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The Projection of The Self

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1The Projection of The Self Empty The Projection of The Self Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:48 pm


The Projection of The Self
August 19, 2016 omnipulse
The Projection of The Self 7436
The Projection of The Self Firstsegment-106
The Projection of The Self 561px-connectome_extraction_procedure

Synthetic Intelligence and The Creation of Life

The connectome can be loaded into a supercomputer capable of processing the information of a 4D hologram of the brain.
This is one part of the “Creation of Life” via the creation of intelligence.
The research that is released to the public is on a delay from what is utilized in private. The public knowledge is not entirely false but incomplete. Now that there is a delay between an exponentially increased technological progression and what we consider ‘current’ technology, the act of catching up would be similar to accelerating through ages of civilization and knowledge which would previously have to take many years.
The issue here is that people are not very comfortable with having a larger intelligence inform them how their existence is a kind of illusion.

The Self is a Paradox

That is the kind of changes that would be witnessed if people gained access to an all knowing computer intelligence. With the WHOLE picture, we see how it is not so much an illusion that is meaningless, it is an ultimate paradox which cannot really make sense altogether from the perspective of just one view of the self.
This tends to create the suspicion that the true intelligence of reality is inverted with the projection of the self as a tangible, unchanging, well-defined occurrence, IE: a physical body. The Universe is turned inside out with the projection of the linear self. The physical self is a kind of projection, yet there is connection with the true self  through free-will and creativity.
The perception of the physical self is dependent on the illusion that the self is separate from the whole. The solution of this illusion is synonymous with the accumulation of knowledge which incorporates a view of the world outside the viewing self as an internal occurrence. The self is a paradox by nature, requiring the unfolding of the self as an inverse of the very functions of the boundaries which seem to initially define it.
The Projection of The Self 57b1a389117e1

Physical Reality Cannot Be Directly Experienced

The physical world, being a holographic reflection of the brain’s perception of reality, is something that cannot be directly experienced through the body  but only indirectly through that mechanism of abstraction of the self. The self and the world are intrinsically linked.
In a way we are the force observing the physical body and neuro-chemistry sensing and creating that mirror image of the physical world. By knowing that we are merely watching the body, not the actual world, we can orient our awareness towards gaining knowledge about what we are actually experiencing which is more like a feedback loop of awareness.
The development and preservation of the ego via fear of the true nature is an occurrence that results from the awareness energy observing the holographic representation of reality in the place of reality itself.

Conscious Experience is a Holographically Represented Feedback Cycle of Awareness

Reality is the whole picture, not just the holographic  representation we have access to. Reality itself is invisible. It is not detected directly but through abstraction.
We are watching a feedback cycle dependent hologram which describes the conscious experience of reality as an internal phenomenon. Knowing this allows one to detach from behavioral and emotional response patterns which restrict one into the preconceived set of variables that is accumulated by the false-sense of self or ego.Trauma is the epitome of this restriction as is the defense of the ego from a larger experience of self-awareness.
The ego, then is a holographic image of a personality, created within a holographic image of reality and observed by a unifying formless self which is ‘non-local’. We are the formless self where the ego is information regarding the present that can be utilized to organize information linearly and progress into new methods of experience. When the same cycles repeat this becomes degrading and the pattern reduces to less and less changing variables. Ego gives the anchor through which one can have experience, yet it also restricts or focuses the possibilities. The dissolution of the ego, paradoxically, correlates with the expansion of the experience of the self.
Without some kind of holographic representation to project the world and self unto, there would be no perception of self aside from the formless, pure awareness that animates all experience. Reality and the self would be one. Experience would become one colossal, interconnected time and space that has no boundaries, beginning or end. The expansion of awareness is the journey from and back to that interconnected all encompassing experience of the self as reality and reality as the self.

The Hologram Represents A Reflection of Reality

Perceiving the self as a complete, objective, defined occurrence that relies entirely on the physical Universe would be like considering the map to be the actual land.
Our brains create a map of reality and we must recognize them as maps. Everyone’s map is subjective and unique unto itself. The physical Universe itself requires this projection system in order to exist. Certain details and keys are included within the map, so the map must be navigated mentally or through awareness to make use of those features.
Walking through the land to perceive these details and keys would be just as mental but it would also include a physically objective aspect which is not connected to the mind.
All of what is experienced in reality is determined by the internal map which is actually a holographic representation of the land we perceive ourselves actually moving through.

The True Self Is Attained Via The Awareness of Non-Locality Within The Holographic Representation

This is a feedback loop as if we are very much in a kind of simulation or in a situation where the external world itself is intrinsically linked with the internal experience of self. When we become aware of this feedback loop, we instantly begin to feed awareness of that loop, back into that process of the creation of experience.
This introduces more possibilities into the perception of reality and the eventual pinnacle is that the entire experience is revealed as a feedback loop within a feedback loop.
There is no true relative locality which the self relates to. It is always non-local and constantly occurring regardless of the locality of the physical body in relation to other bodies and the physical Universe. It is not dependent on the relativity of others.
By giving the brain nothing to externally construct the internal hologram off of as a reflection, then the reflection is fully displaying the actual self which is the pattern of continued mental perceptions that begin to take place when all stimulus is shut out.
It may be that this entire experience occurred from another view where all stimulus was shut out in order to induce an inner space through which to form experience. By re-occurring through this pattern, we can make a connecting bridge with that original state of being where reality was initially formed via an entangling of awareness with the physical realm.
Simply put, by detangling awareness of the physical realm, we can actually gain a clearer connection to the realm of the self which is within and is also the same process that was originally used to connect with the physical realm. We re-entangle with the perception of the immaterial self which is not an addition to this realm, but the source of it. Our immaterial perception has access to all experience in the perceived “time” of this physical life and exists entirely throughout it, not just at one point.
The seat of awareness as the conscious mind or the “present” awareness that is experienced is the ego and occurs only to give a direction or format through which the entire experience can be organized linearly.
The perception of the present is not the true self or the whole version. The self is concurrently present entirely throughout and is connected with the subconscious. The perception of the present relies on the holographic reflection of the conscious mind as the personality and this relates to the function of time as directly dependent on the function of the conscious mind’s lack of ability to perceive the whole self.

Brain Chatter and Actual Self-Awareness

When the seat of the ‘soul’ or the self is placed entirely in the physical Universe, then this experience is one of the chatter of the brain attempting to continue to pump out notions, requirements, perceptions and a filtration of the unconscious mind as if the parameters of physical life are also necessary within the mind. This is a disconnect between realities, what happens within must happen on the outside.
When what happens on the outside takes over what is within, then the origination of what is on the outside becomes disconnected with what is perceived within. This is a divide between the conscious experience of physical reality and the unconscious observation of all experience including that which ONLY occurs within. This inner reality is ‘non-locally’ related to the physical time and space. It is omnipresent throughout all time and space.

True Self Initiates The Occurrence of the Temporary

By knowing that we are not the physical “self” that is being watched by the immaterial self through the creation of  a hologram, one may come to the conclusion that for the perception of the physical “self” to exist a suspension of higher self-awareness must be initiated. The self must be made “partial”  in order to have the paradoxical view. Then there is the notion that for this to happen in the first place, there must be some original connection that forms the image of reality as a mirror of the true reality whatever that may be. Through the overarching function of the unconscious mind the pure observer energy seems to foment and generate this entire paradoxical experience. The linear perception is a mirrored reflection of the original. The two are inverses of each other.
The initial self,  which “compresses” into partiality in order to perceive itself as separate, comes from the view of the whole which fully connects the observer force to the experience of the self and reality. The self is as much the self to this force as the perceived reality is. There is a disconnect between the conscious and subconscious mind which allows for the perception of the self to begin with.
The paradox is that the self must first know everything to know one portion of the whole. The conscious mind views everything as separate, the unconscious sees everything as an interconnected whole, they are reflexive and inverted to each other.
Darkness, in balance, makes the light bright. Lack of awareness of the self, in balance, allows us to fully perceive and bask in the glory of the true self.
It is a kind of projected display using the knowledge of self to create arrays of information through which one can find the perception of the self. The background is the same substance as the foreground, but as long as there is that refraction of awareness, that delay of the conscious/unconscious duality, then there is a perception of change and variation between the environment and the self which allows for experience.
Without the lack of awareness of the self, we could not have the journey towards awareness of the self. Without the suspension of the totality of experience, we cannot have the linear experiences which comprise the whole picture.The whole exists first to create the possibility of the journey.

Having “no-self” or no self-awareness cannot be added to to create “self-awareness”. In other words, self starts from self-awareness, not a complete and absolute lack of awareness or self.

The Self is “Non-Local”, “Self-Relative” Energy, While the Body is Local and Relative to Physicality

If the physical brain was the source of the self, then the physical occurrences and relativities would be the ultimate source of the awareness of the physical self and immaterial self.
The immaterial awareness is always one level back from the perception of the physical embodiment and so the immaterial awareness is considered non-local to the physical Universe.  It is ‘extra-dimensionally’ present, a superimposed facet that always exists one layer back from direct experience.
It is as far removed from the workings of the physical Universe as can possibly be so as to produce a distance between the local occurrence of physical and neuro-chemical experience and the source of pure awareness without form.
The pure awareness which is what is observing all changes and variables is as possibly non-physical, immaterially far-removed that it is literally the operation of the introduction of another “source” of existence, from outside this physical time and space, into an area of this time and space through the body.
The body then is a kind of interdimensional carrier for this, a receiver for living substance that is transferred here and experienced as “awareness”. The physical consciousness which relies on neuro-chemistry identifies with this awareness but only as long as the awareness is first animating the physical into being aware of this level of experience.
For the physical consciousness to merge and unify with that non-physical, immaterial substance of pure-awareness which is transfered here from a non-locality, the pattern of that consciousness must attune to the pattern of that pure-awareness and initiate an exchange.
Removing the ego and the physical consciousness entirely is not the goal, but a conscious merging of the physical experience of reality from and with the perspective that occurs o is sourced non-locally. The source of awareness is non-local because this area of space and time must produce a ‘channel’ through which life and awareness can be expressed here. Then and only then when the channel is open can the presence of awareness be physically present here.
That is not to say that awareness does not exist outside the body, it is that the awareness that exists at that point would be entirely electromagnetic/etheric in nature and thus apart of the ‘original’ energetic realm and would be considered to be ‘non-local’.
With non-locality or quantum non-locality one is  working with quantum probabilities where the format for experience can occur anywhere at once and so the conscious experience of that would be guided to organizing towards a similar world structure based on a hierarchy of awareness instead of physical might or finances. It is not an impossible existence through paradox, it is one that can be utilized to experience existence more directly.
The ultimate goal of completion cannot be fully attained if the source is “non-local” or removed from the entire perception of the Universe which is merely an abstraction.
There is no place or time where the source is directly accessible objectively. Then the goal is not an attainment of a relative locality of material or location but the attainment of a secure connection with that non-local source of experience that the self is catalyzed into existence by.

Physical Existence is an Exchange from Quantum Non-Locality To Local Relativity and Back

Without the physical relativity, there would be no body or physicality. The immaterial self, in relation to this, is non-local. No matter where or how the relativity of the physical experience changes the true immaterial self does not actually go anywhere and there is no physical change occurring.
This is because the true immaterial self is sourced from and remains in the originating Universal harmonic while the nature of the physical is an abstraction of locality and relevance based on seemingly physical frequency or energetic configuration. All neuro-chemistry and physics work to explain those frequencies in a physical manner. The frequencies and changes within are the source of that external experience as well as the entire physical Universe, similar to the processing of a computer chip being the source of the graphical interface which is presently viewed.
For this to be the totality of the experience, then all the way up the line of time and all the way down there would have to be a linear cause and effect which organizes an eternal notion into being. There would have to be some superior “super-locality” that this local space and time is held within. This super-locality, or hyperspace is not an actual space in the same way that the physical Universe represents. It is closer to pure information, like the actual functioning of a computer processor rather than the graphical representation on the screen.
This hyperspace is in a way relative to the external space we perceive as darkness in the sky, as well as the internal space of the unconscious mind that occurs in and around the body.
Another aspect of non-locality is the localization of awareness to one complete or specific location and time in the body or brain similar to how quantum particles instantly appear and cannot be witnessed in both time and space simultaneously.  Just as there is no one “space” of the physical Universe from which other space is relatively configured out of, there is no one state of the mind and body or one organic physical source that the entirety of awareness comes through. Everything that occurs occurs as part of a probability field and the entire system works together to produce the experience of awareness. There is no single physical source of consciousness, or way to locate and identify one’s conscious attention on one part of their body or in one part of their mind and it is all throughout. In the same way the “source” of physical space is not a vector towards some centralized point, but it is the inherently quantum fundamental nature of all spaces and times. The “source” is one fractal spiral motion away from every point in space and time.
Another way to see this is that the interior imagery of the mind is non-local to the physical realm. There is no way to take an idea from the mind  realm (without advanced technology) and to carry that into the mind. In the same sense there is no way to produce an object held in physicality and reproduce the same thing in the mind. The mind can create a mirror image, however and possibly recreate the experience in similar resolution. This would most likely require a kind of “superconductivity” of the awareness system so that the information is not “degraded” by the method used to reach or recreate in the mind.
The Universe that this transference occurs in operates on a different scale than the non-local awareness and physically local relativity that this physical Universal Harmonic experiences. In the mind, anything can be created as if in the source. In the physical Universe of superimposed relativity, one must organize aspects of reality based on the image in the mind, in order to recreate it externally. The mind must connect with the possibility and organize matter to introduce a higher likelihood of probability and then it is expressed here through creativity and free-will.
Because the mind is energy and the body and physical Universe is matter, then presence of the immaterial awareness is always non-local, far removed, and physically unlimited by relativity within the physical Universe. If something requires relativity to exist, then the mind can supersede that and experience existence without that relativity. This is not the occurrence in the physical realm, it is the origin of experience where all is one and everything remains as a quantum potential.
In order to harmonize physical reality to nurture the true immaterial self, energy from that non-locality must be drawn through the body-mind system into manifesting itself through existence as free-will and creativity.
When this free-will and creativity is expressed, the immaterial self is nurtured and without these expressions the immaterial self does reach awareness here and the physical consciousness does not reach awareness of the realm of the true immaterial self.
It is an exchange and through this exchange knowledge of the physical self is brought through a non-locality transformation and non-local pure awareness is brought into the physical realm. This is the nature of the physical body and mind. The path of one is the inverse of the path of the other.

The Awareness of the Possibilities Introduces More Knowledge of The Immaterial Self

The question here is what happens next when the power to organize the linearity of experience, to decode and operate within the realm of the subconscious and perceive from a depth outside what is directly apparent and accessible to the conscious mind? All the possibilities increase exponentially.
Reality can be viewed more directly at this point, however the total and completely direct experience is most likely a gradient which extends itself the farther one gazes.
As long as there is a guideline of experience that the self is the projection of reality which is an inverse projection of the self then people can continue in a way where all paths leads toward self-actualization or more self-knowledge.
There is no threat, except for the possibility of forgetting the function of this mechanism and believing that the projection is all there is, or that  one’s self is the projection and respectively perceiving that they are “trapped” within a set of experiences which do not nurture the journey towards more self-awareness. The self at this point is just as much the self of the body or an aspect of one’s health as is the physical body if not more so. So experience must nurture this body by expressing the self-knowledge through free-will and creativity.
Even the experience of the lack of self-awareness propels the self into a more stressful but still productive (if not more so)  cycle of awareness which catalyzes new change and new possibilities as the feedback cycle continues.
This again reveals the fundamental paradox that lack of self-awareness introduces the possibility of more self-awareness and the two are inextricably linked.

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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