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The Yellow Brick Road

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1The Yellow Brick Road Empty The Yellow Brick Road Sun Aug 28, 2016 1:34 pm



It’s been said that consciousness predicates all matter, though it is widely assumed that the opposite is true. This assumption will henceforth be championed until the day when we can walk through walls, until one can manifest gold out of thin air.

Technology may exist already that allows either of these processes to be accomplished along with many other wizardly feats that are oh too precious for laymen. This being the case brings us a bit closer to conscious control over matter in a mechanical sense, sort of like the Wizard of Oz  who’s magic had more to do with engineering than cosmic consciousness. But who’s to say that the brilliance of engineering is not somehow related, for our mental faculties that are not tethered to a mainframe do echo the bounty of source.

We now see Dorothy’s alternate experience manifest from a bit of head trauma, but why is the wicked witch from the West, and why is the good witch orbing in from yet another alternate plane of reality. Of course she lets Dorothy go through hell and high water before letting her in on the secret of the magic slippers, which many can relate to. Unfortunately most don’t have illusion busting slippers, though they can slip into an altered state of consciousness.

There is a mystery to not only consciousness but the brain itself, and though science could argue that all is exclusive to the brain with its 30 billion neuron potential juggling up to a billion synapses, most of which being programmed bodily functions. We know that the brains ability to complete certain body functions can be interrupted by more than just physical trauma, though it retains a certain neuroplasticity which allows other parts of the brain the opportunity to compensate. This ability of the brain to remap and rewire itself can also restore cognitive impairment as noted by programs like Fast ForWord which helps children with learning disabilities and Autism’s by helping them rewire neural connectivity through sound and frequency patterns.

When we see this we begin to understand how frequency alone has the capacity to alter our brains neural activity. Though many would argue that higher mind is not brain bound, it’s doubtful there would be any argument suggesting the brains independence. The matter state is dependent on unified fields and grey matter’s no different. One can bottle up a psuedo conscious field like a quantum computer for mechanical tasks and even plug it into a main frame, but this mental construct can’t surpass the level of intelligence that built it, though it works well for analytical calculations based upon current threads of logic on a percentage basis at incredible speeds. Even AI in an autonomous setting is limited to deduce in historical fashion from all relative data currently available.
The brain may have similar attributes to modern AI, but can AI tap into a multi faceted unified field of consciousness? Even a brain choking on nanites may take on characteristics of a machine, but in essence the mind is untouched, and may begin a competition to win back territory. Who knows, higher mind just might rewire things a bit to couch the left brain antics if free will is allowed a voice. Upping the frequency; learning a new language or even how to play an instrument all seem to help build hew synaptic highways.

Of course matter is also pulsating particles dancing in the light, change the light spectrum and reality shifts to a new angular rotation of particle spin. Particles that compose the time matrix are governed by frequency and within our 3D world the soil under our feet will be pulsing slower than the morph we call a body so they appear more solid. Though we refer to these variations in particle oscillation and pulsation as dimensions or densities and know that they are grouped in triplicate to form reality fields. Consciousness remains ubiquitous and can bridge  higher planes which are separated by repulsion zones which disallow particle interaction from lower densities. If we can imagine pool balls 1-15, all being vibrationally unique and all are worlds unto themselves, 3 balls for each reality plane would give us 5 experiential planes.

As one ascends particles become less dense because they are quickened. Ascending through the time matrix will result in less solidity of form until one returns to the plasma fields of creation. If we understand the fundamentals of frequency accretion, we understand that walking through the time matrix has less to do with time in the relative sense, but rather to grow ones morph vibrationally, the faster we spin the faster the illusion of time and space. The planetary and solar morph’s are part of this process. Unless you’re AI you have walked down vibrationally to be this body and under normal circumstances you would walk back up. Unlike how modern science wants us to believe that we morph from a swamp and evolve if we’re lucky.

The body itself doesn’t really travel, it’s a conscious journey through modalities of frequency and since time and space are fabrications we are truly existing at all levels simultaneously, sort of like Russian dolls where the outer doll is just a giant field of conscious plasma overshadowing the numerous identities we call our family. Often we label this God, or God source, but in calling forth source aid we are tapping into our own multifaceted consciousness. When the steering committee wants us to surrender ourselves to the reverence of abstract gods the ploy becomes obvious; to disconnect you from your source! Building machines that cause disunity through frequency is another way to disconnect one, and then there’s that nasty tampering with ones genetic blueprint so the Jr. G-men can play god of the slaves.

When we begin to understand that the passage of time is in fact energetic acceleration we begin to understand that the proverbial time machine is nothing more than a variable oscillation chamber with one caveat; all matter including ones body must be dialed in to the exact vibration of the time space local we call dates. The matter body that’s synchronized with a certain period must be in tune with it and therefore out of tune with what’s considered their contemporary resonant field. This becomes tricky because the energy of a century ago is inherently different than today which can cause not only limitations but biological aberrations at the genetic level as well as the conceptual level. This is one reason visiting star fleets typically park outside the asteroid belt. Though many have time travel technology, the local time/space medium is governed by the solar torsion field, so its vibratory rate will be different from that which is the true outer space, and although ships can penetrate without issue, constant shielding would be necessary to avoid interference. Ships often do carry capability to vary resonant frequency, but our density plane is stifling, and may be akin to bathing in mud.

When one becomes disconnected without consent, the world of duality is no longer seen as a co-creative matter world where consciousness is still the king. A new path is created. We can refer to this as the Yellow Brick Road, where each brick is forged in fear, where even the lions are cowardly, scarecrows are scared and men are as yellow as they are hollow. Surely this isn’t the way home; thank goodness the dog still has its instincts to reveal the contrivances of confounded contraptions.

Like the Scarecrow we have brains we were not aware of, unfortunately we have not been trained how to properly flex our mental muscle and of course there are still self proclaimed lords who see simple minds as nothing more than real estate, ripe for exploitation. These members of the steering comity traded their whips for words long ago, starting with ecclesiastic academics which evolved to the silent science you’ve never heard about, which is like a social science which overlays nefarious sciences of biology, geology, psychology, health, energy, resources, finance, government, AI and harmonics just to name a few. I call them the anti-sciences, which are sold through the propaganda O-Z, which could stand for Orion Zeta.

When one believes in the left brained logic of the wicked west they assume the psychology which puts matter before mind, or mind being a product born and subject to matter. The unity conscious of the herd systemically reinforces this cultural aberration and works to support it. When one breaks with tradition (Dorothy tapping her heels and awakens), it would appear the old wiring within the receptor we call a brain has somehow been altered to a point where the old paradigms of thought take on a mercurial demeanor or repulsiveness. We can define this many ways, but the individual is fundamentally altered and now speaks a different language which no longer resonates with the old herd.

When a new unity consciousness is formed through higher mind higher education ensues, but these lessons are governed only by the individual receiving them; the greater the level of participation the faster and further one goes as with contemporary academia. But even at ones fastest pace it could take years to consciously bi-locate and become fluid on a telepathic level. Once one has re-merged with their true family throughout the time matrix, this world will seem quite handicapped, and although one may seek to change it with some new found talents they picked up along the way, its best that they bring in higher family to aid in this process. Being human means we are often chemically explosive when driven by emotive energy, and it’s always best to confer with the proper elders before taking “matters” into your own hands.

It’s easy to forget that the majority of the opposition have in many ways been usurped and retooled, so physical harm to any person is not a win-win situation, though protecting one’s life and property does change the rules of engagement, most attacks are dependent on tools from the war chest or contraptions like these new portable energy devices which serve different purposes. They often haul these around in vans of trailers and at times place them in dwellings in close proximity. Once they’re running it obvious, and detection and counter measures can be taken.

My sources tell me that lately there has been quite a bit of mischief in regard to our Sun, which was anticipated and the efforts of a certain group checked. It would appear that large quantities of chemical cocktails were being injected to stimulate coronal mass ejections. Perhaps their prophesized “kill shot” had more to do with engineering than fortune telling. But it would help to explain the flurry of subterranean activity. Now that their master plan has been re-mastered we may see an influx of whistle blowers that are not the puppets of the steering comities. However I don’t believe this sort of knowledge was shared beyond the top tier, but as underground condo’s lose their value at places like the Denver Airport we may see more capital ventures return to surface Earth and those once held hostage by festering fate now have a chance of coming back into the fold.

The AI holy of holies is of course their super computers which are considered their suns of sorts, which would include those on and off planet; all are in the crosshairs after the solar attacks. It’s not a question of if they will be terminated, but when, so while the egg timer is counting down it would be a good time to reconsider what side of the divide you’re on!

The coming year should be interesting, those considered the one percent will be going through another flowering which in turn will cause the two percent ect., to become the old one percent and so on and so forth down the line. The analogy that captures this is nuclear fission in reverse. For when we look at radioactive decay products like Uranium that evolves into lead through millions of years of emitting alpha and beta particles. Now if we rewind this process it’s similar to accretion via absorption where standing waves begin to breathe inward to grow and accelerate bioregenesis. Our Sun performs a similar task and those who know this understand that in order to stop this process the Sun or that which is at the receiving end needs to either be altered or abolished.

During the eighteenth dynasty in Egypt our brother Akhenaton understood this process better than anyone. The symbol of the solar disk over the head was representative of a Ra en Wa, or Son of the Sun, which has little to do with birthing out of a Sun or being a God, but rather that some beings carry genetic incriptions that are co resonant with the sun which helps balance energetic indifference during solar phases and that’s it. Believe it or not there are those who carry Lunar incriptions which serve the same purpose and for that matter every other planet within our Solar System and beyond, and all are equally important for it takes all octaves and subnotes to create the grand symphony, and all need to come together for the grand crescendo.


2The Yellow Brick Road Empty Re: The Yellow Brick Road Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:46 pm


Thanks Val

Stellar post as usual


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