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Extraterrestrials vs “Extradimensional ” – Part 1&2

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Extraterrestrials vs “Extradimensional ” – Part 1
Extraterrestrials vs “Extradimensional ” – Part 1&2 Tumblr_ncbu21axyO1tjsfjuo1_1280

According to the popular extraterrestrial hypothesis, UFOs are ’somebody else’s spacecraft’. The earth is allegedly being visited by beings from other solar systems who are carrying out a survey of our planet and its inhabitants. Various objections have been raised to this hypothesis [1].
The possibility that there are numerous intelligent civilizations in our galaxy is now widely accepted. The SETI project is trying to detect their presence by analyzing radio signals from space. Some scientists, however, argue that alien civilizations must be very rare or even nonexistent because if they were as numerous as commonly believed, the earth should have been visited by several of them by now; these scientists dismiss the idea that UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft.
Those who believe that aliens are already here are often asked why the visitors don’t land on the White House lawn. One possible answer is that they have got more sense! Others argue that there is no need to as the aliens have already struck a secret deal with the authorities! A more common argument is that the aliens are obeying a ’prime directive’ not to interfere in earth affairs — though this is clearly contradicted by the enormous impact the UFO phenomenon has had on human society over the past 50 years, if not the past several millennia.
There could conceivably be obstacles preventing humanlike lifeforms from surviving a journey through interstellar or intergalactic space, but none are known at present. It has, however, been argued that UFOs cannot come from another solar system because the enormous distances involved are prohibitive. However, even with our present technology it is possible to travel to another star, though it would take numerous generations.

Moreover, some alien civilizations could have developed technologies far in advance of those on earth. And although standard relativity theory forbids faster-than-light travel, reality may not. Just as sound waves cannot propel an object to supersonic speeds, so electromagnetic forces cannot accelerate objects to superluminal speeds. What gravity control may yet achieve, remains to be seen.
Another objection to the ET hypothesis is that it is highly improbable that intelligent lifeforms on other planets would be humanoid in appearance and display human emotions. Others disagree and argue that since the basic human form is highly functional and efficient, it could be fairly common in the universe. *
According to theosophy, every mature sun has a family of planets, and kingdoms corresponding to those on earth will evolve on every planet, though at any one time only one kingdom is dominant on each of the 12 globes (located on 7 different cosmic planes) making up a complete ’planetary chain’. The ’human’ kingdoms on the 7 ’sacred planets of our own solar system (i.e. those most closely related to earth) are said to approximate our own form to some extent [2].
It is also speculated that extraterrestrials may have played a role in genetically engineering the human race, or that they have genetically modified themselves in order to make themselves more humanlike — though given their rather ’alien’ appearances, the attempt does not seem to have been a complete success!
A stronger objection is that it is unlikely that intelligent beings from other planets would be adapted to our own gravity or able to breathe our own atmosphere.

We are in no position to absolutely rule out the possibility that the earth has been or is being visited by one or more extraterrestrial human like races. However, it is estimated that there may have been over a million UFO landings in the past half century — a number that far exceeds the requirements for a sophisticated survey of our planet [3]. Moreover, a single, small probe orbiting 1000 miles above the earth would be able to capture in a few weeks most of the important facts about the planet’s geography, weather, vegetation, and culture.
Another major problem facing the ET hypothesis is the incredible diversity of UFOs and their occupants. Is it realistic to think that dozens or even hundreds of extraterrestrial races are visiting earth simultaneously? A further problem is the often weird behavior of UFO entities. Many have been reported to appear and disappear abruptly and float through the air.
In addition, it is difficult to believe that extraterrestrials have travelled all this way to do the strange things that witnesses have described: these include chasing cars and aircraft, terrifying people, talking nonsense, collecting soil and rock samples, and kidnapping and violating people. Our ’extraterrestrial’ visitors have even been known to do a spot of rabbit poaching, as the following case illustrates.

On 14 November 1954, at Isola, Italy, a farmer saw a bright, cigar-shaped object land nearby. 3 small beings in metallic diving suits got out, and centered their attention on rabbits in a cage while speaking to one another in an unknown language. Thinking they were going to steal the animals, the farmer aimed a rifle at the intruders, but it failed to fire and the witness suddenly felt so weak he had to drop the gun. The beings took the rabbits and their craft departed, leaving a bright trail. The farmer then found himself able to move again [4].
If we adopt the ET hypothesisalien abductions, too, are thoroughly absurd. The aliens supposedly have a science that allows them to cross light years of space in craft that outperform our best jet fighters. Yet they are apparently such poor doctors that they are unable to draw blood, collect sperm and ova, or take tissue samples from patients without leaving scars, and inflicting pain and trauma.

Extraterrestrials vs “Extradimensional ” – Part 2
Extraterrestrials vs “Extradimensional ” – Part 1&2 Tumblr_ncbu21axyO1tjsfjuo1_1280

Jacques Vallee is a vocal opponent of the ET hypothesis, and advocates the ’intradimensional’, ’interdimensional’, ’transdimensional’, or ’parallel universe’ interpretation of UFOs. He argues that since UFOs have been seen from time immemorial, and ’alien’ entities have always behaved in similar ways, it is unreasonable to assume that they must be extraterrestrial visitors. The ET explanation, he says, ’is too simple-minded to account for the diversity of the reported behavior of the occupants and their perceived interactions with human beings’.
He writes:
[A] UFO is both a physical entity with mass, inertia, volume, and physical parameters that we can measure, and a window into another reality. … [T]hey need not represent a visitation from space visitors, but something even more interesting: a window toward undiscovered dimensions of our own environment.
The phenomenon has stable, invariant features … But we have also had to note carefully the chameleon-like character of the secondary attributes of the sightings: the shapes of the objects, the appearances of their occupants, and their reported statements vary as a function of the cultural environment into which they are projected.
The UFOs are physical manifestations that simply cannot be understood apart from their psychic and symbolic reality.
The patterns of close encounters, contacts, and abductions are not specific to our century, contrary to what most American ufologists have assumed. In fact, it is difficult to find a culture that does not have a tradition of little people that fly through the sky and abduct humans. Often they take their victims into spherical settings that are evenly illuminated, and they subject them to various ordeals that include operations on internal organs and astral trips to unknown landscapes. Sexual or genetic interaction is a common theme in this body of folklore.
I propose to regard the UFO phenomenon as a physical manifestation of a form of consciousness that is alien to humans but is able to coexist with us on the earth.
[T]he UFO phenomenon is able to act upon the minds of human beings, to induce thoughts and images that are similar to those described by people who have had near-death or out-of-body experiences and even to medieval witnesses of demons and elves.
Saying that aliens emerge from other ’dimensions’ raises the question of what sort of ’dimensions’ are being referred to. It is very fashionable nowadays for physicists to speculate about additional dimensions. M-theory, for example, postulates 7 extra spatial dimensions, which are said to be curled up so small (10-33 cm) that they are undetectable. But these are just mathematical abstractions for which there is not a shred of evidence.
They certainly do not resemble the other planes of energy-substance spoken of in the occult tradition. These planes, which are beyond our range of perception, interpenetrate our own physical world, and are said to be inhabited by a variety of entities. Interestingly, the same scientists who fantasize about extra ’dimensions’ usually reject any talk of paranormal and otherworldly phenomena out of hand.

In its broadest sense, a ’dimension’ is any measurable quantity. Examples are length, breadth, and height, which are commonly referred to as the three ’spatial’ dimensions. Other dimensions are temperature, mass, charge, time, etc. If entities are said to be living in other ’dimensions’, an obvious question is: how many spatial dimensions do these other ’dimensions’ have?
Some researchers actually speak of a three-dimensional parallel universe existing in a superior ’dimension’. This clearly shows that the word ’dimension’ is being used in different senses. It is therefore better to speak of other (invisible) worlds, realms, planes, etc. than of other dimensions. Moreover, common sense dictates that no entities or objects, on any plane, can have fewer than three spatial dimensions; nor is there any reason to suppose that they can have more than three.
Vallee seems to have great faith in current ’scientific’ speculations that space can be ’folded’ so that it might be possible to travel from point A to point B almost instantaneously via a ’wormhole’ whose length is only a fraction of the distance between A and B! Equally irrational is the claim that aliens could not just be from ’any place’ but also from ’any time’ — past, present, or future! There is nothing to suggest that time travel is anything more than science fiction.
Everything that happens is part of a sequence of events linked by cause and effect; the succession of cause and effect defines the direction of time. Anything that is actually happening is happening now.
Once something has happened it belongs to the past and exists only as a record imprinted on the substance of nature. It is impossible to return to the actual past, but the records of past events can be viewed clairvoyantly by those with the necessary occult powers. It is equally impossible for us to visit the actual future or for beings from the future to visit us, since the future, by definition, has not yet happened. However, since the future unfolds out of present (and past) causes, it is foreshadowed in the present, and it is therefore possible to see clairvoyantly the future that is most probable at any given time.
An advocate of the time-travel theory is Illobrand von Ludwiger, who argues that UFOs ’are visitors from our own future carrying out the task of rejuvenating their genetic stock by interbreeding with humans’. One of the pieces of ’evidence’ he presents in favour of time travel is that a corporal in Chilegrew a 5-day beard during an absence of only 20 minutes. This is supposed to prove that he travelled into the future and back — assuming of course that beards continue to grow when moving backward in time! Clearly, such arguments border on the moronic.

Vallee says that,
’the UFO phenomenon is one of the ways through which an alien form of intelligence of incredible complexity is communicating with us symbolically’, and that paranormal phenomena like UFOs are one of the manifestations of a ’spiritual control system for human consciousness’.
Remarks such as this make it sound as if UFO events are orchestrated by a single, overarching, ’alien’ intelligence, albeit one closely connected with the earth. However, the variety of UFO manifestations suggests that such phenomena involve a wide range of different entities, from demonic and subhuman to spiritual and superhuman.
Some researchers have proposed that the alternate reality from which UFOs derive is the imaginal realm, a planetary thought-field created and sustained by the power of the human imagination.

  • Kenneth Ring hypothesizes that UFOs can be projected from this realm, and that UFO encounters partly take place in it.
  • Likewise, Michael Grosso proposes that all paranormal appearances with a public or quasi-physical dimension — e.g. of UFOs, aliens, religious figures like the Virgin Mary, fairies, demons, or monstrous animals — might be thought-forms telepathically generated by the collective subconscious minds of the people of a community or culture.

Both researchers believe that there is also some sort of extramundane agency, ’an Oz of cosmic proportions’, or ’planetary Overmind’, at work, helping to orchestrate extraordinary experiences [13].
It certainly seems doubtful that ordinary humans alone have the power to call into being flying objects that can reflect radar, chase jet planes, and interfere with cars. As Richard Thompson says,
’If human imagination had so much power, then why don’t typical sci-fi movie monsters materialize in American cities?’ [14].

The ways in which the UFO phenomenon manifests do seem to be linked to the world of human beliefs and imagination, but the phenomenon also seems to have a dynamic of its own. The ’imaginal realm’ is therefore best conceived of as a collective mind containing but transcending individual minds, and as a transphysical world that interacts with the physical world — in other words, as the astral realm of occult tradition. In particular, UFO phenomena could involve temporary physical manifestations of shape-shifting, elemental energy-forms and thought-forms or other astral entities, which either materialize and dematerialize spontaneously or whose manifestations are partly directed by other intelligences.
The UFO phenomenon throws up major questions: What determines the place and time of UFO manifestations, the form they take, and who witnesses them? A variety of attempts have been made to explain the timing of UFO waves. They certainly cannot be blamed on media interest: studies show that an increase in UFO reports generates greater media coverage, rather than the other way round. Debunkers predicted that the release of the film Close encounters of the third kind in 1977 would spawn a major flap — but it never happened. Attempts have been made to correlate UFO flaps with social unrest, political tensions, and military crises.
One researcher sees a certain correspondence between UFO flaps in the US and periods when national self-esteem is at a low ebb [15]. However, no single-factor hypothesis is absolutely convincing; a whole constellation of personal, regional, national, and global factors could be involved. Only someone with a deep understanding of the astral world and its interaction with our physical world, and of the karmic background of witnesses could identify all the causes in any particular case.

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