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American Lawyer re David Crayford, ITC / OITC, True M1, Global Debt Facility PART 1&2

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Part I: American Lawyer re David Crayford, ITC / OITC, True M1, Global Debt Facility

Posted By: igots2no [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-May-2016 11:15:29

American Lawyer writes:

This is a time of tremendous change, and when I first started to write this article I began with a desire to dig into and discuss all the transformation we're experiencing and what that might mean in the greater scope of things. Who is really responsible for life in action, and what might we be able to do about it? I wanted to examine the greater metaphysical and spiritual energies and forces that are affecting us dramatically on a second by second basis.

Of course embarking on such a discussion would necessarily lead one back to the need to understand what it is that we are really about as Humans on this planet we call Earth. The original questions of origin, purpose, and our relationship with God, our Creator, would flood back into mind. Today, discussing God in any sort of public forum could quickly lead one into a deep sand trap quagmire of opinion. People will judge you negatively and think you're a religious nut or a spiritual crank. Or they'll label you to be an enemy of their own belief systems or religions; judging you as being 'different' for you adhere to a God of a different path.

The idea or concept of God can take on very unusual turns and manifestations in its own right. One might say my God is better than your God. Or a member of the Judeo / Christian God sect might believe their God to be better than any other God. Religious ideology is often confused for spiritual religious belief and true worship.

And then there are the Gods of the Underworld. There's Satan and Lucifer, and people worship these negative energetic entities with fervor, sacrifice, and death. There are the Greek Gods and their Roman counterparts. Then you can get into the idea that throughout history supernatural multidimensional like beings materialized on Earth and dominated entire races of people, acting as if they were those peoples' Gods, so to speak, to terrify them, trick them into sacrificing their children, and leading those God fearing people into wars of domination, control, rape, murder, and total chaos and subjugation.

In my experience in life, my relationship with God entities has been extremely painful and confusing at times. As I've gotten older, and the deeper energies of wisdom have integrated into my Being, I have loosened up on my grip of the God aspect of life and shifted toward understanding what Creation is, and what might it exactly be that created me. Who or whom or what that Creator or those Creative Energies actually are.

So then I get back to the purpose of this letter, and I was going to make it a thank you letter to God for all that he has given us, and that's when the voices, both material and intuitive, started to slap me upside my head. They warned me of turning people off by talking about God. They said I should not write an open letter / prayer to God for fear that my reputation would be ruined. That people would think I had become a crank. Or a religious Zealot. Or worse.

And I thought, well, okay, what's going on here? Would my reputation really be affected if I wrote an open letter / prayer to God and thanked him or her or it for everything, including David Crayford and the ITC / OITC / Real M1 and the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility? Should I really care what other people think?

Do I really have a reputation to start with? I'm American Lawyer, this detached voice over the cyberspace airwaves, laying out, along with David Crayford, the first truthful track in history regarding the world's financial system and operation. How it really works. It's such a crazy and dangerous arena to be in, that I can't even use my real name. I've been threatened, my writings have been attacked, and there are those who don't want American Lawyer to talk about truth in global financing and its relationship to the Collateral Assets and Accounts under the ownership and control of the real M1, the International Treasury Controller. They want the lie to continue, the lie that pervades all media, mainstream, alternative, Internet and otherwise.

I wasn't sure whether I even had a reputation to worry about, but the point of these suggestive voices was taken well by me. I would now be more careful with how I addressed this piece to the People of every Nation of this great World, and try to better explain why consideration of the Creator is important, and the Creator's creation of the ITC / OITC and David Crayford too is very important.


Belief in our Creator allows us to expand, consciously, and to grow as soulful, Spiritual Beings. Understanding the Creator's purpose for us is important for our development and survival. We are here in materialized form on this planet to learn and to grow through life's experiences. We are not here to suffer and to be dominated. Ultimately that's not part of the God Design of existence.

The Creator has provided to us, through the Global 'Hierarchy' and the Royal Families of the World, which include but is not limited to, Bloodline Royal Families from China, Europe, Asia, Russia, and Africa, the Combined Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. These same Royal Families of the World, legally represented by the Global 'Hierarchy' by and through Secret International Treaty, have appointed the ITC to be Legal Heir, Owner, and Sole Arbiter to all that makes up the Global Debt Facility. There is more wealth in the Collateral Accounts and Assets than the rest of the world combined owns. We're talking about the Rothschilds, Bushes, Rockefellers, Clintons, oil companies of the world, and all the banks, including the IMF, World Bank Group, the Federal Reserve, and all other worldly wealth, all thrown in together.

In fact, the IMF, World Bank Group and the Federal Reserve were all originally funded through the Global Debt Facility. They still steal from the Global Debt Facility to finance everything they do, to remain fictionally solvent.

That's how big and important the Global Debt Facility, the ITC, and David Crayford are to Humanity. And that's why I wanted to thank our Creator for giving them to us. The Truth is that the incredible Treasures and Divine Wealth or God’s Wealth which make up the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility were placed here to be used by first the former M1, Ferdinand Marcos, and now the second International Treasury Controller, to implement into the global financial system by backing each currency of each of the Peoples of all the Nations of our World. To back the global financial system with Collateral Assets and Accounts that bear tremendous Spiritual Energies and value and benefit all people, not just the Banksters and their families and cohorts.

Our Creator has also provided us with heroic Divine Beings such as the International Treasury Controller, the True M1, David Crayford, David Sale, and many other Divine OITC Agents the world over to oversee this Divine Wealth (GOD'S WEALTH), and to make sure that it is utilized to benefit all of Humanity, which means all Peoples of all Nations on this planet Earth, not just the Cabal Thieves thereof. This is the work of higher Divine Beings for our benefit. It is being done right now. And the veil of secrecy is slowly being lifted.

We have even witnessed converts to our Divine track of thinking and writing. I specifically think of Anna von Reitz, who appears to have transcended her presentation of who she says she is and what she believes. For instance, she's only using one last name now, and she doesn't go by her made up title of Judge anymore. She's also displayed a willingness to publicly concede that the CV and GCR are actually fraudulent mechanisms of theft against the Global Debt Facility; while the hand of Divinity reaches to her, telling her not to be afraid to step over and become one of us.

We the People of this World are in desperate straits, and we truly need the Creator's help. “The World is on fire!" as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and others have been saying. And we need help now.

This planet was created by our Creator, not by us. But it is our job to save this planet. By doing so, we will save ourselves. That's what the Collateral Accounts and Assets of the Global Debt Facility are all about.

Humanity's survival is dependent upon our preserving the life and spirit of Earth. If she heals so do we. That's why the Creator made available to us the Collateral Assets and Accounts that make up the Global Debt Facility. They are legally and spiritually made available to us by one means only: the ITC / OITC / M1.

Assets of the Global Debt Facility were not intended to be made available to Humanity through any bank funded fake humanitarian organization or unreal CV or GCR. They're not to be accessed by any government or politician. That's why we're actually going to have to fight for it. The thieves are stealing the Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility to set up a parallel financial system in coordination with the corrupt Western banks. They will then give us, the peons, a credit financial system, while they steal the actual value and assets for themselves, and try to integrate this stolen wealth into the new financial system of the East, behind Russia, China, and India. It's a stopgap financial measure and it won't happen. Gold has DNA that is identifiable. The thieves will be caught and denied.


The war we have to wake up to and fight has been going on for quite some time and it's a big war. It's the War on Humanity. It's World War III. It's not a conventional war using conventional armies. It is a war that uses information, finance, assassination, disinformation, special operations, and things like that. Ultimately, it really is about the psychological process of deciding what we as a species are going to do in the future.

What is so ironic is that there are those amongst us who have claimed spirituality, divinity, and humanity, but are all trying to steal Mankind's future. They're trying to steal all earthly species' futures. They're trying to steal the Collateral Accounts and Assets of the Global Debt Facility.

That's why I truly am, as I believe others should be, so grateful for David Crayford and his efforts to spread Truth and to fight so hard to get the Truth out to all of us. And who is David Crayford to be the recipient of all this earnest praise?

David Crayford is one of the most Divinely powerful Entities on this planet. These are my words, not his.

In his own words, David Crayford is "Legal Advisor and Consultant to 'The International Treasury Controller.'"

The new International Treasury Controller is the second ITC in the World's History. The first one, Dr. Ray C. Dam, was character assassinated, overtaken, arrested, and nearly murdered back in December of 2010, by those acting on behalf of the rogue aspect of the U.S. Government and her Allies.

As a result, the Divine Global 'Hierarchy', which is comprised of the Human / Extra Terrestrial connected Divine Bloodlines, met and appointed a new ITC. The present International Treasury Controller is the man for whom David Crayford speaks, for whom I applaud and fully support.

And this is kind of where part of the problem is that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was referring to. The new (2nd) ITC's identity is Top Secret. I asked for a CV, and the OITC would not give me one. They said everything is Classified as to the Who, What, and Where of the new International Treasury Controller, because his life is in constant danger.

The reason the ITC's identity is such a secret is, again, in Mr. Crayford's words, not mine:

"It is required that the new International Treasury Controller be allowed to freely do his job to bring the Collateral Accounts into order after many decades of abuse and fraud, whereby to be able to perform his duty it is considered his anonymity for a short time would best serve the purpose as these dangers are real and active, whereby the Nations and Royal Families of the World do not desire to continuously appoint new Treasury Controllers. Such need for continuous appointments can only be disruptive to the enormous amount of work to be undertaken, ultimately causing delay after delay in bringing the Collateral Accounts into order for the benefit of the world and its people. Another factor here is the fact that there are less than a handful of people in the World that actually hold the fullest experience, knowledge, and understanding of the complexities and the history of the Collateral Accounts, all of whom are over 60 years of age and who are also tasked with educating and training the younger generation (Please Creator, help them with the enormous amount of history there is to learn) to eventually take over the position of the International Treasury Controller to ensure continuity. No one can learn all there is to know on this issue in a few years. If one says 25 years minimum, then they will know sufficient to be competent in this matter without any one of them being one-sided and biased not having previously worked within the banking and financial world."

It is my understanding that because of the dangers and the aforestated Secrecy issues, David Crayford works in seclusion and retirement from advising another very strong Spirit of Divinity and Truth, the present OITC Senior Global Envoy, Deputy ITC, David Sale. Yet, due to his unique experience and knowledge of the subject of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, David Crayford remains working with us, the Divine Servants of our Creator.

In the meantime the battle for control of this planet has taken forefront, but in a way that has been invisible and / or a mystery to most people. Satanic Culture has been fused into the hybrid Bloodline presences on Earth, who included the Rothchilds and Adam Weishaupt. Through the Secret Societies, which they summed up as the Illuminati, they agreed long ago to infiltrate all Divine Human social structures, overtake and destroy them.

In turn, they would destroy God's Bloodline Children. The most important of these social structures to control and dominate Humanity through was the global financial system. And the Royal Families of the World, who are of our Creator's Divine Bloodline (which we need to remember), understood this fact.

Wars to commit genocide against these Christians of the Divine Bloodline and to steal all of the Divine Wealth (God's Wealth) ensued. In the 1800's, the Royal Family Bloodlines of Earth met, and came up with the plan to save Humanity and all Species on Earth from the extinction the Satanic / Soulless Bloodlines were trying to create. That's when in about 1850 the Royal Families of the World created the Global Debt Facility, a consolidation of all Royal Families' wealth to be utilized for the benefit of all Humanity, which means all Peoples of all Nations of this planet Earth.


The people of the Nations of the World are rapidly waking up to the fact that the Treasures and Riches that make up the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility is God's gift to the world. It is not ours to take or to own. It is ours to take the Spiritual Energy that is to be derived therefrom. What do I mean by this?

As has been taught to me, our Creator created the Spark of Spirituality that eventually became us, the individual, the I Am presence here in material form on Earth. We have been created in God's image. In other words, we are of the same Divine Spiritual Bloodline that created our Creator.

Those of other non Divine Bloodlines do not share our same Divinity, frequency, or vibrations of energies, although it is my understanding that they could do so if they so chose. We who originate from the Spiritual Bloodline of Creation can tap into and benefit from the Divine Energies of God, one of which is the Global Debt Facility.


According to the International Treasury Controller, the Global Debt Facility is a combination of International Collateral Accounts and Assets that "are an accumulation of reserve funds, physical precious assets, various Financial Securities and interest accumulated in interest bearing accounts over centuries." These include assets that date back thousands of years, but they were primarily curated from 1850 to the present day.

These precious assets, funds, and Financial Securities have been set aside historically by Royal Families, Nations of the World and concerned wealthy individuals, such as Saint Germain. The Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global debt Facility is the title given to the facility provided "by all the assets and accounts to aid in the efforts to eradicate, 'to the fullest extent,' the suffering, burdens and debt of the People and their Nations, and encourage the stable economic growth and expansion of ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD."

The Collateral Accounts are comprised of two humongous foundations, Foundation Divine and the Heritage International Trust, that were created through a series of International Treaties and Agreements, secret and otherwise, that were made over many decades by the Royal Families of the World, under the Schweitzer Conference (Innsbruck, Austria, 1964), Schweitzer Convention (The Hague, Netherlands, 1968 and revisions thereof, 1972, 1984), and 1998 Washington Panel.

The Collateral Accounts are all about the backing of currencies and financing of nations and corporations around the world to give them meaningful value. So a Collateral Account will be an inventory and valuation of those items which are available to stand behind a nominated currency, and ensure its long-term soundness. Each such account is held for one 'client', usually a dynastic family who amassed great wealth -- in the form of physical resources centuries ago -- and has built on that wealth since. The Royal Families of the World have irrevocably committed these collateral resources to help keep the international money system stable. So the collateral used to do this can be gold, silver, or other precious metals; or land, oil or other mineral deposits, or perhaps even the work capacity of a nation's people. It is never Fiat money.


Another reason I wanted to write an open letter to our Creator was to thank him or her for giving us the real M1. There's a lot of fakes out there backed by Banksters and rogue American government and military agents, but there's only one real M1. And I know who that is. And we should be grateful. It is the International Treasury Controller, and I really am thankful that it's not one of the imposters. And I know for fact, and have been provided with much information from very reliable sources as to what in fact the M1 has been up to and what he is doing with the Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

The true M1 is the Master Holder or Master Custodian of all of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. The true M1 also wears the Title of International Treasury Controller. So the International Treasury Controller is the same thing as the ITC / OITC, who now for the first time in history is also the M1, the legal Custodian of all Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility.

The Global Debt Facility is the Divine Wealth that former M1, Ferdinand Marcos, had attempted to bring to the People of the Nations of the World back in the last Century in the form of the Global Settlements Treaty (1980), before the Cabal unceremoniously character assassinated, deposed, jailed, and murdered him. The first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, also received the same fate, but with an attempted murder as the result. Why is that? Because the Cabal is Satanic / Luciferian in makeup and they don't want God's Bloodline Children to survive and thrive so that we can learn Truth and grow spiritually.

If you were blessed enough to get to look at a true and correct copy of the Top Secret Last Will and Testament of Former M1 Ferdinand Marcos', you would be able to read and see the proof of Divinity in the relationship between the Global Debt Facility and our Creator. In his Last Will and Testament, which was used to secretly pass Legal Title of all Assets of the Global Debt Facility to the interim M1 (before the Cabal and Cabal Stooges could steal it all, and murder Marcos), the former M1 / Lawyer Marcos made many Spiritual references and utilized the language in a very powerful, almost Biblical manner, and most probably for very good reason.

Some examples of profound spiritual language found on the Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos:

"Spiritual King Soloman of Israel."

"General Holder of the following Assets and Properties entrusted to me by the Eternal Creator for the benefit of the People..."

"Spiritual Wonder Boy Account"

"Alpha - Omega Account"

"For the welfare and benefit of the People..."

"KEEPERS AUTHENTICATOR and ARRANGER of all Physical Precious Commodities such as Gold, Diamond, Silver and Platinum."


The History of the Collateral Assets of Marcos' Will, which was stated on the Treaty itself, bears proof that Marcos was in fact the:

"SOLE HOLDER of said Assets and Properties that entrusted through channeled events from King Bernardo Carpio or Spiritual Judge Samson of Israel who shared his testimony over shared treasures." This has now been passed on to the present ITC / M1.

The Divine Global Debt Facility Treasures referenced in the Marcos Will included, "...acquired from Foreign Traders an Alpha - Omega Ring with an Old Test Printed Paper from time of Adam into Noah into Prophet Moses, Judge Samson, King David and King Soloman of Israel..."


"...Spiritual Bathsheba of Israel; which those treasures way back time from year 965, were agreed upon and executed by and between King Carpio and Foreign Traders such as Mongols, Korean, Indians, Malays, Japanese and Chinese indicated that in exchange of trade and loan from the Philippine Islands which the Islands were very rich from Physical Gold, Silver, Diamond and Platinum Mines..."

The spiritual tie in to the language of the will is uncanny and unmistakable. Today, in trying to analyze the ITC / OITC / M1, and the Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, I have to ask myself


In her writings, KAN DAEK, has made reference to the 'Two Davids', and she too talks of the Divine Leaders who today represent God's Wealth. But who are the Two Davids?

They are David P. Crayford and David A. Sale.

And why do the Two Davids represent the Divine Wealth that is the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility? What is it that is so significant about this name, David, in legally owning, managing, and controlling the vast sums that make up God's Wealth? And then we must ask about the totally Classified as Top Secret ITC / M1? What is his real name? Could that person too be a David? Could there be three Davids? And, if so, what might be the significance of this?


Through history and Scripture there have been many references linking the name David to the workings attributed to God. Thus, it would be no coincidence that 'Davids' act as God's Spokespersons through the OITC, the House that God built, that houses his Divine Trust.

We also know through Scripture and true history that, of all the great Patriarchs of the Old Testament, David is among the greatest. Msgr. Charles Pope calls David a "Warrior and King, composer and conqueror, unifier and organizer, a man after God's own heart."

Pope says that David "united not only the 12, often fractured Tribes of Israel, but, as a kind of priest-king, stitched together the religious faith of Israel with its governance. King among them, he also collected and disseminated the great prayer-book of Israel, the Book of Psalms, composing many of them himself. So great was David, that among the most well known titles of Jesus would be, 'Son of David.'"

So again, we are tempted to ask, who are these two, maybe three Davids? And why were they chosen and appointed to represent God's Trust? There's no question that there was something about Biblical David's heart that God loved, but what was it? Whatever his later flaws, David had a heart for God, and God had a heart for David. Upon Samuel's anointing of David, the Scripture says: "And from that day on the Spirit of the Lord came upon David in power."

Could the Two maybe Three Davids be Bloodline representatives of the Creator here on Earth? Ron Edmondson says David, who history seems to have declared the Greatest King of Israel, offers further proof. First, he quotes from Acts 13:22: "After removing Saul, he made David their king. He testified concerning him: 'I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.'"

Which David do we have here, now, representing the ITC? Are we talking about the same kind of Divine Being referenced above, kind of a three-headed leader for God's Bloodline Children?

In previous writings, Edmondson posted his truth of "this truth of David being a man after God's own heart." Edmondson listed ten traits to describe "the heart of David as seen in his own (Biblical) writings."

They are: Humble, Reverent, Respectful, Trusting, Loving, Devoted, Recognition, Faithful, Obedient, Repentant.

These are the same traits I have come to know and understand in my dealings with the personalities / characters that are the Two Davids of the ITC / OITC. This is part of the reason I have come to respect the work that David Crayford and the ITC / OITC do. This is why deep inside my heart I recognize the Divine significance of what they are trying to accomplish, what Ferdinand Marcos had tried to do, which was unceremoniously discarded by the Cabal and their shills; what the Assets and Accounts of the Global Debt Facility truly represent.

King David's example is a great road map for how we all might want to live our lives. All we can do is work hard for these men named David. The rest will take care of itself.

Thank you dear Creator! Thank you Davids, for doing the Creator's work.

Thank you David for fighting so hard to overcome Goliath. We are David. The Monster Goliath is the Cabal and banks and Mainstream Media and all the Cabal Shills who work together to dominate and control us, the People. I like our chances. The domination and control will end.

David will beat Goliath. Guaranteed. But we need to help him. We need to help the Two Davids, and the ITC, who quite possibly the third David.

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Part II: American Lawyer re David Crayford, ITC / OITC, True M1, Global Debt Facility

Posted By: igots2no [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 26-May-2016 11:17:47

American Lawyer writes:


When assassinated former Beatle John Lennon told the media way back when that the "Beatles are more popular than Jesus," he was right in a way. All those young people of that day were following the Beatles into hysteria, and yet, at the same time, they paid little attention to or had little belief in God or Religion. That generation was more concerned about alternative escape or material gain than spiritual growth.

But times have changed, and today, people are listening more to what their hearts are telling them. We are reading more and learning more Truth about the Divine Bloodline Descendants of the late great Jesus the Christ, who are now rocking and rolling on stage here on Planet Earth.

They are the ITC / OITC. They are the Benevolent Ones who are responsible for the implementation of the full energies of God's Wealth into the financial system of this planet. They are legally responsible for the Collateral Accounts and Assets.

We, the People of the Nations of the World, are now dancing to the tunes of the Global Debt Facility. The full force and affect of the Collateral Accounts and Assets will eventually be made available to us through the new global financial system emanating from the East, on a Nation by Nation basis, as soon as some major prerequisites and conditions are met legally by International Treaty between the countries and their leaders, and the Collateral Assets and Accounts as legally represented by the ITC.

Eventually, those from the West, who are stealing for themselves -- under the guise of creating a new Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank Group, BIS, and other Central Bank aligned global financial system -- the vast fortunes and treasures of the Global Debt Facility will be caught, prosecuted, and imprisoned.

And this will give cause to those of us who are not yet dancing, to feel the rhythm and to stand up. To grow with the spirituality that glows and warms from within. To become as a whole what Humanity is meant to be.


In part one, we talked about who David Crayford is. Here, we track Mr. Crayford's last response to reader JC, which was actually one of the more Spiritually powerful and poignant articles I've ever read. It punctured my heart and filled it with hope for Humanity. It was a Masterpiece of the Soul for the Soul. It was David Crayford's and the Creator's hearts melding into mine. It was a painting of the landscape of the People of the World's relationship with the Royal Families of the World and the Collateral Accounts and Assets therefrom. I hope JC, and others, who are searching for higher frequencies of Truth took note of Mr. Crayford's words.

I have broken David Crayford's piece into eight pertinent parts, all of which I have followed with my (AL) observations and comments:

1) DC "The wealth referred to is GOD'S WEALTH, otherwise known as 'DIVINE WEALTH' owned by Foundation Divine. It is not the people's wealth as you claim. As it is GOD'S WEALTH, then GOD has the right to decide who controls and manages that wealth, so that it is used carefully and professionally for the people."

AL: In Part 1 I analyzed why the Global Debt Facility is truly God's Wealth, for the People, not of the People. We the People do not own it. We don't own anything, really. Man's laws are made in the pattern of domination and control and they dictate what ownership really is. But man's laws are made by the Cabal Overlords to subjugate God's people. And that's us, folks.

The ownership laws are a tool of domination and control. We Spiritual Beings are here in materialized 3-D body form to learn the Wisdom of the Ages through our personal experiences and lessons. It would be absurd to believe that Cabal Shills I have previously referred to were born to own what a third party, being someone who he paid and directed to steal from a Gold Depository belonging to the ITC that was off in some distant Nation on the other side of Asia, would steal. Why should any of the Cabal or their Shills, or anyone else for that matter, be able to take ownership of something that not only isn't theirs, but was placed on this planet by our Creator for the benefit of all Humanity?

2) DC "Furthermore, do you honestly believe that GOD can trust the people? They have the opportunity to elect people to administer and manage their country, which they do, but what an almighty mess they make of that opportunity to elect the right and decent people / politicians, who only bring their country to its knees, with corruption, greediness, selfishness, belligerent attitudes, ineptitude, etc...with impunity. The people do nothing to correct the situation. Honestly JC, do you really believe that GOD would trust the people with all this wealth, to elect a person or party to manage this wealth when they make such a mess of other things?"

AL: This is exactly what happened when the Royal Families of the World put the Global Debt Facility together, and tried to share it with Humanity. The Satanic Banksters stepped in to steal it. First, in the form of Treaties. 178 Nations of the World signed the Treaties. These included the United States, Great Britain, and France. It was to start a new financial system to benefit all Peoples of all Nations of the World.

Operating through the governments of these Allied Nations, the Cabal Banksters ignored the Treaties they had just signed and waged war against the Divine Wealth (GOD'S WEALTH). Their goal? To starve and murder Humanity. Their plan was to steal the Divine Wealth, consolidated under the Collateral Accounts and Assets of the Global Debt Facility, and use it to solidify the global body that would starve and murder Humanity. They would wage war on and destroy any country that tried to utilize the Assets of the Global Debt Facility. The TTTGC and their rogue Agents believed they had won when Marcos was murdered.

The Cabal Banksters had to guess again, because the first ITC, Dr. Ray C. Dam, was appointed by the Global 'Hierarchy' in 1995, to accomplish what former M1 Marcos had been prevented from doing, and that was to implement a global financial system utilizing the Divine Wealth as the engine. Now, this task falls onto the second ITC.

3) DC "GOD dedicated people who he could trust and rely upon, and from there to their successors, and so on. That way he was certain in his mind that it would be managed and administered in a manner that would be totally beneficial to the people. Yes, it is the bloodline, so what, this bloodline, whether you want to believe it or not, is Benevolent and that is why GOD chose same."

AL: That is why I believe we have the Two Davids, David Crayford, David Sale, and the Classified Top Secret ITC / M1, whatever that person's name might be. I believe the Two Davids to be Spiritual in nature and of the God Bloodline, their Blood thicker than mine. But those of us who understand our Spiritual Bloodline connection to our Creator are grateful to same for entrusting his Divine Trust with the Two Benevolent Davids, and the ITC. They are God's energies in action on Mother Earth.

4) DC "Just imagine (well you don't have to imagine too much) what would happen if the wrong people got hold of this wealth, as they did in 1945 with the TTTGC. There was so much, in fact an enormous amount of Fraud and Theft going on, that even GOD's chosen one, Ferdinand Marcos, couldn't fully control it. He ended up dead at the hands of America and the CIA. The TTTGC created an almighty mess of the whole thing and they were removed. Now it is back in the hands of GOD's chosen ones and the mess created has to be cleaned up."

AL: This is what JC and all others who have not done the correct research need to understand. Ever since the Spiritual Royal Bloodline Families created the Global Debt Facility, they have been terrorized. The Cabal Banksters murdered the Russian Tzar, his family and Ministers, and 100 million of Russia's Christian population. The Satanic Cabal demonized the Turkish Government, who waged Genocide against Christians, Armenian and otherwise. Satanic Bibi Netanyahu continues Genocide against actual Shemites / Christians, whom he derides as Palestinians. The rogue U.S. Government continues to arm Satanic Proxy armies in the name of ISIS to genocide Christianity in Syria, Iraq, and the rest of the Middle East. The Satanic Banksters led Nazi Proxy Armies into Poland and Ukraine to murder Christians and to steal God's Wealth in the form of Gold and other Treasures and Assets.

5) DC "Your statement, quote 'THERE ISN'T A COIN, INGOT OR TON OF GOLD SILVER OR PLANINUM THAT WAS CREATED WITHOUT THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET PULLING IT OUT OF THE GROUND AND PRODUCING WHATEVER IT BECAME. CROWN OR CEPTOR. SCULPTURE OF DINNERWARE. IT WAS NOT PRODUCED OR CREATED BY ANY ELDERS, ROYALS OR DRAGON FAMILIES OR THE CABAL. IT WAS CREATED BY THE HARD SWEAT OF COMMON PEOPLE WHO CREATED IT.' Yes, agreed, and at the time they were paid for their labour, so they have received compensation for their hard sweat. That doesn't mean they own this wealth. Whether the payment they received was adequate compensation for their hard sweat is not your problem and not ours, not GOD's. That is a man made situation and since those early days some progress has been made in conditions of employment."

AL: Even more important, JC, let's apply what David Crayford is saying to today's world. Last month, it was reported that Donald Trump was preparing for "an assault against the private banking system known as the U.S. Federal Reserve." Now if we've done our research, we know that the Fed was initially created utilizing Collateral Assets, much of which were provided to the Fed by the Tzar of Russia in 1913. The Fed would not have originally been financed to begin operations without the Global Debt Facility Assets. Pretty much ever since, all the Fed has done is steal the Collateral Accounts that have been used to finance the Fed, and wage war against the world to control and dominate the people, and control the Assets of the Global Debt Facility, no matter which country they are to be found in. So the Donald wants to now eliminate these Cabal driven psychopaths from existence.

According to what has been reported, Trump plans on conducting "a full audit of them (the Fed) for the first time in their history, and to fire its present leader, Janet Yellen." Now, imagine if Mr. Trump really does this, and what that would mean. It would mean what I just said, that our U.S. President is going to "attack this private banking cartel that has, for over a century, continually plunged the US (indeed the entire world) into needless wars and economic depressions so that its around 300 owner - partners could become the most powerful people on Earth."

A major issue here is that the foreign shareholders of the Fed treated the Global Debt Facility Assets and Accounts that were placed therein, by International Treaty, under American Custodianship, as if it were their personal property to do what they wanted with, which is exactly what Reader JC suggests we all do with the Assets of God's Trust. And look where that attitude has gotten us today. Fighting for our very existence as a species.

Donald Trump's anger against the Federal Reserve, and Russia's too, began in 2011 when the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) discovered, during a partial audit, that this private banking cartel had secretly lent to European banks and corporations a staggering $16 Trillion of the American people's money -- while at the same time tens of millions of U.S. citizens were thrown out of their homes and jobs so these oligarchs could get even richer. Have you noticed lately Reader JC that children are starving to death in your and my America by the millions? They are poisoned by chemicals, infection, and toxic metals. America's children are malnourished but not European Banksters tied into the Shareholders of the Fed. They're the ones who stole the Collateral Accounts and Assets of the Global Debt Facility -- God's Assets -- that were intended to benefit Humanity, and acted as if the Assets were theirs to own and give to their Kabal Kids and Cabal Cronies.

6) DC "On another point, you have the IMF, World Bank, BIS, International Finance Corp., and others, who control a lot of your life and the lives of others, but you have no opportunity whatsoever to elect officials who manage and administer them... Isn't that a bit unfair JC? Yet you are postulating about a subject which you know very little about, screaming it's the peoples, when you should be postulating about another subject that affects you and others far more. You want the right of the people to be exercised, then start with man made things such as the IMF, WB, BIS, etc and let us get on with our job for GOD to help the people in a proper manner so that the benefit is felt throughout the world."

AL: Reader JC, listen and learn with clarity as I take you and the World back to fact. Quoting from the aforementioned report, "With the Federal Reserve cartel, also, itself owning nearly $4 Trillion of the U.S. Government's debt and mortgage securities just two years ago (as the American People continue to suffer)...Trump's 'master plan' to destroy these bankers is mirroring the, likewise, plan against these oligarchs launched on June 5, 1963 by President John F. Kennedy five months before he was assassinated."

JC, they're talking about God's plan, which is what it is. Who do you think former American President Kennedy was working with? God, that's who, issuing his plan through the Divine Being that was President John F. Kennedy. This was a time in history when several of the Creator's Chosen Ones worked in unison on the plight of the Global Financial System with God's Wealth. You had Marcos, the M1 and legal 'Holder' to the Global Debt Facility, Indonesian President Soekarno, and Kennedy. A Divine Trio if I have ever learned of one.

The aforementioned Security Council report relating to Trump's 'master plan' to destroy the Federal Reserve by using the "JFK model" in order to restore American sovereignty, is summarized below:

"During the year of 1963, President Kennedy began a series of Executive Actions to take back control of America's money (and monetary policy) from the Federal Reserve that included his ordering the U.S. Treasury to begin printing money again (something it hadn't done since 1913) and issuing Executive Order 11110 authorizing some of this official government (not Federal Reserve) currency to include certificates backed by silver."

Silver that was Assets of the Global Debt Facility. The critical importance of President Kennedy's actions, this report notes, "lie in his following the Coinage Act of 1792 that established the silver dollar as the unit of money for the United States, and instituted the death penalty if anyone tried to debase it. However, in barely less than a decade after President Kennedy was assassinated, all of his efforts to free the American people from the economic stranglehold put on them by the Federal Reserve (and following, exactly, the U.S. Constitution) were undone by his two successors -- President Lyndon Johnson, who signed the Coinage Act of 1965 smashing the American founding father's Coinage Act of 1792, and President Richard Nixon, in 1971, who shocked the world by ending America's obligation to pay its debts in gold."

And thus those Cabal Thieves operating the U.S. Government, U.S. Treasury, and the Federal Reserve at that time were able to, in their clouded eyes, free themselves from the Treaty obligations of how they were to utilize the Collateral Accounts that had been tied to the U.S. Dollar. They could now print their own money, claim ownership to it all, and do with it as they pleased. And they have ever since. But that's about to end. Thanks to our Creator. And the hard work of the Divine Beings of the ITC / OITC and our Divine Gift that is the utilization of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility for our benefit through the new gold backed financial system arising out of the East, out of Russia and China, out of BRICS, the AIIB, and all the 'gold backed' financial institutions arising out of Asia and the World.

7) DC "Your statement, quote 'IT BELONGS TO NO ONE ELSE BUT US.' Get real JC. It is to be used for the people but it doesn't belong to the people. You obviously haven't read any past postings of mine otherwise you would never be saying such ridiculous things. Some people, in fact quite a large part of the earth's population, just cannot look after what they already have, so how on earth can you expect such people to manage such vast wealth, they can't. They can't even elect decent people to administer and manage their country either, and most of all, if they are not GOD fearing people and do everything they personally want to do, do you not think that GOD will take his revenge eventually. Take the people who followed Moses into the desert. Whilst Moses was up on Mount Sinai, roughly half of the people doubted GOD and MOSES. They involved themselves with Drugs, Drink, Prostitution, Gambling, and all sorts of things which were against the 10 Commandments and GOD's will. The 50% eventually went their own way and were lost in the wilderness of the desert, never to be heard from again. The other 50% followed MOSES and eventually found their sanctuary as MOSES told them they would. NOT UNLIKE THE SITUATION IN THE WORLD TODAY, IS IT."

AL: David Crayford is right. The important question for all of us right now, and one you, JC, should really be thinking about is this: What is our plight as one of God's Creatures? You, JC, probably have a spark of Divinity within your heart. I can feel it breathing. So what are you going to do about that? Are you going to continue to look at the Bible and Hate. Then you'd be like all the others that have, or are stealing the Divine Wealth. Those men look at words in a paragraph and hate the page. They've sided with the Luciferian following Cabal Shills who want to steal the Collateral Assets. So you've got to ask yourself, where does that leave you? Where does it leave any of us? Does it get us into God's Kingdom? Does it get you into what Eckhart Tolle called a New Earth? Or does it keep you locked here into Eternity, with all the low frequency, soulless, non Divine Bloodline types, fighting each other for control and domination, dying to own each other.


AL: There has never been a more important message to Humanity. Get real before you fall foul of God. That's brilliant advice.

It coincides with what my Divine Spiritual friend has been saying. "And you ones supporting the big giveaway which is not going to happen won't be getting a dime so I suggest you dark ones drop your websites of manipulation and the rest of you who follow this bullshit, grow up. Because the sorting is going on and where you go next IF YOU GO because a lot of people are checking out of eternity...should be important to you. Dark side who doesn't get out is going to a very bad world.... I think you should ponder that one."

It's something we all should ponder. There is going to be no CV or GCR or Humanitarian international corporation giveaway. They are all frauds against the Divine Financial system and God's Trust. They are a form of psyop to make us believe that, financially, we're going to be just fine. The truth is, the bad guys are soon going to be checking out, this I feel confident of. And the dark side who doesn't check out? They're going to a very bad world.

Which will have nothing to do with the Divine World David Crayford, OITC Senior Global Envoy / Deputy ITC David Sale, the International Treasury Controller, the OITC, the M1, the Royal Families of the World, the Global 'Hierarchy', the Divine Bloodline Beings, the mixed Bloodline Beings, and me, your humble and Divine sideways spokesperson, sort of, will inhabit.

Lastly, again think BRICS. Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. How does their financial system really work? Think Global Debt Facility. Think God and the Two Davids plus the ITC, whose name still remains anonymous.

And understand what this means:

"...should Trump's 'master plan' be successful, all current debt obligations of the U.S. Government would 'disappear / evaporate' instantly leaving the private Federal Reserve banking oligarchs responsible for them, but which they couldn't pay because the U.S. Government wouldn't give them anymore of their taxpayers' money. And to those nations, corporations, institutions etc., holding this debt, the 'plus / upside' would be Trump's returning America's money to soundness based on gold that without the Federal Reserve's constraints is worth $40,000 an ounce -- and, perhaps, makes it more understandable as to why China has been on a massive gold buying streak, and just this past January, Russia became the world's largest buyer of gold."

The Creator's gold.

God's People.

God's Spiritual Bloodline.

The Creator. Global 'Hierarchy', Royal Families of the World. Russia. China. M1. The ITC. Global Debt Facility. The Two Davids.... Lots to be thankful for. All we have to do is understand and realize it.


Finally, I recently noticed these comments on RMN (in reference to Raye Allen's Birthday) that support and reinforce what David Crayford stated previously to Hobie, about the Truth rather than opinions:

A very warm and healing birthday to you, Rayelan!

You have fought the good fight, leading the way, exposing the true nature of the greatest threat to freedom and prosperity in these times. You have been marked for assassination, and survived, lost the soulmate you loved, seen your website infiltrated by the CIA's psyops more than once, and they are here no more.

Been betrayed by those you thought were allies, at great cost to your purse and health, and are constantly in the crosshairs of the latest electromagnetic gadgets they can throw at you.

You are still here. Even when you don't post for weeks on end, you are still here.

This Rumor Mill has evolved into a self - maintaining, self - perpetuating bastion of truth. But always, you are here.

The "Bastion of Truth".

I couldn't have phrased it more appropriately. So let's do that, put it all aside, all the opinions and conjecture, the speculation, supposition, etc., everyone, please, Hobie. Everyone. Many Blessings... And let the Truth ring out.
Thanks to: http://www.rumormillnews.com


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