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Don't Lay Down Your Light

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1Don't Lay Down Your Light  Empty Don't Lay Down Your Light Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:38 am



Don't Lay Down Your Light

Don't Lay Down Your Light  %2528001%2529%2BHitchhikers
It seems like a lifetime ago when I paid my bills by doing computer aura scan videos down at the local crystal store.  Good times and good memories from a time when everyday folks had a good feeling about the future; and disposable income to spend on their personal spiritual journey.  There was a pervasive optimism in the air that at last, things were improving, that humanity was finally ready to grow beyond greed. 

It just took one dark September day to change all that.

Nowadays nearly nobody does computer aura scans anymore, and if you can still find a crystal store it's a minor miracle.  Times have changed, and decidedly not for the good.  You see: we can hold the energy of faith in the future, or fear of the future equally well but not at the same time, it causes cognitive dissonance if we try.  So whether consciously or subconsciously; we each make the choice which energy we will hold, and send out; the positive vibration of faith or the negativity of fear

If 9/11 did not mark the boundary between 3rd and 4th dimensional resonance, then certainly it was a harbinger that our transition from the known into the unknown was looming directly ahead.  Well, it's 15 years later now and it sure seems the vast majority of the population continues to sleepwalk thru this growing nightmare hoping it will soon be over.

Don't Lay Down Your Light  %2528001A%2529-DRAPETOMANIA

The horrific daily headlines are prime indicators of the transition thru 4D space-time.  These indicators are the opposite of peace & order.  Many cannot help but feel like we're all in some surrealistic dystopian landscape with chaos, death & carnage at every turn of the news cycle.  Fourth dimensional resonance is more or less designed to tear down that which exists to make way for the next thing.  That being destroyed needs to be torn down, and all the death and chaos are it's final death throes, clawing & slashing at everything; trying to remain in control.  That which is dying is the world system of greed and power which is no longer sustainable on this planet as a way of living.  It is being phased out, and is NOT going at all gracefully.

With each new assault against the common good our souls cringe, then retreat for whatever feelings of safety 3D used to provide; but alas, 3D reality is no longer there to fall back upon.  None of the old survival equations seem to work anymore, and the things we used to depend upon are gone.  Feelings of abandonment and being lost are spreading almost as fast as the great awakening; and everywhere, people are simply exhausted.

What must it feel like to become spiritually aware and active, just to see spirituality taking it on the chin everywhere we look?  To be sure, some will see spirituality as a suitable enough lifeboat in these troubled times, which is not to say it is, or ever has been, an easy road to walk. 

Anyone who tries to tell you the spiritual path is an easy one is either an inexperienced fool, or is blowing blue smoke up your ass.  Living your spiritual beliefs as a way to BE on this world is anything but simple or easy.  On an almost daily basis we find people and things forming obstacles & challenges to our progress.  It's kind of the downside to consensus reality; the collective unconscious seeks conformity and normality within the human herd.  Spirituality then becomes the quest to be in the herd yet not of the herd. To retain that sense of the sovereign self amid our daily dealings with others of our kind.

How difficult is it for us to just naturally assume that until they prove otherwise; others are equally deserving of being treated the same way we prefer to be treated ourselves?  Is there some great sacrifice needed that prevents us from seeing the Godforce in every living being; whether a neighbor, or a world distant?  When did we, as individuals begin to buy into all this programming that seeks to divide us and set us against ourselves??

Don't Lay Down Your Light  DONT%2BBELIEVE%2BWHUT%2BU%2BTHINK

 Part of being a sovereign soul on the spiritual path is the frequent taking inventory of our thoughts, and belief system.  Among other benefits it helps to identify and delete cultural programming of the unconscious and subconscious mind.  You run an occasional virus check on your computer, why not your brain?  Make sure all the random thoughts & beliefs bouncing around in there are all yours!  Those who know a better way, have the obligation of sharing that wisdom with others, and the best way to do that is by living a life in accordance with your spiritual beliefs.  Lead by doing, show them a better way.

The spiritual path is anything but easy.  Some of the more common 'costs' of being on a spiritual path include: loss of friends, alienation of family; & living a solitary life because compatible mates are few & far between.  Then there's always living among the unaware masses who cannot relate to you, and alienation at the workplace, distrust of co-workers, etc. 

Walking a spiritual path requires you show up for your life and make conscious choices and decisions as you go.  The alternative is to sleepwalk thru life, following the masses; just like the walking dead.

Many of today's social ills result directly from not seeing one another as sovereign spirits with all the same needs, hopes & dreams as ourselves.  We have been conditioned over generations by the great shining lie to see others as competition, as outsiders, as different and therefore not deserving of the respect and consideration we reserve for ourselves.

The non-sustainability of unlimited, un-checked growth & limitless, relentless greed is the greatest enemy of humanity.  It feeds off of us as if we're nothing more than a renewable resource for the elite 1% luxuriating  at the top of the food chain.  They care not a whit about us, they think of us as useless eaters to be exploited, then abandoned.

Don't Lay Down Your Light  %252802%2529-DEBATE
Evidently the search for a qualified, popular new president has come down to the two most despised people in America; one is terminally ill and the other terminally insane.  With each new day they jack-up the insanity, passing it off as normal & healthy.  How any sane, right thinking person could bring themselves to vote for either one simply escapes me.  Here's a revolutionary idea: Don't vote!  Abstain, don't take part in the greatest national disgrace since George W. Bush.  It's simple really.  There is no law which mandates you vote even if the candidates are all scum - so if you really don't like voting "for the lesser evil" then just don't vote period.  Wanna tell them how you really feel?  On election day go outside & instead of voting, wave to the satellites above with that single finger salute.  Let that be your vote!

 Voting for the lesser evil is still a vote for evil, STOP DOING THAT !

Don't Lay Down Your Light  %252802%2529-Race%2BWar%2BLoading....
Daily police shootings of unarmed black men across America serve to reinforce psychic numbing in the population, and are designed to spark a full-on race war just in time to postpone the election, and invoke martial law, which legally locks Obama in as dictator in chief for as long as he likes.  I believe we each have a spiritual obligation to not only withhold our sanction of this election, but to resist it every way possible.  Helping those who oppress you is not terribly spiritual & it destroys your self-esteem.

The American media machine is currently fond of saying that we are having a national conversation on race and violence, and although it more closely resembles an armed shouting match without referees, there may be a glimmer of truth in that.  Just having a conversation however is not enough because our programming has conditioned us to listen to reply, when we should be listening to understand.  If we listen to others as a way to understand them we gain insight to their struggles and can much easier see them as another us, a sovereign soul, deserving of every respect we claim for ourselves. 

If that cop the other day had been able to understand the desperate, pleading words of a terrified wife, maybe her husband would still be alive today.  We need to be very clear about what is going down on American streets.  Time after time after time and regardless of the situation; police are gunning down unarmed black men as if there was a weekly quota.  Not only that, but shooting someone dead most frequently happens at the beginning of an encounter!!  Why do the cops have all that other non-lethal equipment hanging on their belts if kill on sight is the order of the day?
Don't Lay Down Your Light  02-lightning%2Bmatch
 Why not subdue someone with pepper spray, taser or rubber bullets if you must; instead of shoot first & ask questions later.  Cops these days aren't the least bit interested in asking questions or having ANY conversation; they just show up and start shooting. 

You don't have to look far to see the single outcome desired by these daily executions of unarmed black men.  People will tell you it's because the system is racist and that much is true, but it doesn't stop with that.  We all know that the system is racist, the new wrinkle is this racist system is suddenly assassinating black civilians as a means to have "the national conversation" turn into a national race war.  Simple as that!
Don't Lay Down Your Light  %2528001AA%2529-ANECDOCHE

As if to mirror the apocalyptic marine life die-off along the pacific coast there is a dramatic increase in west coast cancers.  Nearly 4 out of every 6 people are getting cancer, it's so widespread as to be almost considered normal!  This then is the reaping of the fukushima whirlwind.  Nobody squawked very long or loud when our only national response to Fukushima was to quietly increase the safe levels of radiation we could be exposed to!  And nowadays Nobody wants to admit that all these new cancers, and all those dead marine mammals littering west coast beaches are the direct result of Fukushima.  Tell me please, what did you expect would happen when radiation is pumped into the oceans and air unabated for five years?

The recent acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer marks the beginning of the next phase of getting your cancer directly from the food you consume.  About the only way to avoid that fate is to grow your own food from your own seeds, which is of course, illegal now.

"Did you ever wish you would die...?"
"No...it's foolish to ask for luxuries in times like these"
                                                     ~The Road~

One of my early spiritual teachers used to speak of following the spiritual path as picking up your light or accepting the responsibilities required as a spiritual seeker.  He spoke of carrying your light, or sharing your light with those open to it or needing it.  He'd also speak of laying down your light, when the road is rough and you feel like quitting.  Yes, even all those many years ago the spiritual road was too rugged a territory for some.  Just as it isn't easy to live a spiritual life; living spiritually doesn't always make life any easier, it just makes life easier to deal with.

Just in the last few years several "spiritual" friends of mine have thrown in the towel and laid their light down, thinking I suppose that it would make their life easier somehow if they blended in better with all the sleepwalkers they must deal with every day.  Integrity used to be a quality that would open doors and propel one ahead in the game of life.  These days it has become a liability because if you show integrity it is seen as weakness and soon the jackals are circling your cubicle. 

Living a spiritual life is a game plan for the long haul, not a shortcut to success & riches.  We are programmed to expect an immediate tangible reward for the energy we put into things, which isn't always logical, but we do it anyway.  We're living in the age of technology and instant gratification; nobody seems to have patients any more.  That isn't how spirituality works.  Today's artificially accelerated pace of life is designed to keep us off balance spiritually; to keep our focus totally upon survival, working, and money.

Spirit on the other hand whispers in our ears to slow down, to assess things on their merits rather than the expediency of the moment.  Spirituality is about taking the jigsaw puzzle pieces of wisdom we collect during a lifetime, and making them into a cohesive picture to guide us on our journey; instead of being just another scurrying rodent in the rat race.  

Is there room for cynicism in spirituality? 

Absolutely, of course there is. In fact; without a healthy dose of cynicism your spiritual quest may as well be a hobby.  If you're unwilling to suspend a willingness to believe long enough to check credentials & conduct due diligence then I submit your spiritual quest is little more than a shopping spree for a new cop out.  The recent revelations concerning "Zen Gardner" are an excellent example.*  Let's all be clear here about the difference between spiritual, and New Age.  They are not the same.

A person's spirituality is somewhat like keeping yourself well dressed.  It isn't so much about what is trending, it's more about fit.  Just as we periodically discard old clothing because it no longer fits, we must do the same for our belief system and spirituality.  When an article of clothing no longer fits, we replace it with something that does.  What we don't do is to throw away all our clothes and run about naked everywhere; yet that is precisely what happens when we lay our light down because the spiritual road is suddenly too challenging.  You're gonna end up feeling naked and overexposed without your spirituality, so don't lay down your light, adjust it till it fits right again.

Don't Lay Down Your Light  %252802%2529-SONDER
These ideas about such things as being a sovereign spirit, and seeing every other human as another you deserving all the same dignity and respect; these are not new ideas, in fact they're quite old and can be traced back to the Mayans as one of their traditional greetings: In Lak'ech~Ala K'in which loosely translates as "I'm another you-You're another me." All the very best truths are simple like this in nature.  Simple, easy to understand, with zero ambiguities.  As the late Stuart Wilde said; "If you can't describe it is 25 words or less it's not the Godforce."

I know that what's in me is also in you as well; I know that my soul cries out in anguish with each new atrocity against humanity, so how can yours not as well?  I have these grave concerns regarding the Fukushima Legacy now manifesting, and how much worse it's going to get ~ so I know these feelings are within you as well.  How can they not be? 

Why is it so difficult for us to acknowledge what we love about ourselves must also apply to every other human?  We are a human family flying thru space on a big rock; and we hold a common stake in what happens to our ride.  It's relatively easy to ignore social injustice when those dying live on the other side of the big rock: but not so much when it comes to main street USA.  Why is it we hold some lives in high value (our own) while not batting an eye if that life belongs to a stranger we'll never know?  Well guess what?  To everyone else in the world YOU are that nameless stranger!  Now do you care if the rest of us value your life? 

How can we expect our children to grow up respecting human life with so much gratuitous violence & death being passed off as "entertainment".  What it IS, is called entrainment, getting us so saturated with death and violence that we become psychically numb to it, we get used to it, and that is the whole idea. Pacification,  Control. 

Don't Lay Down Your Light  %252802%2529-UBUNTU

Someone recently observed that it feels like everything is coming to a 'head' with pressures building from every side.  That's a pretty basic way to put it I suppose.  Here's another way to see it.  Many are familiar with the concept that in life; a lesson is often repeated in various forms until we have learned that particular lesson.  What's going on in the world is a bit like that concept, on steroids.  Earlier and in various other posts, I was talking about how we're currently transiting thru 4th dimensional resonance, and how it's function is to tear down and transmute all energies not compatible with emerging into 5th dimensional resonance frequency.

 Well, guess what campers, the way we currently view our fellow star travelers is pretty damn incompatible with 5th dimensional resonance.  Pride, arrogance, bigotry, racism, ethnic intolerance: these are just the top five on the list of things that we have to transmute if we ever want a future that doesn't resemble the present.   As a point of fact, if we as a species of civilized beings are unwilling or unable to elevate our thoughts and belief systems to a frequency compatible with 5D, then the future will look exactly like the present.  The longer it takes us to have that epiphany and elevate our vibration; the longer these lessons will keep recycling, and the worse they will become.  Ponder that for a moment.  Sounds a bit like Hell, doesn't it?

If your only source of news is the sewer pipe of mainstream media (all of which is owned by just 6 corporations) then nobody could blame you much for thinking the sky is falling and the end times are upon us.  They need for us to think that and then be appropriately fearful of what's coming next.  They've been updating the same damn dog & pony show scam for over 70 years and we're still falling for it, every damn time.  Rule by intimidation, control by fear, keep society powerless and fearful.

Don't Lay Down Your Light  %2528001AA%2529-weary%2Bof%2Bsensless%2Bviolence

They want us to have no hope for the future, to give up on spirituality as a way out of this dystopian nightmare.  They've had spirituality in their sights for a long while now, and we've recently seen several examples of the damage they can create with a bit of subterfuge here and there. 

What's coming, and is nearly here I think, is not the apocalyptic end times so much as a spiritual cleansing.  A lot of quantum healing and maybe even a couple of positive things we can't yet see; which might provide us with a chance perhaps, of turning it all around. 

Yeah, I'm aware of just how bleak the future is looking these days, that's because we keep letting the same five families of psychopaths run the planet.

If it's true that the Godforce never gives us more than we can handle, then evidently it thinks we're a bunch of bad asses down here.

We're going to be needing your help.  Don't lay down your light.

© 2016 full re-post with permission only

Don't Lay Down Your Light  %2528001%2529%2BIn%2BLak%2527ech%2BAla%2BK%2527in-poem
* * * * * * 
"Where is the Love?" ~ Black Eyed Peas

"We do this every Day" ~ Michael Franti

Return of the Sorcerers ~ Cara St. Louis with Randy Maugans

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