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Creating A Plan To Live By…

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1Creating A Plan To Live By… Empty Creating A Plan To Live By… Thu Mar 31, 2016 11:06 am


Creating A Plan To Live By…

March 31, 2016 / Visionkeeper

Creating A Plan To Live By… Nature-travel-favim-com-4012730 Photo Source:
The insanity of what is going on here in America, I know, is becoming overwhelming for many to witness day in and day out. I know my discomfort level has risen increasingly as the insanity continues to explode off the charts. I’m talking discomfort that gets to the point where you want out of your own skin! This can’t continue, I kept thinking, as the days stretched into weeks and everything got worse instead of better. I remember watching the full moon the other night through the skylight over my bed, the big luminescent yellow-white globe flashing in and out of the clouds as they zipped by in the night sky. I lay still and just watched quietly, listening to my breath and the silence of darkness. How can the world be so upside down when scenes just outside my window can be so beautiful? This is quite like those Twilight Zone movies I saw growing up.
So I lay there and watched and thought about ways I could better handle everything that is happening in the world. I know I am not alone in my feelings about the state our planet is in. I imagined people feeling more secure if we all had a plan we were living by. Obviously the old world is disintegrating before our very eyes hence the chaos taking place, therefore it seems imperative now at this critical time we decide upon a plan in which we can better our world. It is pointless for us to sit and wait for change to come. This is why so many people are coming unglued at the seams. Waiting will drive you crazy. Instead we must take the reins and focus our energy on finding ways to make the world we are living in better ourselves, rather than waiting for help to come. It ain’t coming and we best realize this asap!
It is time we forget everything unfolding outside of our comfort zone and focus intently on bringing joy to our own lives if we are to survive this unprecedented shift occurring in human consciousness. How can we lighten our lives and the lives of those around us? It always starts with ourselves so begin there. Once every ten days or so I buy fresh flowers. Sounds decadent but they are a priority. I buy them for a specific purpose. To make my home space more beautiful, to show myself I am worth it, and  to put cheer into the atmosphere around me. I am getting ready soon to paint my living room a new an inspiring color to lift me up. I am eating a better diet and trying to restore my health, I’m dressing in more thoughtful outfits in colors that make me feel good etc. I am making it my mission to lift up my life a bit and hopefully when I do I will be better equipped to help others around me. WE must make life better for ourselves now, regardless of what brutality is going on in the world, nobody else is going to make the changes for us. Share here what you are doing to change your life and offer ideas of ways we can create our own plans if you feel like it.
I hate to say it, but we need to get vocal as well! There is some really scary and crazy stuff going on in this country and if we just look the other way and say not a word about what is happening, then our wonderful country will continue to slip away into oblivion. Obama is fixing to open the floodgates for the refugees to come in and we all know who will be coming in with them. In very short order we can easily be Belgium or France. Is this what we want? To be unsafe to walk our own streets? Where is our voice and outrage over what he is doing DESPITE what the people want? Why does it seem okay to people that Obama makes all of these critical decisions without the consent of we the people? Were we asked how we felt about the Iran deal? NO! These are decisions the administration continues to make that can drastically change our way of life and deliver evil to our doorsteps. This is not right, yet I hear little to nothing from the people.
The 2016 election has turned into a freak show and it is humiliating and extremely disappointing to watch these supposed Presidential Candidates acting like third graders, driven by egos and not an ounce of light in their hearts. They are all old school, the old paradigm we are departing and why would we want to vote for what we are trying to get rid of anyway? We certainly don’t want to regress and go back into slavery just as we are breaking free! Where is the outrage from the awakened people? Why is Hilary Clinton doing so well? This fact disturbs me greatly because it tells me that the percentage of the people that like her are oblivious to the cold facts of what she has done or they don’t understand what shes done or worse, they don’t care. Scary! Either way that is a LOT of people still asleep. She has broken the law, is under FBI investigation and she lied straight to the faces of the parents of those four brave and dedicated men killed and tortured in Benghazi. She lies every time she opens her mouth. For that matter, in a sane world she shouldn’t even be allowed to run for office given the investigation she is under. People need to be worthy of that office! Where are people’s morals? Do we even care any more? Are people even awake enough to see what is going down? I don’t want my President to be a pathological liar, dishonest, and a criminal for heaven’s sake! I want someone with honesty and integrity who has the interest of the American people in their heart. Someone compassionate. I have seen nobody who meets these challenges quite honestly.
We cannot change these pathological people and how they think any more than they could EVER convince us to go back to being asleep. It will never happen, things are not going to change with any of them and that is why WE must make the change we want to see . First to ourselves then to those around us. Become active in helping make laws in your states to help push out the old and bring in new, fresh energy! Remember change begins from the inside out. It is how THEY took over this country way back when, by becoming the very people chosen to make the laws! Change starts at home but not if we don’t do something! Someone has got to do these things! We MUST MAKE CHANGE! The change must come from the inside out, not only in ourselves but our governments as well. You won’t get new ideas and new ways of governing out of the old minds who put us in our cage in the first place! Are we going to fight hard to better life around the world or are we just going to continue to not make waves and remain silent? We need waves, we need tsunami’s, we need to force the new plans forward and make it our way of life. What is your plan for doing this? Great minds think alike so let’s get busy.
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to VK at: https://oneworldmetamorphosis.wordpress.com


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