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Courtesy of WolfEyes  (WSOMN)

Exchange Appointment Notes

Extremely Important!
Copy the text and put into your own new document if you wish to share. This is ONE PERSON’S OPINION.  NOT LEGAL or PROFESSIONAL ADVICE
WRITTEN with Wells-Fargo Bank –and Group-- in Mind

take a lawyer or Accountant with you to explain if you wish

You will find a Great deal of helpful Information at:
Setting the New Stage
 Most of the Delays we have experienced over the past years—for me, almost 2 ½ years and 122 weekends—have been so that the proper Balance and Safety for the release of funds could occur World-Wide. The cabal of Bankers and Corporates and Politicians fought and distracted us at every turn, seeking to keep themselves in luxuriousness and power, by attempting to enslave us and keep us poor and unhappy as much as they and their institutions could. However, they have now been forced to surrender power and new, more benevolent energies steer out planet’s course. Each of us is a vital part of the New Earth, know it now or not; and we have had to both learn Patience and raise our Inner Heart-Balance further into Love—which we will now be able to put into practice.
It really is a New Age! Signs have been visible and now will be our New Reality. Not going to enlarge here—the point is, our institutions are already changing into more beneficent, transparent forms—and this INCLUDES the banks. Especially, it appears, Wells-Fargo, which is the Lead Bank for the US—and which is ultimately owned and controlled by the Dragon Family, who as part of their role of safe-guarding the gold, gems, and treasure which back the RV, have made sure that  W-F understands that the primary purposes of these Funds we now receive, are to relieve lack and stress and bring in personal and familial Abundance; AND to assist our Neighbors (wherever they are), our environments, and Mother Earth, to return to the Thriving which is properly hers and ours by birth and God-given Right.
Your Big Advantage—Being Willing to Walk Away
            You can walk out! Any Time. They want you to deposit and leave most, if not all, of your money in their bank. They will NOT let you leave—it will hurt their careers! Don’t be afraid to gather your papers and start away if you are unhappy.
Everything is Changed / Changing
            Many of the predatory practices the banks have been doing are said to be over with. They should have new services tuned to the New Global Transparent Banking era we are now in. But still banking is a business for profit. However, customers at the $100,000. + level are highly prized and treated with respect. (Sadly, probably still the more $, the more respect).
Exchange Locations
            You are in the 1% of the 1% who knows that the RV is real and happening! The banks don’t want, at the start as we are, to deal with a rush of people who will find out in days or weeks after us. Understand and respect your good fortune!!
There may well be 5500 and above Locations nationwide! Many of them will not be bank branches, but innocent-looking offices not necessarily near concentrations of larger businesses. The banks want us totally under the radar. So you may be sent to some anonymous-looking location. Or a professional but non-banking suite. However, there WILL be security there. Obviously they do not wish any untoward or unsafe incidents.
The Phone Call
            If you get an email from W-F, call the 800# they give, and call them ASAP. Don’t wait! While we will not be cattle-driven, they want us initially Exchanged and set up ASAP.
Tell them, “I wish to make an APPOINTMENT to EXCHANGE my CURRENCY.”
            They will ask you your name, Zip Code, and the type, amount, and denominations of Currency which you hold for Exchange. IMPORTANT: Use “Iraqi Dinar,” “Vietnamese Dong,” “Zimbabwe Dollars,” “ Indonesian Rupiah,” etc. as appropriate. These correct terms mark you as an educated customer and not some hobo or clueless person.  They don’t like those…
                When you make your appointment they will give you a location based on your ZIP, convenience, safety, and the amount of your Exchange. Make sure you get good directions and ask about parking, safety, etc. They want you SAFE! 
There will be a u.s. marshal or other security in the room with you as witnesses.
What to bring

  • Yourself, neatly dressed for business, with a professional / friendly air.
  • Your currency.
  • ID. Gov’t picture ID (Driver’s license /  Valid Passport.)
  • Utility bill, etc. showing your name and current address.
  • Purchase Receipts, gifting letters. For just a bill or two, may not be necessary. They will validate all currency. The US Treasury tracks all Dinar and possibly the others. There has been a problem with Overprinting of Dinar by Bad Guys so they will be sure yours is legitimate.

Thus I believe we will find W-F staff at our Exchange courteous and helpful and nowhere near as predatory as has been the case until only weeks ago. They understand that, yes, they want W-F to make money, but Job One is to get this money into our hands and out into the world doing Good. In just a few short weeks I have changed my attitude from suspicious Defense to co-operative Partnership.  And since I anticipate that, so it will be.
So I plan to go in as relaxed as possible and work out basic terms and park my funds in new accounts at their bank; later I will move some to other banks for the protection of diversity.
We have been told the banks understand that the soulless crushing rule of the Fed and the cabal bankers is over; and that they will have new, fairer programs for us to consider. We won’t know what the first of these is until we are at the bank, and more will surely follow. Be alert and get information!
Make sure you read all documents completely. Sign in wet blue ink and make sure they do. Keep an original and ask for copies before you leave. Of course ,get some business cards from them.
They will count and Validate your currency
Make sure you get a signed receipt
Banks make their money, in part, by loaning out or investing our deposits elsewhere, seeking profits. We get a very small amount of these as Interest. Previously, if the bank lost money we gave them control of in an Interest-Bearing Account, too bad for us—we lose! Further, we had no control over what they invested in; I will not agree that my funds be invested in antisocial industries and companies—most mainstream corporations, and doubtless in Dark military and fossil fuels, the list goes on and on. But because to the Great Change, there will be for-profit companies producing new, safe, positive products; and new industries started by some of us, and newly-cleaned up charities and non-profits to serve and help People, animals, the planet. FIRST. So I hope to work with Bankers –and others—along such lines.
Until recently, I planned to insist that initially, my funds go into Non-Interest-Bearing accounts (NIB), for the above reasons. I still may; have to see what’s up first! (see below)
I hear that if one has funds above maybe, $1,000,000. (and Many will at these Exchange rates), W-F will have very much higher interest rates for us long-term than we have ever heard of before! Keep eyes and mind open!
The big plus to Interest-Bearing accounts is, that you can follow accepted practice for wealth preservation by investing the principal, and living / giving off the interest, thus you never run out of money to use and share. There are special financial mechanisms, like Annuities, Trusts, LLCs, and more which have required the counsel of Professionals. They still do; none of us I dare say is prepared to be our own Wealth Manager (itself a foreign term, as we have been focused on Survival and Protection, not abundance and sharing! Thank God that’s over!!).
Here’s the catch: we need Professionals—accountants, bankers, lawyers, PERHAPS tax professionals—who are in step with this New Economy.  There won’t be many at first, for those professions are all part of the old structures biased against us and in favor of the 1% and their managers. We may find that W-F has some people we can use safely and confidently.
The Banker will tell you, and of course you will read on the forms, how much interest you will receive, should you decide to do so. This will likely be negotiable, depending on how much you will deposit into the Bank; how much you will leave there, and for how long.
Im My Opinion this has been a Shark Tank. Many ‘sharks’ have been or will be, fired/arrested. BUT the Markets—ALL OF THEM—have been RIGGED against us, and now everyone knows it has been all a cabal-run Racket, a Fleecing by Insider Trading  (see the recent movie, The Big Short). IMO—this includes, Stocks, Most Bonds, Currencies, Commodities, Stock Exchanges, Energies, Precious Metals. All corrupt.
They are being cleaned up; but to me, it’s Watch and Wait !!! NO WAY do I want to support such companies, or the banks, brokers, advisors, etc. who support them.
Here things may get dicey. Up until now, they would try to get you into Interest-Bearing Accounts. Sadly, these give the bank control over your money in return for that interest. They invest is as they see fit, perhaps in companies you abhor, and if they lose, you lose your money! So until I know this has changed, I will keep my money in non-interest bearing (NIB) accounts.
I plan to open two new accounts for each currency type I hold.
I will put 50% in each. One will be reserve for Taxes. NOTE: Tax policies are uncertain. I expect few if any, but it will do no harm to leave 50% in a second account until I know what if any they will be. (We will have to seek new tax professionals and attorneys, as with NESARA most of the penalty-prone laws and practice we know and loathe will be going away—how and how fast?? Keep eyes and ears Open! Learn to find good sources. Actually, the Bank may well be keeping up—they stand to get more business—and they may be less predatory than we are used to. The whole system is now based on transparency, and sneak-thieving should fade away fast. But, keep your eyes open. “Passive” will not serve you well any more! (Uh, not that it ever did—that’s how we wound up in debt and mind slavery)   :(
 P. O. D. (Pay on Death) Accounts]
Often we are told to designate all our new accounts (& maybe older if used) as P.O.D. accounts. These simply inform the bank and the government, that in the event of your death, you wish to specify that access and control of the named account should immediately pass directly to the person(s) you designate by name and contact information. (SSNs are a good idea). This enables said persons immediate and direct access to the account, almost like a simple trust. It purportedly avoids Probate, though does not avoid any debts you owe. Ask your banker for a form, or how they do it. It is said to be free for the asking. Note: This is a reported opinion, NOT legal or professional advice.
Reportedly the Bank will be recording your Exchange Appointment to ensure accuracy of the record of this important event. Inquire to be sure.
[*]The only time you will be SURE of your Exchange Rate is at your Appointment. (I have worn out my calculator over this time constantly re-planning according to the latest rumors).
[*]The last two weeks, I have been hearing constantly that rates keep going UP. If true, good for us because it may be partly due to the delays!
[*]Ask to see them. Let Banker show numbers first. They will be on his screen.
[*]TWO BIG POINTS: A) I’m told the Exchange Banker has GREAT INDIVIDUAL CONTROL REGARDLESS OF OFFICIAL RATES. B) How much currency you have; your dress and professionalism; your attitude; how much you plan to leave in the bank…& for how long; and what you can sincerely say you would like to do to help others and the Earth—these are among her/his decision criteria.
[*]The bank has set rates of its own it will receive when it turns the currency in on ITS Currency Exchange! So we should request it to waive any FEE to Exchange US. It will make A LOT on the ‘back side.’ Be discreet & polite—few know these things and it will increase respect for you if you are respectful but firm. REMEMBER they want your business and you are doing THEM more of a favor than vice versa. Without your currency, they make nothing!
[*]Letting them know YOU know what’s up, and possess the power to take your business elsewhere, are VERY POWERFUL. Use Them. But always be respectful and professional. It’s called DOING BUSINESS!
[*]Typically for each currency, there are several rates. The “in-country” rate, for Iraqi, Vietnamese, etc. Citizens. Usually the lowest rate. If you are in a Group, you should not be offered a low rate—The Group has already The negotiated special rates…but they try to keep them secret!!
[*]The International Rate used in business and governmental commerce.
[*]The Market Rate sometimes offered to the US because of its (faded) international financial power. A little higher than the International rate.
[*]The Contract Rates. These are often much higher and for special & high-volume customers. You are likely in the Group, and those reported rates are here & these may vary too..we’ll just have to see. These may well require that you sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to obtain them. You will have to read it and sign it. It may be complex and long, but I am hearing it will be shorter and simpler. Mainly: TELL NO ONE ABOUT THE TRANSACTION; AMOUNT; DETAILS; ANYTHING. This protects the bank from hordes of the public descending on them, and it protects YOU from YOUSELF. See the SECURITY and PRIVACY points!! Notice the advice about Ego.
[*]Remember at the top it was stressed that the Family has protected these funds for Centuries so they could at last, when safe, spread them to everyone and the Earth. No promises, but sincere specific helping Projects or populations you can speak of from the heart my result in higher rates…
[*]Here are what I heard most recently; rates are $ USD for each currency unit. Consider these tentative! Use for planning. Reread the above! You may have bought more than you were gifted, and / or, branched out. I don’t know and don’t want to! But if you did: KEEP THESE PRIVATE!
Iraqi Dinar: $3.75   INTL: $ 5-6   MKT: $ 8- $9  Contract: $ 20. / $28.50
Vietnamese Dong: $0.47  INTL $5-6  Contract:  up to $20.
Indonesian Rupiah:  INTL ?$1.80   MKT ?  $ 3-5
Zimbabwe Dollar:  sucker rate: $.02-.15.  Then: $.20 - $.52 - $.65 - $1-3.00-6.50
Chinese Renminbi / Yuan: $6.50

I remind you that this is all just my opinion, and all responsibility for your actions and results are yours alone
Finish with any negotiation before you turn over your currency; after that they won’t budge.
These are VITAL Matters and you need to educate and protect yourself.
There is good information here, among other places. http://5doutvesting.info/mybb/
A short overview:
The #1 Rule everyone agrees on! KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! You want to stay in control, but if friends, some family, neighbors—or strangers of ANY type find out, you might be sorry or worse. Sad but true. Suddenly wealthy people are a well-known target in marketing and criminal circles.
#2. DON’T BE SHOWY !! Blend in, don’t stand out. Read Confessions of an Overgiver. Ask the Bank for their helpful literature (they have it!). Google lottery winners syndrome.
#3. Enjoy and Share—this money is gifted IMO from High Spiritual Sources, and as such, is meant to help others as well as yourself. Learn, think, be wise. Giving help is much trickier in many cases than you think. Check out The Parable of the Talents.
#4. Anonymous is wonderful. Use it as much as possible. (“Secret Santa” Yeah!!)
#5. Your ego is likely to try to go nuts on you—spending sprees, showing off, conspicuous consumption. Accept that you have an EGO—and Please Don’t make it your Wealth Manager.
To be on the safe side, put 50% of proceeds by currency into a “Reserve for Taxes” account and don’t touch it until the tax picture is clear.
Legitimate secrecy and deliberate disinformation have resulted in confusion about taxes. Quite possibly there will be no Federal Income Tax to be paid; while some with suspicious motives have insisted it will be a Short-Term or Long-Term Capital Gains situation, most today say legally this is a CURRENCY EXCHANGE and not an Investment and hence does not create a “taxable event.” We should know soon. Meantime, be discreet and cautious. (NOTE the use of that CURRENCY EXCHANGE Phrase! It’s important!) NESARA calls for 14% Sales Tax on new luxury goods.
Your State may or may not tax the Exchange. Consult a qualified Professional.
            You may not know what this is, or you may have decided the mainstream media, and your kids, or pastor, or even your Best Friend, who all think it’s all Conspiracy Theory, are correct. “Wrong Answer!” IT’S A LAW and EXPLAINS MUCH OF THE NEW WORLD WE LIVE IN and why it’s the biggest blessing in History! Google “History of NESARA.”
Beware: there is much disinfo out there as the cabal has hid this as much as they could;  it is now GAME OVER for them.
There is also the POSSIBILITY that soon the IRS will be DOA. It has been all along a Collection Arm for the Federal Reserve, not the Treasury Department. The Federal Reserve is was a private banking cartel, the unConstitutional, if widely unknown as such, usurpation of Congress’ sole right to create and manage our currency and financial system. The GCR/RV has been fought so hard because it exposes all the theft and control the cabal has managed to maintain since 1913, and actually long before (see NESARA). Cat is out of bag and running down the street telling everyone. The Fed and IRS are already shells, and will soon be here no longer; as cabal control of Media dissolves, they will fade away or be repurposed for the Common Good.

Thanks to SSmith on: http://www.dinardaily.net

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ourtesy of LawnMan (WSOMN)

Read this! It is the political side of the GCR-Global Currency Reset. It's all set 3/1/16?
Whether it happens this weekend, or seeds are planted for later this year, the reality of major changes coming to the international monetary framework can no longer be denied.

http://philosophyofmetrics. com/regional-war-crude- production-and-a-depreciating- dollar-freepom/ {This is J. C. Collins.}

Regional War, Crude Production, and a Depreciating Dollar Philosophy of Metrics


Please Remove Addresses p to forwarding. Thanks....

On Saturday, February 27, 2016 7:54 AM, Mark S.
>> Watch G20 Meeting = China: GCR Officially  Announced
>>  China has now officially announced that the historical bonds will be redeemed.  This has been released in all Chinese media. These announcements made in the Chinese open media today and late yesterday finally confirm publicly that this operation is moving forward.  There are also other sources who are optimistically informing that international agreements are nearly completed and official ceremonies are expected to take place over the next several days.
>> Release of spendable cash was anticipated several times in the past, but has been delayed due to final currency negotiations involving several countries.  At the moment, there is a slight delay due to the gold backing for the US TRN to be finalized, but this issue is expected to be resolved q
>>  Quickly, and it is anticipated that next week transactions will be put in place.
>> Several large Dinar transactions will be completed before the bond and box matters are scheduled and undertaken.  I have been told that just a bit more patience is required before all is put into motion.
>> It must be remembered that this is a one-time historical event that has no precedence in protocols and procedures, even though many procedures have been prematurely presented.  The final official procedures are being put into place, now that all of the international matters and accounting between nations is coming to resolution, and I anticipate that I will be informed of how things will proceed by Monday.
>> Aspiring Flippers, Governments and Private alike, are desperately trying to lure any Bringer of Historical Bonds into a submission commitment, and offering money that the Seller / Holder cannot spend or withdraw from his bank account - not one cent!  The reason is that these parties cannot be assured that the bonds they accumulate will be accepted by redemption, and therefore most of these offers will include a disclaimer and the right to return the bonds to the current holder.  It should be clear that if a private buyer cannot redeem bonds or boxes, there is no reason to expend funds, as there is no private market for these bonds.   Unlike, a stock market situation, these issues are not publicly traded, and the only opportunity for gain is redemption by the original issuers.
>> Owners will begin receiving notification this coming week, and again the details for this process will be finalized Shorty, after which I will be able to inform representatives and sellers of what to expect, and any last documentation which may be requested for the procedure to proceed smoothly and quickly.
>> There are many applicants who are registered, so obviously not everyone can be first – but the plans are to be organized to go forward as quickly as possible, keeping in mind that some large submissions will require time for authentication.
>>   These final unforeseen delays are apparently coming to an end and resolution very soon.  What all have had to endure was unfortunately beyond anyone's control – but it must be kept in mind, that the bonds, boxes, and dinars, are at the core of a complete revision, of all the world currencies as well as the accounting and settling of previous currency and international banking matters and agreements. It has been a very difficult issue to pinpoint exactly at what juncture, all parties would be fully satisfied and in agreement with the future financial course of the world.   It should be understood that all of the official agreements and then all of the procedures and systems must be complete and effective, before the massive operation of transactions on the bonds and boxes can begin.
>> As always, I will continue to update you when I have solid information or news to report, and be assured that all efforts and care are continually being taken with all submissions and to assure the earliest possible closing date for those who receive this email
>> "Confirmed that all 70+ Rothschild banks that did not respond to system 'ping' the night before did ping the 2nd time around 100% LAST NIGHT... thus, they have finally complied!
>> We now understand how all this fits together with last Tues midnight deadline for Rothschild owned banks. It is very complicated but GCR/RV now moving forward with completion goal date of Sunday, Feb 28th!"
>> On Thu, Feb 25, 2016
>> From what I understand, the TRN's (Treasury Reserve Notes, as opposed to Federal Reserve Notes) are on-line, but only available for bank-to-bank transfers, and not for public consumption.
Iraq is scheduled to enter into the World Trade Organization on March 1, 2016 (next Tuesday.)>>
>> They cannot enter into the WTO without successfully reevaluating the Dinar. (RV). This is anticipated to occur on March 1, 2016.
>> I also understand that the fund release for the redemption of China's sovereign debt so that the Yuan (RMB's, also known as Renminbis) can be introduced into the IMF SDR (Special Drawing Rights) basket in November, 2016 (which has already been approved by the IMF) should occur March 2, 2016.
>> The sovereign debt resolution has been resolved by a G-20 accord which allows China to redeem 25% of their outstanding gold-backed bonds and destroy them. The remaining 75% will be forever wiped off the books and those bonds will be forever worthless, other than as curios.
>> The IMF has allocated a certain amount of funds to help facilitate this effort.
>> The bearers of the redeemed bonds will be expected to invest most, if not all of their proceeds into humanitarian and economic development project as this is seen as a "new awakening of human brotherhood and kindness" and possibly  a Jubilee for many.
>> This expectation also applies to intermediaries who help facilitate the redemption process.
THIS JUST IN:>> The coordinated efforts on all continents has now been completed, and is in place for this historical construction of a truly asset based global financial system to begin.
>> The reset of the bank transfer computer system (Hercules) was slightly delayed early this week.
>>    - Bad weather had delayed the travel for activating the system in Hong Kong, but this final technical matter is now resolved.
>> The redemption systems are getting set to transact bonds and boxes shortly.  The entire process of redeeming these historical bond debts is at the core of this financial structure, as this debt must be settled, to unencumber the underlying assets which have backed these bonds.
>> Overall, according to our information it is expected that the process of completing the bond redemption will take 2 years in total.
>> We are very fortunate to be at the very front line of this process, and to be working directly with the top executive council responsible for having brought about and engineering this entire financial restructuring which is occurring.
>> So as anticipated, when all starts, regardless of what day that turns out to be (we expect very soon) you will be called in and settled very quickly, within the very first days of actual activity.
>> While this may still appear to be slow and agonizing for some, we are receiving constant communications of the progress being made, and things are indeed very active behind the scenes, with positive results being brought about, at virtually every step.
>> This is a huge endeavor which extends to all corners of the earth, but it seems that the final pieces are now in place.    
>> For you, and us, the end goal is at hand.
>> Monday promises to be the beginning of a very eventful week.
>> We advance our update after the INTEL from last night in HK, shared only for your personal satisfaction and that of your loved ones.


>> HK (PPP) Programs: according to our informant in HK... They began making Bullets on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Consequently we should have our cards with a % payment in advances Friday (Tomorrow) Just like popeye said....AMAZING!!

>> Inland TTMs: We confirmed yesterday That TTMs begin March 2
>> INTEL: We have reports tonight extended one day, the availability of opening screens, as it was physically an impossibiity to make all downloads of funds in the three days initially enabled, so that all transactions recorded could enter (Ends Today).  Also definitively confirmed that TTM dates begin on March 2.
>> We have never had information as accurate on dates and planning as we have had today.

>> This is the ultimate report. We have just arrived at our journey's end of a new life beginning...

Thanks to SSmith on: http://www.dinardaily.net


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Gee I bet the wolves jumped all over this at DD LOL!!

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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And this


If they have seen it yet

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

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