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Autumnal Equinox 9.22.2016

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Prepare for the Equinox 9222016

Posted on September 20, 2016 by NewSunUnity  
Autumnal Equinox 9.22.2016 Dna-earth-ascends Equinox arriving Thursday is occurring during a powerful window of time.
Humanity has been doing lots of status-quo reviews, and most likely you have had your own on a very personal level.
The Mercury Retrograde, ending Wednesday, has been an excellent time to reassess your life circumstance and decide what you would want to keep or discard going forward.
If you’re not familiar with the planets and astrology, a cycle like Mercury Retrograde can often be the catalyst for some big rethinking of one’s life.
A Rethinking Phase
With so much changing now, and the constant influx of new factors to consider, it’s not surprising you would be in a rethinking phase – even without the Retrograde.
The two eclipses of September added an element of intensity to your self-introspection. The Pisces Lunar Eclipse during last week’s Full Moon provided a huge opening for looking with more clarity at your life.
Most likely, either consciously or in the dream state, you had new insights about what fuels your choices.
Role of Emotions
As part of this you may have awakened one day this past week with a brand-new perspective about your emotional life and the connection to motivations.
This is very helpful.
Changing patterns and life direction is much easier once you understand your inner motivations for doing things.
Emotions can play a key role.
An important part of spiritual awakening is to become more attuned to your own emotional states – learning to understand how emotions fuel responses to life events.
Emotions are front-and-center in much of global dialogue about the overhaul of society. There is a lot at stake and people hold very diverse views.
Your Daily Processing
Daily you are processing your own response to the world’s accelerating uncertainty and chaos. If you were consciously aware of all that you process in a single day, you would be stunned.
For context, this indeed is a unique time for the world. So much needs to shift and many things like climate and injustice are a crisis point. Political dramas, notably in the US, are driven by emotional fear-based themes.
With this background, you can better understand why your own emotions may be closer to the surface now.
After all, humanity across the world is interconnected. Further, some issues being debated on the world stage are almost as old as humanity itself.
DNA-Level Conditioning
That means your own past life DNA-level conditioning could be triggered now. Most likely you were subject to tyranny and injustice countless times before.
Therefore, in current moments your aware consciousness can respond in unfamiliar ways – due to belief systems you unknowingly hold on a subconscious level. You may get quite emotional and not know why. Example: in a past life you may have died in a revolution or you may have witnessed as your mother was unjustly sent to the gallows for suspected witchcraft.
Volume on “High”
This is especially true during energy threshold moments like Equinox. Life then may feel like someone turned the volume on “high” and your nervous system may go on alert more than normal. You may witness more emotional outbursts from others at work or home. It can feel like the lid on “normal” was removed – all kinds of weird things happening.
About Equinox Gateways
All Equinoxes are energy gateways, in part because of how the Sun aligns with the Equator and temporarily reduces Earth’s magnetic field.
This allows you to access potentially profound spiritual insights, connect with spiritual guidance, and have an expanded connection to other dimensions. In tandem with this, there’s an amplified effect at such a gateway, experiences in this dimension feeling super-sized.
This particular Equinox is a high-energy threshold involving balance and new beginnings. It’s an excellent time for inner work and meditation, helping you to connect with spiritual openings and to release past baggage so you can advance.
One of Best Transformation Thresholds in 2016
With the Sun moving into Libra, signaling a change of seasons, this Equinox is one of the best transformation thresholds so far this year!
Think of this Equinox Gateway unfolding Thursday through the weekend as a new pivotal choice point – a moment when you can propel yourself into new adventures housed in a higher frequency with quantum manifestation potentials.
Make the most of this by staying present, self-censoring negative thoughts, and making specific intentions of how you would like to see your light expressed. Approach this in a quantum way. That means seeing each moment and potential new moment as brand new and filled with a radiance that matches that of your soul. Visualize yourself living as soul starting now.

Thanks to: https://newsununity.com


2Autumnal Equinox 9.22.2016 Empty Re: Autumnal Equinox 9.22.2016 on Thu Sep 22, 2016 1:29 am


Sun over Earth’s equator at equinox
By Bruce McClure in Tonight | September 21, 2016
Autumnal Equinox 9.22.2016 Sun-equinox-equator-e1442521830371

  • Sep 21 - Sep 27

  • 21
    Sun over Earth’s equator at equinox
  • 22
    Equinox sun rises due east, sets due west
  • 23
    Moon, Castor and Pollux before dawn
  • 24
    Use Cassiopeia to find Andromeda galaxy
  • 26
    Moon and star Regulus before dawn
  • 27
    Moon and Mercury shortly before sunrise
  • 28
    Moon and Mercury on September 29

Image at top by Tau’olunga via Wikimedia Commons.
The 2016 autumnal equinox for the Northern Hemisphere (spring equinox for the Southern Hemisphere) will take place on Thursday, September 22, at 14:21 UTC. At this special moment – the instant of the September equinox – the midday sun is at zenith, or straight overhead, as seen from Earth’s equator. That’s the meaning of equinox. The September equinox sun crosses the sky’s equator, going from north to south.
Who will see the sun overhead at the moment of this year’s equinox? If you were on the sun on September 22 at 14:21 UTC, you’d see the hemisphere of Earth shown in the simulated image below. Looks like you’d have to be on a ship in the Atlantic Ocean, just to the east of Brazil, to see the sun directly exactly directly overhead at noon on this equinox, at the exact moment of the equinox.
But no matter. Everyone along Earth’s equator on the day of the equinox – and for a day or two before and after it – will experience that noonday sun more or less overhead.

Autumnal Equinox 9.22.2016 Equinox-september-2016
Simulated image of Earth (without clouds) at the instant of the September equinox (2016 September 22, 2016, at 14:21 Universal Time). Image credit: Earth and Moon Viewer
Although the equinox happens at the same instant for everyone worldwide, the clock time for the equinox varies by time zone. In the U.S., the local clock time for the September 22 equinox will be 10:21 a.m. EDT, 9:21 a.m. CDT, 8:21 a.m. MDT and 7:21 a.m. PDT.
On the day of the equinox, the sun rises due east and sets due west all over the world, with everyone worldwide receiving approximately equal portions of day and night.
When October comes rolling around that’ll change dramatically. By then, the sun will rise noticeably south of due east and will set noticeably south of due west. That’ll mean shorter days and longer nights for the Northern Hemisphere, and longer days and shorter nights in the Southern Hemisphere.
After the equinox, the sun (and migrating birds) will continue to travel southward to the southern climes. Arctic sea ice will begin to freeze; Antarctic ice will start melting. The great wheel of the seasons will continue to turn.
How to celebrate? Try to watch as the sun rises due east and sets due west on the day of the equinox. If you do that from your backyard, or deck, or a local park – somewhere that you have familiar landmarks – you’ll gain a handy tool for astronomy: that is, the tool of knowing the direction due east.
Autumnal Equinox 9.22.2016 September-2016-equinox
Day and night sides of Earth at the instant of the September equinox (2016 September 22 at 14:21 Universal Time).
Bottom line: Around the equinox, the sun is overhead at noon for people at Earth’s equator.
The lunar calendars are almost here! View the moon phases throughout the year.
Everything you need to know about the September equinox 2016

Thanks to: http://earthsky.org


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