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Enlightenment is a Destructive Process

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1Enlightenment is a Destructive Process Empty Enlightenment is a Destructive Process Thu May 12, 2016 10:16 am



Enlightenment is a Destructive Process

by Elle -  12/05/2016

Enlightenment is a Destructive Process CP

Enlightenment is a Destructive Process Print
Max Igan
Life is a wondrous gift. It truly is. It never ceases to amaze me. The mere fact that I am alive, that I can hear and see and taste and touch is incredible. And not only can I touch, but I can also feel, both as a physical sensation and as an inner perspective, as an emotion. To me, this is truly incredible. It is something I often mediate on. The experience of life itself. The mere existence of my spark of consciousness in this world of sensation. Because that is what it is, a world of physicality and of physical and emotional sensation.
But not only that, it is also a world of duality. It is a world where all that is one experiences itself in all of its countless unique individual aspects – each still connected to each other via the energy field from whence it came and still exists within, yet each completely separate from the other and wholly unique to itself. This is one of the great conundrums of the new age teachings that attempt to lead people from duality yet fail to realize that it is only within a world of duality that interaction of the individual self with the universal self is possible and that it is via interaction with different aspects of consciousness that universal growth can be achieved. This is not to say that duality is required for all aspects of growth. Certainly not. Indeed each individual flame of consciousness has its own part to play. Each has their own personal growth to experience, their own emotional and intellectual barriers to overcome and their own path of learning to tread but even so, that path can only truly be walked and realized within a world of duality. That is why you are here. And that is why so many other of such variety and uniqueness are here with you. Each on their own individual path and each also walking the path of universal consciousness itself.
Life is indeed a path to knowledge. But could it be that it is not just about the individual gaining knowledge, it is also about the experience and growth of the universal via the accumulation of the collective experiences of the individual.
There are many who simply go through life with a nonchalant type of attitude, who simply go through the motions, have kids, accumulate what wealth they can and enjoy the experience. But for those who view life as a path to knowledge, who seek “enlightenment” per se, the road can be fraught with peril. This is due to the fact that many have a preconceived idea what enlightenment is and what sort of a person that will become if they are ever able to reach what they often believe to be this elusive and almost ‘divine’ state of being.
The term enlightened can be interpreted as meaning ‘One Who is Filled with Light’. So in order to truly comprehend what enlightenment is one must first comprehend the concept and meaning of light – in all its aspects. Indeed, on their path to en-lighten-ment, how many ever even pause to ask themselves the question: What is light?
Light is illumination, it is the ability to “see”, therefore it is information. It is knowledge. When one lights a candle or shines a light into a dark room you are able to define the room, to see its shape and become aware of its character and put it into perspective. The light has given you the information required to be able to do so. The light has given you knowledge of the reality you exist within. When you look at a tree or a house, or any object or person, you are able to see what is before you due to the light that is reflected by means of which you are able to garner the information your mind needs to determine their shape, color and other details.

Light is information. Light is knowledge.

Thus to be “enlightened” is to have knowledge. The reason many fail on the path to enlightenment is due to their unwillingness to consider, or often even look at, certain information due to their inabilities in the processing of light.
Not all knowledge is pleasing and enjoyable to learn and this is the reason so many are incapable of processing it. Yet information is information and the knowledge that comes with information still works to bring “light” to an issue.  As much information as possible, viewed from as many perspectives as one is able, is required in order to become enlightened on any topic, most especially in regard to reality itself. One cannot cherry-pick and only consider that which reinforces a belief system or gives one a nice comfortable feeling. It is often in attempting to comprehend reality that causes most to venture onto the path of enlightenment to begin with yet more often than not, when a student comes faced with information they find disturbing, they look away and search for something that does not disturb their inner peace.  This is a failure to process light due to the emotional attachment the recipient has placed on the information.
All information brings knowledge and all knowledge is empowering, even if gaining true knowledge of something causes one to feel uncomfortable or disturbed. Gaining knowledge of a disturbing issue makes one aware a problem exists and thereby provides one with the opportunity to heal or correct a situation. Wilful ignorance of such issues allows them to continue and places the blame for such continuance not only upon the perpetrator, but also on the one who gained knowledge of the fact but then chose to look away and do nothing.
Such discomfort may stem from ones belief they are a “high frequency” person and their unwillingness “lower their vibration” by “getting involved”.  But be careful what you believe. Belief is the enemy of knowledge. On such occasions, it may be prudent for people to examine their inner motivation before deciding upon their correct course of action because if they were to look a little deeper, very often people may well find that their fear of lowering their vibration is due simply to that: … Fear.
If fear is the underlying motivation in keeping your frequency high when confronted with any situation, then how high is your frequency to begin with?
Unfortunately as a result of many teachings presented by the new age community, many who claim “high frequency” are simply living within self-created bubbles of ignorance and apathy and are living their entire “enlightened” existence rooted in the fear of ever truly facing reality or of facing and stepping into their own true selves.
Enlightenment is indeed a destructive process. It is a tearing away of all belief and all fiction. It is a breaking down of all pre formed ideas, concepts and paradigms, a breaking away of everything you believed to be real or to be true. It is a bringing to light, the stark reality of the world in which we live. It is seeing things as they truly are and not being afraid to call it for what it is. It is stripping your world and mind bare of everything you thought you were, everything you thought you knew and it is in realizing what you are, and what you have, and what you are really and truly doing with your tiny breath of time here in this reality… what everyone is doing…
We truly do live in the most important of times in history. It is a time when Humanity has, for the most part, lost its way completely. Yet there are now pockets of light, real light, springing up right across the world. I travel quite extensively and I see it everywhere I go. People who are truly awake, who know there is a way through this mess and who know that mankind will one day be free. The problem has often been that people see history as something that has passed, something that was and many fail to realize that history is an ongoing thing. It doesn’t suddenly stop happening just because somebody wrote the last bit down in a book. It is an ongoing ever unfolding process and we are creating the history that our children will be living by right now.

It’s time we changed HIS-Story into OUR-story.

Traditionally, in all we know or think we know about the past history has always been written by the winners, so it’s somewhat difficult to determine what is or is not actually factual in attempting to comprehend how we ever got into the situation we are now facing. Isn’t it time we changed this and began to work towards discovering real truths and began to write our history ourselves? We have an opportunity to do this. A history we can be proud of. A history where mankind became free and created a future worthy of passing down to our children. Isn’t it time we put away our preformed ideas, our egos and prejudices and all of it and realized how much we as a collective simply do not know? Is it now not a time to do this? A time for us all to put away our beliefs, our stating of absolutes on any issue and to bring a true and real light to the shadow that has blanketed this Earth, and to peacefully stand fast as one to reclaim our precious home? Is it not time we put down our fear and enlightened the real shadow in this world? Is not now the perfect time in History to put aside our fear of being what we truly are?

Is it not time to do this one simple thing?

If I believe in anything, then I believe this to be true and I believe in mankind’s strength and ability to rise to the occasion.
“David Cameron’s new crackdown, legislation will “include measures to gag individuals, close down premises and ban organisations”. Also, programs perceived to contain “unacceptable extremist material” will be shut down by the UK’s broadcasting watchdog Ofcom, under the Extremism Bill.
Couple this with the government’s definition of ‘domestic extremist’ and the censorship could apply to literally anyone. According to the National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Unit (NDEDIU):
“Domestic Extremism relates to the activity of groups or individuals who commit or plan serious criminal activity motivated by a political or ideological viewpoint.”
Sounds reputable until you discover the government has redefined ‘serious criminal activity’ to suit its agenda:
“That the conduct involves the use of violence, results in substantial financial gain or is conduct by a large number of persons in pursuit of a common purpose.”
The last part reads “a large number of persons in pursuit of a common purpose”. Combine that with “motivated by a political or ideological viewpoint” and you still couldn’t get much more vague. A student union fits that description. The Conservative party fits that description. Sunday mass fits that description. But importantly for the government, a demonstration against fracking, austerity or anything you can think of, fits that description.”
Yet removing the rights of the people to uphold the actions of a corrupt government motivated by the Tory Party’s warmongering politically motivated ideological viewpoint is extremism. The Cameron Governments taxing and milking of every cent it can from the people, and the use of violence by its police to enforce legislation resulting in substantial financial gain for, and conducted by, a large number of persons within the warmongering Tory party in pursuit of a common purpose is extremism. The Cameron Governments support of Israeli war crimes and breaches of the Geneva Convention and ethnic cleansing of the people of Palestine is extremism…
so… David Cameron has declared himself to be an extremist under his own legislation and if the legislation is to be truly followed then he has just outlawed his own corrupt government via his own extremist legislation. So if anyone is to be arrested it must surely begin with the Tory extremists at number 10 Downing street.
Seriously. When are people going to stand up and say enough is enough?
… I am.
In Lak’ech
Max Igan
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From The Web

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


2Enlightenment is a Destructive Process Empty Re: Enlightenment is a Destructive Process Thu May 12, 2016 10:40 am



For what it's worth

Little dave is a puppet of blair, who advises him still and is in the background. Look at little closer and you will see blairs bloodstained fingerprints all over what little dave and his fellow professional class hating idiot chancellor are starry eyed at the mention of blair have inflicted at home and abroad, a revolting thing whom they refer to as "the master"

blair and little dave have proven time and time again where their loyalties lie......somewhere between Washington and Brussels.

All that is described in the postscript above could be said in various degrees of any EU country, any nation derived from English influence in centuries past.

The short translation is it has all been hijacked.

Bizarrely a man who grew up in Soviet Russia, became a KGB officer and is now a practicing Christian at the head of Russia has more credibility and global respect than any of the turkeys in office in the West or hoping to be so.

This tells us all we need to know about the western world and how badly it has been diverted

little dave has made his owners very unhappy, should he be unable to steal the exit from the fourth reich/soviet and remain he will be on the wrong end of some very sssssserious conversssssationssss

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"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

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