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The Rain Man

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1The Rain Man Empty The Rain Man Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:06 am




One need not be a Shaman to understand the importance of a healthy hydraulic cycle, for all life upon the land depends on it. A good thunderstorm brings more than rain, lightning helps restore ozone and electromagnetic equilibrium, clouds also help cool temperatures, and of course water can take the burden off aquifers and keep crops growing.

The reptilian minded know that when hoping to terra-form a planet, those who control the water control the life dependent upon it. The contemporary shaman cringes when their cloud building efforts are shredded by aerial attacks from cloud busting aerosols that not only disperse the potential for rain but contaminate existing surface water at the same time. So don’t buy the BS that C-trails are there to protect us from the harmful effects of the Sun, clouds can do this just fine without harmful side effects.

Weather control or Geo-engineering is no technological Godsend; the weather is more screwed up now than before and blaming El Niño is bunk. They engineer destruction and chaos within the atmosphere as if to coincide with genocide under the guise of biblical prophecy. The result is often a weakened populace who clamor to the handouts from the same institution that caused the mess, now cloaked as saviors.

The truth about what’s happening with our planet seems to be hushed up from Solar physicist’s, while the Geo-engineers themselves who work for the MIC know only what they need to know to do what there told while the scorched earth campaign is carried out.
Our Sun is currently and will continue to be going through growing pains, and we don’t need doctored statistics from solar observatories to hide this truth, nor re-runs of “The Knowing” to scare everybody into a church. But a few informational tools are helpful during such periods and one is although sun-screen may keep you from burning from the outside it won’t protect you from the excess infrared now entering our atmosphere, which can cook you from the inside out. Please limit sun exposure and be weary of heat exhaustion which can happen quicker now. Get into the habit of wearing longer loose fitting clothing or carry a sun umbrella if you need to be outside for extended periods. Large hats are also helpful and whatever capacity of water you carried in the past should be doubled in an infrared climate. Infrared is a short wave radiation, but when the atmosphere is choked with aerosols infrared can turn into long wave radiation causing the upper atmosphere to heat up and dry out destroying cloud potential.

Solar cycles in the past have showed there affects on life upon the surface, by reducing it through drought and infertility, but what we will be experiencing is not an average Sun cycle. Cosmic dust accumulating within our solar system creates a new dynamic which can contribute to dramatic temperature swings. Those beautiful auroras we have seen over the past years may diminish or change to a spectrum that cannot be seen without night goggles. Planets will increase in illumination, which will have less to do with their physical size and more to do with light refraction from an inversion layer of foreign particles which have accumulated around the extremity of their atmosphere. Our planets act like large magnets that attract polarized sediment which can gradually work its way to the surface. There are also pockets of foreign gases that can be problematic for an active Sun to navigate through adding a new dimension to solar flares.
Earth has natural defense mechanisms in place for such periods, its outer shields, atmosphere and volcanism which release internal pressure just to name a few. The outer mantle moves like a shock absorber, the oceans swirl to displace heat, while the wind ensures distribution of the good the bad and the ugly. However our human habits of deforestation, using HAARP’s and aerosols for weather control that weaken and thin the ionosphere are not helping matters. The placement of nuclear power facilities near fault lines with lax regulations is like installing nuclear bombs with mercury detonators. Fukushima was a wake-up call, but what has changed? How many disasters of this magnitude can we survive? Waiting for change? There’s no change without a grass roots emphasis that swarms and stings lawmakers like angry hornets!

We have become slaves of convenience, where our responsibilities of conscience stretch no further than our debt threshold. Righteous indignation has turned the infrastructure against us. Though there are levels of infrastructure, our psyche being considered immaterial and therefore left to the devices of propaganda and medication by the steering committees. Sedate the mind and rob the blind, our apathy is our prison, but hey, as long as the ego’s fed who cares whose face the currency carries. It matters not how loud one cries foul, the puppy’s will continue to play in there excrement, oblivious to all.

I’m getting cynical so let’s shift gears. Let’s talk a bit about what else is floating in space; those friendlies who are working behind the scenes to ensure the return of prosperity. There has been a positive trend growing among the dignitaries from many countries including the US. We will call this an attitude adjustment toward those extra terrestrial race lines that have come for the benefit of mankind. Those being ferried on a weekly basis to participate in off planet negotiations are being educated by leaps and bounds. In many ways these panels resemble those of the UN without special interests, and although there is ET involvement it’s on a limited basis. Those who became indifferent to the potential of progress were simply taken aside and shown the future from two very personal perspective’s; one being the result of doing nothing to alter our present course and the other gained by becoming responsible for positive change.

Motivation typically follows without the interference of free will. By and large there is a general consensus that although higher races are here to help, they wish to help in a way that allows us to help ourselves. The existing process of change through legislation and education though slow and painstaking will still be used. What can help speed things along is public awareness and participation. The presence of the ET armada has more to do with allowing nature to take its course with minimal influence, and to disallow outsiders hoping for a land grab. Granted they will interfere if there are inbound space missiles, and they can answer questions about Nanite or AI issues and potential solutions, but again they won’t block free will, because we learn through these experiences regardless of how they are judged. Higher technology won’t be provided without developmental precedent for the same reason we don’t give children guns to play with. Technology can only be detrimental through ignorance; responsible technology is achieved through education and awareness. Unfortunately the learning curve is long and wide.

Although the coalition for peace is working with humanity there are other race lines within and without the Earth that have come into the fold, and there are still some holdouts who resent their presence. The presence of the licentious and their maniacal behavior is surprisingly not as well known as one would think, but even if it was I doubt 2/3rds of the population will change much. Though I don’t see this as a problem, for most will follow a familiar path out of fear and cultural standards even though the very templates they dwell upon begin to morph. Clinging tightly to the conventional model during troubled times offers solace, while an insider’s rhetoric may do more to reinforce the lining of the cocoon than first assumed.
The Drac’s and their hybrids control the Chem-trail operations and refuse to surrender operations and their dreams of global war. But who assists them?  Does the Air Force that once protected us not only allow such activity but assists it with the use of AF air bases to condemn all life indiscriminately in unmarked planes? Is the AF simultaneously in charge of all subterranean activity while poisoning surface earth? If so what does this mean? Are those who contribute to the scorched earth program, themselves programmed and infected with no sense of objectivity or compassion? This would go far beyond pilots and manufactures of chemical slurry, it could mean officers and enlisted are helping direct, fuel, load and maintain these planes on military air bases. To make matters worse, your tax dollars may be flipping the bill and if one understands the billions spent on fuel alone on any given day they would begin to see why we need to return to currency backed by something other than promises.

Just because there are no laws guarding against terra forming through atmospheric manipulation does not mean it’s not mean it’s not going against our constitutional rights and therefore considered an act of terrorism. Passing responsible legislation that stops the open check-book policy and locating and indicting chemical companies making slurry as well as corporate and military officials involved in this genocidal conspiracy is necessary. Stopping corporate coup’s at the gates of the military bases is also necessary, although harder said than done when dealing with large chemical and aerospace conglomerates who are syndicated within the consortium which represents 2/3rds of our stock market.

If we look back at the power of Rome around 1500AD we see a similar problem. Countries that managed to separate Church and State checked the power of the Papacy, now it’s time to separate State from Corporate influence. And when corporations are calling themselves American while moving their factories oversea along with American jobs it’s only fair that we bounce their lobbyists the hell out of Washington, better still bounce them all out. Building a wall to keep out a few starving peasants is as ludicrous as designing one to keep greedy corporations in, for containment of labor is not required when one stops containing innovation.

We often feel the need to play savior forgetting that true salvation cannot be found within the 3D melodrama, but rather in the letting go of it. Tunnel vision can in itself be a prison, so we must remain flexible consciously. Engaging detrimental forces will be required at times, but it should be treated as a pleasurable hobby. The mind must remain free to travel and invent new ways to play, constantly and consciously exploding our inner myths. Turning the heads of humans is lackluster; turning the heads of angelics while in human form is what is truly required, and it is at this level that thy will be done!

 One must be diligent in avoiding mental traps that turn ones efforts into a reflection of the evil they resist. The power of loving the opposition into submission is tricky because while in human form we walk an emotive tightrope which makes it difficult to detach ourselves from our intrinsic values. We all know free will is a double edged sword, as is control, for the fight to loosen the shackles of control oft lead to alternative control born of judgment. Duality insists, that which we resist persists; that which we invalidate we castrate. Loving the equanimity of creation is to understand the value both sides play in conscious evolution and to seek to restore balance within and without. Whenever the presence of darkness begins to grow it will inadvertently lead to a resurgence of light, so the greater the villain the greater the hero which symbolically represents the disunity of consciousness which seeks to overcome the parody. When we succumb to the truth the game of physical matter becomes entertainment, tools, by which one can teach others indirectly that their path, if not in alignment with harmonic balance will continually bring physical resistance.

Before closing I would like to express gratitude for the local fan club, I appreciate your support, but know to acknowledge such openly may draw fire, so discretion is advised. The grudge match that has evolved between me and the air men in the highlands of Colorado has been going on for some time now and they hate me like no other, simply because I make a stand for clean air and water in ways they can’t comprehend for they are no longer one with source. Last year they tried every trick in the book to remove me from existence, yet here I sit writing amidst their infectious frustration. But as the purse on my head grows so too does the air and ground tactics. This week, while playing carpenter in Cripple Creek I was graced by a new foe, no doubt attracted by the bounty and influenced by their dope suppliers the CIA.  Six hundred and sixty six Hells Angels have recently invaded this County, no doubt stressing local law with visions of Marlon Brando in The Wild One. All the while the media has been surprisingly tight lipped about it.

Though evil loves to flex its muscle it does manage to create some interesting opportunities. Our own security forces have blessed us with only one angel; an Arch Angel called LEINAH. Although LEINAH’s a player she won’t be seen at the Crap table, though she can turn the odds in favor of the House. To use the old biker expression; it ain’t mornin till you’ve heard the thunder, would seem appropriate here!


2The Rain Man Empty Re: The Rain Man Sat Jul 30, 2016 11:25 am


Awesome article Val!

You stay safe out there. I am hearing that many truth bringers are getting nailed to the wall in various ways at this time.

Much LOVE to you and yours


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