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Aug 4, Al Jazeera - "Counting the Cost - Money for Nothing"

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Aug 4, Al Jazeera - "Counting the Cost - Money for Nothing"
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 13-Aug-2012 02:12:11
(Thanks, S. :)
Reader S. sends us the link to this video. Thanks to YouTuber AlJazeeraEnglish

- description:
From Lehman to Libor, scandal and even criminal activity has stalked the banking sector, so are the bankers, and the banking system, out of control? And with banks failing the West, does Islamic finance have some answers to the world's money troubles? Joining Counting the Cost to discuss these issues are: Professor Jem Bendell of the University of Cumbria and Tarek El Diwany, a senior partner at the Islamic investement and finance consultancy Zest Advisory. We also speak to David Fishwick, about his decision to take on the banks and the system which regulates them, to set up his own small-time bank for everyday people - the 'Bank of Dave'.


'and your chicks for free'- :lol:

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