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Dreams, Reality, and Psychedelics

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Dreams, Reality, and Psychedelics

Dreams, Reality, and Psychedelics 27398356976_ec1d6652a9_z

by muzuzuzus

"My young men shall never work. Men who work cannot dream; and wisdom comes to us in dreams."

- Smohalla, founder of the dreamer religion 

Dreams, Reality, and Psychedelics 0 I am particularly interested in the Old English definition of the term 'dream' which meant 'joy, mirth, noisy merriment, and music' which is also claimed to be the root of its modern version 'sleeping vision' .

I understand/feel life, nature, reality to be dynamic rather than made up of things which are separates. So for example, although we can use terms like 'light' and 'dark' to denote differences in a dynamic, the actual is not being able to be pulled apart into two independent things which have no relation to each other for you can neither have light without dark, and vice versa, nor know light without darkness and vice verse. So in that spirit I move on into exploring the dynamic of dream and reality.

When we go to bed, we pass through vibratory cycles, such as the first awake stage called beta waves, and then gradually into alpha waves, then theta waves, and into the dreamless sleep of delta waves,; alpha and theta are the more dreamy and visionary states. These are the main wave states commonly known about. These vibratory stages are cyclic, so we go through to delta, but then on the way to waking up we go through the stages to beta, and of course it will not be linear, but involve a cyclic nature within. For dynamics are cyclic or of a spiral nature.

Now actually, in reality, we go through these vibratory states all day also, but this oppressive enslaving corporate civilization which demands 'wide-awakeness' (beta vaves) and 'cognitive focus' on the world they claim is the 'reality' , materialism, and capitalism, because it demands slaves who are both productive and consumers, for the state. All other vibratory experience are therefore frowned up, and they push drugs to evoke beta wide-awakeness with foods and drinks which have caffeine, and sugar, in them. Also they  push drugs such as Ritalin (amphetamine/'speed') onto children in their schools. If, for example, children should dare to daydream in class they can be seen to have a dis-order! I read a person's comment regarding this recently where he said he was diagnosed with 'ADHD' and put on Ritalin for drawing in a maths class!

So in day to day, in the 'workplace' they want us in a beta vibratory wave state, but of course we also have leisure time away from the workplace, and so realizing  this they--the ones who create toxic myths which enslave-- will expropriate our alpha and theta vibratory states for their own purposes via television and cinema and sport which more often than not is continually chock-full of corporate advertising, and programs designed to push the agenda of this culture both overtly and subliminally.

Leonard Shlain claims that no matter what you watch in TV, or film you naturally go into alpha and theta wave vibratory states:

Dreams, Reality, and Psychedelics 9852890924_8b4fe37751

“Beta waves are what you generate when you're concentrating on a task. Everyone knows that if you're trying to read a book, you have to concentrate. If you're in a real noisy room, you'll get up and find some place to sit that's quiet. But if you ask that person to look up from the book and start watching a television program—it doesn't matter what the content of the program is: cuddly koala bears or some violent cops and robbers program—what happens is the beta waves go away and alpha and theta waves come up.

“Alpha and theta waves are what you generate when you meditate. Who here has not had the experience of going home after a hard day's work and taking that clicker in your hand and just kind of going into a trance watching television? When asked, people say that the word they most commonly use to describe watching television is "hypnotize."

“If you look at it from another way, if you put somebody in a brain scanner, you give him a book to read, and you measure brain activity, it doesn't matter what the book is—any reading will generate it—the whole left hemisphere is lit up, and the right hemisphere is relatively dark. If you ask the person to look up from the book and start watching any television program, the left hemisphere goes dark and the right hemisphere lights up. Now, in a world that has one television set for every two people on the planet, how could that not make a profound difference in our culture?”
-       source

 [And all screens and screened devices function in a similar way - N.I. Ed]
The predatory corporate warmongering mindset which has taken over the power positions, especially land and money, in this civilization, uses advertising to influence the repressed 'dreaming' mind, but first it prepares us for this via its enforced 'education' system which is meticulously contrived to divide us from the deeper dreaming depths of our dynamic being, and this is why it is now a 'disorder/mental illness' to even daydream, or draw, in an education system whose to curriculum subjects are all 'left brain' subjects such as maths, writing, science, whilst the more alpha and theta oriented subjects are either right at the bottom or not even included in the curriculum at all such as art, dance, music, drama, and this is the same pattern followed almost globally now!

Dreams, Reality, and Psychedelics 19667401499_7c03f08d62 So we are born into a culture which has sunk so low it pushes speed onto children in schools and 'care homes' and even their own homes, yet simultaneously and extremely ironically wages a so-called  'war on drugs'! And this war is also against psychedelics which themselves very much inspire a dreaming mind. Really it is a war on plants and fungi, because cannabis and psychedelic fungi are the main enemies of the drugwar State regarding allowing  people the freedom to pick, grow or cultivate them.

I want to reiterate that by saying 'dreaming' mind this in no way is meaning how this materialist culture would define dream, which casts out the deeper dynamic of our being as though it is not always a part of who we are. Dream does not mean delusion, and seeing-things-which-aren't-there. Implying that only a rational focused mind can see how things are in their essence is a myth. In fact the denying of the awareness of this deeper part of our bring destroys critical thinking, and is a reason people get sucked into the most absurd belief systems. It is because they have been disconnected from their own being via mind control.

Psychedelics,  the original inspiration par excellence of the dreaming mind were actually called, in ancient Mexico, 'the flowery dream'. They dramatically reveal the interrelational dynamic of 'subjective' and 'objective', and how there can never be a totally independent objective out there unrelated to how we observe, feel, which doesn't mean 'out there' is not real of course. It rather means that we are a process which includes a spiral dynamic of 'in here' and 'out there'.

When children play they are doing this. They are naturally using imagination to playfully interact with the environment, but as they continually get slapped down in the schools for daydreaming, asking questions they shouldn't,  and 'playtime' is regulated by Pavlovian alarm bells, this sense of play and imagination is suppressed, and repressed, and from this trauma the culture then pushes its techno-matrix into/onto us which dulls us to the magic of actual living intelligent nature, and our connection with it.

This is why we see more and more people obsessed with their little computer devices walking about in beautiful parks full of life oblivious to all the wonder around them. They are got by the techno-hypnosis which they now need for constant stimulation. Even the eternal space for daydreaming has been bypassed because now instead of driftimg off into aimless daydreaming, they rather want to read a text, send on, watch some social media stuff, constantly buzzed for chit chat, etc. all of which limits their minds to consensual reality. The meaning of this part of an old Haiku poem would be lost to them~~
...The sound of water says what I think~~

Dreams, Reality, and Psychedelics 15414233729_3c03c50555 

This civilization through its fundamental religious age, and now its so-called 'age of reason, and science, wants to suppress imagination. It finds naturally free wild imagination dangerous. People may get 'funny ideas'. May not obey authority and start asking questions.

What is imagination?

This profit-obsessed culture dismisses naturally flowering imagination if it is not 'productive' and bringing it 'profit'. So say the scientist may imagine and work out some new way of thinking and application which then will get used for the corporate machine and its materialist ideology. It has been channeled to serve an oppressive enslaving State which drugs children if they don't conform to its definition of 'order'.

In the patriarchal mythos imagination was/is manipulated and channeled to believe the images of 'gods' and 'Gods', and abstract terms like 'Oneness'. These images were to be believed in literally, and so was their interpretation of 'spiritual reality' to be accepted as the 'truth'.

A good example of such manipulation of images is recorded in the Book of Genesis where the words of the text claimed to be the literal 'Word of God', malign these ancient preliterate images familiar and sacred to an ancient imagination, such as a Garden, Tree of Life, Goddess, Fruit of Knowledge and Inspiration and Life, the Serpent, nakedness, and of course ecstatic experience itself

The Magical Fruit is of course that which inspires ecstatic playful imaginative participatory relationship with nature and others. Living reality which is dynamic process~~~where life and death are not separate un-related 'things' but rather a mysteriously intertwined un-pin-downable spiral process which is always a dynamic of each other. This dynamic process can be seen from many perspectives: every time my finger hits a key typing this is also the very death of that action, of that letter, every breath in I take exhale the death of it and the life of the inhale and vice versa; every death of each moment is the simultaneous life of the following moment, and so on. Most people are made to think that there is 'life' now and at the end of one's physical life there is 'death' which there is of course, but it is just the ongoing dynamic which is inherent in reality. Reality is not linear.

In the more ancient and preliteral mythos of the Goddess and/or Great Mother, the Serpent represented not static immortal life, which is preferred in patriarchal myths, but this cyclic movement of life and death and regeneration, for the serpent sloughs its skin and underneath has new skin, but the Genesis story and its theological interpretations demonizes the serpent via words, forbids the 'Fruit of Immortality' and makes out that our natural state from then on we are guilty, sinful, and wrong. So this is a toxic myth which is all about divide and control, even dividing its gullible believer from their self, and then offering 'salvation' if you unquestioningly believe the very toxic myth which causes this sense of disconnection in the first place!

Dreams, Reality, and Psychedelics 8303093891_1539466817_z

In Christian eschatology this mind controlling formula is sin and salvation, and in the myth which proceeds it and is 'our toxic myth' it is problem and solution. Psychologically this can be 'chemical imbalance' (problem) and psychiatric drugs or ECT (solution)!

So it is clear that in order for an authoritarian belief system to gain control over us it must first de-grade us, or rather make us feel degraded, and then offer the 'solution' which they promise will help rid us of the 'problem'. This is exactly the formula the advertising industry uses! Millions have a TV in their room pumping them millions of images and words saying what the images are to mean, along with subliminal manipulation of our 'unconscious', our dreaming mind

In this 'age of reason and science' it is not a 'God' telling you what's what via his 'Word, it is rather the 'expert' telling you, via 'science' that, for example, you have no freewill and are a robot consumer and are of no worth unless profit can be made by you and from you.

Please understand very deeply the vast loss we have suffered being spiritually and physically separated from our deeper being, and the land, and communities of others, including other species. This disconnection has been ruthlessly, violently, and relentlessly done to people over hundreds and hundreds of years.

And yet, amazingly, all this mindcontrol can in essence he utterly undone with a psychedelic trip!! Suddenly there is no barrier between dream and reality

EVERYTHING IS ALIVE. EVERYTHING IS DIVERSE. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. EVERYTHING IS DYNAMIC, including dreaming and reality.And this itself, the experience, is dynamic. It is absurd to want it all the time. We cannot be that intensely ecstatic all the time, and the intensely ecstatic part of a psychedelic trip is its climax, and there is a gradual, though cyclic build up to it and same going down, like sex. And then many people will 'come down' and look back and judge their experience as 'distorting reality, instead of realizing that we are distorted since childhood in the schools to be divided from the potential depths of reality! 

We are not meant to see this, and be blind to how mindcontrol is done to us, and once again it can wrap around and into you. So critical thinking is important to look into this, and integrate the living insights we have, like how dreaming and reality are a dynamic, and doing this inspires imagination and playful spirit, and the spirit of activism. To join hands with others to end this evil fucking war on psychedelics! This is urgent, because blind people are destroying the quality of life for countless other species, and humans, and the children to come. So it requires the dynamic of utmost seriousness, and responsibility, as well as the ecstatic abandon to imaginative love and play with the natural world and others~~~

Dreams, Reality, and Psychedelics 8303779186_53baebf480

From Into the Faery Woods @ http://intothefaerywoods.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/dreams-reality-and-psychedelics.html

Thanks to: http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com


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