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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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Calling All Pioneers…

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1Calling All Pioneers… Empty Calling All Pioneers… Wed Oct 05, 2016 4:53 pm


Calling All Pioneers…

October 5, 2016 / Visionkeeper

Calling All Pioneers… Beauty-chaos-find-heart-favim-com-621331
Photo Source:
Well, I don’t know about anybody else, but I can sure feel and sense major energies afoot, shifting energies of change as well as the chaotic energies of something about to unfold. It has been building up for years now and the crescendo is rising sharply day by day. It feels like what we have been preparing for is on our doorstep.  There has been deep and powerful cleansing going on, people shedding old ways of being and embracing the new. Truth has become an unbridled force and nothing can hold it back from exposure any longer, the proverbial curtain has been yanked back and we are  finally understanding more clearly the depth of the deceit played upon us all. The young Dutchman cannot hold back the torrent of truth by sticking his finger in the dike. There is no hole to stick his finger in because there is no Dike, it has washed away and truth has begun to rush free in all directions.
October has always been considered the time of the final battle so to speak. Time has run out as the countdown to the election of illusion is almost upon us. This is the moment of danger like when the baby is about to emerge from the birth canal. The Dark has tried everything to keep their control of the people, but it is failing. Minds are now awakened, the media has lost its ability to control the story now because the people no longer believe a word they say. The same goes for Washington. The people now stick their fingers in their ears and hum la la la la so they can’t hear the lies. The people are done with everything and the Dark know it. They are desperate and like a cornered animal they can be dangerous. If they don’t win the White House it’s over. You can feel the desperation and anger and even worse the negativity trying to control the energy of everyone to produce the results they want, but you can also feel the powerful push back that says NO, we are DONE!
It is time for the Pioneers to put their overnight bags by the door for when we are called out suddenly to do what we came here to do. The moment is close at hand I sense. The Pioneers must come forward and begin to introduce the alternative ways of living our lives as the old paradigm withers up and eventually blows away in the wind. We must be ready with replacements, new and better ways of doing things that are built on trust and respect and above all honesty. Perhaps these hideous days of continual lying will push humanity to finally adopt mental telepathy where lying will finally be eliminated as we become able to read each others minds. Perhaps we needed to go through these desperate times and be worn thin by lies, to finally see the value in truth and honesty. I sense as well, that soon humanity will shift its consciousness up a notch, it is long overdue, we have prolonged our advancement long enough, it is time to progress forward and truthfully become who we are meant to be.
So be alert and aware as we slide deeper into October. More leaked documents and further exposure of lies could enhance the anger of the people and push the Dark further into the corner of the cage, causing them to lash out and shoving them into action. Be prepared for anything, we are talking about a lot to loose for either side, the stakes couldn’t be higher. We are witnessing the final battle between freedom and Global control.
Blessings to us all….

Thanks to VK at: https://oneworldmetamorphosis.wordpress.com


2Calling All Pioneers… Empty Re: Calling All Pioneers… Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:40 am


I totally agree, and I sense this myself.  Michael Tellinger has an excellent method of how to transition into the way of living you are describing....The Ubuntu movement.  He has many videos on Youtube explaining using free energy as a way to bring people together.  Working 3 hours a week, for instance, with 1000 people in a village equals 3000 hours of gardening, building, cooking, etc. so that we can use our talents and gifts to help each other and provide abundance, not scarcity.

Everyone can do something, even the elderly and handicapped can contribute....we all have many gifts and talents that we didn't realize we have until a situation that allows us to be who we really are.  Children as well.....

We just have to realize we all know how life should be and we all are in this together as one race, Humanity!

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