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The Fall of Camelot

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1 The Fall of Camelot Empty The Fall of Camelot Sun Apr 24, 2016 1:52 pm


The Fall of Camelot

2012 may not have been the end of the world, but it spelled the end for the eccentric Florida based spiritual group which brought us the Keylontic Sciences etc., via the MCEO Freedom Teachings, through their domain commonly known as the Azurite Press, led by their Matriarch Ashayana Deane.

Though the large group consisting of thousands of members had reached a plateau rarely seen in spiritual prowess, the foundation had exhibited signs of fracture long before 2012. A chasm had developed at the top, as certain principles began chasing commercial dreams with venture capitalists. In short they wished to place the products of the Azurite Press within the mass market, along side Coke and Walt Disney.
The author (Ashayana) wanted no part of it; so systematically she was labeled with the dreaded word “Fallen”. Soon a competition of words ensued to label others fallen and battle lines began to entrench as verbal volley’s divided the groups so they were no longer able to speak the same language. Sort of like Democrats and Republicans; Catholics and Protestants and Laurel and Hardy. The battle went through the courts, and although Ashayana prevailed to regain proprietary rights to the material, so shattered was the group, the organization and the materials scattered to the four winds, all that was left were tokens and fragments and the negative stigma that follows emotional distress.

Though the fall of the KS group may have looked very organic to the casual observer, I can say from personal experience, there were so many alphabet men and women within the fold I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did, with over 12 years of workshops and teachings. Most of which are unfortunately unobtainable. Such tactics have been used to bring down governments in many countries for years. The process is simple really, one just needs to learn the doubts, fears and weaknesses of any group and exploit them with gossip and a few well placed lies. Once these evil seeds take root environments can be cultivated mechanically with chemtrails, food toxins, frequency modulation, mass or micro energy pulsing, and hypnotic suggestion at subliminal levels, just to name a few.
But even this arsenal won’t turn things in a heartbeat, simply because such groups and individuals are shielded regularly, and collectively their frequency becomes stronger. The cracks in ones armor are often due to their emotional weaknesses, which all have to a degree. Negative emotions can be exploited once a thorn has worked its way in, leading to manipulation from a multitude of sources and controlling entities are well aware of this. Such leads to what we call attachments or cording. Although this state is not technically fallen, simply because free will is still present, judgment and rationale are compromised when ones thoughts are being influenced.

When one is exhibiting the negative associations of greed, fear, envy, intolerance, revenge, hatred, animosity, control, while in a state of depression, it’s important to understand the vulnerability herein. Personal conscious declarations of sovereignty in prayer form are excellent tools for cutting cords, but must be repeated until one digs out of the emotional rut. But during the interim, policing ones thoughts for the uncharacteristic helps keep the bottom feeders from having an energetic banquet at your expense.

Conscious compartmentalization is what is used extensively by the puppet masters and is frequency based manipulation. When the mind abruptly descends into stinkin-thinkin, use a handy mantra to stop the attack in its tracks with positive reinforcement. This ain’t rocket science, but cooling your emotional jets will put one back in the cockpit. 

The use of frequency to enlist anxiety is but another technique that offers sustenance for illicit feeding. And is harder to defend against, because many are already dealing with a compromised endocrine system from years of environmental abuse. Though grounding with earth or water helps, staying away from electronics like commercial routers, smart meters, cell phones or towers etc., and even foods with gluten which can cause seizure like symptoms even in pets, and Iodine or B-12 deficiencies can be another issue.
The fight or flight trigger is in the center of our brain, which can over-ride the synapse circuitry, which is fine if we come across a bear in the woods, but extremely uncomfortable when our thyroid suddenly pumps enough adrenaline in the system to raise the dead without probable cause. If this is happening often try shutting off the cell phone and turning off the TV to see if shrouding your location helps. Remember many modern TV’s have cameras and sensing equipment, and any speaker is also a receiver. All satellite receivers should be off when not in use along with routers.

In addition to these simple tech’s for health, (all nano’s aside) if you are running a higher frequency than your contemporaries you’ll be subconsciously irritating them enough to generate an attack, and the work place will be the worst place. They may all be corded to one level or another, and women are targeted more often than men because of their emotional right brain advantage, which can easily become a disadvantage, making them a ravenous pack of wolves that see you as a threat to the status que. But if you’re beautiful you know this feeling well. Living among the vampires can be complicated when you smell like fresh meat, and when one is being drained daily of their energy they will compensate through the infectious siphon of the dominatrix matrix. But if one has a head to see through the drama-o-rama and witness rather than invest you’ll be fine.

Getting back to KS and the fall of Camelot; I must admit, I was impressed with the breadth and depth of the subject matter after being introduced to it back in 2010 by Kerry Cassidy. I found the info in both the Voyager books and the workshops enlightening, and the sophistication of the material went beyond anything I was exposed to before. But I know Ashayana made a lot of enemies in various spiritual groups when she told them the hazards of channeling and how the negatives were using the names of Arch Angels to chord unsuspecting seekers. And of course the subtle battle that raged between another group over the technical’s of proper Merkaba rotation.
Then there was the lawsuit over the use of proprietary information being used by Lisa Renee as her own, though looked exactly like what the KS group was using for years, which is apparently still the case, but who can say if all was pilfered and plagiarized. Lisa Renee herself is not without talent and can access information well and her last article, though resonated well with the Keylontic info did hold insight in brief that lent toward higher connective capability. While information is well and good dissemination of information in a manner considered discrete would be the admirable mean. There are many here already battling obscene numbers, we need not invite the potential for technology to pose more of a threat than it has. Let us recall that this virus called Black Goo was indeed an attempt to reproduce source plasma through technological means eons ago, and now we need suffer Mr. Magoo all over again, and this time under the guise of the defense industry.

Though it’s hard for one blabber mouth to criticize another, these fore mentioned ladies I must tip my hat to, for they have showed the kind of courage and integrity that is as contagious as it is commendable. We are better to have made their acquaintance no matter how hard they fall, for if you’re not willing to sacrifice every molecule of your being to help others, then your voice is not your voice at all, but rather like the ventriloquist. The minds of the masses are the judge and jury of the high profile, so to discredit is far more favorable than to martyr by death, for when you discredit then their life work becomes taboo along with their name, killing two birds with one coup.

The war of words is a psychological war, poised to keep fence sitters weary. They will always be waiting in the dark corners to tear down the walls of truth with misdirection, albeit indirectly. They will use psycho-babble, guru gang stuff, ego pulpit rendering, snake pit techno speak to leave one disenfranchised in the false light of authority. They will camp close enough to know the rhythm of the circus and feed off the shit of lion’s, though they think they’re lion tamers. They are the fallen and their fruit is bitter and toxic.

If the fall of the KS Azurite group taught us anything, it was that our defenses were not the problem. We surrendered to our most fundamental weakness “emotional instability”. Which goes to show that though we may be capable of manifesting heaven on earth, all can be usurped in a moment if our inner child feels victimized.

Healing of all levels of our anatomy may be a moot point if the distortions within the emotional body go unchecked. Taking Prozac won’t compensate, the depth of the madness is often times insurmountable. Even to go back and arrest every trauma from every past life won’t arrest that knee-jerk reaction, less the ego be consumed. But take away ego and emotion and you are as they want you to be; machine heads.

Emotional intelligence may help one navigate the middle ground but the body has long since made idols of past trauma and logic is the candle that won’t stay lit in a gale. But let us be honest for a moment, this heart of ours, even in its most abused state shall find no attraction with the heart of a Cod fish, no matter how well it can sing and dance, and often our attraction is toward the pain in others as well as their strengths. The numbness and melancholy madness never stays long after trauma, and soon the polarity of the heart returns to its organic position flowing outward, because we know that we must find something to love. A pet, a program, a pizza; just until we can gather the momentum. To love a moment can heal a minute, to love an hour can heal time.

In truth we can’t sequester the negative emotion without loves devotion, for the alchemy of the heart doesn’t discriminate, this is left to the insanity of the ego. That little drama queen guarding the gates of the castle while the heart dangles its long braided mane from the tower window. Yes, Repunzel is the heart telling us to be weary of the gate keeper, and if we’re willing to do a bit of Avatar style braid entanglement, scaling the tower may be rewarding. But don’t worry, her hair won’t come loose, because it’s rooted firmly into the heart of creation.

Happy Sunday!

2 The Fall of Camelot Empty Re: The Fall of Camelot Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:53 am


Excellent piece Val!



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