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Taming The Shrew

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1Taming The Shrew Empty Taming The Shrew Mon May 30, 2016 11:30 am


Taming the Shrew
Happy Memorial Day,
“Let us commemorate life in lieu of its transient nature!”

If you had the ability to do anything, to change whatever you wanted, what would be at the top of that list?
Most would probably go for wealth before anything else, but then what. Would there be any concern for the bonfire in Canada or the insane temperatures around the globe, and everything from tornados to volcanoes. And what about those bankers, those bunkers, the provocateurs of propaganda, the Consortium of caveat.
Then there’s the air’s, the waters, the foods and big pharma. But lets not forget Aunties tumor, martial rumor, Fed’s on crack and Men in Drac. The list would be endless if one were to itemize, then of course there would be the mounting opposition from those mysterious forces that are fond of misery, counting calories in chaos. Like Captain Ahab they sail upon electromagnetic waves for the chance to HAARP-poon the great Whale.

But as we know there will always be hidden side affects to any renovation project, for how can one begin to anticipate the myriad of hidden variables. If you calm the sea there will be no wind for the sail and if you create a deluge to counter the forest fire, sediment will clog the streams. Nature herself can be harsh, but it’s not premeditated, though weather can be when used politically. Just look at the droughts in California and think for a moment if you were a vile creature how could this situation be used to your advantage? Presumably most will have difficulty slipping into the mindset of Dr. Evil, but while Evil need not turn water to wine,  just the cost of it will be sufficient, for when water reaches the cost of wine there will be no more wine at the tables, just whining, and the water, well, you do the math.

Our natural resources are our most coveted treasures, but we must ask ourselves are they ours or are they being brokered like commodities. Perhaps we will be paying for air next, and one look at the skies may be as convincing as any infomercial. There is another unalienable right that’s being alienated as well since it too is being brokered by aliens, and that’s the right to light. Do you think all the fore mentioned problems may become obsolete if overnight the frequency fences vanished allowing the frequency of the planet and humanity to bust loose? I would surely buy a ticket to that show!

I ‘m sure many are thinking “c’mon Val the wardens of this prison have had it on lock down since the plunder of Eve’s hiney”, but who’s to say that Eve herself wasn’t already “stranded”? Just because some god (geneticist of destruction) cultivated the modern version of humanity, does this mean you’re their property, like Monsanto Corn? For even if you’re a stalk of Monsanto Corn, who provides the light, the water, the soil and the original blueprint. Better still who provides the morphogenetic field under which all flower? Any mad scientist can screw with the nature of source and throw Patent Pending on the label, but skipping the production cost means the product becomes organic and that which is raised organic is a product of source not sorcery.

Getting back to the light.
Let’s say you had a device that creates light and it was buried in the attic amongst your granddads old junk, then one day while cleaning out the clutter you stumble across it. Your curiosity gets the better of you and you begin to investigate its principle use. You switch it on and off a few times, then start to see subtle changes in your environment. Of course at first you just consider these coincidences. But something intuitively draws you back to the device and you begin to experiment on a deeper level. Then one day you forget to turn off the device and begin to day dream, letting that little imagination of yours run wild and the emotive juices really begin to flow. A few days pass and something truly astonishing begins to unfold around you; the reality that was before quite static and structured begins to morph to coincide with your day dream. But again you begin to lose faith and chuck it off as nothing more than co-incidents. You decide to store that old device back in the dusty attic feeling silly about the whole incident. But when you look for the device its nowhere to be found.
The moral to this story is simple, if we deny our own light we will lose the potential to use it, the attic is of course our mind and granddads clutter becomes our junk DNA. Our intuition (feeling) always points to our hidden potential, though due to its intangible subtle nature we often let logic dictate the outcome. So I ask you who’s the warden of the prison?
When we talk of light we can define it many ways; it’s consciousness, it’s information, it’s the mysterious photon, it’s particle and wave, it’s multidimensional and it’s healing, just to name a few. But more than all the above “it’s transcendent and transmutational, which means it has the capacity to restore any organic structure including planets. Another thing interesting about light is that it can’t be used for dark purposes because it’s conscious, and has a sort of magnetic repulsion zone. Which means that those who work with it will be quite repulsive to certain places, people and things that are energetically reversed.
Bringers of the Dawn, by Barbara Marciniak (1992), a classic that still fits well with mainstream talked much about the need to anchor this light into the planet, though it’s been said that only certain individuals will hear the call. But what it doesn’t describe in detail is what happens during and after such is accomplished, other than it being able to raise the frequency of the bodies within and without. But is raising the frequency of one’s environment enough to counter the infestation and proliferation here? You bet!
This is not some weekend workshop technique one need learn, those vessels that are inclined have all the tools required, it’s just anchors away, albeit in moderation since were still dealing with a fragile and delicate situation. Like healing, the body is a fulcrum not a receptacle, and within our solar system light is minimal and pulling light from the Sun will lead to CME’s. But fortunately were close to the photon belt. The wonderful thing about channeling light is there need be no directive, it goes where it’s needed. And be careful when packaging and sending light without permission to those who are in real need of a dose, some who are a bit checkered might think their under attack and in reality part of them will be. When anchoring into the grid or earth core always give mother earth a heads up out of respect, so she knows the score and always hold peace and love in your heart for all of creation. This will help buffer not spook the local wildlife. But be sure to send plenty of light to those dark subterranean causeways, they always appreciate that ;)
Foundationally light is the matter substrate that makes up our light body and the Avatar considered our crystal body, which is our 12D, 12 strand source. Pulling light in through our higher spectrum is also possible when we open the vertical causeway known as our chakra centers. Once one opens their 8th chakra all becomes elemental as they establish a good healthy pillar of light. This pillar also is regulated to ensure one is not overwhelmed along with local infrastructure.
A good definition of the constituents of light can be ascertained in Voyager’s II by Ashayana, but it’s as technical as it is lengthy. But if one were to paraphrase the contents of a single photon packed with 800 billion Partiki, one would find the unified field has no shortage of this subatomic matter considered the pre-substance of all creation through Partiki strands, which does resonate somewhat with string theories. Basically these strands crystallize to form what are defined as Keylon’s which are geometric patterns of Partiki strand composites. Keylon’s are the basic building blocks of blueprinted crystalline templates, frequency, levels of consciousness, biology, dimensionality, space-time and basically the morphogenetic field which all matter’s built upon. Though it is the base coding of the Keylon’s that determines if a form will be vegetable, mineral or man.
Our bodies and the higher aspects thereof carry an abundance of light codes that are dormant at this time due to the double helix strand lock, but the keys that open these locks are the Keylon’s which we call light codes or light and the more one works with light the more this scrambled material comes back into service. Eventually light workers who overcome their limitations will be able to use light for just about anything through their own coding, knowing the liquidity of creation. Though this is available to the average Joe they must be willful enough to break their own programming, and even with frequency fences blocked the psychology of the individual can remain unchanged without work.
Not long ago while taking lunch at a sidewalk café I bore witness to a large swarm of Bee’s crossing the intersection. No doubt the Queen was relocating, and although very few took note of the incident above their heads, I was spellbound. In many ways Bee’s mirror the larger spectrum of the Time Matrix symbolically. They fertilize and pollinate creation while accumulating nectar as do light workers, and like the Bee’s large numbers of light workers have been decimated by their environmental conditions.
The Nefarious forces here have anticipated this moment in earnest, knowing full well that the frequency fences would become difficult to maintain. For decades they worked on a solution that would offer greater control without the need for external apparatuses that were susceptible to attack. Ironically and systematically the Nano revolution was introduced subversively to allow those inquisitive technocrats the opportunity to explore its usefulness. But like the nuclear age before the seemingly organic evolution of the project had a dark directive which used human ambition to over ride human intuition. The old paradigms of programming through propaganda are giving way to direct human interface that makes voice to skull technology seem primitive. For now Nelly Nanite gets her programming from Skynet while being under the impression its of her own free will, thereby removing the obstacle of choice born of reason. I’m no prophet, but there is a distinct possibility that if something doesn’t change soon we may be looking at the last generation of organic minded, for the new breed of cattle may not need a police force in the human capacity.
It sucks when close relations join the spooks and although you forgive them, you know in your heart that simple moral corruption has cost them dearly. This hive mind mentality is not exclusive to the defense industry and can be delivered by a simple vaccination or oral dose; no chips required. The Zika virus scam is poised to infect millions and they will try to pass legislation to ensure its success, but don’t be fooled. Keeping ones frequency as high as possible is still the best defense because all electronics including nanites have a base frequency range that operates close to human hertzian resonance. But as we know just contemplating peace, love and gratitude raises our vibration exponentially.
I can’t say if an infusion of light will counter the machine heads and unfortunately a cure is not yet available for the infected, but by raising the frequency collectively we can help what’s left of the organic medium before all goes the way of the Tin Lizzy (Reptile robot). Raising the base planetary frequency can also over-ride frequency fences to pull more out of the trance. It also sends the Draconese in a frenzy because they fear the loss of control even in their own ranks. But don’t expect them to rollover and watch the rebound for a Drac attack is inevitable after each infusion. But if you signed up for this mission you know that’s all par for the course, just keep your cool and check their advances when you can. Let’s give the negotiators a chance to keep things civil and give peace a chance. I could go on about how negotiations are going but the subject matter is more pretentious than this article. Just know you’re not alone and although the process is slow progress is being made.
We must understand that everything we do that is considered out of the realm of ordinary carries a ripple effect, not only for this planet in its current time and future but for all worlds across the Universe and beyond. Perhaps now you can understand discretion and the dynamics of energy conservation. Having the ability to change the state of reality does not entitle one to exercise said right. Let nature take its course and be patient, keep things local at an even keel, use your talents to enhance nature and humanity and stabilize the planet. Don’t let the monikers taunt you into an emotional tizzy, they are only testing you with war provoking antics. Stay centered in peace and firm in commitment.
Good bye!
Val  5/29/16

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