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Volcano Uptick...Santiaguito volcano Guatemala has a powerfull eruption only five day's after a major quake in the same area

Volcano Uptick... Volcano-santiaguito-exploding-eruption-900x900

Photo expertvagabond.com (stock photo)
Just five day's ago a mag 6.2 -struck, Guatemala, and now a powerful volcano eruption close by. Santiaguito volcano, in the western province of Quetzaltenango, erupted powerfully on Tuesday though no damages have been reported, Guatemalan authorities said.
According to a statement by the National Seismology, Vulanology, Meteorology and Hydrology Institute, or Insivumeh, the 2,550-meter (8360-foot) colossus continues to expel a white gas.
For his part, the spokesman for the Conrad disaster-management agency, David de Leon, told reporters that together with community leaders they have begun monitoring the area of the eruption to discover any possible damage.
Media have reported that as a result of the eruption, fine ash particles have fallen on Quetzaltenango city, some 200 kilometers (125 miles) west of the capital. Santiaguito, like the Fuego and Pacaya volcanoes, is constantly active.

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