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Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids

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Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids

Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids RussianPyramids-702x336

Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids

By El&Even on April 22, 2016 Science

If you have developed an urgent desire to use the magical properties of pyramids in your daily life, then you are on the right track. A pyramid alongside you is a source of life and benefit in the broad sense of the word. Let us recap the most important things about pyramids. The pyramid is:

  • a powerful cosmic antenna;
  • a model in stone of the energy structure of the human being and of the universe, using the latter’s energy mechanism;
  • a very powerful generator of cosmic energies operating on various planes.

Pyramidal energy structures, whose positioning should be decided with reference to the energy qualities of the location, open up the following possibilities:

1.Tapping into natural flows of cosmic energy, the organisation and stimulation of evolutionary processes in the biosphere and in human consciousness.
2 .Correction of the human energetic structure, making it possible to stimulate internal energetic, bio-physical and physiological processes, which in turn provide the opportunity to discover and activate the inner resources of the human psyche, increasing psychic potential.
3. A positive influence on the immune and nervous systems, leading to their improvement.
4. An improvement of mankind’s energo-ecological environment, an increase and improvement of the energy state at the pyramid’s location, and
5. As a consequence of the spread of pyramidal structures throughout the world, a reorganisation of the planet’s energy structure within the next 10–15 years.
The time will come when Pyramidal Energy Structures may play a decisive role in the fate of the new generation, changing their level of awareness.

Pyramid research

has been carried out in the former Soviet Union for more than a decade. This research was done in more than 20 large pyramids that were built in 8 different locations in Russia and the Ukraine.
These pyramids are made of fiberglass and the largest is about 144 feet high (44 meters),  weights over 55 tons, and cost over 1 million dollars to build.  Many different experiments were done using these pyramids that include studies in medicine, ecology, agriculture, physics, and other areas.
These pyramids were built by Alexander Golod. He has constructed these pyramids since 1990.   He says that he built these pyramids because “he believes they will benefit mankind and make the world a better place.”

Ukraine and Moscow Pyramids by Alexander Golod  ( 2 : 37 min. )

The time has come and the pyramids are gradually revealing their secrets to us.

Experiments to study the effect of the pyramids on animate and inanimate objects are changing conceptions about the properties of material. And despite the fact that attitudes to the pyramids are still mixed, they are becoming an ever more forcible presence in our lives, helping us to see the world with different eyes.
Recent researches have shown that, agricultural seeds treated in the pyramid show a 30% to 70% increase in yield. Diamonds synthesized from graphite that has lain for a week in a pyramid turn out purer and harder than usual, and more perfect in shape. Water that has been in the pyramids retains its properties for years.
A week after a complex of pyramids was installed at the Ishimbai oil-field in Bashkiria (South Russia), the state of the strata changed. The oil became lighter (less viscous) and a number of its physical and chemical properties altered (the proportion of tars, asphaltene and paraffin). The yield of the oil-wells increased by 30%. The fractional composition of the oil shifted towards the lighter components. Experiments conducted jointly with the Gubkin Oil and Gas Academy in Moscow confirmed these results.
Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids Ishimbay
Pyramids in the Ishimbai oil-field
The desire naturally arose to test the effect of the pyramids in the sphere of medicine. The influence of a pyramid on preparations and living organisms raised the immune status and regenerated tissues. But we shall limit ourselves to an account of two experiments carried out by doctors and physicists in the pyramid constructed by Alexander Golod.
Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids Egorova_01
Dr N.B. Yegorova, Mechnikov Vaccine Research Institute:
«…My colleagues and I carried out research to study changes in the general reactivity of the organism on exposure in pyramids. The most informative models were chosen for these models, one of them involving the use of a typhus specific to mice, caused by a bacterium called salmonella typhi murium. All the experiments were carried out on several groups of mice that were placed in pyramids for various lengths of time and various numbers of times. The control group consisted of mice that were not placed in the pyramids. At various lengths of time after exposure in the pyramids, the mice were infected with salmonella typhi murium and their survival rate was recorded over the course of a month.
It should be said that infection with salmonella typhi murium is a very serious disease in mice and a handful of cells is practically enough to cause death. By the twenty-fifth day of observation practically all the control animals had died. Among the groups exposed in the pyramids 35-40% survived. There can be no doubt that this was connected with the time spent in the pyramid. There was no other reason; the more so, since this was not one but several groups of mice. Factors of the natural resistance of the organism are undoubtedly at play here. It may be changes is cellular immunity and humoral immunity. The investigation of those factors requires very careful and serious research which we were not able to carry out.
“We were very surprised by the result we obtained, because to get a 40% survival rate in mice infected with a fatal dose of salmonella typhi murium is very difficult. It is important to stress that the mice were not given any chemical substances or medication; there were no factors that might act perhaps in one way, perhaps in another. And so we have established that the pyramid itself affects the living organism. Now we need to study the mechanism by which it does so» (See Appendix 6).
Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids Katasonov
A.S. Kotosonov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Graphite Scientific Research Institute:
«…I was highly sceptical regarding the effect of the pyramid on the physical and chemical properties of non-organic materials. We therefore decided to resolve the question with a many-sided approach. We used the whole arsenal of methods available in our laboratory to evaluate the effect, or lack of it, of the pyramid on the physical properties of carbon materials. We chose for the purpose a specific material known as quasi-two-dimensional graphite. To put it simple, this is high-temperature pyrolytic carbon, highly textured and precipitated on a hot liner at 2000°C.
“Its highly pronounced two-dimensional structure leads to it having a mundane and generally understood property — electrical conductivity — that is not affected by such powerful energetic influences as neutron radiation. Neutron radiation as high as 1019 neutrons/cm2 (and even more) produces no significant change in the electrical conductivity of a material like quasi-two-dimensional graphite.
“It seemed to us that if neutron radiation has no substantial effect on electrical conductivity, then the mysterious pyramid was hardly likely to influence it. As a consequence, we were terribly surprised, but it is a fact — experiments on electrical conductivity carried out in our laboratory by Sergei Kuvshinnikov demonstrated that conductivity does change, by a factor of several times. More than that, the influence of the pyramid depends on the time of day when the samples were placed in the pyramid and when they were taken out. The changes in electrical properties, conductivity in particular, followed a periodic law, and the amplitude of these oscillations depended on the length of the pyramid’s influence and the time when the samples were removed from the pyramid…» (See Appendix 7).
Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids Kostikov
V.I. Kostikov, Academician of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation, Director of the Graphite Scientific Research Institute:
«…I should like to stress the idea that hitherto in all forms of technology we have had four variable parameters: temperature, pressure, time and concentration. Now, perhaps I am being hasty, possibly I am leaping to conclusions that are too bold, but to those variable parameters in technology we can add a fifth — the pyramid, with all consequences deriving from that. This is despite the fact that the method by which it operates is still the subject of debate and theoreticians will be working for a long time yet on how to put it to practical use. Still, the existence of this fifth parameter gives us the opportunity to obtain new results in practically all forms of chemical, metallurgical and other technologies.
“Now it is possible to state boldly that this is the technology of the twenty-first century. And the further we advance, the more we will feel the influence of information on the technological process, and most importantly we will use it, since we sense all these things from the depths of antiquity. There are very many facts indicating that these factors have influenced events, people, decisions taken, and so on. But, probably, for the first time with the use of the pyramid we have acquired the capacity to influence the final result in a given direction. That is the most fundamental difference. Previously we knew it, sensed it purely empirically, but today we have the opportunity, by introducing this factor, to vary the end result. This is, I believe, the coming technical revolution, one that will be unparalleled in human history».
At the Ivanovsky Virological Research Institute a study was made of the effect of the pyramid field on the anti-viral activeness of immunoglobulin. A preparation was produced in two different concentrations: 50μg/ml and 0.5 μg/ml. Aliquot quantities of venoglobulin in both concentrations was exposed in the pyramid. The venoglobulin was introduced into cell cultures, 24 hours before they were infected with a virus.
The study revealed that venoglobulin at a concentration of 0.5 μg/ml, that has protective effect on the cells, did acquire after exposure in the pyramid a virus-inhibiting effect that was more pronounced than the preparation with 100 times greater concentration!
Under further dilution, to concentrations of 0.005 μg/ml and 0.00005 μg/ml with subsequent exposure in the pyramid, the venoglobulin displayed a pronounced anti-viral effect. The anti-viral activity of the venoglobulin practically ceased to depend on its concentration (See Appendix 8).

A striking effect

Mice injected with various carcinogens – one group drank water that had been exposed in the pyramid, the control group drank ordinary water. The result showed that the likelihood of developing tumours was several times higher in the control group. In other words, water structured by the pyramid has strong cancer-inhibiting properties.
In parallel with this, an experiment was conducted to examine the influence of water exposed in the pyramid on blood coagulation. Possible changes in clotting time were studied in correlation with the replacement of ordinary drinking water by water exposed in the pyramid. The results showed a significant decrease in coagulation time! The study reliably demonstrated a reduction in prothrombin time and an increase in the quantity of thrombocytes (See Appendix 9).
The analysis of the results of many years of experiments makes it ever clearer why the Ancients strove to build their pyramids and temple complexes alongside water. It should be stressed particularly that the key to the solution of a whole number of ecological problems lies in the structure of the water that we use. If, purely hypothetically, it was possible to suddenly change the structure of water in our environment (and we ourselves are made up of 80% water), the effect would exceed all expectations.

Here are the results of just a few experiments on water (liquids) exposed in the pyramid.

Again in the Virological Research Institute a study was made into the effect of the pyramid field on human lymphoblastic cells. The source of the pyramid field was water that had been exposed in the pyramid and then used to produce a nutrient solution.
The study produced data on the stimulating effect of a nutrient solution produced from water exposed in the pyramid on the vitality and proliferation of human cells. It was discovered that cells could be kept alive longer (See Appendix 8).
Further research showed that water structured in a pyramid is very effective for the treatment of all forms of hepatitis. Sufferers and those who have suffered from the disease in the past should regularly consume water processed in a pyramid (additional use of the Wands of Horus will increase this effect).
The improved electrical and energetic conductivity of biological water as a result of the influence of the pyramid and the Wands of Horus activates the organism’s defensive functions, considerably retarding the auto-immune processes taking place in hepatitis (see Appendix 5 and read Valery Uvarov’s book The Wands of Horus).
An immense role in the proper functioning of the organism is played by the bio-energy rhythms of foodstuffs. People have still not realised that the human organism, especially in childhood, derives maximum benefit from vegetables and fruit grown in the geographical zone where a person was born and grew up or has been living for a long time. The bio-energy rhythms of such foodstuffs are synchronized with those of the people who live in the area where they ripened and so bring the maximum benefit. All foodstuffs grown in other countries with different energy characteristics should be exposed in a pyramid to synchronize the bio-energy rhythms of the foodstuffs with the energy rhythms of that part of the world in which you live and the bio-energy rhythms of your organism.
Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids 70156cc612
Pyramids depicted as the “granaries of Joseph”. Thirteenth-century mosaic in St Mark’s Cathedral, Venice
Look at figure above and there will be no shadow of a doubt that there were times on Earth when pyramids were built for wholly utilitarian purposes – the storage and synchronization of foodstuffs.

Their properties

When talking about pyramids and their properties, mention must be made of the pyramid of Count Lvov. More than a hundred years ago, that jovial noble built an 11-metre-high pyramid and used it as a wine-cellar. The pyramid still stands today on his former estate near Torzhok.
Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids D9ba71845e
Count Lvov’s pyramid in Tver
Talk of the superb quality of the Count’s wines spread rapidly and reached as far as the neighbouring provinces.
It is a fact of history that wine was invented and used by ancient monks as a tonic, and so the wines that spent time in a pyramid possessed strong medicinal properties. Research has shown that exposure of spirits in a pyramid neutralizes the effect of the fusel oil (a by-product of fermentation) and people who drink them do not suffer from hangovers. Dry wines kept for a time in a pyramid, especially reds with 9–12% alcohol content have a beneficial effect on the immune system and the state of blood-vessel walls, improving circulation and restoring the bio-rhythms of the vascular system.
Besides the structuring processes that take place inside a pyramid, it also has a strong beneficial influence on the surrounding space. While the internal space is divided into levels having energy with different properties, the external field of the pyramid is uniform and stimulates the immune system of people and other living organism around. This is well illustrated by what took place at Torzhok in Tver region. There is an orchard there on the grounds of the LnoSemStantsiya (Linen-Seed Research Station) that was believed to have died. But after a pyramid was placed alongside the orchard, 20% of the trees blossomed for the first time in six years.
With a structure that is the embodiment of certain principles, a pyramid is a sort of resonance filter, allowing through and amplifying energy flows in a certain frequency range. This is the flow of “life force” that the Ancient Egyptians called “Ra-Nether” (the ray of Ra). The pyramid, as a resonator, singles out and amplifies this flow (energy) in a range that is taken in by human beings and transforms their energy structure. Under certain circumstances this flow becomes visible.

Using radar installations

Working in the centimetre band located at distances of 60, 32 and 30 kilometres from the 22-metre pyramid situated at the village of Khitino near Ostashkov (between Moscow and Novgorod) a radar scan was made of the space around the vertical axis of the pyramid. The study revealed the presence of a column-like energy structure up to 1200 metres in height and 500 metres in width following the vertical axis of the pyramid.
Astonishingly, this formation was not transparent for the radar signals. The height of the column was constantly varying between 800 and 1200 metres.
Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids Bec382271b
Mark on the radar

Places of power – Ray of Ra

Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids B6685052d6
The energy ray (Ra) above a pyramid near the village of Khitino.
Although this photograph was taken at night time,
the film recorded a glow emanating from the pyramid
This energy formation, or energy “flow” possesses qualities extremely important for the human organism. If a properly made pyramid is installed in a home or office, its effect on the surrounding space leads to the appearance of an energy “flow” that in Ancient Egypt was called “Nether-Ta-Ra”, which can be translated as “the Place of the Ray of Ra”. Such places are popularly known as “places of power”.
Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids Clip_image017The structure of a properly made pyramid “taps into” the flow coming from the core of the Earth, forming a zone of beneficial effect on human health and energy structure, restoring the metabolism and improving the energy-ecological state of the surrounding space. If several such pyramids are placed together, that increases the zone of the energy effect. It is widely known that water from springs located at “places of power” is known for its amazing therapeutic qualities. These qualities are in turn due to the fact that the flow of energy bursting from the depths structures the water giving it therapeutic properties that synchronize the human energy system with that of the Earth.
«When a man or his wife grows old,” an ancient myth says, “let them climb to the top of the stairs , drink the water and bathe, then their youth will be returned to them…»
In some amazing fashion, the wind has carried us echoes of the technology of the “Fountain of Youth”, whose waters rejuvenated the elderly of ancient times.

Fountain of Youth

Using the ancient formula and the results of more than 10 years of research, the “Fountain of Youth” can be partially reconstructed by placing a pyramid in the water of a swimming-pool. In that situation the pool water, structured by the flow of the pyramid (the flow of the planet’s core, amplified by the pyramid, acquires therapeutic properties that have a profound beneficial effect on the organisms of those who bathe in it. The water structured and synchronized by the pyramid will restore the organism’s biorhythms, accelerating electrochemical processes and beneficially influencing the immune system. But (bearing in mind the stressful nature of our lives) the main thing is that water structured by a pyramid removes post-stress tension from the nervous system, restoring it to a balanced state (See Appendix 10).
Research Into the Effects of Russian Pyramids Pyr_002In order to properly appreciate this quality of the pyramid, suffice it to recall that in the overwhelming majority of cases, in the opinion of specialists, cancer begins with just such nervous stress.
To intensify the therapeutic qualities of drinking water and swimming-pool water, quartz crystals should be used in the construction of the pyramid. The involvement of quartz in the structurizing of water has a profound beneficial effect on the blood and the organism as a whole (See Appendix 5).
When telling about the amazing properties of the pyramid, mention should be made of one more experiment.
At the All-Russian Lenin Electro-Technical Institute a study was carried out into the influence of the pyramid field on the electrical field within a circular area delimited by 100-gramme pieces of granite that had been exposed in a pyramid. The pieces of granite were placed on a metal surface with a discharge electrode five metres above it. A metal surface enclosed by pieces of granite that had not been exposed in the pyramid was used as a control.
The experiment recorded the trajectory of discharges and the impact damage points within the granite circles.
The experiment showed that the number of impact damage points inside the granite circle that had been exposed in the pyramid was five times less than in the control.
Conclusion: the shape made up of pieces of stone exposed in the pyramid has powerful properties protecting the part of the surface inside it against damage from electrical discharges (see Appendix 11).
From all that has been said above, it follows that the pyramid is on the one hand a means of individual defence for a human being, creating a beneficial living energy-ecological environment. On the other hand, it stimulates a person’s nervous, endocrine, immune and energy systems, the functions of which are disrupted by a large number of constantly present negative factors.
Source: Valery Uvarov  http://wands.ru/

Thanks to: http://el11even.com


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