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Funny thing about raising the dead; sometimes they turn into zombies!

It’s been an interesting 1st quarter, sorta reminds me of all that snow that’s currently pilling up outside; lotta shit to shovel through, we pile it up to make way as it blows back in our faces.

Nothing like a good engineered storm to cover the exodus now occurring at places like the Denver airport. But what, one may ask, be the motive behind haste-full scurrying of bunkered down drac’s? Is it prophecy? Could it be passing planetoids?? Perhaps the horns of Eloi blasts a call to all kin from Lucifer himself. Lucy loves Lucifer and Lucifer loves his lulicia (hybrids). Well perhaps love is a wee bit presumptuous.

The question resounds; what the devil are they up to? Going vertical will only get you those general riddled answers; Oh it’s just worldly and galactic pressures combined with knee jerk reactions, they’ll retort with a tight upper lip, because they feel too much info may cause an imbalance within our fragile psyche. But we know there are Treaties on the table everywhere. These Treaties have been in the works for months, etched out by human coalitions and star delegations and accessible through your local transdimensional librarian.

Will such treaties free the slaves and punish the wicked? Will there be a need to go Mosses and collect all their first borne to make a point? Who knows, but it’s clear to say that the writings on the wall, and the wardens just learned what side of that wall they reside. Oh they will try to use old Ark relics with Star Gate hopes, only to find that Rite & Ritual won’t compensate. Those old grids may spark though arc not. Lock down means those old codes, tools and tones are ready for the museum, even if one had the blood of an avatar the corruption of the human body is such that here it shall remain, while in spirit only shall it pass.

For many this may be music to their ears, for opportunity of this nature has been long in coming. Sick of material realms, no problem, take a vacation you earned it! Let us rejoice in the symbolism of rebirth this Easter and to remember that the body while a beautiful instrument of expression is in dire need of an upgrade. Though some will try the technological GMO prototype, as we know it’s a poor excuse for the organic. But it’s a natural part of evolution for creation to emulate creator and fail, for all’s a learning experience not to be belittled by judgment.

Though stress will be with us throughout the year, just keep forgiving those trespassers, stay centered in peace and use it as a counter-weight. 2017 will unfortunately be a pinnacle year for natural disasters and great numbers may pass, those remaining will struggle to maintain convenience in the throes of inconvenience. If you can’t handle a few Syrian refugees good luck with what’s coming. Of course such periods will prove irresistible for the land-lords who will want to play savior by trading victuals for plague, and psychological plague will become the new religion as Hollywood has so subtly laid testament.

However, don’t let such thoughts weigh your pretty heads down, you are in good company and for every crafted syllable sent in detriment counter measures shall be taken. I don’t see storm troopers parachuting nor Holocausts repeated, though through propaganda and propaganda alone many will capitulate their hearts and minds through the simple fear that comes from shadows on the wall generated by the puppet masters.

The silent war that has been raging for millennia won’t end in a bang, and if you’re fortunate enough to have made it to the top of their list of anglers and angst’ers I commend you and your efforts. Please come to know peace when frustration gets the better of you. Many have waited a long time to be here now and it’s no time to meditate in a cave, lick your wounds and keep your head up, spiritual sissy’s are a dime a dozen and proves only a lack of faith. Quit whining about your body, if its lame drag it into the trenches. Your ego needs humiliation for spirit to move in. Who cares what people think, if people could think for themselves you wouldn’t be in this mess would you. Sure the majority of your friends and neighbors would sell you up the river for a bag of money the moment their out of church on Easter Sunday, never stopping to consider their first born let alone the future of their soul.

During the time of Jesus there were many stories of how this family could communicate telepathically no matter the distance, though you won’t find them in today’s sanitized version of the bible. And most would have never heard of the ability of Jesus to influence the minds of others, making them believe the voice in their head was their own. I’m not saying its Kosher to do such because it goes against free will, but he not only did this but in certain circumstances actually entered the bodies of others and used them, and I’m not talking Channeling here. These were not technological feats mind you, he just had the ability to move his consciousness around like an energetic wind. Today’s Remote Viewers are a step in this direction, and as I have learned it goes beyond just viewing in some cases. But those who use such talents for psychic abuse of the innocent will be dealt with harshly as they are learning.

Though it’s been said that the one who died on the cross wasn’t Jesus but another who believed himself to be him, and later after this conscious clone was revived he continued to believe thusly and lived out the rest of his life in Cashmere as such, which shows another ability, being that of the shared conscious state, which Jesus did have in an extent which he could be amidst many simultaneously; effortlessly. When we review the story of Spaul, (Saul/Paul) the corrupt Roman spy, antagonist and persecutor of the followers of the way.  We see an interesting parallel when he was accosted by a vision of Jesus while on the road, which turns the vehement little man into a faithist. Unfortunately Spaul thought the curse was a blessing; pity!

We don’t need to guess where the seat of this new Rome resides. As the Dragon wars drag on we know the wise old Dragons need contend with the young rambunctious one who feels the need to flex his muscle to establish himself.
Though the season of planetary distress knocks loudly enough for all to hear, the youthful Dragon cares only for himself like a spoiled child who loves to bully. As the hourglass drains toward the critical there is a grand effort to synchronize the efforts of humanity through the truth of what is and the truth of what can be accomplished through intergalactic bipartisanship. But the youthful Dragon trusts his fortifications are strong enough to withstand any onslaught and laughs in the face of concessions, he plans to rule the planet once the real estate is cleared, for a King of Earth is a king of mirth.

Intervention has never been just about earth, nor is it just about humanity, nor good vs bad. This has nothing to do with Gods judgment or ET’s behaving badly, but to know all material substrates including our own bodies carry within them the power of expansion and annihilation. The production of elements in a balanced state goes beyond polarities and compositions of matter when we come to understand the profound nature of conscious collaboration. Those children who still seek to control the world of matter have once again become mesmerized by the external illusion, losing the vital connection, and the vital understanding that what they wish for was never an external handicap, just an internal lapse of memory.

To remember that we were never governed by matter in totality and what this means is a major Easter moment, a rebirth from the throes of death. Once we begin to acknowledge that all matter carries various levels of consciousness and that all consciousness is open to collaboration the next step should be a no brainer. Of course working with biological and elemental consciousness will differ from inanimate objects and machinery, because organic life forms carry free will just as you do, so respect is in order. If we want a flower to radiate its essence try complimenting it instead of cutting it. If we want the clouds to clear for sunshine we best have a good reason that has no selfish undertones. It has never been an aspect of nature to run ramshod, its not crazy to explain to the bear why you don’t like it in your garbage, just be willing to listen to the bears retort. Does loving ones car keep it running better? You bet, but does this mean you can skip the maintenance? If we truly love our car why would we want to hurt it?

Making a habit of consciously collaborating with all matter of things will be par for the course in the coming years, and collective collaboration can be extremely powerful if there comes a need to calm a solar tsunami, settle an anxious grid or fault line and even calm the volcano or tide. We may not be able to stop an asteroid, but we may be able to steer it or create a field of strong ionization to turn it into fragments.
We have gotten away from working with Earth Spirit and the elementals in unity, but it’s not too late if your hearts in the right place. The world is as much a part of you as the skin on your body and the separation is one of mind not matter. You need not make blood sacrifices and fancy rituals, these are for those who are no longer recognized by nature.
Mother Earth will need us as much as we will need her in the coming years, but our solar system itself is a family of consciousness that should be considered as well as the grater galactic region including any incoming satellites that have attached themselves in irregular orbits. To shun and fear with doom and gloom will only make things worse, for what planet would want a collision with another. Cars pass each other on the highway going the opposite direction every day, the reason they don’t collide primarily rests upon the will of the driver, but if our worst fear every time we drove was a head on collision, what do you think this would do to the odds?

If and when a planet or asteroid makes its way through our solar system it’s ok to plan for the worst as long as we’re hoping for the best in the knowing that there may come with it as much in the way of opportunity as there will be challenges, and if there are casualties know that if there was ever a good time to pass this is it. A galvanized humanity open to working with a galvanized galactic community has little to fear and should be consciously ready to learn about the benefits of being part of a larger network of life source.

Val 3/37/16

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