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Keshe Investigation ‘By The People’; Can You Handle the Truth?

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Keshe Investigation ‘By The People’; Can You Handle the Truth?
Keshe Investigation ‘By The People’; Can You Handle the Truth?  Keep-calm-and-face-the-truth-257x300
I WAS in a good mood, as I have the weekend off, but reading this… well, it’s tugging me down a bit. I was really hoping the Keshe technologies were for real, but there has been rather more negative stuff lately so there may be something to this. We shall see. 
The article shared is very in-depth because it includes a lot of links and videos and would take some time to take it all in, as she says. I HAVE NOT YET LOOKED INTO THIS AND AM MAKING NO STATEMENT AS TO WHAT I BELIEVE. I’m just saying it doesn’t look good.

This isn’t some crackpot out to take down Keshe. This is a thorough investigation and information-gathering process by several people (Lightworkers, mostly), and includes the arrest warrants for Mehran Keshe himself.

It is not done out of malice or for personal gain. It only seeks to bring us the truth in a funhouse of mirrors.
We MAY have to accept that we were fooled. Again. So be prepared for disappointment. But it will probably be more embarrassment than disappointment, and we needn’t be embarrassed. This is all part of stepping up to the plate and being awake and aware and doing what we came here to do. It’s part of the job description and we signed up for it.

IF the Keshe thing DOES turn out to be another fraud, it doesn’t mean free energy is bogus or we won’t be getting our technologies. It’s all coming. S_ _ N.  ( I try to refrain from using four-letter words on this family site.)

On the positive side, perhaps this is another indication of the Light shining on the dark and eliminating it. Much more Truth will exist in the new higher densities, so we had best get used to seeing the lies in the spotlight so they can dry up and wither away.
We really need to keep our emotions out of it these days so we aren’t believing what we WANT to believe and shunning the truths we don’t want to hear. We’re not sheeple any more. We wanted disclosure. That includes a lot of things—some of which we might rather NOT know, but there it is. 
This body of evidence will provide our homework for the weekend, should we decide to go deep. 
And if this seriously bums you out, remember that we’re going to hear a lot of bad news along with the good in the future as the truth about our entire existence is revealed, and we will have to be emotionally strong to assimilate all of it.
This is nothing compared to what is coming. We must steel our resolve to be strong enough to not only take it—but to help those who have no idea what is coming. WE have the gift of time to “get over it”, so let’s get to it.  
Thank you, Therese, for your efforts to bring us this information in such a digestible form.  ~ BP

Keshe Investigation ‘By The People’; Can You Handle the Truth?  KESHE-investigative-report-300x162

Keshe Investigation By The People

March 4, 2016 by Therese Zumi Sumner
A PDF Copy of this Report Can be found here: Keshe Investigation Report [there is no active hyperlink here. Hopefully PFC will add it.  ~ BP]
The following is a report we put together to help guide individuals through a body of disclosure information about the Keshe Foundation and its technology. We have divided the report into steps to make it easy to follow. This report will take several hours or a few days to go through completely as it contains links to large amounts of footage. We ask that you review all the information for yourself to come to your own conclusion. We have done our best to maintain a factual point of view in the presentation of this material. Opinions or conclusions drawn by the author of this report have been compiled in a separate document outside of this report.
Step One:
Please watch the following 2 ½ hour video “The Peoples Free Energy Show Episode 3 Show me the Plasma”. This video is a presentation put on by the Fix the World Organization that covers Keshe Technology basics in the first half and then Keshe’s business practices in the second half.
Link to Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkmp5Z4c9lE

Link to the PowerPoint Presentation for the Show:
Step Two:
Read through all these links and documents that were mentioned in the presentation:
Keshe’s Arrest Warrants in Dutch and English
Belgium Police to Mehran Tavakoli Keshe – Kortrijk – 11.4.2014 (2)
English Translation Belgium Keshe Arrest Warrant
Answers to call out for links to Keshe devices that work
Form to submit your measurements of your Purchased Keshe Magrav Units
Ten years Keshe Foundation – a review
The German Website http://karfreitagsgrill-weckdienst.org/ has published an interesting review of the Ten years anniversary of the Infamous Keshe Foundation, checking over the various claims disclosed by Keshe during each one of these years.
DOWNLOAD THIS zip file to view and view “index” file only
Keshe Fact or Fiction?
Important article from other teams of energy engineers and scientists in the “free energy” arena. Very telling body of information.
Relevant Facebook Thread from Aaron Murakami about Keshe Foundation Fact or Fiction
Keshe timeline of lack of success
Customer receives Keshe Magrav, initial output is same as input
Keshe, Fraud, Fraud or super-plasma-coated Fraud?
Keshe Wife Carolina threatens FTW with pedophile associations
Threat from bogus Keshe legal Dept against FTW
Step Three:
Watch this video testimony (4 hours) of eye witness Keshe Whistleblower:
Keshe Whistleblower Sousan Alexander from Hope Moore on Vimeo.
(the video is also available for download from the site)
Keshe Whistleblower Sousan Alexander

Sousan followed Keshe for years. She invested in the tech. She became a student of the Keshe Institute. She then invested her own money to travel to Italy to see the Keshe operation for herself.
She found a proxy operation and has exposed Keshe as a Fraud. She has come forward to give her testimony to help prevent others from losing hundreds or thousands of dollars on Keshe products that will never arrive and don’t work.
Her testimony took place over 4 youtube videos, mixed in with other conversations.
We have condensed her testimony into one video here to make it easier to follow and hear the information she has to share. The audio is a little shaky in several places, but it clears up shortly.
This is original footage created by “Circle Healing Network”. The links for the original videos can be found on youtube, we have provided them in the description.
This video has been created for educational non-profit, fair use purposes. Our intent is to help disseminate public information and testimony that uncovers fraud and corruption protected under the Whistleblower Protection Act.
Read the rest of the article…

Thanks to: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com



More to the Keshe Attacks Than Meets the Eye; Veterans Today
Keshe Investigation ‘By The People’; Can You Handle the Truth?  Keshe-foundation-tehnologies-300x167
As we analyze the current negative press on the Keshe Foundation and the technologies, it’s interesting to note that there is yet one more reason the controllers would want to silence Keshe.
Question: What is even more damning to the globalists than the release of free energy devices?
Answer: The exposure of the global pedophilia, Satanic blood rituals and murder. Apparently Keshe tried to expose it—at least with respect to one individual—but you know how that goes. Pull the yarn and it will unravel the sweater.
What if the dark ones have planted people, situations and disinformation so we would find it, anticipating that we will crucify our own Lightworkers—further dividing us?
There are plenty of those in the awakened community who love to police those of us who question and examine all sides of things. Questioning what appears to be truth isn’t fear of everything. Being wary of what appears to be a good thing isn’t fear of everything.
It is simply being inquisitive and done out of a desire for the absolute truth. We like to make up our own minds about what is believable. Caution isn’t fear.
We will look at the good and bad, dark and light objectively because we choose not to be lemmings.
I have heard negative things about Hope Girl in the awakened community, so her reputation isn’t sterling, either, from my perspective.
It’s clear that there are those who HAVE had success with the Keshe technologies. Is it as easy as we had hoped? Perhaps not. Does that mean it is a fraud? I don’t think so.
Where is Hope Girl’s QEG generator that I helped fund when the call went out to build the prototype? I’m just asking because I’ve heard nothing about being able to buy one.
Our generation of peeps who love and expect immediate gratification may not have the patience to develop and test a technology such as Keshe has offered. Some are still working on it.
In fact, there is one very impressive testimony in the article below from the writer themselves.
As we know, the more dangerous a scientist/whistleblower/journalist is, the harder they attack them—or, ultimately—eliminate them.
Check out the article from Veterans Today. It’s a tangled web and I think it casts a different light on the Keshe situation and thank you— we WILL be the judge, as always.  ~ BP

Keshe Investigation ‘By The People’; Can You Handle the Truth?  Internet-scams-300x197

VT Science: Free Energy, Scams Cults and the New World Order

March 6, 2016
… by  Gordon Duff,  with Ian Greenhalgh
We had imagined that we had seen it all, we are talking about the sewer of the internet, scams and cons of all kinds but with our investigation of the death of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia, we have moved into a new “red zone.”
We are going to be talking about the “free energy community,” and how it more than simply preys on the decent and hopeful.  With the arrest of radio host and self appointed community leader Sterling David Allen on numerous first degree felonies tied to child sex abuse, the chain that led us to Scalia, heads back down as well, not to the corrupt and powerful but to something incredibly sick.
It is one thing to run YouTube channels and phony charities, to sell used patents and “extension cord” free energy technology right out of PT Barnum.  We have found that along with the donation scamsters like the QEG peddlers of imaginary “Tesla” technology, these free energy gurus not only scour the network for vulnerable children, they actively do the “hands on” recruiting as well.
We are finding groups in Mexico, Honduras and, in particular, one in Morocco.  Morocco is a non-extradition country that has a very large refugee “pass through” from not just North Africa but the upper Sahel regions of West Africa as well.  Morocco is believed by many vulnerable young people to be the “superhighway” to the European Union through Spain.
France has put a stranglehold on the border there, pulling over cars at gunpoint, opening trunks, searching trucks.  Traffickers have opened new pathways, fishing trawlers from Spain and Portugal, coastal cargo ships, offshore handoffs always going to the next step along the path, Belgium.
We will get into this a bit more, but we will start with some VT background.  All of this is preliminary but it was time for us to go to print rather than sit and wait.  You be the judge.
Free Energy
VT began it’s free energy research 5 years ago when we set up an investigative team looking into that, weather modification technology, artificial seismic disruption and field generated mind control or “inducement.”
The idea was to learn how much is science fiction and conspiracy theory and how much is real, either threat or promise.  The team is headed by editor’s Jim Hanke, a retired US Army Special Forces colonel and Mike Harris, with long experience in the semi-conductor arena.
For support, the real “smart guys,” we have used physicist Jeff Smith formerly of the International Atomic Energy Agency.  Smith is published on Lower Energy Nuclear Reactions, a key potential “almost free” energy technology and is a renowned specialist in the area of nuclear weapon design and nuclear non-proliferation issues.
Out of the Adamas group we borrowed Professor Riccardo Maggiore, a longtime friend, who specializes in field theory and, among other things, is a visiting professor at MIT.
I have investigated political and security related issues tied to the impact of these technologies and, in particular, have studied who is “tasked” with blocking some technologies while pushing others.
At this point, I will let the cat out of the bag…some very nasty people, certainly national intelligence agencies, but “others” as well, have taken a more than benign interest, particularly in Keshe’s work.  We will get into that as it seems to be important.
The Short and Sweet of It
Excuse me if I am less than open in some areas where military applications apply, call it “enlightened self preservation.”
Weather modification:  Not only did we see rock solid evidence that this technology works but the team operating the microwave units actually made it rain on Hanke’s house 7 days running during the Arizona dry season.  They did far more than that, playing with polar vortexes, we believe to attract investor cash, and giving portions of the US and even Mexico, horrific winter cold.
LENR or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction is quite real and marketable but, even though the units are being commercially manufactured in Japan and produce energy at very low cost, they scare the hell out of people.  I met with the government of Kenya a couple of years ago and offered to finance one of these units but was held off by what I saw as a predictable “Africa” roadblock.
Key political figures controlled a large but low quality coal deposit that the Chinese offered to “exclusively” mine only if they, meaning the Chinese, were allowed to build a powerplant to burn the dirty high sulfur coal. Suffice it to say, the project is in eternal paralysis and those who needed the power, needed the jobs, will continue to do without while Kenya is being plagued with terrorism.
Our discussion of field generated “mind control” is going to be short.  Suffice it to say that a highly respected defense electronics firm, not from the US, secretly has demonstrated the ability to “broadcast” feelings, ideas and images directly into the minds of a sector of the population over a wide geographical area.  Let me stop right here.
The use of seismic disruption, the creation of earth quakes and tsunamis using far too readily available nuclear weapons originates from the sources or imagination, you choose which one, of Ben Fulford and Michael Shrimpton.  Discrediting Fulford and Shrimpton is a cottage industry, one they take part in themselves from time to time, as to most of the rest of us as well.  However, toward that end, there are “highest level” confirmations of “some” of the conspiracy theories of both Fulford and Shrimpton and full backing from the scientific community.
Recent Events
During the last few days, I have received many emails including videos by “Hope Girl” attacking Keshe as a fraud.  A couple of things on that, first of all I watched part of one of the videos and found it painfully inept and the individual speaking with a nodding zombie-like character at her side endlessly droning on, speaking to an audience I had never imagined existed.
I had not known much about the internet free energy community until I had been forced to look into the background of Sterling David Allan.  My good friend Jeff Rense had known Allan for some time.  Allan had, during the last few months, been parading around for sympathy across the internet and podcast circles, making himself appear to be a victim.  When his indictments came down in Utah, describing him as a vicious child predator, the picture filled out more.
For those who are unaware, it was Keshe who initiated the investigation by the FBI of Allan that led to his arrest.  This began with a meeting in Rome with the American legal attache’ and the presentation of massive evidence of Allan’s involvement in a child sex ring.
When Allan’s computer was found to contain blackmail files with the names and sexual details of many well known individuals, it became clear why it took so long for Allan to be arrested and, moreover, his ties to Anthony Scalia and how Allan could only be arrested after Scalia’s death.
For those who haven’t followed this story, there are real sources in the White House that have given us detailed information on events prior to the death, we believe by murder, of Justice Scalia.  The Allan blackmail files are now the “Obama blackmail files,” and our sources said that White House operatives put a plan in motion to remove Scalia from the court and force Scalia to back a liberal nominee.
There is much confirmation on the murder, much confirmation on the existence of the pedophile ring alleged to be involved and, within days of the story being published on VT, a confirmation of the meeting between Scalia and Obama and its role in Scalia’s murder.
The European “fringe press” carried a version that involved Russian President Vladimir Putin and nuclear blackmail.  We believe that story was leaked as a coverup.
My question is how did Keshe get involved with a pedophile ring in the first place?  But first, I will give a bit of background on Keshe, short as possible as you can read the whole thing on the net somewhere without me having to lay it out like a publicist.
Keshe is a real physicist, born in Iran, who moved to the UK and worked designing control systems for nuclear reactors.  I will let you decide for yourselves what level of nuclear physicist would be doing this kind of work. Where we move into new ground, new and important, is this.  Our sources say that Keshe was forced, blackmailed, whatever, to leave his “day job” at a public utility in Britain and take a private research job for a front for the Ministry of Defense.
How do I say this, I believe he was working on a project involving gravity as it relates to electromagnetism and, to be oversimplified, “unified field theory.”  In 2009, while at RAF Brize Norton, outside Oxford, Carol and I were “allowed” to see an experimental anti-gravity “ship” or airplane or whatever, big as hell, something somewhere between X Files and the Flintstones.  
Jeff Smith has described the science using what he calls “red mercury” while Lee Wanta says that President Reagan was aware of this very early version (1950’s) and later more sophisticated versions.
Other sources have satellite images of huge “black triangle” craft that are supposed to be reverse engineered UFO tech.  I am only mentioning this now because the confirmation I have on the Keshe work in Britain ties directly to this research project which he claims he knew nothing of.  What I know, I have told or at least “alluded to,” and as to other assumptions, they are for us to believe or not as they are not conclusively in evidence.
It is very important to draw these lines and use this language, painful though it is.
As part of our energy research, I placed Colonel Hanke and Mike Harris with Keshe, not a “smooth placement” by any means.  Let me explain.
I have gotten to know Keshe.  On the issue of pedophiles, he came to me for advice as I have enough “juice” to lean on at least some protected individuals and have worked with law enforcement in Europe.  I advised him to spend his time doing other things, to leave it alone and move on with life.  I had seen “pushback” and felt Keshe would be in danger and no matter who your friends are, anyone can be killed, as we see too often, just to name John Wheeler III for one and my list is huge.
This started up while Keshe was in Belgium.  VT has an affiliate group in Belgium that runs a cyber security organization for the European Union and Interpol under special government license, as many know.  We are there, hosted in Belgium, because this is fertile ground, for reasons we have already explained.  Saying anything past this is just not helpful.
But when Keshe came to me saying he was being pressured over patents tied to defense applications of his technology, the names he brought to me were known, some at least, tied to a well established diplomatic scandal where highly placed Belgians have been indicted in France for child sex crimes, individuals so prominent that Belgium will not allow extradition even under treaty.
To speed this up a bit, in the interim, Keshe went to Italy.  I have been able to confirm, despite claims made on the internet by associates of Sterling Allan, we are talking “Hope Girl,” Keshe is not under indictment nor is he being sought in any way.
Keshe left Belgium because there was an attempt to murder Keshe and his wife Carolyn, I have seen the police files, an attempt involving gunfire and a high speed car chase.  Thus far, however, we sound a bit like a B movie, we can get better.  Let’s move forward, Keshe is in Northern Italy, in a compound on Lake Como, with a security team.
Professor Maggiore was teaching at the University of Torino, not so far away.  I send Riccardo to debrief Keshe on his technologies and research and received a report the next day.  Professor Maggiore, a major defense technology guy, probably yelled at me for ten minutes.  “Damn it, Gordon, he doesn’t even accept Maxwell’s Equations, not only that, his version of “plasma” and mine are not in the same ball park.  Not just that, tell me what the hell a “magrav” is.”
This didn’t bode well for Keshe, not at that time anyway.  Then Riccardo and I went to Ghana together to meet with their Space Agency, yes they have one and it is rather impressive.  While there, riding in our armored car, we got whacked in traffic and I was injured.  The flight back to Frankfurt, even in First Class, which Lufthansa does quite wonderfully (trolling for a free upgrade) was quite unpleasant, perhaps the understatement of all time.
After an emergency room visit and two visits to my primary care physician at the VA, under whose treatment I got only moderately worse, I turned to Keshe.  Keshe sent me a belt, a rather nice thing, lots of velcro, flexible, one of his plasma things.  In two hours I was better, not permanently, but no pain, no inflammation.
I had Hanke get one too, who has hip damage from his 2000 plus parachute jumps (yes, that many).  Keshe medical technology can cure a rainy day, at least when it comes to pain, inflammation and healing issues.  Chalk one up for Keshe.
Read the rest of the article…

Thanks to: http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.com


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