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The Matriot

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1The Matriot Empty The Matriot Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:35 pm




Another Independence Day upon us, though independence from one tyranny may only open doors for another. Independence as a word should represent not being dependent in body, mind and spirit, but of course this holiday is about the historical triumph of one aspect of the body politic seeking independence from the worn out ideals of its fatherland. Hmm, interesting concept here!

The last time I checked the Earth was still dependent on the Sun and children dependent upon parents and large populations are also dependent on social systems, in short physical form and its subsystems are fundamentally dependent. Independence therefore has its limitations since it will always be limited to semantics, philosophies and the character of the global brain (mass consciousness). We may be able to love independently in demeanor but this won’t alter loves cultural conception.

To think thoughts independent of the matrix is not difficult for anyone who recognizes contemporary programs designed to steer the conscious focus of the masses, cultural paradigms are shaped and conceptual realities coaxed thusly. The web weavers have been successful with dissemination through propaganda catering to emotional sentiment, but the effectiveness of such tactics has weakened with the expansion of the global mind. Of course with electronic communications their leverage has never been so opportunistic. Now we have dramatists selling sentiment in bloody masquerades on a Shakespearian level.
“Sire, thy seed bareth thou loomed fruit.”
“Aye, the minstrels of minutia tarry thee well; sound the horns of fratricide for no bent ear lingereth!”
Independent thought, though analytical by premise, can become habitual by nature. Our lives are scant without adversity, though we habitually address such adversity in customary fashion the opportunity to experiment seldom surfaces. We continually undermine our mental instinctive muse because we are of the belief that a thought by and large carries no abstract weight, which is of course the conditioned response. Do you believe for one moment that web weavers think within these parameters?
Let us consider the weave for a moment; most are far more skilled at the weave than they realize. A weave is just a grouping of congruent thoughts catering to a stimulated change. Thoughts catering will be refined and assembled in geometrical fashion where each refined thought represents a tangent point where the lines of flux interconnect to create a pattern. In the early stages this may resemble a two dimensional shape or fractal and most never go beyond this stage of development. Taking the weave to its 3D level requires investment like laying plans for a house, most begin with a floor plan, then there are elevations which are added which serve as the exterior walls and roof which give us a structured envelope. But even at this stage the interior is ill-defined and until we are able to connect to the living environment on an emotive level this 3D balloon can still be swept away in a stiff wind.
The guts of any weave is the heart which can only be reflected by what you are holding in yours, so you can’t feign only refrain. But herein lies the onion in layers; the superficial, the distorted, the ego etc., all cling for sustenance. Getting to the heart of the matter to that true source of force may be a tiny gem one need sift for in subtle fashion, for if it carries the essence of material maelstrom it is but a distraction from the true wealth that lies beyond. Many are under the assumption that the tiny seed atom within flowers through external cultivation alone, but a garden cannot be cultivated by planting flowers upon the perimeter.
The physicist may synthesize the mechanics with words like coherence, implosion and recursive fractallity, but words like faith, will and feeling supersede techno-speak, technology will always fall short of nature’s own illuminated path inward. The heart is in many ways akin to a star-gate energetically, those who pass through this gate become bi-polar in a positive sense (balanced). Our dominate self serving nature dissipates along with narrow mindedness, for the heart is wise. Judgment begins to retreat as everything suddenly becomes kindred and precious. This is transcendence, not some Hollywood drama pushing nano-techs.
Enter the Matriot;
You will find no such word in the English dictionary between matriarch and matron, and this is no accident. The patriot we all know well, though it stems from the father (Patriarch) and the fatherland (place of origin). Today’s patriot is anyone who feels a sense of duty in protecting their place of origin and its inherent social systems. While anyone protecting their lawful rights or land from abuse can be considered patriots, today most associate patriots with military personnel and rightly so, for anyone willing to put their lives on the line regardless of their beliefs are indeed patriots. It matters not if the country they support is ruled by corporate policy. Nor that the turf they seek to occupy is adjacent to the land owned by majority share holders who happen to dabble in defense contracts and the continued expansion of international corporate assets. Sure the soldier can be compared to corporate security forces or even merc’s, but to the average soldier who doesn’t have a clue, their core beliefs hold no distortion of patriotism. These are our children so we will love them regardless.
Patriots in heart still honor their flag and rightly so for many have died for the symbol we covet as representative of an ideal we hold dear. We personally have died for that flag more than once, during both the Civil War and WWII and many like me reincarnated. But as we know nobody fights for a flag really, save Nazi’s, it’s emblematic, representing an inner language without words. But often our conscious and unconscious emotional attachments are used for ignoble enterprises. Could corruption at the higher echelons pull a flag over innocent eyes to further their twisted agenda’s while brainwashing our kids into fulfilling dirty deeds? The use of a national symbol for irrational international and domestic subterfuge through pseudo psyche propaganda is insidious. Our flag is not for sale, to be used as a brand for marketing military mischief where war equates to research and development for the manufacturing of tools of death for the highest bidder.
The Matriot;
Just as the patriot is no longer singularly masculine, the matriot isn’t gender specific, but would denote a kindred spirit toward the motherland (Mother Earth). Those who engage themselves in the protection of habitat, species, natural resources, or even the above average concern for the welfare of the planet and all life forms fall into the matriot army. They may call you tree huggers, but in truth there should be a healthy balance between patriots and matriots, for what would be the point in defending a country only to come home to scorched fields and poisoned wells, or worse that share holder you were fighting for just bought the parcel next to yours and is planning a Fracking operation.
I don’t know the insiders take on Fracking, but we can’t live without water and have been existing for centuries without gas, but gas pockets may be a problem for subterranean activity, so the two may coincide. Perhaps they feel safe from zombies down there, or they fear Nibiru will lay a trail of waste. Maybe it’s just me but I would rather be hit by a tsunami than live like a lizard. Preserving life is important; I get that, but the guy in the lab coat who has DNA experiments in a jar wouldn’t be my first choice for a room-mate. Besides, what’s so great about this two stranded bag of water on a stick anyway, I know it only takes two hands to wave a flag but light bodies don’t need diets, while carbon units use more fuel than any combustion engine and adding to one’s life span won’t help matters.
Perhaps our specie was indeed breathairian at one time, but upon Mother Earth everything that breaths eats as well, so it’s possible that there never was anything in 3D that followed that rule, so don’t go blaming the Anunnaki and the Drac’s just yet, nor ask what’s on their plate. All species in the lower quadrants are farming and mining, and at times I feel that the farming is just there for the benefit of the mines. Although we may not like ET mining on our turf humans were minors long before the industrial revolution, so all must go down if they want to go up, unless your Merkaba is fully functioning, which would of course excuse you from 3D and its carbon requirements.
Weaning off Carbon is a process which involves planetary ascension, for elements can also go through a metamorphosis along with the morphogenetic fields they inhabit. As the pulsation rate of any governing body increases all matter follows suit. Angular rotation of particle spin is only one aspect of a shift which begins at the solar level. Those who fear Nibiru don’t see that this system works as a catalyst for particle conversion during a critical period when we are being bathed in galactic energy. This benefits both star systems which require periodic boosts within their chemical makeup to sustain them. Now I’m no physicist but I’ll try to paint a layman picture leaning on a bit of elementary physics knowing well that any 3D version I can offer will still resemble chaos which is what Nibiru typically brings every 7 out of 8 passes. But the 8th pass is the one that matters; think musical octave and add the word crescendo.
If we put a horizontal line through the center cross of the number 8 the line would represent the galactic plane, while the loops could represent the path of our solar system. The 8 symbolically is representative of infinity or infinite; coincidence or co-incidents? When we install the line the new symbol looks a bit like a butterfly, hmm. One could look upon this fertile region as a womb, where the sign of Aquarius and its embryonic aqueous nature takes on a new gestative quality. We are aware of only our little reality plane within the loop, but let’s pretend there are not only others ahead and behind, there are other loops as well.
Lets imagine two large torsion fields, our Sun’s being considerably larger, while the smaller of the two (Nibiru) is swirling in an opposing direction with an orbit that is at a right angle to the plane of our solar system. The elliptic direction of this smaller torsion field will subtly affect the projection of our solar system at the Sun’s polar regions, even as we pass through the dense forest of the plane of the Milky Way. Our solar system bobs up and down through this spectral forest, even though one bob could be considered a sidereal epoch, one of the reasons it spirals up and down is due to the action of the Nibiru elliptic torsion field which acts as a magnetic counter weight. Now some would think that Nibiru is dragging us into celestial darkness so therefore it’s must be negative, but one can say this about the earth when it rotates away from the glowing Sun, though we know the benefits of a revolving planet. If the solar system were to stay in one place within the galactic arm it would affect this spectrum of duality to minimize our conscious evolution born through revolution. So revolving is evolving in this density, not to mention gravity loving space missiles are a plenty in this part of the forest.
Theoretically two opposing energy systems repulse one another, so a collision is unlikely. But being in close proximity does create some interesting interactions, for upon their fringe attractive forces will be at work, and it is here at the molecular level where a frenzy of particle excitement creates some interesting prospects. Some of this activity will result in rare elements like heavy hydrogen and helium 3, but who knows, the sun itself may just be a giant electron that wants to become a proton, though its genic energy will be renewed in a etheron gestalt. But because of our galactic geographic location there is more occurring than a few 3D particles dancing in the light, we must consider the entire plethora of weird science. We may come away with a whole new periodic table of elements that are just the higher equivalent of whats existing, where through new spin and oscillation rates all may exchange atomic footprints for something lighter creating a frequency explosion.
The merging of density zones is another factor yet to consider. Time parameters that are ahead of us by a couple clicks of the zodiac are currently occupied by future humans, and they are dancing to different music. There is also an anti particle universe to consider, and alternate probability fields. This planet can split like the vesica piscis, the separation may take minutes or millennia, or it may go the way of Atlantis. But who can say if there was or wasn’t a true ascension period that took place on Atlantis 26k ago, we may be experiencing the part of earth that missed the boat while those future folks are living off star dust and rainbow water, with 4 strands and 24 chromosomes thus far. Sure it’s unlikely, while the greater truth of what happened during that period was erased from conscious memory for good reason. But because of that event there is a greater awareness as well as resistance, although one wouldn’t think that humanity is poised to defend against such, I would beg to differ. For although there’s plenty of outside assistance at the ready there’s also a sleeper army here within the fold that are quite capable of defending their turf without aid of any technology which goes far beyond what Marvel Comics can dream up. But you won’t hear of them on CNN.
One question of this secondary torsion field would then be of whether this was an inherent design from the get go, for although binary stars are not all that rare they may or may not be a natural occurrence. Perhaps if one sifts through the stories of Tiamat some light may be shed. Nibiru being 4D construct like our Sun has a dark cousin which exists within the time distortion field commonly referred to as the phantom matrix. Planetary cording is similar to specie cording in a sense but requires technology to accomplish because these chords are wormholes that require not only a local planetary interface system but local hybrids who know the technology and methods of controlling the masses herein through frequency modulation. However these days there’s other nefarious race lines that wish to plug into our organic energy source to maintain their putrid existence, but through worm-hole technology it goes beyond sucking energy when portal bridges can be made large enough to inhale the morphogenetic fields of planets.
Matriots come in many forms, some are but galactic nurses on the maternity ward that remind the body to breathe while checking vitals, others guard the perimeter to keep out disturbances.
Here in the heart of creation divine will be done, many will come to know multiplicity of self as species reunite, illumined spandrels echo communication in hyper form while a galactic community gathers at the hospital in ecstatic anticipation to await Mothers new born. The divine Falcon heralds once again, they name her Eris (heiress); she circles the gate of the underworld (earth) rekindling the spirit of Horus to restore order from chaos while the armies of Set retreat to the darkness of their caverns. Matriarchs of the Matrice lie in waiting as the Sun rides the sacred Bark through the dark hours (3 day particle conversion). A rapture of sorts, for all bodies are energetic and energy carries polarity. The wheat from the chaff; what side of the bed one rises from, depends on which way one leans one’s energy.
There’s a surreal irony when the word terror becomes associated with the name Isis, for the ancient mythos shows Set as the dark lord sought to do to Isis what he did to Osiris. One can argue that the name Isis has no subliminal undertones, but on the occult level the implications are obvious, for Isis is the embodiment of the divine feminine or the organic creative source which could be called the soul of the time matrix. Though the name Isis is but a Greek version of the true name, but fear not, there’s lots of room on the love boat, moored between the docks Time & Space, but no flags are upon this critical mass. No tickets for sale like the ship of fools, and no baggage is allowed, all that’s required is the willingness to let go of worn out ideals.

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Thanks Val

Excellent piece!

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