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Thoughts on words and being, and the "C" word....

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Thoughts on words and being, and the "C" word....

Thoughts on words and being, and the "C" word....  Master-soo

In IT I learned the that even with the brightest minds, there's things you cannot plan for, or even expect to happen, and stuff goes wrong.   When computer systems crashed in the Airlines, (at least before they outsourced that kind of thing to India), we had a thing called a "post mortem" process ... morbid name to be sure, but it was kind of an impartial autopsy of a system and what went wrong ABSENT BLAME, for any particulars.   Didn't matter who did it, what mattered was HOW TO FIX IT and fix it in a way so that it never happens again!  A simple programmer typo can go undetected for years, until the right condition occurs, and bam!  Flights grounded around the world.

Politicians and preachers deal in the blame game, and they do borrow each others toolboxes more than you would think.    I remember reading once a story about the training of CIA agents, and that when they got caught in a foreign land that one of the tactics was to accuse other people of anything and everything to deflect attention from themselves.   There's some quirk in human nature that automatically thinks an accuser is blameless. But point a finger and you got three pointing right back at you!  Zealots are usually the worst of the lot.  Anyone who has spent anytime in organized religion knows the preacher is always preaching about his own sins or to hide them by preaching against them.  And the zealot mills of the middle east are churning out a frenzy of violence in the name of a god.


The political scoundrel always drapes themselves in the flag, and blame some usual third party.  The usual suspects you know... because well... they are "not us".   There's an old joke, the Lone Ranger says to Tonto, "Tonto we are surrounded by savages what will we do?" Tonto replies "What do you mean WE kimosabe?"

The separation game only works so long... and right now is not working very well at all as everyone shakes their heads at the political candidates on the plate... on this continent.

Its been quite a month.  Lots of inner work with Loie, much of it personal and not the sort of thing that lends itself well to a blog.  Loie is a unique being of pure love, joy and wise, absent any guile.  I have recovered some basic memories of my lives, things I made, and worlds born and worlds dying from the Galactic wars.   Information is not always easy to come by, and the information from the Galactics has been better for the most part than anything I got from reading on the Internet and so called "Galactic historians".  But the best information, I am finding, is already in the heart.  Accessing it is something I am still working on and its not yet quite "on demand" as I would like... but I have been around so long... there's eons of data there yet untapped by this form version of me.

I had about 5 days of fever, some incredible insights of intuition, which I was not sure whether or not to trust, but Raeno the medical officer assures intuition gets stronger during a fever.

I've done a lot of reflection on journey of the last 3 years, and things I could have done better, but sometimes its not so much that I did everything perfect, but that I simply DID, when others could not or would not.  I am not the only one. Once I realized who I was, (Source in body) it was easy to cast aside the notion of being a passive victim here on this Earth.   That realization really came in 2009 during my NDE.

I'm coming to understand that the emphasis I placed on Essence lines, as they were outlined by the Galactics last summer has probably caused more harm than good.  It was a categorization method of the galactics, and there is a correlation to DNA.  But I think there's an issue even deeper than that I will go into in a moment that all need to come to terms with that is behind some of the blowback I got on that subject.  I think I interpreted the essence data differently than perhaps my readers did, and even differently than some of my critics think I thought of it, but the whole point of communicating in the first place is convey accurate information, unless your either trying to deceive someone deliberately (lot of that in this world).   My intent was to inlighten not obfuscate or cause more separation.  My own realizations as to what I did do, was not meant to preclude the creation by any other particular or imply superiority. There is no superiority in ONE.  I would say that is a given.

This blog has been an open exploration of my own awakening. I just never expected mine journey would come the direction it did. I am not even sure it serves to do a blog much longer.  Most of my major questions are answered now.  There's much yet for me to remember and there are body changes to come that are still in their beginning stages.  But what has occurred so far is very good.

For me, the essences offered an explanation as to why certain DNA fit certain personality types, and a mathematical model for how diversity of being came to be, through a kind of mathematical combinatorial fashion.  The math of it all (111! - 111 factorial) made sense to me, its a huge number of possible combinations and not yet even fully realized. On the flip side of that there was a sense of ownership among some original beings who used coercion, force, soft power of religion and family,  and "pure bloods" to define both ownership and privilege and even the recent attempts to "patent" human DNA.  Own DNA?  Really?  But then they had other screwy ideas like you could "own" the earth, and the bounty it produces too. The whole ownership side and and the stupid notion of that one essence is superior to another was nonsense and not something I ever believed, even before I knew about essences.

Loie's father Tex, had all 11 original essence frequencies. Nobody knows where Tex came from, he was found in a basket on his mother's doorstep.  He was all of the original essences.  I don't know for sure, this is speculation on my part, but even the 'beingness' we have had, has been a kind of internal separation, much like the so called "densities" of existence like 5d, 6d, 7d etc... were frequency bands with gaps between them (that they have never experienced) and not the full range of frequencies of existence.  Perhaps beingness it self had separation by limitation of frequency it was created with. And perhaps this 3rd Wave of Creation is about ALL frequencies of Source being in each and ALL? Maybe a bit like Loie's dad, Tex?  There have been on a handful of such beings ever recorded. Its very rare until now.  But all changes going forward.

The originals had a role to play in closing out the systems, and that's really the ONLY significance to them.  Going forward I am not certain its significant at all. Even those originals who fought it ever bit of the way to keep it going, throwing out one road block after another succeeded at perfectly failing and showing it all for what it is.  Its what Source wanted to happen and made sure happened.  There's no shame in that either.

The more we identify with past roles, essences, inbodyments, titles, and other forms of separation the more limited we will be going forward.  When you can see yourself as what you really are, THE ALL, then ALL FLOWS THROUGH YOU.  Doesn't mean you won't have your moments after a really bad day that might feel like crawling up into the fetal position with the shades in room pulled down screaming "LEAVE ME ALONE!"... we all have those, but they will become less and less.  Life will push you, and its really U, pushing YOU, to release all that no longer serves going forward.  But sometimes, depending on how stubborn you are, it doesn't feel so good...

The deeper issue I think that needs to be addressed is a word. "CREATOR"... a whole lot of "god-ish" baggage in that word (I am not talking about "magic" here... that's a kind of faux cookbook creation and is usually just manipulation of others).    The term "Creator" its exclusive not inclusive.  TRUTH IS THERE WERE MANY CREATORS IN THIS UNIVERSE!  Your legends are replete with their names! Some posed as gods, goddesses (just to make sure there was a gender separation too), others were demigods, just a tiny bit god... (demi...The French word for little) and some didn't pose as much of anything at all! Many of them were ruthless tyrants and did not feel and show love.  Some were just advanced ETs with really good tech.  Some just punched a clock and then harvested the worship energy through some religion or secret society they created. Energy they could have received without limit from their heart connection to Source, but they either didn't know, or forgot.  Adoration and power is a tough addiction to break for some beings.

SOURCE IS ALL. You, me, the table I sit at, the computer I write on, the electrons flowing through it and the collective experience of ALL in ALL.  From what I have recovered in my memory work, I "created" a hell of a lot.  Was I a god or your god? Nope!   Frankly the whole notion of "god" is past it sell by date.  It reeks like Moroccan milk in a hot road side store with a bad fridge and it needs to be abandoned.

There is creation, but you get into that "creator" word thing again, small "C" or big "C"??? ...and that allusion word "the divine".... god-ish bullshit words meant to fog up your mind... for the purpose of presumption of the facts.   I can't tell you how many beings have claimed to be "PRIME CREATOR" using the most judgmental and tyrannical words and tones - which immediately proves what a puny god they are!

And no pun intended, how in god's sake does any being live a normal life after telling someone you created something (especially anything with any significant scale) with all this baggage attached by religion to the word create?  All the old religious baggage ideas pop up to mind! The word Creator, is an electric fence built around the very action of creating.

Religion is a tool of limitation like nothing else has been. Constraining beliefs with pious words using your desire to please "your creator".... which presumes a creator that wants his beings to be subservient peons and not self actualized pure love beings fully aware they are Source in body? Time to rethink that premise too! I can assure you one thing! Its not a Prime Creator if it wants that! There are two burdens no being should ever have to bear, being worshipped as epitome of light, or the epitome of darkness. Light and dark exist side by side within all of Source, its up to us to reconcile that fact within ourselves in pure love.

We are ALL capable of great creation, or great destruction.  This balancing edge of light and dark is within every creator, which you ALL ARE!  What keeps your rudder in the water and sails filled though this internal ever tossing sea is PURE LOVE. Love for others AND YOURSELF!  That calms the waters inside.  When the love is gone... you get the eons of Galactic wars of the "LIGHT" vs the "DARK".  Neither side had pure love, it was forgotten!  They all forgot their hearts.

I was thinking "Catalyzer" is probably a closer explanation of how creation within Source works, Its actually SOURCE who does the creation, the "creator" is really a "catalyzer" of creation who comes up with the idea, the emotion and the action to bring it forward as it is required.  But catalyzer... well sounds like something you'd use in fiberglas resin or a chemical reaction, so I am thinking maybe a new word is in order "CREATE-ALYZER" (CREATALYZER?)  and this puts the perspective of what is really doing the creating..."THE ALL" or "SOURCE" and retains the ONENESS that truly is Source without the allusion qualities of the word "creator" (and when you speak creator you can never hear whether its a capital C or a lower case one which only confuses the matter).  Anyway that's my thoughts on the "creator" word, I'm open to suggestions from capable wordsmiths... but we really do need a new word.  Like all thoughts in infancy... this will be expanded on enlarged on... its time.

Posted by Obi-Wan Kabuki at 12:43 PM

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