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From Jerzy Babkowski - Response to David Crayford

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From Jerzy Babkowski - Response to David Crayford
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 16-May-2016 00:00:41

Hi, Folks -

Below, an e-mail received from Jerzy Babkowski, in response to this earlier post:

igots2no -- Thursday, 12-May-2016 21:22:29

Note from hobie to David Crayford: I have an e-mail address for you that was active in early 2012. Please e-mail to let me know what address is most appropriate for you today, and I'll send the information Jerzy mentions toward the end of his letter.

I'm aware of a few typos in the text below, but I've left the text as received, as I think the meaning is clear without those corrections.

Received via e-mail:


Dear Mr. Crayford,

I apologize for not responding sooner, but I had much more important matters to attend to, and I truly spent much too much time on this internet nonsense already. You have made many statements and assumptions I am again obliged to address in a public venue. This preferred method of communication without a modicum of privacy is but a stream of verbiage designed to create some sort of “he said she said” environment, the purpose of which escapes me at the moment.

Rather than a line by line answerback, I will just give you my thoughts as they come to me and in the end, I hope to present a different path for the OITC to take rather than this “kill the infidel” approach.

The current attempts of many from all walks to come forward to make a difference to our Humanity, and the predicaments we all face as a result of a long period of being trodden on, are clearly evident from the messages of Benjamin Fulford, Neil Keenan, Karen Hudes, Anna von Reitz, Alex Jones, Sheldon Nidle, and many others too numerous to mention. The common thread of trying to help our Humanity is present in each individual and/or group. This is undeniable and clearly evident as per the messages given. Helping is in our nature.

The investigation of the current state, uncovering and understanding historic facts, timelines and bloodlines, assembling the evidence, and properly disclosing and presenting an element that has gone wrong and harmed Humanity is the goal of each individual and entity on the internet it seems.

The methodologies, positions, and postures differ from one to the other, but the common thread is in existence throughout. However, although the common thread of helping Humanity is deep in each case, the top and visible part of differing opinions causes much strife. Strife is undesirable as it only feeds emotion critters, and a unity of purpose and understanding is preferred. Given that disseminating this information to the rest of the world is clearly evident in the writings and messages we see on the internet, finding a path to walk on to the benefit of our Humanity is the second common thread that runs through all the information disseminators on the internet.

But, here’s the but, because of the amount of differing thought, opinions, systems (and checks and balances not quite evident for whatever reason), these provide differing paths to the exclusion of others where they are deemed as improper or incorrect. Strife is created at this point. This is clearly the point reached here with OITC and Landa, and OITC and others.

Each and every one wishes and intends the benefit of our Humanity from their particular system or method. The difference in approach and execution has resulted in attacks against each other, and has created a circus. Many times strife appears to be created for apparent good reason, but sometimes only for a differing opinion.

Regardless of the disparage between individuals and entities on the internet in their views, the common threads are what I choose to pursue to the exclusion of anything else. It is the one choice that makes the most sense to peruse, and the rest of the strife can go pound sand.

On the internet, different sources of information and real time events are disclosed for scrutiny by all, and it is from this the strife comes into being via these “he said she said” skirmishes and wars online.

We can see a good example in Karen Hudes. She is a lawyer and economist by discipline. As lead counsel for the World Bank for 21 years, she found financial information being fiddled (her words), and she of course reported that to the Audit Committee as was her duty. When no results came, and the condition persisted and was being ignored, she pursued the next level of authority. She went to the US Treasury Department. When that did not work, she went to the US Congress. When that did not work, she went to Ben Bernanke. When that did not work, she went to the people and the internet, where she is currently. Now, for whatever reason, her writings on the internet have come under attack as she tries to bring light on the events she knows about.

It is also clear by the above sequence, that the cabal is there by virtue of the reluctance of the various levels to look into the matter and set it right. The fiddling of the books is as corrupt as you can get, so it is clear the corruption runs deep.

Those on the internet are actually trying to do something about the human condition, and that is extraordinary by itself as such awareness did not exist until 2 university kids kick started it. But again, the methodologies by which each is going down some path that seems to make sense at the moment, are rubbing each other the wrong way and strife kicks in.

From the supposed Red Dragon, to the admission and acknowledgement of the one true authority of the Golden Dragon, to the revelations of collateral accounts and the purpose of the Alpha Omega file for Humanity’s prosperity, to many other startling informations of our times kept secret so long, the evolution of information that makes more and more sense as to how the pieces fit together on the world stage, has remarkably changed people and made them seek paths to help Humanity at this time. A change or evolution of consciousness if you will.

In this respect, I present the following for your inspection.

Firstly, in respect of your writings, I must remind you that in order to be guilty of a crime, one has to do a crime. Thus far, a crime has not been committed despite best efforts to prove otherwise. Statements made are just that, and we all know that it is very easy to make a statement without concrete proof as evidenced by the previous writing of the American Lawyer.

It is also very easy to say that certain pieces of paper called treaties and agreements and such were signed into existence on a global basis that prove validity and authority for the OITC. I have seen my share of fraudulent documents photoshopped to perfection. However, my understanding is that attempts to misuse and assemble the collateral accounts under one person of authority is impossible according to the rules. Is it possible that the OITC is mistaken in its assertion that it has full authority over everything?

As we all know, there have been attempts to re-assign the collateral accounts many times, and massive fraud has been attempted over time in their respect. Some specific ones were successful and detrimental to the condition of our Humanity. The corruption that was installed a while ago and which has affected us all in great measure, is now coming out to the open and is being dealt with finally.

The opinion of the OITC having jurisdiction in all matters to do with the global collateral accounts is of interest of course, but that statement contradicts certain informations that I was given in respect of bloodlines, responsibilities, the identifiers associated with those responsibilities. If the OITC is receptive, I can provide a poem that when answered back properly, can provide a clearer path for the OITC in its mandate to help Humanity and actually clarify much.

I feel that the merits and standings of the OITC need to be more transparent, instead of a blanket statements and dates of treaties that may or may not be valid according to the rules. I suggest you place such evidence directly on your website. Good transparency, and if allowed at this time, would be a good thing. It would clarify the other treaties and agreements made, and completed, with some ongoing for many as the sequence of events and treaties would make sense and clarity would be accomplished.

The adherence to the rules is of concern to me as they were set forth a long time ago by the Grand Father. These rules are for the safety of the collateral accounts, and indeed for the rest of the wealth of our Humanity. I will say that if the OITC has in its possession and authority: the sun moon elements with a picture of Washington and Victoria, then I will acknowledge the authority represented by that. If the OITC can state with precision the exact person in the Marcos bloodline that is currently in possession of part of the master codes to come out now, and knows what is to come, then I will acknowledge and it will put me at greater ease and I can help with something else. If the OITC can give me the Master’s identification code (that should be easy) or tell me his country of origin, or if the OITC can give me one of the earlier codes of Grand Father or his other name, then I will abase myself and recognize the OITC as the authority.

There are many thought to be dead, that are not. The Grand Father I speak of is centuries old, and installed the rules of the Keepers and the general conduct. He is alive much to the chagrin of the various people and entities that wished he was dead. He has investigated the current situation, and I can tell you that the general cleanup of many in Keeper positions is completed, and the inappropriate ones are already gone and blacklisted.

Long ago, the matrix was created for the entities of the UN, BIS, WB, Fed, etc., to be working together in a system for the benefit of our Humanity. These systems became corrupt because of the early shenanigans performed prior to Nathan Rothschild, and certainly later by him and his club of bandits. The cabal found these mechanisms of great use in subjugating our Humanity, and they did exactly that by misusing the mechanisms created for the benefit of our Humanity. Upstairs said point blank they were ready to lose almost all the assets to theft and stupidity, but as long as there was 10% left, that would be enough for the Reconstruction. Are you aware of this and if so, do you have connection to the entity that made and represents that statement?

Grand Father holds the keys and the authorities. I recognize him, the Master who has responsibility keeping the accounts safe from plunder, and a very few others of the royal level. In that respect, I do not know any Romanov and others you allude to, but I have talked with the supposed King and when I asked HQ about him, I was told that Santiago Martin was a fake and put there as a distraction with zero power to do anything. That makes sense and fits with what the OITC said. The same goes for Johannes Riyahdi and Wilfredo (the Willy) Saurin and a bunch of others. And don’t forget the biggest thief of all, Dr Albert Zvonko. He has caused much harm. So many of these idiots around. Like rats.

You claim the bonds everywhere right now being dealt with belong to the OITC. The legality of that claim is still to be proven I think as Grand Father has a different opinion. In history, the support of the historic assets had an origination point, one which was Queen Isabela of Spain. You can of course reference the AO file for her and the others responsible for that one. But the properties covered under OCT 01-4 Philippine archipelago code 010-L-50 as amended October 4, 1976 known as backup of managerial papers currency C-1-C-2-19-21-777 maturing 2005 are valid to this situation I was informed. I can continue to the involvement of Archangel Michael Almatin, the Order, and all the other things that happened, but what is most interesting here is the date of 2005.

This is when the Master attempted to do the change then with the 5 in HK. The change was tried many times, notably 2003, 2005, 2008, 2012. Each time greed and ego dominated and nothing happened. The meeting with the 5 in HK with the Master ended with all in agreement (eventually) with one abstaining stating (in essence) “if I die with the most riches (even if I can not touch them), I win so piss on all of you”. I trust you are aware and remember this attempt and result? This was a sad day as all was ready for launch at that time.

But I digress. In respect of the collateral accounts, from my understanding they can not be accessed or utilized unless all authorities having jurisdiction are in agreement. This is much like if a Keeper who wishes to access his account in his keep, must have (firstly) the approval of the governing authority, and two others must be present at the bank with the bank officers involved and in agreement. Then and only then can the account be released and become useful. I am sure the OITC can not dispute this rule.

In the same manner of a safety, the world governing authorities as above must be in agreement as per the rules set down by Grand Father. That is why attempts over the years have met with a zero success rate. Anybody that tried to access and use the collateral accounts or the main principal accounts that comprise the collateral accounts, had the accounts frozen, and were blacklisted by the Master by a red line drawn through the account on the monthly account book that was sent over to the Master by the Fed every month. I know this because he showed me this book and the lines through various accounts that were naughty. In this manner, the safety of the system was assured. Does the OITC know the entity that gets the books, and has the red pen? And what is the color of the other pen?

When you speak of the theft of the collateral accounts, yes there have been both attempts and thefts, but these thefts consisted of either one of two methods in the majority of cases. One I would think was to unfreeze the account as fast as possible before the next account report and get the money moved, and the other and most common was to block the account in an administrative block, and use it in a technical trigger for a credit line for the purpose of trade. All successful attempts like this made were met with the returns being placed back on the screens and frozen. Many accounts grew considerably by these freezes. There have been zero successful attempts to steal any of the collateral accounts or the master accounts, and I can assure you the collateral accounts are safe and can not be raped and pillaged. This was proven to me.

By extension, it is impossible for Landa to steal these, so your assertions to this effect are without weight or merit, and a correction should be published by you.

The checks and balances provided for the safety of the wealth were extensive, brilliant, and correct, and still are. Any attempt to steal these accounts will be met with the same freeze and non-usability as for the previous decades of attempts whether the OITC is present or not, as the Mater has jurisdiction and is responsible.

In passing here, I must mention the global gold as per the 1950 bilateral agreement created by Congressman Ferdinand Edralin Marcos, or as it is known as the special trust that contains just about all the world’s gold from the past. The gold comes from King Solomon’s era, the Conquistadors who took gold from the Inca, Yamashito during WW I and WW II, and others. He put this gold in the trust for 50 years for the benefit of our Humanity. He may have done things personally that were not so good, but Ferdinand never stole anything from the government or the people. He was and is a credentialed Chinese Family member and one of the high level Keepers (or Guardians if you will). Cleverly, he installed safeguards to prevent the theft of this wealth and used the statute of limitations as the mechanism to ensure the gold was provided to our Humanity. If nobody stepped forward to claim the gold and proved they owned it, the gold became Humanity’s gold. Many have tried to claim it, and failed. So the question I have is: who is the administrator of this gold now belonging to Humanity.

For further information, see the Bilateral Mines Field Breakthrough Successor Agreement (August 11, 1950) signed for 50 years gold reserve loan programme ending in 2005. There’s that 2005 time/date stamp again. https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/BILATERAL.pdf

As the Grand Father I speak of is a few centuries old, and holds the keys and the authorities, and is the one that originally set the ground rules for Keepers and Guardians, I believe I have correct information from the right entity.

Our only involvement is to provide the proper venue for the utilization of funds for the purpose of the Projects according to the 22 point Project Directive list on our website. Historic bonds, that may or may not belong to you pending clarification with Grand Father, are only one item that is being dealt with in the overall effort and comprises a very small part of our structure.

We have other sources of funds meant for the purpose of Projects that have nothing to do with the collateral accounts, so the collateral accounts are irrelevant and really of no interest to us. Your claim that Landa is stealing or attempting to steal collateral accounts, is incorrect and we again request a retraction.

The current authorities that seem to have the right credentials for dealing with the compensation of the historic assets (the bonds), are the only choice available that have credentials and authorizations dating back to Queen Isabela. Further, they are actually attempting to get the stolen property out of people’s hands and back into the system and consolidated with everything else that was just consolidated and will begin the change in a few days, and have the compensations used to benefit Humanity. Is this not the goal of OITC? Another common thread seems to be here.

The consolidation is pretty well complete from my understanding and intelligence reports from the Chinese Family side as well as the Europe royal side, and the GCR and RV are scheduled to take place early next week. Is the OITC cognizant of these events? Are they prepared for what is to come now?

OITC claims to be the M1. Ok fine. Be that as it may, it is certainly not the aspiring Swissindo who proclaimed himself as that, or Chang, or Lee, or a plethora of other so called elders that had some measure of wealth in their keep, and visions of being the M1. My understanding is that an M1 was proclaimed in secret towards the end of last year I think. Do not remember the exact time as that was not important for me to remember. But if such is the case, then the OITC could not be the M1. Ferdinand had something to say in this I believe.

In respect of the various elders running around with substantial accounts, they forgot their mission by virtue of not getting the right information passed down, and many thought that they were destined to be the M1. At least the Princess I met with who squandered over a trillion did not believe that, but still believed the China Trust to be the one, and was bamboozled into giving up her guardianship instead of trying to use it herself. I believe she was one of the innocents, but she still gave up her guardianship contrary to instructions and the rules and Humanity lost that piece she held for us. The majority of such Keepers all believed that they were the M1 for lack of a clear successor. Grand Father is pondering this, but he was not aware of the OITC when I talked to him about the OITC.

There are many more instances I can cite of such conundrums, but I have forgotten more secrets than I remember. So many things have happened, all extraordinary in terms of greed and ego, the driving forces of these attempts to rape and pillage. I used to know many details, but all of these have become irrelevant in view of the current state of affairs and the Work ahead of us now. The rest can be relegated to the history books, and being in the now is much better for the purposes of the Projects.

If the OITC is indeed the M1, that’s fine. It makes no difference to us or what we do, and how we do it. As I previously said David, if you have undertaken such responsibility of the position you hold (and it is real), I tip my hat. I understand what such a position is in terms of load. But I still can say that the OITC being M1 does not impact our goals or methodologies of delivery of help to our Humanity. We have our own funds and mechanisms to deal with those funds for the benefit of our Humanity, hence our past and current disinterest in collateral accounts. This paragraph is a clear and definitive statement of fact, and our official position.

The OITC should also be aware that Landa was the first one to advise everybody that held historic bonds, actually held and carried stolen material, because Keepers opened boxes of bonds, and sold them contrary to their missions and responsibilities. This created stolen goods that were, over time, sold and resold for good faith money without the knowledge of the real history. Other Keeper heritors were not passed down the full instructions, and thought the wealth they guarded was theirs for disposal and were confused as to why they could not touch a penny. All of these informations critical to the understanding of the historic assets were published by Landa or provided on conference calls to help people understand and to provide clarity to the situations. I would think that you would agree with such an action to educate and provide for clarity on the part of Landa, yes?

Our attempts to provide clarification are ongoing, but obviously I find your information is in some places contrary to my understandings. Attempting clarifications on several levels in a public domain that you have forced, is difficult at best as opposed to a private email and a telephone call. I can not provide certain detail that may be useful in understandings, as I can not violate the trust that was placed with me by others.

At this time, until we are understanding of the relationships proffered by the OITC, we have to recognize the authority of the UN, the WB, Fed, IMF, and the other regulatory bodies having jurisdiction. Interestingly, the authorities reclaiming the bonds have documents requiring that the holders of bonds acknowledge that the true owner is somebody other than themselves, and we revised many documents to address such issues. If and when historic bonds are compensated correctly whether by OITC or the designated authority we are aware of, and any funds are allowed for the Projects, we will utilize any allowed funds for Project purposes. I again state we are not involved in the collateral accounts and our focus is on Projects only.

Our understanding is that compensations provided are meant to fuel Projects. This of course begs the question as to whether the OITC has any plans or mechanisms to recover the historic assets, under what authority contrary to the current authority, when, and how the OITC plans to benefit our Humanity. If the OITC is successful in these endeavours and proves itself as the correct entity to handle these items, then we stand equally ready to utilize the funds for the benefit of our Humanity through the global Reconstruction Projects. Our direction has remained the same, and will continue to be the same since our inception.

In view of the above, it is clear that there is a much more here than meets first blush. I do recognize that this communication is actually an introduction that never would have happened without these internet forums that are used to disseminate information. The key to the usefulness of such is to utilize introductions in a positive way instead of the typical he said she said internet war venue that causes much strife.

On a side note and as I briefly mentioned above, it is of historical interest to understand that the beginning of global awareness regarding the cabal and the wealth of Humanity was started purportedly by 2 fellows at a university that one night said “hey, let’s put together a wish list and make it really cool and desirable and build a virtual next step for Humanity and fill it with really good goals and results and call it NESARA”. This exploded all over the internet and became almost a cult, and so awareness of a different path for Humanity was created.

Many since have confirmed the various elements of the Divine Plan here and there, and even by its own admission, the OITC is confirming that it is here to provide for the health and welfare of our Humanity. Seems to be a common thread in many places, right?

Whether the NESARA became a reality by Clinton or not, is irrelevant. What matters is that an awareness occurred of a different path for Humanity, and the world changed. Look where we are now. We are unearthing the reality of what has occurred in respect of the history of the world, global collateral accounts, historic bonds, wrong doings in the various bodies of authority, thefts, murders, cover-ups, and all manner of disclosure.

The opportunity in enabling clarity to reign supreme is here and now. How this and other matters are handled from hereon, is important to define for understanding on levels beyond the immediate “he said she said” would you not agree? Your current stance is that of assertion of facts that you believe to be true, and discreditation of other sources of information and suppositions. Clarity is really needed in view of the information I have provided.

The other parts to this picture are held by the current cabal dominated elements in the overall structure as evidenced by Karen Hudes inability to have fiddling corrected right to Ben Bernanke level. The UN, BIS, EU, WB, 300, Fed, Treasuries, etc. have clear administrative control over the assets at the moment, but we are aware that the corrupted control structures inherent in these organizations are being dismantled en masse and that is all being “fixed” internally for the Divine Plan to succeed.

These entities were created as part of the initial Plan, and were to serve as real-time service providers to Humanity. As before said, they were unfortunately corrupted over time, and are now in the process of correction as the royals in Europe and China are largely responsible for the safety of the assets and the purity of the control structures. Again, I can provide a poem if you so desire to provide another path and connection to another level for you.

We know that according to the rules, all of the above organizations are required to be in assent if anything is done with the collateral accounts. If there is no assent, the assets can not be used. No one entity or organization can use the assets unilaterally. Further, the efforts of the non-cabal side of authority has ensured that the cabal’s accounts were frozen and/or confiscated if there was theft. Remember Japan and the Rothschilds. One day the money was there, the next “poof”.

But back to my point that the schools of thought here on the internet all share one thing, and that is the advancement and help of our Humanity. The common thread.

The Truth filters up and becomes known because of this awareness. It is an inexorable and inevitable process and we are grateful for it. It allows the changes that must be made when the lessons are learned and gifts therefrom incorporated into our next iteration of ourselves – which is another way of saying “the I AM evolving towards its best form”.

What we have here is a blessing from one of those gifts. We have an awareness second to none because of the internet, and now we have become aware of each other. What do we do with this gift?

Do we squander it in the old paradigm of “sue the bastards because they do not think like us?”, and perpetuate the strife thing with the “he said she sad” thing? Or do we use the connectivity here to compare notes and evolve.

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives, and the evolution to living a full life is upon us. Why waste the moment by engaging in strife? Put aside the strife and the he said she said, come to a gathering of minds, compare notes, and make the path stronger and better for our Humanity. That is my suggestion and one that makes sense to me.

Since my understanding is a tad different from yours in this matter, and I carry a somewhat different perspective than yours, the resolution can be forthcoming from a number of ways the main one being from the centuries old entity that has full jurisdiction in most matters, including the collateral accounts to be sure. He also has a direct hand in historic matters by being there at the time, that being something that nobody else can claim. This is by virtue, as you say, bloodline. Ferdinand had the successive authority by virtue of his bloodline, which came from Grand Father. When Marcos will make a statement, it will be listened to I would think. But the source of the bloodline is quite clear.

I am sure that the OITC, Keenan, Fulford, Hudes, Anna von Reitz, Sheldon, and many others would just love to get away from this strife mode, and work together in enabling true help and service for our Humanity. I am not wrong here according to the evidence of the common threads.

From what I see, some OITC directives are in keeping with the Divine Plan and the intent of upstairs to create Heaven on Earth. The lack of clarity and cohesiveness in other facets of the whole, in particular the history (the real one), has an ongoing thread that once investigated, will bring clarity. This is why I counsel transparency and the comparison of notes, otherwise the pissing contest will continue to the detriment of our Humanity and play into the other side’s hands.

Then, the comparison and filling of the holes and tie-ins can be seen and a formulation to amend perspectives can be achieved. The decision rests with you and all on this global stage as to what is going to be done next.

If this communication and note comparison is achieved, a cohesiveness can occur. This is a path that is desirable and effective, and the forum of interests we utilize on the internet as far as blogs, information dissemination points, and networks of the right hearted and like minded folk that participate in the scrutiny of the informations posted, is an effective meeting ground of connection points necessary for the fulfillment of the uplifting of consciousness. Evolution occurs, right?

The evolution of our Humanity to the next steps we are to take in understanding our community both below and above, and joining in the effort to move past the highly undesirable strife, and progress and evolve into the next iteration of the human species, is what is required to be done now. The WE ARE have much to do and learn and grow into what we are to be here for for the next thousand years. This is actually a responsibility, and of the highest order of responsibility, to not only ourselves but those standing next to us and those across a galaxy.

It is all too easy to cause strife and sue each other, but why when we are striving for the same result. Would it not be faster if everybody compared notes, and worked together to make it so? Would that not get the rest of the show on the road much much faster without the negative dynamics of strife?

Your message was strong and kept focus on the old paradigm. It was presented well. Dwelling there does no real good anymore as we must of needs evolve out of the strife mode, and decline to provide more food for the critters. Humanity will evolve, and the only thing we as people can do is work towards that in clarity and Truth to make it faster to the next iteration of ourselves. This is desirable and effective. As I said, we can do things much better and much faster.

In view of the above, you have some choices to make. To continue in the old paradigm, to choose to compare notes, to pave a path for the benefit of Humanity, or to continue to threaten and beat some drum and maybe with good justification. I do not know your thoughts other than the ones you portray, but regardless of the back and forth, the rest of us I am certain will progress to the Reconstruction Projects and leave strife behind.

You can respond publicly or privately, it matters not to me. But be aware of one overriding thread through all these aggravations and issues between you and everybody else out there: you wish the best for Humanity as much as the others wish the best for Humanity.

My question is: why is everybody fighting if everybody wants the same thing. Rather strange, yes? Creation of strife is the goal of the cabal, and you and others are progressing that agenda. Please stop, and look around and ask what’s that sound.

So other than eloquent slaughter of factual information, and the inexorable demise of logic, there is really nothing here that can not be put on track and resolved to the benefit of Humanity regardless of who is right or who is wrong.

I await you response. Hobie, please give David my personal email if you would, but really it should be Mr Doug Jones, Exec.VP Historic Assets at doug.jones@landachinaglobal.com that should be addressed in regard of historic assets and their disposition. It is late and I must get back to real work. Much thanks.

Kind regards
On behalf of and for
Landa China Development Investment Corporation.
Jerzy Babkowski

Thanks to: http://www.rumormillnews.com


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