason management fired him stemmed from an incident where he was reportedly having sex and doing drugs on the Station’s property after hours.
  10. Kevin Annett claimed to have contacted Cpl. Sabrina Mill of RCMP E-Division to give over this information at a public forum with media present.  Cpl. Mill asked Annett to come and meet her at the station to verify the soundness of his information. Annett declined.  Annett claims that in 1996, transcripts of his ‘de-listing’ hearing with the United Church were given to RCMP’s E (major crimes) Division.  This was 7  years prior to his ‘firing’ from Vancouver Co-Op Radio.
  11. Annett published the informants information, along with the names and addresses of eyewitnesses, on the internet.  The information appears to have been compiled much like a police report.  It is unclear if Annett wrote this statement in it’s entirety or had assistance.
  12. Kevin Annett admits that he has spent a large amount of time in Vancouver’s DTES.
  13. Annett moved to British Columbia in 1993 and details a ‘chronology of attacks’ against him until July of 2005 here.

It has been my suspicion that Kevin Annett has been working (perhaps involuntarily) as an informant and disinformation agent for the RCMP.  While I cannot prove this to be the case, it has never made sense to me how someone who came from a wealthy begining would find his way into the worst dregs of society that could be found in Vancouvers DTES, could come to aquire such damning information about so many prominent people and yet never ‘end up in the Burard Inlet’.  Surely, if the RCMP were capable of all the dirty deeds he accuses them of, he would not have been treated any more lightly than the prostitutes he alleges they disappeared on a regular basis.
I think this is where my disgust with his sympathy for Picton, and his comparison to him, reaches a new intensity and why I am more firmly convinced that he has absolutely no interest in anyone other than himself.  He could care less about murdered and missing women, or the children of Indian Residential Schools unless the mere mention of them alongside a link to his latest ‘booky-wooky’ can get him a few visits to his Amazon store.
And it should be worth noting that his quote by Grant Wakefield is hardly a glowing endorsement of the claims against the RCMP.  A simple Google search revealed that Wakefield is the “prominent Vancouver lawyer” named in a libel and defamation lawsuit by former Cpl James Brown.  Cpl Brown was the target of a smear campaign by Wakefield, where bondage photos of Brown were posted on the internet.  Wakefield also posted to a blog created to defame Brown that he had connections to Robert Picton’s family.  Wakefield was previously convicted of fraud and of acting under false pretenses in the early 1990’s.  The lawsuit is the largest privacy breach case in Canada and also names Cameron Ward, a representative of the families of murdered women at the Missing Women Inquiry according to a 2012 BCCTV News Report.  The article goes on to state:
In the lawsuit Brown claims he was only staffing the Coquitlam detachment when a man claiming to have knowledge of Picton’s crimes arrived to offer information.  Brown then referred the man to investigators….
Deane Giroux says she knew Wakefield about 24 years ago.  She says back then Wakefield claimed he was a spy
It makes you wonder who the man was offering information at the Coquitlam detachment?
Would it surprise you to know that Wakefield (in Kevin’s own words):
“met with the author during 2011 and gave his own account of seeing the politicians mentioned and senior RCMP officials participating in the rape and killing of aboriginal women there.”
See the author’s upcoming book Unrelenting for more details. (www.itccs.org, http://www.KevinAnnett.com)” -see the full article here.
So why is Kevin Annett always somehow connected to all the wrong people, while claiming to be doing things for all the right reasons?
For me, his focus on the wrongdoing of the RCMP and not on the crimes against women who disappeared from the DTES, smacks of the complicity that he likely has in the whole mess by simply being indifferent and narcissistic, let alone by being some kind of gatekeeper or agent.  At the very least his latest post drives home the absolute lack of humility and sensitivity to the ongoing suffering of the families of those 6 women and thousands more who still are not at peace because their daughters, sisters, and friends are missing or murdered at the hands of a psychopath like Picton.
How dare you Annett use the source of their anguish as a plug for your latest ‘book’.
p.s. Amazon has removed Picton’s book from it’s online store.  I pray it will do the same with the ruminations of Kevin D Annett.

Thanks to: https://kevinannettmustbestopped.wordpress.com


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