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RIP Vatic Master

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1RIP Vatic Master  Empty RIP Vatic Master Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:57 am



The Vatic Master is DEAD!!!

With sadness and respect, the Vatic Project announces to its loyal readership that Ms. Pat Rydz -- also known to the online conspiracy world as the Vatic Master, prophit0, & artist2@skywerx -- escaped her earthly bonds and bodily pain on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 11:18 pm after a brief stay at a hospice in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. She has gone to the eternal paradise where the likes of Mae Brussell and other strong, intelligent, and outspoken women for justice & equality have gone before and welcome her with open arms.

Forty-three days shy of her 72 birthday, Ms. Rydz kicked the bucket after several years of health issues that little by little took their toll and a cancer that finally kicked her dead boney ass into the funeral home's furnaces for family (blood- & chosen-) to squabble over her ashes, for her monetary estate was nothing but a hoarder's treasure in a rented single-wide manufactured home. Not one to mince words, she called it as she saw it and is laughing in heaven (finally without a smoker's hack) at this description.
RIP Vatic Master  PatRydz_2016

Ms. Rydz was a veteran of the US Army, having served admirably as a nurse in the Vietnam War in the mid 1960's. After her enlistment, she attended Green River Community College and became the first female student body president, elected by a margin that broke voting records at the institution. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Global Economies; she later went on to obtain a Masters degree in Finance.

Upon graduation, she became in the early 1970's the first female research analyst for a State House of Representatives. She was made Chief of Staff after one year, and was nominated as an Outstanding Young Woman of America in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Rydz has always been gracious with her knowledge, as was evident many decades ago in her tenure as Chief of Staff, where she trained the female interns from other schools to do research and more than the clerical help for which they were hired. She looked back fondly on her research talks to varied audiences, particularly those of senators and representatives, so they could make more knowledgeable decisions.

Ms. Rydz joked with me earlier in 2016 that she came to Pegosa Springs kicking-and-screaming at her then husband for relocating them from California (San Diego and Chula Vista) to such a strange, small Colorado mountain town near the New Mexico border and coincidentally close to the mysterious Dulce, NM. But she fell in love with the town and couldn't be divorced from it, unlike her husbands.

This is the portion of Ms. Rydz's obituary where some much beloved by Ms. Rydz, good old fashioned, bat-shit crazy, "conspiracy theory"-style speculation gets some play regarding her past, because otherwise this wouldn't be hers.

Ms. Rydz wasn't close to her real family made up of re-marriages, half- & step-siblings. Two brothers whom she hadn't seen in over 30 years made a trip to Colorado to see her (and her worldly assets) in the late Spring of 2016.

Ms. Rydz was married possibly three times so may have had (according to Google) former names Patricia Bader and Patricia R Mcdonald. At least one of her marriages had an amicable divorce from a loving husband, owing to Ms. Rydz's inability to bear children. Among the many obstacles that Ms. Rydz faced and overcame in her lifetime personally & professionally was the negative attitudes that sank below simple male chauvanism (& mansplaining) through misogynistic antagonistic behavior to outright criminality exhibited by men, sometimes closest to her.

At some point after relocating to Pagosa Springs, she owned and operated a successful mortgage brokerage business. Actions of a business partner -- I believe her husband at the time -- relating to the stealing of company bank accounts, skipping town, & shacking up with another woman that lead to its insolvency and the gateway to her dire straits. Later, the story with karma goes, Ms. Rydz had a hand in some of the additional charges against John Melvin Davis, AKA Gunkid, that got him locked up in jail. According to her complaint to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Davis had broken into her Colorado storage unit and stolen "several assault rifles, hand guns, some gold, silver and other ... items." (2006-07-06) (2005-07-25)
RIP Vatic Master  Rydz_Jewelry_01
After the mortgage business venture, eventually Ms. Rydz pursued her artistic passion for creating jewelry with spiritual resonance, Puttin' on the Rydz:
"Custom design semi-precious stones and precious metals (gold, silver, copper); Costume jewelry (glass beads, curls and base metals)." As reported by Leanne Goebel on December 12, 2005:
Jewelry is a big holiday gift item and Pagosa Springs has options. ... Newly opened Puttin’ on the Rydz also sells semi-precious gemstone jewelry created by local artisan Pat Rydz. Rydz work is much larger and chunkier than the petite work of bead artist Kathryn Cole at Crazy for Beads (River Center).
Southwest Elegance Gallery and Gifts (February 10, 2015)
New from Pat Rydz! Pat has been very busy creating new and wonderful works of art. She is a local Pagosa Springs artist with a flair for the feminine yet bold. This piece is a unique blend of turquoise and copper and would be a perfect fit with any outfit.

Ms. Rydz was an informed and concerned citizen, and participated in local politics as what officials would most likely label and attempt to marginalize "a citizen agitator", because she was speaking up at public hearings about bad-shit & corruption. In briefly google-stalking my internet friend, I am intrigued about how TPTB (the powers that be) managed to get Ms. Rydz disqualified from a Recall Petition of Robin Schiro (2007-12-12); must be some damn good true conspiracies at play there. Real democracy involves letting the citizens be heard & their complaints acted on, like Ms. Rydz's public comment on smart-meters for utilities (2014-07-01): "Ms. Pat Rydz said the Town Council should not vote to puts the health of the citizens at stake."

The desire to share research & knowledge beyond her local community is what drove luddite Ms. Rydz to participate in internet forums (such as alternet.org cerca 2010) while authoring cumbersome daily emails in Microsoft Outlook sent to large distribution lists and running into issues with her skywerx provider. It was around this time that Ms. Rydz accepted my advice & assistance to refine her internet outreach, start her blog, and create her legacy: the Vatic Project.

Ms. Rydz lived on the fringes of the economy for over a decade, maybe even most of her adult life, for all I know. Since our internet friendship, she was always one car repair or one dental bill away from absolute desperation. Pat Rydz [said in tears 2014-08-06]: "If it wasn’t for [Veterans for Veterans] … I’d be homeless."

Even in roller-coaster health, Ms. Rydz remained passionate about her conspiracy causes even in the last month of her life (2016-06-03):
Luminosity Talks is pleased to present an upcoming lecture by Pat Rydz, entitled, “What’s Happening Behind the Scenes in Today’s World?”

Pat Rydz is a local blogger to one of the most successful blogs on the internet (http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/), sporting over 7 million hits and rising.

Pat Rydz has been sounding an alarm for nearly a decade, addressing many fronts, from DNA breakthroughs to exposing corruption in worldwide politics. In her blog, conspiracy theories come to light with hard-core research that likens her to an outstanding investigative reporter. Those who can’t handle it, mimic an ostrich. Those who can, become informed. Without knowledge, ignorance prevails, and there is a price to be paid for ignorance.

Pat Rydz states: "What you don’t know can hurt you. The elements involved at every level are too big for us to comprehend, but we must." Thomas Jefferson himself said: "A civilization that expects to be ignorant and free expects what never was and never will be."

I saw Ms. Rydz in person for the first and only time in March 2016 while on Spring Break with my family. Prior to our meeting & inspiration to putting effort into making it happen, she had informed me through our infrequent electronic communication of her failing health.

Although some of Ms. Rydz's obstacles with running her blog were luddite related, many were not. Yes, TPTB did mess with her, her computer, and her ability to post to her blog. (I've seen it and to a much lesser extent have been messed with, too.)

Ms. Rydz desires after her passing were that I do a blog write-up -- you're reading it -- to inform her dear readers of such. Further, she bequeathed me the Vatic Project, because she claimed that without me, it wouldn't have happened. Details of my plans to improve her legacy went over her luddite head, but she trusted me and knew that the project would be in good hands.

Ms. Pat Rydz -- dear Vatic Master --, your wise commentary and research skills will be missed by the online conspiratorial world, but not forgotten. May they survive to show future generations that some of us were observant, thinkers, and callers to action.

With fondness,

// M.C.Bruecke = the Vatic Clerk
Posted by M. C. Bruecke at 23:18

Thanks to: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com


2RIP Vatic Master  Empty Re: RIP Vatic Master Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:59 am



The Vatic Project: Under New (but Old) Management

The Vatic Master's desires after her passing were that I (M.C. Bruecke = Vatic Clerk) do a blog write-up to inform her dear readers of such.

Further, she bequeathed me the Vatic Project, because she claimed that without me, it wouldn't have happened.

The Vatic Master always considered the Vatic Project a partnership between her and me. I helped coin the blog's name and the Vatic Master's title, while training her on how to overcome technical publication hurdles. My participation out of necessity after a couple of years dwindled to assisting only when the agents (and luddite mistakes) conspired against her through technical means from publishing any number of "earth-shattering revelations that the world absolutely had to know."

I disagreed about the Vatic Project being a partnership; it was and is Ms. Pat Rydz's aka the Vatic Master's legacy, her life's accomplishment. Only now, the Vatic Project has been bequeathed to me. "It's mine, all mine! Bwahahahaha!"

Does that mean that the Vatic Project is destined to disappear into the bit-buckets of the ether of the internet? No. It will be taken (over time & many behind-the-scenes phases) to the next level of a research source, as is fitting for the Vatic Master's legacy.

Phase 1: Refinement of the words in the Vatic Label Cloud.

Phase 2: Application of labels to all content in the database, newest to oldest. You'll be able to find old things easier.

Phase n: Creation of Vatic series that connect various articles into a cohesive study theme. Theme topics plus links to articles in (or soon to be in) the Vatic Project can be suggested by the readership.

Phase n+1: Regularly populating the publishing queue with re-purposed articles of interest for discussion to keep the Vatic Project relevant.

Phase n+2: Establishment of a weekly newsletter.

No promises on any of the phases, and certainly not soon.

I have never profited off of the Vatic Project, and have no plans to do so in the future. Just the opposite, I provided occasional financial support to the Vatic Project and Ms. Rydz, who lived on the very economic fringes of society, not helped by age, failing health, or a caring government.

On September 11, 2016, the PayPal donate button will be retired from the blog.

Until that time, the donate button will remain for mourners and supporters to give financial tokens of their appreciation to the Vatic Master's legacy.

Why, particularly if I have no need or desire for financial gain off of the Vatic Project?

Ms. Rydz's PayPal debit card & slim bank account are now in the trust of the care-giver who tended her physical needs during Ms. Rydz's last months. He is also on the economic fringes of society, where even a mere $10 goes far in paying for gasoline, mobile home rent, and food, not only for himself but also for Ms. Rydz's surviving dogs. Leave it to the Vatic Master in her final wishes to give to those most in need and who helped her at her greatest need.

// M.C.Bruecke = the Vatic Clerk

Thanks to: http://vaticproject.blogspot.com


3RIP Vatic Master  Empty Re: RIP Vatic Master Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:59 am



RIP Vatic Master  RestInPeace

I am truly saddened by the passing of this great warrior.
Pat was an inspiration to me and led me on
the path that I walk today.
Not only was she a member here and a featured forum but I considered her a kindred friend.
So farewell Pat! Thank you for all you did to bring truth to the blogosphere and I will miss you.

RIP Vatic Master  1387250766722119


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