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I don’t follow local politics too closely, mainly because it’s the politics of the galactic sort that interest me. But I will say that the US dog and pony show has become surreal and a bit embarrassing, not only of how the candidates are displayed but the manner in which citizens become intoxicated by the charade. I will also add that while economics isn’t my thing my sources tell me that all though the American dollar has become less popular abroad it won’t go away overnight because its elastic ability comes from it floating on oil, and the last time I checked NATO is still influenced by its energy requirements. So the US still has quite a few countries over the barrel, and energy resources are still a commodity that hold value in all nations and can be traded for other forms of currency.

It’s no secret that the Military Industrial Complex of the West is pushing for a new front. The saber rattling is getting loud, while rhetoric of WWIII is being used as psychological warfare while political maneuvering is happening behind the scenes to weaken competing factions from within, along with economic and trade contingency plans. I wouldn’t be too concerned about a WWIII scenario until the propaganda machines begin revving up. Wars are very expensive, especially amidst a weakening dollar. Rumors of war are cheap while modern war is more about bringing a country to its knees subversively, where conventional arms become a deterrent, which’s more akin the gorilla beating its chest while an invisible wave of manipulative tactics are deployed. When you hear no propaganda you must consider the possibility that the Cold War’s of old have morphed into something far more sinister.

We have all heard the saying the whole world is an illusion and when we peer down the microscope we find some truth to this, when the molecule contains more space than outer-space. But try to explain this paradox to a teenager, that the very ground they stand on is unsubstantiated. So yes, matter is a tapestry, and yes, our faith and perception of this tapestry is like the hardener required to mix with realities resin. But never mind the matter, just cough up the dough and well do that 4-U.

The puppet masters know the value of entrainment (entertainment) of perception and love to animate the puppets in mass through emotional strings; Meastro, would you please replay concerto validat’e for the invalidio de largeto cCc. The steering committee loves the number eight as a human-race-track because no matter if you’re on the right curve of the left curve, eventually your gonna get derailed at the intersection of us (US) vs them as the 8 track morphs into a swastika. But here in the conscious loop progression and regression cycle continuously, while all is feigned for the illusion of the butterfly, which is nothing but a colossal tube torus, or snake eating its tail. This finite structure has held our world in check for centuries and was formed as the machinery of the machine heads who work for the vampires who need a closed loop system to hide in and hold their banquet hostage. Looping time is like that old record that skips back to the beginning just before the crescendo, for time is synonymous with musical frequencies if you’ll note.

Vampires fear the ware-wolf (aware-wolf) in sheep’s clothing, those Dog Star mutants who rebel with the (Anunnaki) Moon; but wait, LUNA= sounds like ANU backwards. Could the lunar branch be at odds with the fatherland? But does silver really kill the aware-wolf, and if so why. If gold is a solar remnant that can aid genetic stabilization, could silver be lunar kryptonite, hmm! Then what does it mean when silver becomes the fancy of a new currency? Perhaps there is more than one type of silver bullet, I can almost hear the Lone Ranger now; “High-Low Silver!”  But this is a horse of a different color, sort of pale. Now if Draks are synonymous with vampires then how can driving a stake through their heart kill them if they have no heart? Alas! It must be a metaphor, like center, though there are many types of centers, even ritual ones, but this needn’t con-Cern one; you get the point! For there, near the Holy-wood there is a grove of the Bogomil, where the last of the Merovingian’s boogie in nothing but the blood of virgins.
Though the 8 track machinery has been coming down for years now those clever little Draks are quick to re-vamp their systems. They need time to loop because there, within the unfolding future they can’t hide behind frequency fences. Even now, if a collective focus is achieved through the higher perception it creates a new reality construct by way of attraction, and as the world turns probability fields are nurtured into being by the new faith of the new world, which begins with simply letting go of old paradigms of perception which feed the loop.
What I’m saying fundamentally is that if we are awaiting a shift while in the mindset that it is an abstract phenomena that all are at the mercy of we miss the boat. One must become the shift in order for the shift to occur! Time, though a necessity of space can only quarantine you from you, while this too is an illusion, because if you’re craving the new world you are already there in an advanced state of mind. Reincarnation is not re-anything, it’s just alternate states of being under varying vibratory conditions, so your last few incarnates were all craving a new world and you are the aggregate sum of all these parts. The reason we can occasionally remember past lives is because they are lower vibrations of consciousness, while it’s hard to pull in anything from the future because they are higher vibrations of consciousness that we are yet to acquire. But once one begins pulling in bands of frequency from a higher harmonic they can start filtering in as dreams and imaginative musings, while all memories past and future are the result of co-resonant DNA or cellular memory.
There are many misconceptions about reincarnation, and the biggest one is that we are all prisoners, when in fact most chose to be here, knowing what the conditions were going to be before incarnating. We occupy dozens of time continua simultaneously, which includes many levels of the time matrix. Though there are technologies that dampen frequency and techniques that keep our mental frame work pre-occupied with insecurity, they are there to keep us from the simple realization that our thought forms alter the dreamscape that we call reality. Frequency modulation in the negative sense becomes a futile effort during Stellar Activation Cycles because even if there was enough energy to combat it, it would only be short lived. So the real illusion is the coordination of rhetoric that we accept through false propaganda at the institutional level and body politic, where the acceptance of limiting ideology creates a collective belief which only serves to reinforce a self fulfilling prophecy through cultural framework.
Our thoughts are and have always been morphogenic, the more we invest in the same alternate thought constructs the faster they crystallize into our personal and collective morphogenetic fields. The last thing the controlling factions want is to be trapped into a time loop with a bunch of world changing expressionists who believe they are here for a witch hunt.
My sources claim there has been a great deal of defection within the upper echelons of the opposition, and I mean some top dogs as well. Reptilians that have been in control of large numbers for centuries have come to the table. In fact there has been such a large turnover the past month its beginning to make me wonder what lies around the corner. One can assume that things have gotten too crazy even for them, when we hear the stories of how negatives are attacking negatives and underbosses creating coup like some manic mafia war.
A new Solar war has also begun as defenders became overwhelmed by Drak swarms, though reinforcements checked the advance and security forces were enhanced, we may not have seen the last of this sort. They are still trying to cause a CME through chemical cocktails. This is to hurt Earth not the Sun whose cycle has been in the process of triangulating frequencies coming off other stellar bodies which amp the solar UHF frequency. They realize the radiation and frequency from the Sun is a primary source that causes humanity to flower which in itself is detrimental to slave owners. A solar tsunami is anecdotal because it not only is disguised as a natural event it removes the Spartacus threat now occurring.
One may say “what’s the point if Nibiru will come soon enough,” but most aren’t aware of the ability of source technology which enables the shielding of a planet. Of course this in itself leads to more questions, like why not just shield against a CME? Unfortunately I can’t answer this, for I don’t know the inner complexities of this process. But I will say that a Solar tsunami moves faster than Nibiru, and that playing chemist with a star creates a level of uncertainty that’s best avoided.
The Sun itself is multi-dimensional, which means it can carry more than one octave simultaneously. We can compare it to a broad band radio that broadcasts with crystal technology like the old radio stations did years ago, although this transmitter also has receiving capabilities like a two way radio. There are other stars many times the size of ours which have the capability of broad casting throughout the galaxy and beyond. This is a conscious network that is galactic, universal and cosmic and that’s why certain cycles are called Stellar Activation Cycles. Our bodies also dispense and receive a type of radio by virtue of our DNA which carries supra luminal properties. Our Pineal gland can be considered our oscillating crystal, and yes it works best when decalcified and cleansing, getting away from fluoride and mild Kundalini techs can all help, but if the calcification is bad you may hear a large pop within your head. No reason for alarm here, you just tuned into the FM spectrum.
 I know many become frustrated trying awaken other’s of the wiley ways of OZ, but if there still on AM they’ll probably tune into Rush Limbaugh before you. The term activating DNA is more akin to changing from the standard AM (amplitude modulation) to AM/FM to include frequency modulation, which is a different band of reception. When we relate to the our man made world of electronic technology we can define it within the hertzian spectra, while our DNA carries scalar spectra as well which are non hertzian. HAARP’S emit scalar frequencies, just for the record but so do stars.
Our DNA carries what’s commonly referred to as Fire Codes, A 3D body would potentially have  its first tripod of fire codes active if and when your fourth double helix comes on line it also releases these fire codes which stimulates the next double helix to begin forming. We can compare these fire codes to a time release gel capsule that needs to anchor a certain frequency to dissolve. Our bodies work in tandem with the planetary body we are genetically tied to, so certain “star seed” can anchor codes into the grid and the grid can also share the wealth with the rest of humanity. Of course the Draks are well aware of this process so if you have become the local light house they will have a regular schedule of pulsing your perimeter from the air to slow down the process, but no worries, for one can always pulse back.
When a body has all fire codes active it has the capability of Star Fire, which basically means one does not need star gates to travel far and fast, nor the genetics of a planet or a Sun to maintain their existence. Planets that carry star-gates as an organic means of travel were done so for several reasons, and the primary one is so that if an individual or culture of humans has become genetically advanced during a non scheduled activation cycle or during an intermediate cycle, they would normally be ushered to a gateway for a (future time) destination that was energetically compatible with their level of expansion because overall the planet and it’s species were no longer compatible energetically and keeping people around in an expanded state can cause planetary perturbations.
Although the star gates have been sealed, when the grid becomes amped collectively these seals typically come undone. This process of star gate activity or interdimensional Merkaba’s,  require anti particles from the anti particle universe to function. Only bodies that have released certain fire codes maintain the ability to pass through unharmed because the release of these fire codes allows one to build up what’s called Celestaline which changes the proteins and amino acids in the body. This allows the body to go through star-fire which converts the atomic structure through nuclear fusion, or at the level of the nucleus of each cell.
 I know this transmutative bio-chemical process sounds scary, but it’s quite painless and happens in seconds and walla, your non-carbonated crystal lite and can be shaken but not stirred.
During stellar activation cycles like the one were in there typically isn’t a need for star-gate travel because the entire planet begins to morph, which is an organic process. For the planet itself is also in ascension mode, it’s genetics also seek a higher vibration which would include every life form that carries similar compositions that are energetically in lock step. Earth, though a bit of a nursery is our space ship, while space ships of higher race lines also are genetically intertwined with its crew, being a conscious interface which does not owe to AI. Of course they create these ships as living holographs so the system is a bit reversed.
The Avatars known as Aton’s, are also referred to as solar beings (the true solar wardens) and those that at are not actively expressing as stars are in charge of their maintenance. Aton’s are the ones who can shut down the universal star gates within stars, and since our solar system is quarantined at present, they are present. Humans are solar beings in a sense because they are composed of host material which serves as a template for our genetic blueprint. There are also many here that have descended from solar families, and some that still have what it takes to operate Star Ships, although with the frequency of an 8D starship, I can assure you the event will be short lived until you drop the carbon unit, but those who can are sure to turn a few heads, because the majority of the crew on a Star Ship cannot operate these vessels due to the level of encryptions required.
Our Sun belongs to a large collective of stars which carry similar genetics, though it carries what’s known as a universal star-gate, travelers can only access stars within its cluster or Kathara of 12 which also carry universal star-gates, but there are other options within mother stars. Even though one can access stars systems like Orion, the Pleiades, and the Lyran and Arcturian systems, this is still considered interstellar travel or local. Unfortunately there is no 3D passage available for they are geared for 5th dimensional travel, but there is no star-fire during teleportation. The vehicles used by beings above the 6th dimension don’t require Star-Gates to travel, hence the word Star-Ships, nor do the beings inhabiting them require ships to teleport. In fact if one were to use a good analogy of this process the idea of beaming a Star Trek crew member to a different location works well, although these beings don’t require a device to do this, they do relocate through a visible shimmering beam of light before manifesting before you, though one must be in a suitable location for them to do this.

The Love Fest held on September 9th had some interesting results, there were over 300k visiting vessels involved in the experiment and from what I understand the result had a positive impact at the atomic and sub-atomic levels of the entire planet. I can’t say how this perks up at the conscious level, but it was explained to me as calming, which may be what’s needed in this hyper-sensitized world.

Val   9/30/16

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Thanks Val



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