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1PLASMATICS 101 Empty PLASMATICS 101 Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:42 am


Recently a youth inquired about an orb laden photo, claiming she heard the orbs were fairies and asked for verification. I told her that although one can’t rule out orbing fairies the idea that orbs caught on a flash are beholden exclusively to fairies shows little imagination.
I asked her to consider that we live in an orb factory, where every thought, thing, and charged particle carry an orbital signature, some are from different planes of existence and can only be seen as orbs through ordinary optics with the aid of light refraction.
All are mere Ka-ba’s and all can be considered plasma fields, for where ever a twist of energy exists there exists an emission. In truth we are all sphere beings, for if there is no sphere, there is no state of being. Our energy is whirling around at incredible speeds to create the impression we call form, but not all matter spins the same. If we were on anti-particle Earth we would be spinning the opposite direction and totally invisible to anyone here.
Anything that carries reverse spin here can become a destructive force, and Hurricane Mathew was a good example of this, and if you failed to notice, it’s orientation went counter clockwise. This phenomenon goes deeper than one may think and that’s why I wanted to talk a bit about plasma fields.
Let us use the Keshe Foundation to further this message. Personally I think Mr. Keshe can enlighten us all when it comes to the intricate workings of Plasma, in theory and application. The potential for healing applications as well as a potential means to wean ourselves off fossil fuels is incredible. The method in which he shares the knowledge can also be considered brilliant, for it tends to bypass the greedy capitalists. But anyone who has followed the teachings to one degree or another knows that there is a colossal learning curve here and that we are still on the cusp of this body of knowledge.
When working with plasma fields there needs to be a paradigm shift of immense proportions, and although the emphasis is on health and utility bills there’s much more to consider here. When I hear of individuals having out of body experiences when experimenting with unsanctioned applications it gives me great pause, but let’s digress for a moment.
Before there was light there was plasma, and I know this sounds a bit backwards, but in regards to any time matrix all descend from plasma fields, and although this substance is ubiquitous, it’s highly conscious and highly fecund. Those referred to as plasma beings can take any form they desire, but this is only for associative purpose. But they are accessible within and without the time matrix, provided you can cope at such levels. These are the architects of creation and have been actively involving themselves in this renovation project. But the point I want to make is that plasma precedes matter even though matter can reflect various types of plasma.
When coming from a matter state, creating a plasma state through mechanical means requires some safeguards, so it’s important to have at least a fundamental understanding of the characteristics of a plasma field. Nature has a sensitive balance and our bodies are no different, every life form carries a field that’s proportionate and unobtrusive. Though there are larger fields like the planetary and solar fields which overshadow ours, they are typically in harmony and compensate and nourish subordinate fields. Such fields are genetically engineered for hosting compatible life forms, and can prove inhospitable to alien genetic strains. But mechanically created plasma fields are akin to an invisible body that’s un-blueprinted and therefore un-regimented.
The process of mixing ones DNA within the GANS (gas in an atomic nano state), can overcome most of the division provided the signature stays uncompromised and is adequate. A plasma field that is consciously linked to a host becomes an extension of the host and requires definition, purpose and a programmed boiler plate. Plasma fields without unification while being energetically active can potentially over-ride the field integrity of the host as well as unsuspecting visitors. If the unit is creating reverse fields and is stronger than the host field it can potentially begin reversing any unsuspecting host field, which is a process that the Archons are all too familiar with. For a weakened or reversed field leaves one extremely susceptible to manipulation.
Mr. Keshe knows the importance of the DNA additive, and those who order Magrav units directly are informed of this important part before hooking them up. It is also reiterated throughout the teachings that when one is working with components of these systems they should be in a peaceful state of mind, which I believe is equally important if one understands the dynamic of plasmic energy and its impressionable nature. One could compare developing plasma fields to eager children who absorb everything they are exposed to and mimic the nature of said exposure. When one considers the composition of a morphogenetic field that is created from a thought form bathed in emotion, it’s important to understand negative thought forms are alchemical bastards because they are not in alignment with source energetically, therefore run reverse or resistant orientation. And if one understands that fear based thought forms linger around and cause drag and friction on one’s own torsion field, it’s easy to see that excess baggage can lean one toward a pole shift of another sort.
Individuals who are experimenting with Keshe technology should be mindful of any adaptations that carry the potential to alter field integrity and composition. Adding crystals or pyramids, or even crystal pyramids to the matrix must be considered carefully. Crystals are amplifiers and pyramids create torsion fields that are magnetically orientated and improper use can disturb the balance of any plasma appliance. The majority of the public are susceptible to mental suggestion that resembles intuitive insight, and these days you don’t even need to be implanted to receive erroneous musings, all that’s required is ones frequency signature, then you too could become a creepy clown. What I’m saying is when it comes to working with these applications, please do the math or the out of body experience may become permanent, and unless ones familiar with false reality planes called hibernation zones (venus fly traps) be weary, for there are many who would love to occupy your body and imitate you while you’re on vacation.
The ancient pyramids that encompass Earth were once used as capacitors for gathering and dispensing existing earth energy from the grid and were positioned geographically on flux lines of the earth templar to capitalize, entrain and focus these currents for not only its fecund regenerative properties but as a power source. Pyramids themselves can serve as plasma field generators that compliment the life forms of a region. They are typically placed over current generating springs or near rivers, composed of a combination of magnetic and paramagnetic rock, and orientated with the four cardinal points to maximize the piezo-electric effect, whereas polished quartzite materials added to the surface enhance this. The water acts like a GANS in this form, though adding GANS to a pyramid would increase its field strength, by putting GANS in a reservoir in the center of the pyramid and then using a nano coated copper cap which should also be GANS coated to enhance the gravitational field and ensure the magnetic fields generated by the pyramid are in balance.
But again, such pyramids should not be entered while charged without precautionary measures, because they can compromise the field integrity of the individual causing not only a loss of consciousness, but the possibility of that consciousness to be relocated, which limited access to adepts trained for such. Since these pyramids mimicked crystals they also broadcasted a certain frequency which could be captured by attenuated instruments like the JED which were like routers and amplifiers for a myriad of cordless appliances. Multiple pyramids with similar construction could create a global Wi-Fi type transmission system, though damaged inoperable pyramids should be either rebuilt or removed because they are no longer delivering balanced energy and can create time/space distortion fields with magnetic vortexia, making it hazardous at times for local aircraft.
The recent distortion incurred by the Earths planetary shields was a good example of an excessive amount of magnetism, which pushes outward from its source, which can cause the fields of our planet to retreat and reverse orientation. When Nibiru and Jupiter are lined up behind the Earth with Sol on the opposite side we get caught up in a magnetic repulsion zone, which affects the well being of all life forms herein. However, they are fleeting instances, but as things progress, they will have the potential to rearrange the real estate a bit. I can only assume that we are feeling Jupiter’s polar chaos created as it resists Nibiru’s crossing, whose torsion field runs contrary.
Pyramids can be used as teleportation centers provided they are located over an existing primary star-gate, though the pyramid itself was not typically entered for such travel the region beneath was accessed through a covert tunnel system only known to initiates. Large ships could also teleport in at one time because they could easily pick up the frequency being broadcast for navigation purposes, but the Anunnaki (Thoth) eventually blocked party pooping guardian ships by recalibrating The Great Pyramid, before it was damaged by warring factions. They then began claiming the real estate by installing their own Templar by embedding Selenite crystalline composites deep within the surface of the earth to over-ride the existing templar frequencies. This material was manufactured on Nibiru and attuned accordingly to ensure humanity didn’t get to bright in their absence, for it could be used to monitor and adjust earth frequencies from a distance and carried a 4D threshold for terrestrial consciousness, which is the frequency fence we call the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal Grid. And although it’s now full of holes, it’s still functional and a major wild-card for warring factions. The Anunnaki are very protective of this system and as we found out during the Arthurian period will go as far as sending a meteor at anyone trying to recode places like Stonehenge.
The Illuminati hybridized military industrial complex believe that a 4D threshold is to high so they installed a few systems of their own to bring this down which primarily use broadcasting towers and chem-trails amidst a host of other licentious goodies in hopes they can continue insanities siphon under the guise of benevolent tidings. And now some mad scientists believe they can use the amping earth grids combined with the Nibirurian grid to serve as the answer to the CERN energetic shortfall. Then they hope to rev it up to maximum capacity while using a bunch of HAARP’s aimed and attuned to a specific frequency to open the gates of Hell! Perhaps they’re not happy with the local quarantine and wish to even up the odds a bit, but one might withdraw their Swiss bank funds just in case.
Perhaps they, through their Hollywood propaganda machine are pushing to capitalize on their 11-11-16 portal bridge invasion scheme, which sounds like a final act of desperation. They are apparently trying to push things ahead of schedule, and while we are working on solutions to prevent this invasion attempt we could use a little help! We must not forget that the staff manning the helms at CERN are for the most part our Human brethren who are under the impression that their work benefits all, while nothing can be further from the truth. They are stoking hells fire, and over the next 30 days we need to be vigilant in getting them to STOP!!!
This needs to be our primary focus, for if we lose the battle here we need not worry about elections, currencies or even pole shift, for humanities progress will be arrested and the real estate cleared. This isn’t the time to feel disempowered, if you’re not going to spend the 30 days trying to kill this beast you’re sacrificing everything you know and love. Stop waiting for a miracle and become the miracle.
Be strong, be brave,

2PLASMATICS 101 Empty Re: PLASMATICS 101 Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:22 pm


Val we can be strong and brave and we will "be in a peaceful state of mind, which I believe is equally important if one understands the dynamic of plasmic energy and its impressionable nature"

keep us posted.

3PLASMATICS 101 Empty Re: PLASMATICS 101 Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:01 am


Thanks Val!

Excellent info :)


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