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Congressman Blows the Whistle on Congress!

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1Congressman Blows the Whistle on Congress! Empty Congressman Blows the Whistle on Congress! Thu Mar 10, 2016 11:18 am



Congressman Blows the Whistle on Congress!

Posted on March 10, 2016 by arnierosner
Congressman Blows the Whistle on Congress! Voila_capture-2016-01-18_12-53-56_am

Congressman Greg Walden represents Harney County, Oregon.  Please note, the congressman has  stated of his personal knowledge of the strong community spirit and responsibility of the Hammond’s.

The Congressman also, openly states of his personal recognition of abusive policies over the last two administrations.   He also notes, the criminal behavior of agencies and the courts. And adds in,  that the Congress who is responsible to their respective constituency…for reining in the administration…has done nothing.

Thus admitting…

  • the violation of their oath of office
  •  a breach of their fiduciary responsibilities
  •  misprision of felony
  •  dereliction of duty

You are invited to  view the following clips and hear the Congressman describe the situation,  regarding the standoff at Burn, Oregon, in his own words, from his own point of view.

The congressman makes note of his recognition of the violations of the law! He has served in this position for several terms… Why has he failed to act upon his personal knowledge?

 Congressman… You cannot possibly be that dumb! This is been an ongoing pattern of behavior. This is part of the process we have come to recognize as agenda 21. This process is promoted through the United Nations. The concept is clearly stated and the BLM has been actively engaged in forcing people off their land so that it can be “acquired,” by the impostors…agents or agencies of the federal government.

 Congressman… On one hand you openly state, “this is a government that has gone too far for too long.” And then you begin to switch gears and minimize and dance around the fact that you should be  supporting the demonstration. And why should you support the demonstration, because there is no federal government acting on the delegated authority  on the governed.   the Corporation in Washington DC, is a  mostly foreign owned  Corporation, which has been misrepresenting itself, as the lawful government of the American people of the Continental United States of America. That my dear Congressman is a criminal matter of impersonation. Criminal impersonation!

 The theatrics, the congressman employs  to dramatize the fate of the Hammond’s’ is a testament to his ability to play his role as a major impostor.   He deftly portrays himself as the lawful public servant. Meanwhile, all the time he pretends to be a lawful public servant, he is covering the fact, that he is impersonating a lawful public server. Otherwise, he would’ve stepped in and corrected the situation. The courts were acting unlawfully and that they had no jurisdiction over living people. For that congressman to pretend to ignore the fact, impresses me, that he has deliberately turned his back on the Hammond’s.  “What possible good  could come out bankrupting a grandmother?”  The congressman asks… Well Congressman, the bankrupt grandmother would become one more victim of the ruthless actions of the federal government to acquire her land. That is the motive. And that dear Congressman is agenda 21.

 On this point Congressman your behavior is pathetic. The law is the law! For you to even enter into a conversation regarding the law, demonstrates your inability to function in the role of  a member of  the lawful Congress.   Somehow, this smacks of your recognition that you’re not a lawful member of the Congress. Instead you are simply a board member of another corporation. A corporation located in Washington DC. A corporation which is been in impersonating the lawful government of the American people. A corporation which has been impersonating the Congress of the American people. Does the term treason seem to ring a bell?





 Defend what they view as their constitutional rights? Congressman… Excuse me… Let me try that again, Mr. Walden, you really don’t expect us to believe you do you? This proves to me you are an impostor!

 Again Mr. Walden, you continue to ignore the issues related to agenda 21. You obviously are ignoring recognizing the tactics and techniques of the Delphi technique. This technique has been used multiple times and quite successfully to blow smoke up the kilts of the conscientious citizens thinking that they are giving their import to lawful public servants. This to Mr. Walden  is a fraudulent tactic used by the administration on the unsuspecting victims of the ongoing fraud that has been perpetrated against the American people for over 200 years. And you sir, are right in the middle of it.

  the significance of the comparison of  size of the fires for which the Hammond’s are being held responsible  are impressive, but it only goes to show, that this is a ploy in which you two are participating.   Everyone looking at the situation recognizes the power grab for land by the federal government.   There is no basis  for the Hammond’s to have been charged in the first place. The amount of damage was negligible and there was never any intent to do harm from the beginning. Have you lost your mind? Or are you following instructions from headquarters? You know that pesky foreign-owned Corporation that controls Washington DC, of which you are a board member?

 Yes… I does matter. It is significant! It is the strategy of agenda 21! They select low density areas in which to target their victims. That way it’s easy to pick off individuals who have no nearby neighbors that my step in and interfere and resist the fraudulent overreach of the criminal agencies recognized as the BLM.

 Further evidence presented that the case against the Hammond’s was without merit and the courts involved had no jurisdiction. This was a sham from the beginning. Mr. Walden, for you to blatantly ignore the obvious is one more nail in the coffin that convinces me you are a criminal!

 And how long is too long? And why have you stood by, and failed to discharge your duties and sacred obligation to support and defend the Constitution? Can you answer that question?

 Again… You admit you have witnessed the crimes against the people…  And you chose to stand by and do nothing. That would be treason in my book.

 If what you are saying was not so serious it would be laughable. You really don’t expect people to believe you… Do you? I don’t!

 A lawful member of the Congress of the American people, would understand their responsibility and act according. It is the Congress that has oversight over the administration. This oversight provides Congress the tools to rein in and effectively deal with any element within the administration.   For your edification I provide you with a link to those tools. We can lead a horse to water etc. Congressional Oversight

 Anger? Frustration? Are we being melodramatic? How about addressing criminal fraud? How about addressing criminal impersonation? How about addressing placing  those members of Congress who have turned their backs on their responsibilities; violated the roles of office; and breached their fiduciary responsibility… How about that Mr. Walden… Does that sound fair?

The following, are some observations and opinions offered by the scannedretina.  I welcome any comments or criticisms from folks with a differing point of view.  arnie

  •  The Congressman goes on to point out that about 72%  of this county is under the command and control of the federal government.   Now why is that?
  •  In elegant prose the congressman goes on to extol the  cultural virtues of the local ranchers, but why has he failed to mention that the federal government has no right to  even claim they own and control the land in question?  It’s about a federal government operating outside of the supreme law of the land.
  •  the congressman then goes on to point out he does not feel the takeover is appropriate… But considering Congress has ignored their responsibility, and the agency has been identified as failing to respect the law, seriously Congressman, why aren’t you objecting and supporting the demonstrators?
  •  It’s  good of the Congressman to add in perspective  regarding the wildfires, but in doing so, he seems to be avoiding the issue of the abuse of the federal government.
  •  The Congressman makes a great point,  but failed to mention… that the Hammond’s should have never been charged for the crime in the first place,  as there was no intent to do harm. But we have seen this pattern of deception and abuse through the courts of the federal government time and time again. This is not an isolated incident.   So while he’s twisting around the facts he continues on to pretend he is a lawful public servant and representative of Harney County.    some might call that fraud… I call it treason! What do you call it?
  •  Isn’t it strange how a member of Congress accepts the disrespect of a cabinet member of the administration? And isn’t it a bit gratuitous of the cabinet member to give the citizens – their boss – a chance? Are you paying attention here?
  •  Congressman then goes on to display what can only be construed as extreme  naivety… It seems he has no knowledge of agenda 21. In today’s environment, is that even possible?
  •  The congressman seems bent on  constructing a cooperative effort  between  the government and the people. However, the government has no business being involved in these issues. These are issues to be resolved in the state and the county. The Congressman is not representing his constituents… He is protecting the overreach of the federal government.
  • The congressman goes on to blame the bureaucracy on not following the laws that are written by the Congress… Specifically in this case the law written by Congressman Walden.   Mr. Walden, however, fails to see that he is part of the bureaucracy and therefore he himself is the problem.
  • Then the congressman goes on to presume, that it’s acceptable for him to permit members of the BLM to violate the law. That for some reason, instead of filing criminal charges, he takes it upon himself to negotiate something that’s nonnegotiable. If Mr. Walton, does not respect the force of the law, and enforce the law, who will?
  •  It is totally inconceivable, that this member of Congress behaved in such a ridiculous manner when confronted with an agency, he himself, described as arrogant, and again entered into negotiations on issues which were a matter of law. No negotiations, no discussion and debate were appropriate. This member of Congress has proven  to me, conclusively,  he is not worthy of the public trust.

Exposed: The work of the Criminal Agents at Burns, OR.

Thanks to: http://scannedretina.com


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