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Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac

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Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival – Part 1

April 26, 2016 / Wes Annac

Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac Illuminati_masonic_symbol
Credit: beforeitsnews.com
By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness
There are Freemason lodges all over the community of small towns I live in, and until recently, I never knew anything about Freemasonry.
I don’t remember much discussion about it in school; there may have been a slight mention of it but I never learned anything about it that stuck with me.
I definitely don’t remember learning in school that George Washington was a Freemason, and like most other people, I’ve been unaware of the massive role Freemasonry has played in United States history.

More Than Meets the Eye

There’s more to this collective of fraternal organizations than meets the eye. As the information we’ll learn here suggests, it was infiltrated long ago by a malevolent “secret society of men” that to this day is bent on world domination through covert secrecy. We’ll learn more about this secret society of men later in this report.
Since Freemasonry was infiltrated and its greatest secrets probably aren’t revealed to the most prominent members chosen by the eerie secret society that underlies it, I’d imagine most local Masonic lodges are benevolent. But I can’t say for sure.
I’ve read testimony from an apparent Illuminati insider who said that the group operates at the local level, but this doesn’t necessarily mean your local lodge is performing rituals or worshipping Lucifer.
By and large, Freemasonry has been corrupted. However, it may have originally been harmless and I’m sure many members on the local level are good people who are unaware of what their organization is associated with.
Just like my article on the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, the information for this report comes from David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time.
The information obtained for the Rockefeller/Rothschild report came from section 1 of the document, and this information comes from section 2, where David dives into the esoteric history behind what some people call the New World Order.

Captain William Morgan: Murdered For Revealing Mason Secrets

Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac William_morgan_28anti-mason29
Captain William Morgan. Credit: imgarcade.com
If Masonry is just a regular organization that’s never had anything to hide or any reason to deceive the public, then why was one of its prominent members murdered for revealing its secrets?
In 1826, a book with information about the first three degrees of masonry was published by Captain William Morgan in an effort to expose some of the secrets he vowed to protect.
The book, titled Illustrations of Masonry by one of the Fraternity Who has devoted Thirty Years to the Subject , was released in Batavia, NY on an independent label, and Morgan’s fellow Masons quickly responded.
Masons at the time were taught that anyone who revealed their secrets did so under penalty of death. As a result, Morgan was kidnapped and murdered by Masons for publishing secrets they didn’t want the public to know.

The Mason ‘Meditation Room’

David Wilcock shares a picture from Bilderberg.org of an actual Freemason “meditation room” from around this time. It looks disturbing, and I can only imagine the kind of ‘meditation’ that happened there.
Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac Mason-meditation-room
Credit: Bilderberg.org
Most of you are probably familiar with the word vitriol, used to express an intense form of hatred. However, the word in this picture is also an acronym for something much more interesting. One of David’s sources, Watch.pair.com explains what the acronym stands for.
Among all races of mankind, back to the dawn of time, there existed a tradition concerning the existence of a Sacred Land or Terrestrial Paradise, where the highest ideals of humanity were living realities.
This concept is found in the most ancient writings and traditions of the peoples of Europe, Asia Minor, China, India, Egypt and the Americas. This Sacred Land, it is said, can be known only to persons who are worthy, pure and innocent, for which reason it constitutes the central theme of the dreams of childhood.
The road that leads to this Blessed Land, this Invisible World, this Esoteric and Occult Domain, constitutes the central quest and master key of all mystery teachings and systems of initiation in the past, present and future. This magic key is the ‘Open Sesame’ that unlocks the door to a new and marvelous world.
The old Rosicrucians designated it by the French word VITRIOL, which is a combination of the first letters of the sentence: `VISTA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INYENES OMNIA LAPIDEM,’ to indicate that ‘in the interior of the earth is hidden the true MYSTERY.’
There’s a chance this is what the Freemason ‘v.i.t.r.i.ol.’ pictured above represented, and as David writes, the interior of the earth is traditionally associated with hell.

Outrage and Mass Defection

A lot of people, including Masons, were outraged when Morgan was murdered. This ultimately led to the defection of 45,000 out of the 50,000 members of various lodges, and in less than ten years, pretty much every lodge in North America – over 2,000 – were shut down.
Nobody took Morgan’s murder lightly, and an anti-Freemasonry movement would soon sweep the nation.
David Wilcock points out that this mass defection is unsurprisingly absent from history books.
“This [defection] is an incredibly important moment in American history. It all happened roughly 180 years ago. I never heard a word about it in the Rockefeller-financed American public educational system.”
I’d imagine there’s a reason they don’t want us to know about it, and if it were up to them, we’d never think about Freemasonry or any secret society.
It’s obvious they don’t want us to know what they’re up to, but as Damian Marley put it, “they’re not really moving crafty”. They hide their symbolism out in the open and laugh at the fact that nobody questions it, but people are finally asking questions and they don’t know what to do about it.
(Continued in part 2 tomorrow. Sources embedded in article.)

Thanks to Wes at: https://cultureofawareness.com

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Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival – Part 2

April 27, 2016 / Wes Annac

Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac Oregon_freemasonry_2014_campaign
Credit: lenoxreign.com
By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness
Continued from Part 1

The Nationwide Revolt Against Freemasonry

A monument, the William Morgan Pillar, was erected in Batavia, New York to honor Morgan – the Mason who died for exposing the organization’s secrets to the world.
A “huge political movement” took root as the Anti-Masonic party was formed and meetings occurred everywhere at the state level to rid Freemasonry from society altogether.
Since the states carried most of the power at this time, it was a big deal for a meeting to be held at the Assembly Hall of New York’s state capital.
Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac William_morgan_pillar_apr_11
The William Morgan Pillar. Credit: Wikipedia

David shares a quote from Rev. C.G. Finney’s book “The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry” that explains how powerful Masons in the U.S. were before the revolt took place. It also alludes to the revival of Freemasonry around the time of the abolition of slavery.
1: Forty years ago we supposed that [Freemasonry] was dead, and had no idea that it could ever revive. But, strange to tell, while we were busy in getting rid of slavery, Freemasonry has revived, and extended its bounds most alarmingly….
9: About forty years ago, an estimable man by the name of William Morgan, then residing in Batavia, N.Y., being a Freemason, after much reflection, made up his mind that it was his duty to publish Freemasonry to the world.
He regarded it as highly injurious to the cause of Christ, and as eminently dangerous to the government of our country.
I suppose [he] was aware, as Masons generally were at that time, that nearly all the civil offices in the country were in the hands of Freemasons; and that the press was completely under their control, and almost altogether in their hands.
Masons at that time boasted that all the civil offices in the country were in their hands. I believe that all the civil offices in the county where I resided while I belonged to them, were in their hands.
I do not recollect a magistrate, or a constable, or sheriff in that county that was not at that time a Freemason….
Since so many Masons were bragging about the power they’d come to hold over society, I’d imagine they were already starting to make people uneasy. Morgan’s death could’ve been the final straw for a nation that was becoming aware of the Masons’ power, and perhaps this is why the revolt was so huge.
Even Masons were becoming uneasy about this thing they devoted their lives to, and I often hear about the secret societies of today that the majority of members don’t want to be in them. They’ve been a part of it since birth, and they’d defect if they thought they could do it with no negative consequences.
This could’ve been what all those Masons were thinking about this secret organization that became so powerful, and I’m sure most of them feared their leaders and were happy to leave once the anti-masonic movement was in full swing.
With the press and most civil offices under the Masons’ control, it seems that a revolt was just what the country needed at the time. We clearly need a similar revolt today, because despite how much the anti-masonic movement flourished in the 1800s, the problem has worsened significantly.

Details Emerge of Morgan’s Murder; Nobody Brought to Justice

Henry J. Valance confessed to Morgan’s murder in 1848, making it even clearer that Masons were responsible.
He described what happened that fateful day: A rope was tied around Morgan’s waist and rocks were tied to it before he was dumped in the Niagara River. The publisher of Morgan’s book was also kidnapped, but he was saved when some people pursued the kidnappers.
Years later, a “substantial” trust fund was established for Morgan’s family.
According to Finney’s book, despite the fact that Morgan was clearly murdered, the courts were completely ineffective when it came to serving justice.
The Masons had become so powerful by that point that the courts, sheriffs, jurors, and even witnesses were basically useless, and in the end, nobody was brought to justice. The resulting public outrage led to the near-abolition of Freemasonry in the United States.

Freemasonry Secrets Revealed

Conventions were called in Philadelphia, Leroy and other places to expose and dispose of the organization entirely, and soon, the secrets of every degree were being published instead of just the few degrees Morgan detailed in his book.
Elder Bernard was able to get an accurate version of about forty-eight degrees, which I’d imagine was a serious sign of the organization’s downfall. If they went so far out of their way to protect their secrets that they were willing to kill over disclosures about the third degree, then details of most (if not every) degree must’ve seriously crippled them.
According to Finney’s book, “Great pains were taken to secure the most accurate knowledge of the degrees published by the committee….

Morgan’s Murder Scarcely Reported

Despite that Freemasonry was almost “universally renounced” in the north, it had infiltrated so many aspects of society (media, politics, etc.) that it had too much control to be stopped until the revolt took place.
This is evidenced by the fact that Morgan’s murder was scarcely reported throughout New England due to Mason control over the media, and new media outlets and political movements had to be established for the express purpose of kicking the Masons out of every aspect of society they had infiltrated.
This was another factor that caused most Masons to abandon their lodges.

Freemasonry Has Recovered

Finney wrote in his book that he was surprised Freemasonry had recovered because of how hated it was at the time of the revolt.
In his mind, Freemasonry’s recovery was just as likely as slavery holding defiant prominence in society once again. This is exactly what Freemasonry has done, and like I wrote before, secret societies (in this country and around the world) are worse than ever.
He also wrote that nobody ever expected to have to combat the Masons politically, but they soon realized they had no choice. He wrote of a convention of former Masons in New York in 1828 where a declaration was published that Morgan’s claims on Freemasonry were completely true, which was one of many efforts designed to bring down the organization.
34: It was found that there was no other way than for the people to rise up and take the offices out of their hands by political action.
At first there was no thought on the part of any one, so far as I could learn, that it would ever become a political question. But it was soon found that there was no other alternative.
41: In February, 1828, a convention of seceding Masons was held at Le Roy, in the County of Genesee [New York], composed of some thirty or forty of the most respectable citizens.
They published a declaration to the world under their signatures… [that] the revelations of William Morgan… [were] strictly true and accurate.
In the course of the same year, Elder Bernard, a Baptist clergyman of good character, and who was a distinguished Mason, published… [url=http://books.google.com/books?id=QlIZAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=David+Bernard&hl=en&sa=X&ei=t-4RT7ShLM_DgAfUuI3IAw&ved=0CEwQuwUwAg#v=onepage&q=David bernard&f=false]Light on Masonry”….[/url]
Pretty much all of Freemasonry’s secrets were exposed and proven accurate through the state courts; trials were held where former Masons shed light on the degrees, initiations, rituals, etc. The once-secret society was blown wide open for everyone to see, and various books and testimonies were published in the years following.
(Continued in part 3 tomorrow.)
Source: Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time by David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos (other sources embedded in article)

Thanks to Wes at: https://cultureofawareness.com



Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival – Part 3

April 28, 2016 / Culture of Awareness

Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac Tumblr_lp9r2bwITx1qe6p6wo1_1280
Credit: Freemasonry Esoterica
By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness
(Continued from Part 2)

“Midnight Conspiracies”

David shares some quotes from Elder Bernard’s [url=https://books.google.com/books?id=QlIZAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=David+Bernard&hl=en&sa=X&ei=t-4RT7ShLM_DgAfUuI3IAw#v=onepage&q=David bernard&f=false]Light on Masonry[/url], the book mentioned by Finney in a previous quote. The first is about the “worldwide problem” of Masonry and its “midnight conspiracies”.
 392: An Address to All Honest Masons. In Eight Numbers. (Originally published in 1828, in the Le Roy Gazette, Genesee county, N.Y.)
395: No. III. [Written address submitted by an anonymous former Mason.]
It is well known to all ‘active Masons’ and to persons generally, that in the dark conclave and secret meetings of Masons, have been planned conspiracies that have caused convulsions which have been felt in every part of the government under which they were bound to live as good citizens.
There has been planned and executed deeds by them in their midnight conspiracies, (I cannot call such meetings by a more gentle term,) at which humanity has revolted.
In France all was thrown into confusion, and anarchy came near ruling a people striving for liberty, by the society of Free Masons. At one time, considering they had all power, they throw off all disguise and discovered their real object….
But France is not alone in having her liberties invaded by Masons. It at one time came near overthrowing the government of Germany, and those that were honest Masons among them separated and forsook the institution….
396: Masonry was considered in Spain, Portugal, and Russia, of such a dangerous tendency, that it was put down by the strong arm of the law. It is now disturbing the tranquility of our brethren in South America.

More Than 400 Initiates Seceded

Bernard also writes about the number of Masons who seceded in the U.S.
33: More than four hundred initiates, within our own state, including Members of every Degree, from an Entered Apprentice to the Thrice Illustrious Knights of the Holy Trinity, have publicly renounced the Institution.
Thousands have silently withdrawn, and it cannot be presumed that any good man, who received it upon trust, will continue his connexion with the Fraternity after he has thoroughly examined the tendency of its principles.

Masons Were Untouchable Before the Revolt

He shares an eye-opening speech given by W.F. Brainard in 1825 detailing the power Freemasons had and explaining why they couldn’t be stopped.
34: Perhaps we cannot convey a bolder or more comprehensive view out of fancied power and unchastened ambition of Free Masonry, than is found in the Oration of the late W. F. Brainard, at New-London, Ct., before the Union Lodge, June 24, 1825, on the recurrence of one of her fabulous Anniversaries.
Mr. Brainard says—
“What is Masonry now? IT IS POWERFUL. It comprises men of RANK, wealth, office and talent, in power and out of power; and that in almost every place where power is of any importance.
And it comprises among other classes of the community, to the lowest, in large numbers, active men, united together, and capable of being directed by the efforts of others, so as to have the FORCE of CONCERT throughout the civilized world!
They are distributed too, with the means of knowing one another, and the means of keeping secret, and the means of co-operating, in the desk – in the legislative hall – on the BENCH – in every gathering of business – in every party of pleasure – in every ENTERPRISE of GOVERNMENT – in every domestic circle – in peace and in war – among enemies and friends – in one place as well as in another!
SO POWERFUL indeed, is it at this time, [June 24th, 1825] that it fears nothing from violence, either public or private; for it has every means, to learn it in season to COUNTERACT, DEFEAT and PUNISH IT!”

The Mason Threat

In an address to the New York State delegation, Convention president William Finn boldly stated that the Masons are a threat to our freedom and security.
FELLOW-CITIZENS— A great crisis has occurred in our social condition.
The peace of this community has been extensively disturbed, the domestic security of the citizens openly violated, their property unlawfully invaded, and the life of one of them, without doubt, feloniously destroyed.
And these calamitous events have proceeded from a source which threatens our most valuable institutions, and all those possessions which make life desirable.
With these facts deeply impressed upon our hearts, we have been delegated to assemble here, to consult together, and advise upon the proper course to be pursued, in so momentous an emergency….
When the public peace, our domestic safety, our property, our life, our reputation, our equal rights as citizens, are all assailed, by the concerted action of numerous, wealthy, intelligent, and powerful bodies of men;
and the regular operations of our constituted authorities is found unable to protect us, then, it is most equally becoming to our minds and hearts, to our self-respect, and the most cherished interests of human liberty, that we should protect ourselves whatever evils may ensue….

Colliding with the Will of the People; What Can Be Done?

He also mentioned in his speech that the people are the only “legitimate” source of power and all of our decisions on the local and global level should be based on public opinion, not the agenda of handful of wealthy infiltrators.
He said that Freemasonry has violently collided with the will of the people, and the way our society is supposed to be run is slowly being replaced with the way Masons want it to be.
He asked what can be done to return order and restore power to the people, and in the quote below, he details how Masons have come to run the show with their own private institutions that bleed into the public arena and slowly gain control through their own prominence.
Free Masonry is a distinct, peculiar, independent government. It acknowledges no allegiance to civil government, nor alliance with it.
It has departments of its own, titles of its own, officers of its own, laws of its own, revenues of its own, oaths of its own, penalties of its own, sympathies of its own, and purposes of its own.
All the nations of the earth, however diverse their forms of government, or distant their territories, are but its provinces. It has no jurisdictional limits but the habitable globe.
Throughout its whole extent, it secures the loyalty of its subjects, by cords most ingeniously twisted, and of surpassing strength….
The possibility of its existence is dangerous; its actual occurrence demands instant, resolute, continued, and united, though prudent, exertion, till it shall become impossible….
(Continued in Part 4 tomorrow.)

Thanks to Wes at: https://cultureofawareness.com



Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival – Part 4

April 30, 2016 / Culture of Awareness

Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac Freemason-apron
Credit: gnosticwarrior.com
By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness
(Continued from Part 3)

The Anti-Masonic Party: The United States’ First Third Party

Surprisingly, these meetings, conventions and hearings on the dangers of Freemasonry led to the formation of the first third party in the United States: The Anti-Masonic party.
Did you know that our first third party had anything to do with Freemasons? I didn’t, because again, none of this important information is covered in history class (or if it is, it’s brief).
William A. Palmer won governor for the state of Vermont on the Anti-Masonic ticket and held his office for five years. Joeseph Ritner would serve as governor of Pennsylvania for three years, having run on the Anti-Masonic ticket.
William Wirt ran for president on this ticket in 1832 and did pretty well, particularly in Vermont. When he lost the campaign, the Anti-Masonic party merged with the Whig party.

Freemasonry Is Worldwide

David credits a lot of his knowledge on Freemasonry to the book New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies by William T. Still. His book contains a lot of information on the subject, including what we’ve learned so far.
I’d like to share one of the quotes from the book that David shared in Financial Tyranny¸ because it reminds us that Freemasonry is a worldwide organization. When it was disbanded in the United States in the 1800s, it also suffered significant losses in Europe.
118: The furor over the murder of William Morgan in 1826 had caused American Masonry to almost cease to exist, and European Masonry was in turmoil as well.
Bavaria had forbidden Masonry as a danger to the state in 1784, then again in 1845.
In 1814, the Regency of Milan and the Governor of Venice had acted in a similar manner.
King John VI of Portugal prohibited Freemasonry in 1816, and renewed it in 1824.
In 1820 several lodges were closed in Prussia for political intrigues, and in the same year Alexander I banished the order from the whole Russian empire. A similar occurrence took place four years later in Spain….

Laws Targeting Masons

The book also mentions some laws that were enacted to target Freemasonry, as well as the significant reduction in members in New York.
“Rhode Island and Vermont passed laws against blood oaths. Thousands of Masons burned their aprons. In a few years’ time, membership in the New York lodges dropped from 30,000 to 300 as a direct result of the Morgan incident.”

Duncan’s Monitor Published by Remaining Masons

In 1866, by the time the facts on every degree were published and Masonry was almost completely abandoned, the remaining Mason “establishment” responded by publishing their own description of the degrees, rules and rituals, titled Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor.
Keep in mind that those who’d already published or testified on the secrets by this time were Masons who defected, and the ones who stayed true to the movement eventually revived it through tactics like publishing their own material on it and attempting to downplay its more sinister aspects.
Take this section for example, where the authors boast about Freemasonry’s revival.
3: [Freemasonry] has, at various times and in several countries, incurred the ill-will of political parties and of religious bodies – in consequence of a belief, on their part, that the organization was not so purely benevolent and philanthropic as its members proclaimed it to be.
In the State of New York, many years ago, it was supposed, but we think unjustly, to wield a powerful political influence, and to employ it unscrupulously for sinister ends.
The war between Masonry and Anti-Masonry which convulsed the State at that period is still fresh in the remembrance of many a party veteran.
The Order, however, has long since recovered from the obloquy then heaped upon it, and is now in a flourishing condition in most parts of the civilized world.

The Seventh-Degree Oath

As David writes, it’s revealed in Finney’s book that one of the main reasons people hated Freemasons at the time was the seventh degree oath members had to take. Duncan’s Monitor apparently published an edited version of the oath, leaving out the part about politically supporting a ‘brother’ in the order.
The unedited oath is shared in a quote below from Bernard’s [url=https://books.google.com/books?id=QlIZAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=David+Bernard&hl=en&sa=X&ei=t-4RT7ShLM_DgAfUuI3IAw&ved=0CEwQuwUwAg#v=onepage&q=David bernard&f=false]Light on Masonry[/url].
 130: “I will promote a companion Royal Arch Mason’s political preferment in preference to another of equal qualifications. [Some lodges also include ‘I will vote for a companion Royal Arch Mason, before any other of equal qualifications.’]
“Furthermore, do I promise and swear, that a companion Royal Arch Mason’s secrets, given me in charge as such, and I knowing them to be such, shall remain as secure and inviolable in my breast as in his own, murder and treason not excepted.
The Duncan’s Monitor version below is a little different, but admittedly, most of the oath – including the grittiness – was kept intact. Notice how the word ‘political’ is taken out of the first line.
230: I furthermore promise and swear, that I will employ a Companion Royal Arch Mason in preference to any other person of equal qualifications.
I furthermore promise and swear, that I will assist a Companion Royal Arch Mason when I see him engaged in any difficulty, and will espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong.
I furthermore promise and swear, that I will keep all the secrets of a Companion Royal Arch Mason (when communicated so me as such, or I knowing them to be such), without exceptions….
To all which I do most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to keep and perform the same, without any equivocation, mental reservation, or self-evasion of mind in me whatever;
binding myself under no less penalty, than to have my skull smote off, and my brains exposed to the scorching rays of the meridian sun, should I knowingly or willfully violate or transgress any part of this my solemn oath or obligation of a Royal Arch Mason.
So help me God….
(Continued in Part 5 tomorrow.)
Source: Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time by David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos (other sources embedded in article)

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Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival – Part 5

May 1, 2016 / Culture of Awareness

Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac Masonssymble
Credit: ubmassive.blogspot.com
By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness
(Continued from Part 4)

Masons Wanted to Conquer Religion, the “Serpent of Ignorance”

David writes that Scottish Rite Masonry goes up to 33 degrees, and the book [url=https://books.google.com/books?id=QlIZAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=David+Bernard&hl=en&sa=X&ei=t-4RT7ShLM_DgAfUuI3IAw&ved=0CEwQuwUwAg#v=onepage&q=David bernard&f=false]Light on Masonry[/url] reveals details of all of them.
Another reason people were angry with Freemasonry at the time was because some of its oaths revealed that it wanted to conquer religion; particularly what the initiate hears at the 28th degree initiation, which you can read below.
 265: Requisitions to make a good Mason.—If you ask me what are the requisite qualities that a Mason must be possessed of, to come to the centre of truth, I answer you, that you must crush the head of the serpent of ignorance.
You must shake off the yoke of infant prejudice, concerning the mysteries of the reigning religion, which worship has been imaginary, and only founded on the spirit of pride….
[The reigning religion] employs every matter to satisfy carnal desires, and raises to these predominant passions, altars, upon which she maintains, without ceasing, the light of iniquity, and sacrifices continually offerings to luxury, voluptuousness, hatred, envy, and perjury.
Behold, my dear brother, what you must fight against, and destroy, before you can come to the knowledge of the true good and sovereign happiness!
Behold this monster which you must conquer – a serpent which we detest as an idol, that is adored by the idiot and the vulgar under the name of RELIGION!!!
Apparently, the main objective of the 32nd degree is to target Muslims, who the head Masons believed are illegally occupying their “holy land”. This quote from Light on Masonry reveals the agenda to free their holy land from the “infidels”.
294: The ostensible object of this [thirty-second] degree is the invasion of the Holy Land, and its deliverance from the infidels.
This is to be effected by uniting all the Masons, ancient and modern, under one commander, and directing them ‘en masse’ upon the Mahometans, who have wickedly established themselves in that sacred region.
Hence the complexion of this degree is military. The draft or carpet contains the plan of this ‘MASONIC ARMY!’…
It is believed that the ceremonies of initiation have never been committed to writing, or practiced in North America; hence, though many have received the obligation, words, signs, &c. formally, they remain like the rest of the world ignorant of the peculiar rites of the degree.

Learning Hate

As David writes, it’s obvious from the quote above that Freemason’s weren’t (and probably still aren’t) being taught love; they’re being taught pure hate.
This is even clearer in the quote from the speech below, heard by the 32nd degree initiate. The referenced events may relate to the possible origin of Friday the 13th, which some believe can be attributed to a day in October 1307 when a massive arrest of Knight’s Templars, as well as their leader Jacques De Molay, took place.
300: The captivity of the Grand Elect and Sublime Masons, (i.e. by the Chaldeans,) shows us the persecution of the Christian religion under the Roman emperors, and its liberty under Constantine the Great.
It also calls to our remembrance the persecution of the Templars, and the situation of Jacques De Molay, who lying in irons nearly seven years, at the end of which our worthy Grand Master was burnt alive with his four companions, on the eleventh of March, 1314, creating pity and tears in the people, who saw him die with firmness and heroic constancy, sealing his innocence with his blood.
My dear brother, in passing to the degree of Perfect Master, in which you shed tears at the tomb of Hiram Abiff, and in some other degrees, has not your heart been led to revenge?…
By the degree of Master Elect and Kadosh [30th degree], you are properly disposed to fulfill all your engagements, and to bear an implacable hatred to the Knights of Malta*, and to avenge the death of Jacques De Molay.
[David Wilcock note *The reader must not suppose that the Masonic Knights of Malta are here intended; the reference is to the ancient order of that name, which, when the order of Templars was suppressed, received their estates.]
Your extensive acquaintance with symbolic Masonry, which you have attained by your discretion, leaves you nothing more to desire here.
(Barber, Malcolm (1994). The New Knighthood: A History of the Order of the Temple. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0521420415, pp. 317–318.)
(Continued in Part 6 tomorrow)
Source: Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time by David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos (other sources embedded in article)

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Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival – Part 6

May 2, 2016 / Culture of Awareness

Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac Pictures-r-5986
A Masonic Hall in Toronto. Credit: torontopubliclibrary.ca
By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness
(Continued from Part 5)

32nd Degree Members Are “Royalty”

The material about the Knights Templar was added to the 32nd degree speech in the 1760s, when German masons claimed to receive special powers and wisdom while occupying the Temple of Solomon. Apparently, 18th century Masons were “direct heirs” to these Templar secrets, which set the stage for the Mason-Templar connection.
According to some Masons, 32nd degree members are simply known as Knights Templars and are automatically associated with royalty. The 32nd degree initiate is entered into the royal Masonic bloodline through ritual, and with this comes intense devotion to the order and equally intense hatred for its enemies.
It comes with support for your “brothers” in the order no matter the cost, and most importantly, it comes with secrecy.
David shares a picture of the 32nd degree sash:
Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac Masonic_sash_32

Who Comprises the “Society of Men”?

On the sash, we see common Freemason symbolism; namely, the daggers on the side and the triangle with the number 32. A mysterious “society of men” is referred to in the speech, which makes you wonder if this small group nestled within Masonry is manipulating well-meaning initiates and lodge members across the globe.
Here’s another quote from the speech, which references the society.
300: You see, my dear brother, how, and by whom, Masonry has come to us.
You are to endeavor by every just means to regain our rights, and to remember that we are joined by a society of men, whose courage, merit, and good conduct, hold out to us that rank that birth alone gave to our ancestors.
You are now on the same level with them.
Avoid every evil by carefully keeping your obligations, and carefully conceal from the vulgar what you are, and wait that happy moment when we all shall be reunited under the same Sovereign in mansions of eternal bliss.
The word vulgar is used to describe anyone who isn’t a member of the order, and David points out that this secretive “society” must be the same people who tell 28th degree initiates to “crush the head of the serpent” that represents religion.

The 33rd Degree Initiation Ceremony

Before concluding this report, we’ll take a look at the rather vague description of the 33rd degree initiation ceremony from [url=https://books.google.com/books?id=QlIZAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=David+Bernard&hl=en&sa=X&ei=t-4RT7ShLM_DgAfUuI3IAw#v=onepage&q=David bernard&f=false]Light on Masonry[/url] that David shared in Financial Tyranny. Despite being vague, the description makes the ceremony seem pretty strange.
David writes that “All you read in Light on Masonry for the final 33rd degree is a rather ominous-sounding description of what the room is like where ‘the obligation’ is accepted.”
You see the words, “Deus meum que jus” over the door when you walk in, which translate to “God’s Authority is mine” (or “God Is Mine as well as reason and Authority”).
A “glass equilateral triangle” hangs down as you step into a canopy of purple curtains, and then you come upon a triangle-shaped alter guarded by a skeleton holding a sacrificial dagger in the attack position.
The skull and crossbones image is there, along with the highest ranking officer (aka “Thrice Puissant Soveriegn”). He wears a blood red robe with a black sash, he has a crown on his head, and he carries a sword. The number 33 is seen inside a triangle at the center of his sash, and a dagger can be seen going through the triangle.
This picture David shares of a 33rd degree sash shows some of the symbols:
Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac 33rd_degree
The jewel mounted onto the sash features a double-headed eagle holding a sword, and the eagle’s beak, claws and sword are made of gold.
(Concluded in Part 7 tomorrow)
Source: Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time by David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos (other sources embedded in article)

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Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival – Part 7 (Conclusion)

May 3, 2016 / Culture of Awareness

Freemasonry: The Infiltration, Downfall, and Revival by Wes Annac Freemasonry
Credit: davidicke.com
By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness
(Concluded from Part 6)

The “Society of Men” Uses Masonry as a Cover

David writes that the “society of men” was probably careful not to reveal its actual secrets to any members. He explains that this society, which I’d imagine is mostly unknown to lower level members, is using Freemasonry as a cover for their Luciferian spirituality and the agendas that come with it.
These agendas include gaining control over the world through subtle interception of government and military, as well as the initiation of planned attacks and epidemics that force the masses to submit to this “higher power” that would suddenly emerge to save the day.
In the end, we’d see that they never wanted to save us. They want to build a world for themselves at our expense, and they’ll infiltrate organizations like Masonry that may otherwise be benevolent to do it.
David writes that Masonry is a cover for the twisted agendas of this “society of men”.
“Back when [url=http://books.google.com/books?id=QlIZAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=David+Bernard&hl=en&sa=X&ei=t-4RT7ShLM_DgAfUuI3IAw&ved=0CEwQuwUwAg#v=onepage&q=David bernard&f=false]Light on Masonry[/url] was written, no more than nine 33rd-degree Masons were allowed in any given kingdom or republic.
“What we do not see in any of the degrees is a clear indication of why they want to control the media, dominate the financial system, or attempt to create a global control matrix.
“It appears that Masonry is only a cover for the ‘society of men’ referred to in the 32nd degree – who despise religion, elevate their highest members to the level of royalty, and say ‘God’s Authority is Mine.’”
“Were they wise enough to insure that their ultimate intentions were not explicitly written into the Masonic oaths and obligations?
“Apparently so.”

Unawareness on the Lower Levels

Most Freemasons (especially on the lower levels) could be totally unaware of what’s really going on, and if they knew their organization had been infiltrated or they knew the intentions of the “secret society”, I’m sure there’d be a mass defection similar to the one in the 1800s.
As I mentioned at the start of this report, the information here doesn’t necessarily mean your local Masonic lodge is doing anything bad. They might even think Freemasonry is under attack for no good reason if they’re confronted with this information, but the conspiracy runs deeper than they realize.

Don’t Be Fooled

From what we’ve learned, it seems that everything about Masonry’s higher levels – from the rules and oaths to the elitism, the hateful philosophy and the infiltration of society on every level – signals the abandonment of love in favor of hate, greed, and narcissism.
Don’t be fooled by those who tell you that nothing conspiratorial is happening in the world or we shouldn’t worry about secret societies. We didn’t learn much about modern Freemasons in this report, but if things were this bad in the 1800s and the movement recovered from its downfall, can you imagine the progress it’s made in the last century?
Nobody seems to know enough about all of this to care, and this is one of many things that needs to change if we want to free from the relentless control of secret societies bent on world domination through subversion, infiltration, and murder.
We can rid this negative influence from society and the collective psyche (and Freemasonry can return to the benevolent club it may have once been), but we have to become aware of it so we can face it head-on.
Source: Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time by David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos (other sources embedded in article)

Thanks to Wes at: https://cultureofawareness.com


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