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The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception

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The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception

Posted on March 10, 2016 by Deus Nexus Leave a comment

DN Note: If you follow a certain alternative media figure who uses a reptilian moniker, who has recently posted information about an Ascension plan and first contact with Pleiadian Beamships, you might want to consider this.

Were Early Nordic/Pleiadian ET Visitations Just The Nazi  Breakaway Group in Disguise?

Background information from: crystalinks.com
Billy Meier, born February 3, 1937, is a citizen of Switzerland who claims to be a UFO contactee. He is also the source of many controversial UFO photographs, which he states are evidence of his encounters. Meier reports regular contact with extraterrestrials who impart spiritual and philosophical wisdom. He describes the Plejaren (aliens from the Pleiades) as humanoid.
The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception BillymeierhillufosA farmer born in the town of Bulach in the Swiss Lowlands, Eduard “Billy” Meier’s claimed his first extraterrestrial contacts occurred in 1942 at the age of five with an elderly extraterrestrial human man named Sfath. Contacts with Sfath lasted until 1953.
From 1953 to 1964 Meier’s contacts continued with an extraterrestrial human woman named Asket Meier says that after an eleven year break, contacts resumed again (beginning on January 28, 1975) with an extraterrestrial human woman named Semjase the granddaughter of Sfath.
In his teens, Meier joined the French Foreign Legion but says he soon left and returned home. He traveled extensively around the world pursuing spiritual exploration, covering some forty-two countries over twelve years. In 1965 he lost his left arm in a bus accident in Turkey.
In 1966 he met and married a Greek woman, Kalliope, with whom he has three children. The nickname “Billy” came by way of an American friend who thought Meier’s cowboy style of dress reminded her of “Billy the Kid”. This anecdote was told by Meier himself in an interview with Bob Zanotti of Swiss Radio International in June, 1982. (BZ, 1/08).

The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception MeierbeamshipskyBeamships
The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception Movufomeier
Meier has accumulated a large collection of controversial photographs showing alleged spaceships (called beamships) as well as alleged extraterrestrials (humanoids called the Plejaren). Meier says that the Plejaren gave him permission to photograph and film their beamships in order to produce some of the evidence for extraterrestrial visitation.
The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception Beamships
Meier’s claims are disputed by UFO skeptics as well as some UFO enthusiasts. Many Meier proponents and believers exist among UFO enthusiasts, and his evidence has seen increased exposure through the efforts of an American representative, Michael Horn, who has appeared on popular late-night paranormal programs such as Coast to Coast AM.

ContactThe Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception Semjasemeier
The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception Semjaseufo
Beginning in 1975, Meier allegedly began his official contacts (“official” in that evidence was to be provided publicly, unlike earlier contacts), communicating both directly (face-to-face) and by telepathy with a core group of the Pleiadians/Plejaren, or Errans as he also refers to them (Erra being their home planet), who gave their names as Ptaah, Semjase, Quetzal, and Pleja, among numerous others. According to Meier in the video documentary ‘Contact’, his first contact with extraterrestrials began on January 28, 1975.
These visitors reportedly hail from the Plejares star system which is beyond the Pleiades and in a dimension that is a fraction of a second in the future from our own (an alternate timeline). These Plejaren have allegedly afforded Meier a more interesting sampling of evidence than that derived from most such encounters, including highly detailed photography, videos, multi-toned sound recordings, the temporary use of a weapon which he employed for trial on a nearby tree, and metal alloy samples.

David Wilcock and Corey Goode: History of the Solar System and Secret Space Program – Notes from Consciousness Life Expo 2016

The German Breakaway Group
Excerpt from: Stillness in the Storm | Notes by Justin Deschamps

  • Corey says that an engine component for one of the craft developed was a result of Schauberger’s work. Some of the ‘bubbles’ used in Alien Reproduction Vehicles are these engines Corey are mentioning. [In other words, Schauberger’s work was kept hidden, being developed in secret, eventually leading to the development of antigravity spacecraft used by the early German secret space program.]

The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception 2a65c-naziufo
Example of a bell engine craft

  • Corey says the bottom part of the early Nazi craft had a bell engine that produced antigravity, hence the well-known term ‘Nazi Bell Craft.’
  • David continues to talk about the Nazi bell, showing slides of ARVs developed using Schauberger’s technology, run by German secret societies.
  • Corey mentions there were several secret societies that were behind the Nazi party and where using it for their own ends.

  • David says these craft could explore space, and the Germans decided to go explore the solar system. But they found others there, the Super Federation groups that have been here since the outer barrier went down 500,000 years ago. And these other groups didn’t want the Germans messing around in the solar system. The Germans actually sustained heavy casualties while they were exploring the solar system and beyond, losing many ships.
  • Corey says they didn’t have many ships to loose either.
  • David says that the Germans decided to ally with the Draco, one of the most violent self serving groups out there.
  • Corey says in the early 1900’s the Germans were going around to all sorts of old places in the world, such as monasteries in Tibet, gathering documents, artifacts, and interrogating priests for their secrets. They heard through these interactions about the inner-Earth beings that live within the Earth’s crust.
  • Corey adds that the Germans were also were making contacts through channeling or mediumship via groups like the Vril Society. The Germans had a lot of different ways that they used to build up their knowledge to get to the point where they were ready to explore space and break away.
  • David says that one of his insiders told him that a major agreement was struck in 1939 between the Draco and the Germans in the Himalayas.
  • Corey says he knew a lot happened in the Himalayas but that the contacts made there were with a Nordic looking group, not the Draco.
  • David introduces some of the new artwork Corey and his team of volunteers have been working on.
  • Corey thanks them for all their hard work. He then says that the images are a depiction of German’s, appearing to humans on the surface as ETs to gather intel and spy on the people in general. [The images are depictions of Maria Orsic, a Virl Society medium who made contact with several groups helping the Germans propel their secret space programs forward. She allegedly was seen at an ‘ET contact’ from the 1950’s, which David and Corey discuss later.]
  • David sees the symbol for the Order of the Black Sun, which is one of the deeper occult orders within the Cabal.

The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception 52a5e-black_sun

  • David mentions that appearing to people as ETs is what the inner-Earth people claimed to be doing as well.
  • Corey says that the Germans followed their inner-Earth allies lead, and started doing the same thing for their own purposes.
  • David talked about the Billy Meier ET contact case and the entity known as “Semjase,” a human ET that he apparently had contact with in the 1950’s.
  • Corey mentions he heard that when the military found out about Meier’s case, they sent people over with some photographs for him to try and identify the female being he saw. He quickly pointed out one photograph, saying, “That’s her! That’s her!” Apparently the photo he pointed out was of Maria Orsic, the medium from the Vril Society, who was making contact with inner-Earth groups, and who played an intimate role in the pre and post World War II German secret space program.

The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception F972d-orsic
 Vril Society medium, Maria Orsic.

  • David says once this alliance was secured between the Germans and the Draco, the Draco gave a piece of land to the Germans allowing them to colonize the Moon.

The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception C0383-fortress_moon_preview1
Depiction of a Nazi Base on the Moon.

The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception Blog_divider_line2

The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception Iron_sky_ufo

Was the Venusian Orthon a Nazi Officer?

Source: farahsufos.blogspot.com | By Farah Yurdozu
Most UFO enthusiasts are familiar with George Adamski, whose claims to having been contacted by Venusians, and to have photographed their spacecraft, are among the earliest on record. Nowadays, Adamski and his photos are widely considered to be fakes. He is known as the original “ufo nut,” selling his outlandish claims to a gullible public. Fake nor not, in those years just after Roswell, what Adamski was bringing to the field was quite unusual and interesting. In those years ET visitors, experiencers and close encounter cases had a natural innocence. Even the aliens were innocent. Not only Adamski but other contactees from the same era reported how polite and friendly their ET friends were. But as with so many other aspects of ufology, the truth might not be so polite and innocent.
George Adamski claimed that he had a face to face encounter with a Venusian, Orthon, in 1952. Later he wrote two books: “Flying Saucers Have Landed” 1953 and “Inside the Space Ships” 1955. Adamski said that he had been taken for a ride on Orthon’s flying saucer. He was definitely not an abductee in the accepted modern sense, but a very respected guest on Orthon’s craft.
Orthon had landed in a silver color, bell-shaped object. Adamski describes Orthon as a very beautiful being with long blond hair and Nordic looks. Except for his brown, fitted jumpsuit, he looked like a completely normal man. He didn’t have pointed ears, snake pupil eyes or scaled skin. Unlike early Hollywood ET’s, he wasn’t a monster from outer space! According to Orthon, the human form was universal in the endless cosmos, and many other aliens had been visiting our world and living together with us in our society without causing suspicion.
Let’s remember that this meeting happened in the pre-abductions era. There were no official little Grey aliens or huge Reptilian visitors around… at least they weren’t familiar and visible. Orthon also warned Adamski about the dangers of nuclear war. It was just after World War 2 and it was logical to be concerned about nuclear danger. This first conversation was partly telephatical.
Adamski said that he took some pictures of the Venusian flying saucer in which Orthon traveled to earth. We know them as Adamski UFOs: classical bell-shaped, with a dome, windows over the dome and three large globes on the lower part. I think that’s how the world got to see the first detailed Flying Saucer photographs. But the pictures were too good to be true. There were rumors of a possible hoax. Did Adamski really take those pictures? If the pictures and the objects were real, was he the first human being who saw them physically?
Maybe somebody else had a similar visit before and kept it a secret unlike Adamski. In fact, famous explorer Admiral Richard Bryd had a close encounter with Nordic Extra Terretrials and saw their spacecrafts too. In his secret diary he described this unexpected meeting over the North Pole in 1947. During the flight he started to lose control of his airplane and was remotely guided to a hidden valley in the arctic ice. In that moment he saw a disk shape flying object getting closer. According to his description, the flying disk was bell-shaped, with a dome and three lower globes, just like Adamski’s model. But there was one startling difference: there was a swastika symbol on the alien craft. The admiral was taken to an underground facility by Nordic looking blond men who speak English with a German accent. They were extremely nice and took him to their master. The master was happy to see Admiral Bryd and told him that he let him to visit their hidden world as they believed him to be a noble person. The master told him that this underground world is called Arianni, the Inner World of Earth. Arianni reminds me of the term of Aryan: the “pure” race that Nazis were obsessed with. Is there a relationsip between them Arianni – Aryan? In my native language, Turkish, “Ari” means pure also. Were they a race who came from out of this world and preferred to locate themselves inside of the earth?
The Arianni Master talked with Byrd about a possible nuclear danger, just like Orthon would do several years later. He was worried about atom bombs, and that’s why he started to send their flying machines, “Flugelrads,” to the earth to check on this technological development. Before and after the Second World War, flying saucers were seen in many European countries. And Nazi UFO’s were not a secret at all. The master said that they tried to communicate with the human race after 1945, but they got a very hostile reaction. Some of the Flugelrads / UFO’s were shot at by human forces. (With the world still in a warlike state, with earthlings trying to shoot any unidentified object out of the skies, maybe Orthon had no choice but to contact a everyday civilian like George Adamski.)
Who were these Arianni? Today when you make a quick research about Nazi UFO’s you can easily see the resemblence between them and George Adamski’s Venusian type flying saucers. Though his claims are considered false, is it possible that George Adamski was in actual reality contacted by one of the inhabitants of this underground world? Maybe Orthon was sent by the Master to the surface too… What was the connection between the builders of “Flugelrads” who live in underground Arianni and Nordic Orthon?
Adamski claimed that he had a meeting with another elder cosmic teacher too. This meeting happened in 40,000 feet above the earth, when he traveled in a space ship. The elder cosmic teacher warned Adamski about the world’s future saying, “It is possible that the body of your planet itself could be mutilated to an extent that would destroy her balance in the galaxy, if you of Earth continue to develop and use nuclear weapons.” Could this have been the same Master who met with Byrd? In underground or in the highest reaches of our sky, an alien race was very worried about our possibly “dark” future. Why were they so concerned and even protective? Did they really care for us, or was their only worry to preserve a suitable planet for their own future?
Perhaps they were or are a higher race who use a secret force which only exists on earth. Could that secret force be Vril, which is the main power to fly the UFO’s? Vril is a natural force that comes from the earth, literally from inner parts of our planet. The secret Vril Society was founded in Germany just before the First World War. Some members of this occult society were psychic mediums. They were channeling Extra Terrestrial masters who get their power from the “Black Sun”. Black Sun was an energy power located inside of the earth. Later, Thule was based on this philosophy. Following the master’s directions, Thule members built the first interdimensional time travel machine in 1934. Adolf Hitler was a disciple of Thule Society and fascinated by the existence of a secret Aryan higher race. Supposedly the Aryan race was living in underground cities located in Tibet. Famous Theosophist Helena P. Blavatsky recalls this underground world as Agartha. The Nazis had a special interest for Tibet and they worked together with Buddhist Monks. They were looking for something in Buddhist temples and in Tibetan caves. This was not Indiana Jones fiction.
The Nazis’ hunt for the secret Extra Terrestrial Vril force wasn’t limited to Tibet. They were looking for anything and everything occult and mysteries. A team set up a research for Noah’s Ark which is believed to be located on Mount Ararat in Turkey. When the research team was in Turkey they heard an interesting story from a local village man. According to his story, 200 years ago a very bright, metal house fell from the sky. Somebody from the area found the object. It was extremely hot and emitted a whistle like sound. The legend of a crashed flying object was quite attractive to Nazi officials. They immediately brought another team to Turkey, who searched for and found the object. It was still hovering above the ground and able to move with a slight touch. The disc shape object was 80 feet in diameter and 26 feet high. It was taken to Germany secretly and studied by scientists.
Obviously this was not the first UFO experience of Nazi scientist. Two very important names of the occult-paranormal writing, Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier were convinced that Nazis were in contact with an extra terrestrial race. And with the help of this advanced race they started to build several different kinds of flying saucers before and after the Second World War. Haunebu 1 and Haunebu 2 had a similar look to Adamski UFO’s. Different kinds of unusual flying objects started to seen in Scandinavian skies around the 1940’s.
But the most important aspect of Nazi-UFO legend was the Extra Terrestrial contact. Hitler and his followers were very much influenced by the Aryan “master race” based on their occult and mystic beliefs. Unfortunately mysticisim can be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. They were obsessed with blue eyed, blond human or human looking aliens. We know the rest of the history. We know about the Dr.Josef Mengele’s strange medical and scientific experiments on hundreds of victims. He was trying to create a Nordic looking new race. He was injecting chemicals into the eyes of children to change their eye color to blue.
With their scientists actively seeking underground energy sources and flying saucers, and their racial mania, the Nazis were clearly “onto something,” something beyond the scope of contempory science and society’s ability to understand. It is through this circuitous route of thinking and research that my thoughts come back to George Adamski…
Admiral Byrd saw similar craft and beings, but he was a military man, public figure with too much to lose by coming forward with his experiences—and perhaps, like so many public figures with tales to tell, he was forbidden to do so by higher powers. No world leader could be expected to be truthful about the aliens: there’s too much earthly power at stake. So who is left to spread the word but a civilian like Adamski.
A very important government of modern history—the Nazis—was actively seeking knowledge and technology startlingly similar to that which was witnessed by Adamski and Byrd. Today, their paranormal obsessions are used by the mainstream to bolster the notion of their being “crazy.” But isn’t “crazy” the word that is so frequently applied to UFO believers? We all know that forces have always been in play to discredit the field of ufology, and the best way to do that is to discredit its most vocal proponents. Yes, we’re all crazy. Isn’t that convenient?
So all this leads me to wonder if poor George Adamski was being used. Perhaps he was first used by Orthon as an unlikely messenger of a new age of alien-human contact, doomed to be branded a fraud by a society that had too much invested in the status quo. And he was used by the powers-that-be as the sacrificial lamb, the original “ufo nut” whose personal reputation would forever help to diminish public belief in the UFO reality.
As always, so many questions remain. The Nazis’ obsession with race, and their almost alchemical attempts to create a “master race” have eerie parallels to modern accounts of experiments done by aliens on human abductees. In fact years after the war, Byrd and Adamski—around the 1980’s—some abductees declared that they saw the Nordics working together and helping Grays in underground facilities or on the board the UFO’s. Why are the good Nordics together with Grays? Have they always worked together? Why?
I wonder, are the Arianni Masters still trying to create a new, pure race by mixing us with something else? Does the real goal of abductions have something to do with Nordic underground elders and their flying machines Flugelrads? And if Admiral Byrd saw these things, how many other important, so-called “credible” witnesses are out there sitting on their secrets? Perhaps we should ask Orthon.
The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception Blog_divider_line2

The New “V-Day”, “V” for Victory of the Light, “V” for Visitors

The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception V-tvshow
DN Note: I do not believe the following information is 100% true, however, there is some truth to this  information. It is perhaps a potential scenario. It is the same first contact scenario presented in the “V” television shows, from 1983 and the remake in 2009. (Related Post)  It is also disturbingly similar to the first contact scenario presented by a certain alternative media figure who uses a reptilian moniker, who has recently posted information about his Ascension plan (you know who I’m talking about).  As long as humanity continues to look for external saviors, there will always be outside forces who are willing and desirous to play the role. Buyer Beware!  Embrace your inner savior and reclaim your sovereignty!

How Reptilians will convince us to forfeit our freewill and willingly relinquish our sovereignty without a fight.

How Reptilians will convince us to forfeit our freewill and willingly relinquish our sovereignty without a fight.  And what we can do to change course.
From: Ascension with Mother Earth | By Lucinda 
The Scenario For A “First Contact” Deception 01fb547ef0ab751fcecc97250fc9c5b8
Part I   
First contact is fast approaching, and the astonishingly beautiful, physically superior Nordic Galactics will greet us with perfect smiles, words of love and peace, and promises of advanced technology.  Did you think they’d roll out the scary reptilians first, with their sharp teeth and bad reputations?
These attractive, cloned, programmed ambassadors of peace will regale us with glorious tales of victory over the reptilians, who are behind the scenes controlling their every move.  I don’t know how even a programmed clone could keep a straight face while telling us they will generously bequeath their advanced technology, when they themselves suppressed our ability to achieve this same technology in every way conceivable.
They will be treated as heroes and saviors.  The masses will gush with gratitude for saving the world from the reptilians and other tyrannical galactics.  Why waste resources and effort on a hostile takeover of Earth when they can offer us beads and trinkets and promises of eternal peace?
What took them so long to get here, you ask?  They’ve been here all along, for centuries, sparking wars and creating chaos, and are now busily orchestrating the final stages of the political and technical infrastructure of the New World Order in which we will imprison ourselves.  Deception requires covert plans and patience, lest our Freewill leads to resistance.
They will order arrests of high ranking politicians and cabal satanists which will garner more adoration.  Their obsequious patsies know too much and pose a threat to the galactics. They will be among the first selected to be silenced. 
Anti-alien “terrorists” will be hunted down with approval from the public who sees this as a necessary safeguard for peace and security.  Police state weapons supported by inter-dimensional technologies will rout out non-conformers.  The public will welcome the galactics’ promise of protection and stability in exchange for our full cooperation and servitude.
The hostile galactics’ goal is to exploit our physical resources and parasitically feed off our fear-saturated etheric plasma.  They answer to their god of the universe called alternate, or in ancients texts known as Yaweh.
Alternate uses the omnipotent AI Demiurge to control our universe and demands from its underlings unfathomable quantities of loosh to sustain itself, as it is a mortal, entitized, plasma thought-form that will dissolve into nothingness without our essence of fear, suffering and death upon which it feeds.
Alternate despises all creation and will destroy its servile galactics and hybrid elites as well.  But they are deeply programmed and conditioned far more so than we humans, and they will not the stop the carnage until alternate is starved to death from scarcity of loosh.
Being filled with rage and fear over these invaders plays right into alternate’s playbook.  It’s best to thought-project, with intent, blissful neutrality, also known as unconditional love.  Alternate detests high vibrational emotions which will eventually deal its death blows.
Note:  If this post elicits a popular response, I may write a post on benevolent Nordics Galactics:  how to spot them, and the numerous ways they are helping us behind the scenes.
Part II   How they control us.
While reading this you may feel drowsy, distracted, or fidgety.  Thoughts will interrupt your focus, like:  “What shall I make for dinner?”  “I don’t have time to read this–it’s too long.”  “I better call Mom.”   Your phone will ring and you will have a long conversation.  Then others will interrupt you.  Malevolent etheric beings will do everything possible to distract you from reading the truth.  The last thing they want us to know is that we can deny consent to their controls and manifest our own blissful reality.
The closer you get to reading the part about how to exercise your freewill and deny consent, the more pressure will bear down to stop you from reading further.  So prepare for the onslaught of distractions and hang in there best you can.
Our future can go very well or very badly depending on how sufficiently we are informed.  Mind-programming, news media lies, confusion and blind trust are convincing people to support the wrong side.  The hostile galactics and their armies of miscreants have a widespread arsenal of ways to influence us, both overt and subtle. Their armies include bio-cybernetic greys, archon plasma entities and everything in between.
Uncloaked ships slowly acclimate us to their presence.  But it is their surreptitious and covert ploys that are truly damaging.  They are inter-dimensional beings with powers of telepathy, invisibility and timeline-bending to lock in probable futures.  They scan our minds for weaknesses and insert thoughts to create depression, anxiety, anger, fear, self-deprecation.
They plant ego-hooks and subliminally induce emotions, such as lust for a forbidden act, and facilitate the act to transpire.  Their goal is to destroy families, and cause heartbreak and self-loathing.  They use their advantageous leverage to suppress the truth and bring infighting to groups dedicated to exposing them.
When we are aware of their agenda and manipulations, we can deny consent which they legally need to continue the harassment.  Knowledge is powerful.  And blissful naivety will not protect oneself.  Consent is given when it is not denied. Over time this “unconscious consent” will open the door wider to more attacks.
Exercise your freewill by calmly saying out loud that you deny consent to be manipulated.  When you assert yourself and drop all fear, positive beings have the legal permission to protect you.
You might need to do this now if you are being flooded with planted “reasons” to discontinue reading.  Refuse to cooperate and read on!
Call upon your divine innermost-self and spirit guardians for protection.  Envision the Grail Stone and invite the powerful pure light of the Christ Consciousnesses to embrace you.  The Christ Consciousnesses is given to ALL humanity and has nothing to do with the teachings of Christianity or attending church.
Part III   How we will overcome the takeover.
Divine Intervention is currently taking place and is leveling the playing field, as is evidenced by the Gamma-Photon energy waves. These waves of pure neutrally charged quantum particles are upgrading our DNA which will morph our physicality into inter-dimensional beings.
Humans who have knowledge of this Divine Plan (like you) will morph first and help others transcend by spreading the knowledge and serving as an example.  Support will also be provided by positive galactics and spiritual beings such as Angels.
Children, elderly, disabled will be fully transformed to their optimal potential and will govern themselves.  Our inter-dimensional bodies will be in perfect health and filled with youthful vitality.  There will be no need for the so-called healing chambers on motherships.
The game will remain in play long after the first round of transformations.  As inter-dimensional beings, we will have metaphysical abilities and be on par with the hostile galactics who are already inter-dimensional.  They will continue their pursuit of dominance but we will be well-equipped to thwart their plans without violence.
Quantum timelines will split as enlightened souls veer off in direction of evolution in the blissful 5th dimensional universe while others remain on track for cataclysmic events.  At any time, a newly enlightened being’s timeline may split and join the road to bliss.  A dark being with a spark of Spirit essence will evolve as well if truly enlightened.
The dark will continue to use the corrupt Demiurge which for eons has put us at serious disadvantage.  But our own personal pure demiurge, unlocked from our codes and activated, will emerge as a vastly more powerful force. And with this power, collectively with the heavenly realms, we will generate omnipresent love and bliss throughout the universe which will overwhelm alternate, dissipating it into nothingness.
Feel free to copy and share with everybody.
Ascension with Mother Earth received this post via email

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