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Ida Lawrence ~ The Path Is Moving Up

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1Ida Lawrence ~ The Path Is Moving Up Empty Ida Lawrence ~ The Path Is Moving Up Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:51 am



The Path Is Moving Up

Posted on July 19, 2016 by talk2momz

If there ever was a time in my life to be determinedly in the world but not of it, now is that time. I don’t have to give a rundown on the things that are happening. Everybody knows because we can’t help being ‘in it’. If we don’t look at the turmoil, we still feel it, especially the empathetic ones among us. We’re in it, and how do we be ‘not of it’?
A chance encounter: M – “How are you doing?” O – “I’m doing okay.” M – “How are you doing really?” O – “I’m tired.” M – “Me too.” O – “I guess it’s not easy for any of us.” M – “No, it isn’t.” They hug, one of them weeps, the other one holds, and that’s how people keep on keepin’ on.
Resisting change, forcing change, in the valley of inertia, embracing change – there are many ways we respond to change. We’re inside of a very great and fast-moving evolutionary change now. The covers are coming off all over the world: darkness being hit with light. The darkness reacts, “Be afraid of me!” “I’m done with being afraid of you,” says the opponent.
The battlefield invites us to join in and some of us do join. For nearly 30 years I joined. My children remember it – they had to feel what it’s like when Mother is away from home. Somehow the child makes peace, and what they gain in experience becomes equal to what they lose when mom isn’t close at hand.
This is a battle for our children, for human life and the earth, and it’s built in to us to respond in some way. The question is whether we affect the battlefield if we’re not in the streets or talking, writing, joining in one way or another. I’d say yes, we affect it greatly if it is our intention to do so. As you know, our communications and relationships have great importance, and our responses to family members, friends or even strangers can truly change the energy. When we speak with the intention of communicating soul to soul, we become the front line in the creation of a life-loving world.
That growing light in the darkness is us – it’s the consciousness that we, in ever-increasing numbers, embody.
Everywhere we go we encounter people desperate to know and control the future, searching through every bit of information, preparing for this or that event down the road. More than anything people want to feel secure; they don’t want any change that seems to threaten the position that they’ve managed to attain, or belief that they’ve invested in. In recognizing their pain and uplifting their thoughts, we are affecting the battlefield.
We’re in the time of an awakening, or we could even say a rebirth. I recognize the process within me as I continuously uncover who I am. This uncovering is happening in a lot of other people too, accompanied by the feeling of an old life being ‘played out’. We’re simply unwilling or unable to continue as before. Stopped in our tracks we begin to go within to look at ourselves in all of our complexity. How incredibly beautiful it is to realize that we can love who and what we are – Divinity is found within.
There is no doubt in my mind that we are born to participate in this change, and play a role or several roles as we go through life. As in a movie we step into a particular part, and mine seems to be Mother. We all fill a need, and I’m here for the people who need someone to talk to about their fears and insecurities; someone they can trust like a mother. The significance of the role is expressed well by this anonymous writer: “It is the Mothers, not the warriors, who create a people and guide their destiny.”
Having acknowledged the Mothers among us, I’d like to talk about the feminine and the masculine for a bit and then we’ll return to ‘in it but not of it’.
We know that men have wielded power for at least a few thousand years and women have been seen as possessions with great gifts. As with the earth herself, the gifts are simply there by nature. To begin this experiment, men were granted dominion over the earth and all that is in it. We see it in their Book… ‘taking freely’ is given the thumb’s up – it belongs to you, man in God’s image, so rule over it.
Maybe this was the setup to see what Taking would become if given free rein. Some would point to the flourishing of great minds, great art, better health, brilliant inventions, exploration, innovation, technology. Others would point to the fallout – we’re dying. In any case, now we know what happens when the intellect has dominion over the heart. It’s not good for the duality of giving and receiving to be out of balance… and is it ever out of balance.
Wasn’t it the great Master who said, “It is better to give than to receive?” All along the centuries there have been empathetic, humane, good and giving people. But there exists an extreme to which the ‘taking’ can go that isn’t populated with good people. I have seen this dimension. It is experienced as extremely seductive and intoxicating with the feel of: “I have control over it all.”
I truly didn’t know this until I was shown it a few weeks ago. Formerly I held the view that the controllers of this current world were somehow redeemable, because the light is beneficent – none are excluded. But after having entered the dimension for only twenty seconds or so, it’s evident the people who opt for total control are trapped, as the light appears powerless from in there, if it can be seen at all.
After having that experience, I dedicated myself once again to hold to love, and keep on walking into change and into the unknown, knowing that I don’t control any of it… but I do control the way I respond to it. Seems small when I say it, but it isn’t. Consider it this way: control is the intoxicating power, liberation is the unlimited power.
It seems to me that the path is moving up so it is wise to focus on balance, maintaining footing, trusting in the guidance from within. And I am grateful that a question I have held for a long time has been answered: the controllers are cut off from the light. That is a hell of a state, and theirs is a dreadful role.
When the natural receiving and giving is corrupted into taking, what happens to the ones who are exploited? This question applies not only to women and the earth, but to all individuals or populations that are not of the dominant group and therefore exploitable. It’s obvious that many are drained of their gifts, made ill, and are acting other than themselves.
But incredibly there can be something else happening as well, which encourages me in this ‘surrender to change’. Survival requires strength and persistence; given time, we gain empirical knowledge, which in a higher state becomes wisdom and personal power. We can be destroyed by adversity, or we can find sustenance in every good deed, every glimpse of beauty, every sign of wellness, and in the love we give.
It is the return of the feminine that brings the light, and also balance. The nature of the feminine is to give her gifts, and her nurture, and to protect life. I’m aware that in a state of illness, fear and depletion, or in succumbing to corruption, the woman may seek to dominate the man, engage in taking, or fail her children in many different ways. But over time as the feminine and masculine polarity within all of us comes into balance, there will be a new world and we will have created it.
Earlier I talked about in and not of, and our responses to change: resisting change, forcing change, in a valley of inertia, embracing change. Right now I see quite a few are in the valley. As we approach the question of what to do next we find ourselves unable to act. We want to avoid or escape adversity, we want our next steps to be successful, and since we don’t know what is ahead… we’re overcome with tiredness.
I’ve experienced plenty of fear, and I’m quite familiar with the valley of inertia. My method of dealing with this is to pull myself away from watching or reading about the battlefield, and make peace with change and with not knowing the outcome. It helps to go to a quiet place and let yourself feel whatever is emerging, without latching on or passing it on. Inertia is simply another phase of the spiritual alchemy we’re experiencing.
Maybe you’re a Mother, Brother, Sister, Father, Friend – whatever role you play, if the communication you engage in is soul to soul, that is of heaven, and you are on earth, so in essence you’re bringing heaven to earth. Keep on.

Thanks to: https://talk2momz.com


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