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Energy Shift in Progress

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1Energy Shift in Progress Empty Energy Shift in Progress Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:11 pm


Energy Shift in Progress: Jupiter Has Gone Into Libra For The First Time in 12 Years
September 9, 2016 Lara Starr 

On Friday September 9th, the planet Jupiter shifts into the sign of Libra. Jupiter changes signs once every year; so this is a significant shift in energy.
Jupiter is the largest planet in the zodiac and it’s energy brings expansion, abundance and good fortune.
Jupiter is blessings the vibration of Libra.

Now it’s important to understand that we all experience Libra energy; albeit in our own unique ways. This transit is good news for everyone.
Libra rules partnerships; which means it’s going to be a lucky time for love. However when we are flowing with this energy it’s crucial to understand that the most important relationship you’ll ever be in is the one to yourself.
Energy Shift in Progress Bigstock-catch-the-star-981169-1
Self love, self acceptance and being there for ourselves is mandatory to reap the harvests of Jupiter in Libra. Unhealthy thought patterns and narrow mindedness is not going to work anymore. It’s time to nurture and love every part of ourselves; no more excuses or reasons to be self critical.
As we move into this gentle, loving and beautiful energy it’s important to take a look at yourself in the mirror and love who is looking back at you.
This may mean saying something like, “I don’t like the way my hips look; but I love myself anyways”…
We are just beginning this year long journey so it’s totally okay to feel like you have a long way to go.
Remember that we are learning to unconditionally love and accept ourselves.
It takes time. It takes practise. Nonetheless all that is needed is your loving intention and willingness to do your best.
Get interested in yourself. What do you love? What do you love about yourself? Focus on these questions even if it’s uncomfortable at first. Ideally you want to change you mindsets and attitudes towards yourself.
It’s time to believe in yourself. To put yourself first without feeling guilty.
This is going to benefit everyone.
I like to use the analogy of a safety demonstration on an airplane. The crew says, “when the cabin pressure drops, make sure to secure your mask before securing others”. This is now a time of putting your mask on first, because if you don’t you won’t be able to breathe.
Energy Shift in Progress Shutterstock_116051401-300x206
By “putting your mask on first” you are sending a message of worthiness out to the Universe. When Jupiter is involved he loves to respond to worthiness with lots of blessings. Self care now will benefit every area of your life; especially your long term relationships.
Jupiter comes into Libra every 12 years. Think back to 12 years ago and look at what you were learning. How were you treating yourself? What did you think of yourself? What was he state of your relationships? It’s time to update all of the above.
If you are a Libra Sun sign this is an exciting time, however Libra represents a certain area of life for everyone. This is due to the birth chart; which is a map of where all the planets were when you were born. Each sign rules a certain area of your individual birth chart and therefore when a planet moves into a new sign it highlights a unique area of your life and presents new lessons.
When working with astrological energies it’s so key to think of yourself as all the signs. Each energy is offering you an opportunity to swim with it. Astrology transits are currents of light; when you have an awareness of these cycles you can make the most of their lessons and illuminate your life.
Here’s to self acceptance, self love and self celebration!
Love yourself and so will everyone else.

About the Author: Shannon Hugman is an astrologer, artist, emotional healer and more. Shannon is offering apersonalized reading to explore where Jupiter is traveling through your unique birth chart. Shannon is also excited to help individuals harness the wisdom of astrology through her newest offering,The Art of Astrology Online Academy. She is available for personal astrology chart readings which can be purchased through her website.
Follow Shannon on Social Media to receive daily astrology forecasts!
Facebook: Shannon Hugman
Instagram: @shannonhugman
Periscope: Shannon Hugman
Follow Shannon on Periscope for daily live broadcasted forecasts, download the app and search for shannonhugman.
Energy Shift in Progress Shannon-pic-300x300
Featured Image: libra_by_fabera

Thanks to: http://thespiritscience.net


2Energy Shift in Progress Empty Re: Energy Shift in Progress Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:24 pm


If I'm not mistaken, Jupiter is in Virgo right now, not in Libra.......please explain.

3Energy Shift in Progress Empty Re: Energy Shift in Progress Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:26 pm


I have not a clue....

Maybe someone knows that will comment?


4Energy Shift in Progress Empty Re: Energy Shift in Progress Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:57 pm


Here you go nightgems...

Jupiter, planet of abundance, luck and expansion, has entered Virgo from August 11, 2015 until September 9, 2016 (read the full post about it here). How will this new 13-month cycle affect your sign specifically? Read on…



5Energy Shift in Progress Empty Re: Energy Shift in Progress Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:59 pm


9 Ways Jupiter in Virgo Will Completely Change Your Life
Energy Shift in Progress Jupiter-teacup
ShareEnergy Shift in Progress Facebook [url=http://twitter.com/home?status=9 Ways Jupiter in Virgo Will Completely Change Your Life - http://astrostyle.com/jupiter-in-virgo/]Energy Shift in Progress Twitter [/url]Energy Shift in Progress Pinterest

Jupiter in Virgo:
August 11, 2015 – September 9, 2016

Changing of the guard! On August 11, 2015, expansive Jupiter exits dramatic and flamboyant Leo, moving into clean, green and analytical Virgo until September 9, 2016. Jupiter is the planet that rules luck, personal growth, travel, opportunity and risk. Along with Venus, it’s one of the cosmsos’ two “benefics,” meaning its influence is largely positive. The biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter represents abundance, so whatever you plant during a Jupiter cycle will grow into a cash crop. As one of the slower-moving outer planets, Jupiter’s transits color the entire societal attitude and cultural zeitgeist.
Jupiter changes signs every 12-13 months, meaning it only visits each zodiac sign once every 12 years. Its last trek through Virgo was from August 27, 2003-September 24, 2004. (Dial back to that era for themes that may arise again in your life.)
See how Jupiter will affect YOUR zodiac sign in our post here.

Bye-bye, Jupiter in Leo: What we’re leaving behind.

Let’s reflect on the year we’re leaving behind—Jupiter’s tour of Leo from July 16, 2014 until August 11, 2015. Leo is the sign of personal love, pride and self-expression, and outspoken Jupiter here helped champion everyone’s right to that dignity. A few headline-making examples: #blacklivesmatter, Caitlyn Jenner’s public gender transition, legalized marriage equality in all 50 U.S. states.
On the downside, Jupiter can also expose extreme arrogance, and the planet’s tour of egocentric Leo demonstrated this flagrantly: police departments with egregious brutality records, Donald Trump (who has a Leo ascedant) running for president, international big game hunters killing endangered animals for sport. Cecil the Lion became the tragic victim of Jupiter in Leo gone wrong. Here’s hoping that truth-telling Jupiter, ruler of media and education, will help sort out these complicated issues.
Here are few things we can expect while Jupiter tours Virgo through September 2016:

1. Walking the talk: Jupiter in Virgo.

Now that Leo’s grand speeches, public declarations and jaw-dropping debuts are over, it’s time for some follow up—the walk that goes with the talk. Jupiter in Virgo inspires us to roll up our sleeves and do the real work, to make change. In a telling pop culture example during Jupiter in Leo, Caitlyn Jenner filmed her reality show I Am Cait on the road with trans activists. The episode revealed her ignorance about the struggles of transgender people who don’t share her wealth, fame and public support. While Jupiter in Leo brought Caitlyn Zac Posen gowns, tearful ESPY awards and Vanity Fair covers, Jupiter in Virgo will deliver the equivalent of a quick sociology degree.
And we could all use some brushing up in that area, frankly. Jupiter in Virgo cracks the integrity whip, making sure our own backyards are clean before we stand on our soapboxes. Do we wag our fingers at the world’s transgressions, then privately commit the same deeds? There will be no getting away with that while Jupiter is in Virgo. Beware the self-righteousness of this transit—change begins with ourselves (or, as Virgo Michael Jackson sang, with the “man in the mirror”).

2. Jupiter is in “detriment” in Virgo.

Jupiter is “in detriment” in Virgo, meaning it’s slogging through perhaps its least favorite shift. The celestial hedonist is doing community service to repent for his overindulgent ways. We just can’t act selfishly on every whim with Jupiter in self-controlled Virgo. Jupiter is the ruler of big-picture thinking and the higher mind, while Virgo is ruled by practical, sensible Mercury—Jupiter’s planetary opposite, in a way. Jupiter and Virgo can be strange bedfellows, with the supersized planet pushing to expand, and fastidious Virgo fact-checking every little item along the way. It’s like a neurotic nanny trying to tame a hyperactive child on a sugar high. In the best situation, they will provide positive checks and balances for each other, ensuring that our grand ideas can actually go the distance.

 3. Sustainability reigns: Earthy Virgo in charge.

After a people-focused year, our attention turns to our processes—and how they affect the planet. Climate change is an undeniable issue the world is facing, and global ambassador Jupiter throws a giant spotlight here. As astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” The human race needs to cooperate with nature if we want to keep on keeping on. We could draw some inspiration from New Yorker Colin Beavan’s film No Impact Man which documents his family’s efforts to spend one year making as little an impact as possible on the environment: no electricity, automated transportation or non-local food!
Virgo governs digestion so that rule extends to our palates. Bring on the organic produce and kale smoothies. Plant and grow food and put more greenery around your home. Vote with your dollar, opting for sustainably crafted goods that also support local business owners and keep the neighborhood economy thriving.
With Jupiter in Virgo, businesses in “green” industries could boom. You might just make time to hear your friend’s pitch on solar panels, vitamins or supplements now. Since Jupiter is the global truth-teller we can expect to hear more stories about egregious waste dumping and pollution from overseas manufacturers…and hopefully, to see policies and regulations change that.

4. Living in tune with nature, sharing our “stuff.”

No, you don’t have to trade your loft apartment for a yurt this year…but you might airbnb it out for a month while you go shack up in a tent. Jupiter in Virgo calls our culture of excess into question, and people will begin making real lifestyle changes to reduce accumulation. Jupiter in practical Virgo will fuel the cooperative economy. More and more, people are asking: Why own when we can rent, and use only what we need when we need it? Advances in 3D printing are also helping to cut the over-production problem—why manufacture 10,000 units when you only need one? Commune-style living could make a comeback, with a modern twist. Interestingly, the first-ever kibbutz—a collective community in Israel where people live, work, farm, grow food and raise their families together—was formed in 1909, while Jupiter was in Virgo. We can expect to see a rise in urban farming, shared living spaces and a boom in people unloading their stuff on Craigslist or eBay.

5. Drop the selfie stick; pick up the talking stick.

It’s time for more mindfulness, says Jupiter in Virgo—to put down the gadgets for an hour and get back to IRL encounters. While we don’t predict that the likes of, say, Snapchat will go anywhere, serenity could set in if we carve out technology-free spaces (both in public or at home). We’ll be more present with the people in our midst; less worried about attracting a million random followers. We’ll find joy in being of service to our fellow humans instead of competing to be the biggest superstars. It’s downright old-fashioned! But this wrinkle in time might just buy us another era on Planet Earth.

6. The “Internet of Things” takes over.

If anything, technology will become more integrated into our lives. Virgo may be an earthy hippie, but it’s also a data-loving nerd (think: an early adopter of Burning Man going off the grid but rocking serious tech skills). The “internet of things” (ioT) could expand under Jupiter in Virgo—more of our everyday objects will become embedded with sensors and electronics, a la the Smarthome and “geek chic” wearable technology (an industry projected to balloon by the billions). We may even see an innovation that helps us detach from our physical gadgets while still remaining “wired.” Will our entire identities soon be stored on the cloud?

7. Taking it to the polls: Rocking the vote?

With a U.S. presidential election year falling during Jupiter’s tour of Virgo, we could be due for another “Rock the Vote” era of grassroots change and socially-aware constituents (interestingly, the splashy Rock the Vote campaign was founded in 1990, while Jupiter was in Leo). Jupiter in Virgo will demand integrity and follow-through from any politician who hopes to make it through the rounds of debates and primaries. If we’re lucky, Jupiter in Virgo may help to inspire record voter turnout before it leaves in September 2016.

8. Health, science and fitness industries soar.

Virgo is the ruler of health and science, so new trends in medical care and the wellness industry could arise. Buying “local and sustainable” could become more of a mainstream trend, as consumers become ever more savvy in their research about food and product safety. We may see amazing advancements in medicine, too—for example, technology that allows doctors to predict and prevent brain diseases (such as dementia) long before they reach their full-blown state. Artificial intelligence, robots and other innovations that once seemed like grist for a sci-fi movie could become integrated into our daily lives. Geneticists are even working to bring back extinct species, such as the carrier pigeon, which died out in 1914.

9. Coaching and “how-to” businesses thrive.

Coaches and consultants might also experience a heyday, as Virgo’s perfectionism has us all in self-analyzing overdrive. Analytical Virgo doesn’t skimp on the details, so people will be hungry for advice on improving their practical skills: budgeting, dressing, decorating, parenting. If you’re an expert, look for ways you can package your knowledge as helpful advice. Jupiter rules publishing and broadcasting. Consider marketing your unique skills through a YouTube video series, a “helpful tips” podcast or a how-to ebook. For best results, focus on simplifying a difficult process (e.g., how to change a tire in five minutes) or giving people basic instructions (e.g., how to add crown molding). Jobs in the service sector will grow, since Virgo is the ruler of service. Everyone, pitch in now!
See how Jupiter will affect YOUR zodiac sign in our post here.
Energy Shift in Progress Divider2
Want to learn all about how Jupiter (and the other planets) will affect your zodiac sign in 2016? Pre-order our 2016 Planetary Planner (available December 2015) and you’ll get a detailed guide to using Jupiter in Virgo to your maximum advantage next year.



6Energy Shift in Progress Empty Re: Energy Shift in Progress Fri Sep 09, 2016 11:04 pm


What Sign Was Jupiter in? 1979 – 2024

June 2, 2015 Elsa

Energy Shift in Progress Jupiter-Italian-card-vintage-e1423745258986 Jupiter is about to leave Leo for Virgo. For insight into how this will affect you, check the dates that Jupiter was in Virgo in years pastd.
While we’re at it, may as well look ahead too!
Jupiter in Virgo September 30, 1979 – October 27, 1980
Jupiter in Libra October 28, 1980 – November 26, 1981
Jupiter in Scorpio November 27, 1981 – December 25, 1982
Jupiter in Sagittarius December 26, 1982 – January 19, 1984
Jupiter in Capricorn January 20, 1984 – February 6, 1985
Jupiter in Aquarius February 7, 1985 – February 20, 1986
Jupiter in Pisces February 21, 1986 – March 2, 1987
Jupiter in Aries March 3, 1987 – March 8, 1988
Jupiter in Taurus March 9, 1988 – July 21, 1988
Jupiter in Gemini July 22, 1988 – November 30, 1988
Jupiter in Taurus December 1, 1988 – March 10, 1989
Jupiter in Gemini March 11, 1988 – July 30, 1989
Jupiter in Cancer July 31, 1989 – August 18, 1990
Jupiter in Leo August 19, 1990 – September 12, 1991
Jupiter in Virgo September 13, 1991 – October 10, 1992
Jupiter in Libra October 11, 1992 – November 10, 1993
Jupiter in Scorpio November 11, 1993 – December 9, 1994
Jupiter in Sagittarius December 10, 1994 – January 3, 1996
Jupiter in Capricorn January 4, 1996 – January 21, 1997
Jupiter in Aquarius January 22, 1997 – February 4, 1998
Jupiter in Pisces February 5, 1998 – February 12, 1999
Jupiter in Aries February 13, 1999 – June 28, 1999
Jupiter in Taurus June 29, 1999 – October 23, 1999
Jupiter in Aries October 24, 1999 – February 14, 2000
Jupiter in Taurus February 15, 2000 – June 30, 2000
Jupiter in Gemini July 1, 2000 – July 12, 2001
Jupiter in Cancer July 13, 2001 – August 1, 2002
Jupiter in Leo August 2, 2002 – August 27, 2003
Jupiter in Virgo August 28, 2003 – September 24, 2004
Jupiter in Libra September 25, 2004 – October 25, 2005
Jupiter in Scorpio October 26, 20 – November 23, 2006
Jupiter in Sagittarius November 24, 2006 – December 18, 2007
Jupiter in Capricorn December 19, 2007 -January 5, 2009
Jupiter in Aquarius January 6, 2009 January 17, 2010
Jupiter in Pisces January 18, 2010 – June 6, 2010
Jupiter in Aries June 7, 2010 – September 8, 2010
Jupiter in Pisces September 9, 2010 – January 22, 2011
Jupiter in Aries January 23, 2011 – June 4, 2011
Jupiter in Taurus June 5, 2011 – June 11, 2012
Jupiter in Gemini June 12, 2012 -June 25, 2013
Jupiter in Cancer June 26, 2013 – July 16, 2014
Jupiter in Leo July 17, 2014 – August 11, 2015
Jupiter in Virgo August 12, 2015 – September 9, 2016
Jupiter in Libra September 10, 2016 – October 10, 2017
Jupiter in Scorpio October 11, 2017 – November 8, 2018
Jupiter in Sagittarius November 9, 2018 – December 2, 2019
Jupiter in Capricorn December 3, 2019 – December 19, 2020
Jupiter in Aquarius December 20, 2020 – May 13, 2021
Jupiter in Pisces May 14, 2021 -July 28, 2021
Jupiter in Aquarius July 29, 2021 – December 28, 2021
Jupiter in Pisces December 29, 2021 – May 10, 2022
Jupiter in Aries May 11, 2022 – October 28, 2022
Jupiter in Pisces October 29, 2022 – December 20, 2022
Jupiter in Aries December 21, 2022 – May 16, 2023
Jupiter in Taurus May 17, 2023 – May 25, 2024
Has Jupiter in Virgo been good to you?

Thanks to: http://www.elsaelsa.com


7Energy Shift in Progress Empty Re: Energy Shift in Progress Fri Sep 09, 2016 11:04 pm


so tomorrow it starts in Libra


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