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Ida Lawrence ~ Momz ‘Likes’: Journey to Healing

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Momz ‘Likes’: Journey to Healing

Posted on April 6, 2016 by talk2momz

My family… brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews… are American Midwestern Farmer Teacher Rancher folks. They ride horses, harvest crops, drive pickup trucks really fast on dirt roads, have great big family meals, argue about politics a little bit, look at the stars and the sky a lot more than city folks do, can smell and feel the weather, and they’re really good people – down to earth and not too gossipy. I love the way the men can fix almost anything; I love the way the women can create beauty anywhere, anytime.
The occasional soul will be born and grow up in the safety of their world only to venture out and explore other places, other cultures, other religions. There are great distances to explore, and one can do it without having to trash the place they came from. Whoever is honest with themselves and others is able to hear the sound of honesty anywhere, even if it comes from far across the world and across time.
Individuals who have integrity and behave in ways that honor their own spirit are still on the evolutionary trek, walking the high road no matter where they are found on the earth. And truth, which is love, is the same the world over: it has a certain sound and feeling resonance no matter what individual embodies it, in whatever language.
When I think of introducing the work of my friend Soren to the folks that I know and love, it’s not that great of a stretch. People of the world are beginning to open up to whatever is real, even if it’s unfamiliar. Western psychologist Carl Jung is purported to have said that what the East knows about the human mind is at least 2000 years ahead of western psychology. As evolution would have it, the West is opening up now to the East, and that is for the benefit of the entire earth.
Herbal remedies have always been familiar to rural people. Maybe twenty years ago or so they realized that acupuncture and the Chinese herbal pharmacy was not in opposition to western medicine – in fact it was way ahead of the game. They haven’t gone too far into the Ayurvedic healing system as yet, although it’s thousands of years in development as well. Healing system upgrades have to match the people and their diets and climate and so on, and that takes time.
Energy fields, healing sounds and vibrations, and the metaphysical reality, while being very old science, when re-introduced seems far-out and new. It’s not new – it’s just coming around the spiral again, here to help us.
Remote healing and hands-on healing have been looked upon as God inspired and ‘prayer caused’, and this is great as a starting point in accepting the reality of it. But the fact is… 2000 years ahead is quite a long time, and what seems fantastical may just be actual, studied, practiced and successful methods of healing certain things that other types of medicine haven’t reached.
I encourage people to check out Soren’s website, and enjoy this letter written by someone he recently helped. It’s not imagination – it’s all within our human capacity and there is so much more we will see and do as we come home to our true selves. Human Beings Rock!!!
Dear Soren,
First of all, I would like to thank you for the healing you gave me a month ago. I have been feeling so much better since and thought I should write you about it.
When my friend told me how much you helped her with the remote healing, I decided to try it myself. Before that I had a reading with you and was already amazed by how accurate it was, almost to the point of reading my mind. It helped me a lot and I made some big changes after that.
I thought I would give it a go and ask you if you could do hands-on healing for me and I was very happy you accepted so I booked a trip to Spain. It was a real pleasure to meet you in person!
I told you my problem was the thyroid. I had been feeling very tired for a long time, which probably started a few years ago, but I didn’t give it enough attention as I thought it was just my work and the stress of my daily rhythm. I just thought I needed more sleep.
Then about half a year ago my hair started falling out much more than usual, and I also had very cold hands and feet so after a bit of research I connected the dots and went to my doctor to check my thyroid and it turned out it was underactive.
Instead of immediately starting on synthetic thyroid hormone I thought I’d try a few natural methods first, and start with it later if it was necessary. That’s why I turned to you for a healing.
During the healing session I felt like you were ‘pulling stuff’ out of my neck. I was quite surprised that I could feel it physically.
The first thing I noticed right after the healing was my hair was falling out significantly less, which in the next few weeks improved even more. To compare it, I used to have a bundle of hair out every time I washed it, it would literally stay in my hand when I touched my scalp. Whereas now there are a few hairs in the drain, which is perfectly normal. I can see my hair volume improving now. If this was the only effect of the healing, I would have already been super satisfied, but there is much more.
As you recommended, I ordered online ashwagandha and a thyroid supplement with iodine and selenium. And to that I added capsules with freeze-dried bovine thyroid glands because I have read some people with thyroid problems use them instead of synthetic thyroid hormones and apparently they work very well for them and mostly have no side effects, unlike the synthetic hormones.
It took a few weeks for the order to arrive, but within that time I had already started feeling less tired and there were more and more days when I forgot about my afternoon nap because I didn’t need it that much any more. I am on my supplements now and I can feel my body recovering further.
You were very kind to explain that this problem appeared at the time of my life when my job was very stressful and I had trouble keeping my work-life balance and and it was wearing me out.
This was spot on because at that point I was so low and I felt trapped and felt like there was nothing I could do. But I learned my lesson.
Another thing you picked up on was my back pain. I have a disc that I feel keeps slipping slightly out of place when I walk for a long time or wear the wrong shoes. This area of my back often gets inflamed and when it does, it can last for a day or two or even a week. During the healing your hand stopped at that spot and I could feel you working on that area and felt a release of tension. I have to admit, since the healing I didn’t have a single occurrence of this.
After the healing session over a cup of coffee, I also asked you about the pain in my tooth, on which I had a filling two years ago. I didn’t understand why it was going bad again and if it was connected to my thyroid. You just looked at me and said that there is a pressure that the filling is creating and it was ‘out of sync’ with the pairing tooth on the other side of my jaw, which was creating an imbalance. You said one moment and your eyes turned distant and you made a slight gesture with your hand in the air and the pain just disappeared!
This also made sense to me as from the very beginning the filling didn’t feel right. But what really amazed me was it stopped hurting and the pain never came back!
Thank you so much Soren for the healing and all the wonderful advice you gave me!
You have absolutely changed my view on healing, I never thought it could be so efficient and with immediate results and all in less than an hour… Bless you.
Kindest regards,
Sarah -London

Thanks to: http://talk2momz.com


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