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Paul Ryan Just Made A SHOCKING 2016 Announcement!

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Paul Ryan Just Made A SHOCKING 2016 Announcement!

 Paul Ryan Just Made A SHOCKING 2016 Announcement! Ry

BREAKING:  Paul  Ryan  Just  Made  A  SHOCKING  2016  Announcement!  Trump  is…

Keep your eyes focused on Ryan - he is NOT a patriot nor working for the good of our nation - ONLY a loyal compatriot of the cabal, charged with carrying out cabal orders, EVER gets appointed to a position of power and authority in this nation

Oct 19 2016
Wayne Dupree
Featured Contributo

Speaker Paul Ryan is about to find out the hard way the rage that has been building by the silent majority. We are taking back America, one way or another. 

That Omnibus Bill he signed that gave Barack Obama carte blanche access to spend billions was the political nail in the coffin. The only thing left to do is lower the Wisconsin Representative into the ground.

The establishment Republicans do not have to give up the Constitution and their principles. But THE PEOPLE want them to catch up to today and let go of their comfort in corruption and do what they are sent to do. It is that simple and Donald Trump is that change manager.

On the other hand is the Dems who refuse to get off the corruption and the government nipple. They all either support the status quo or they are going to sit this out.                                            

Political novice Paul Nehlen wants to end Ryan’s House career after nine terms, and he’s getting help from Donald Trump. An unlikely defeat in the Aug. 9 primary would probably spell political doom for the GOP’s 2012 vice presidential candidate and potential future presidential contender.

A tattooed, motorcycle-riding businessman, Nehlen labeled the speaker “Lying Ryan” on Twitter. He’s attacked Ryan for favoring a Pacific trade deal and accuses him of being lax on immigration and beholden to the establishment.

Nehlen got a boost from Trump when the GOP presidential candidate said in a Tuesday interview with The Washington Post that he is “not quite there yet” in endorsing Ryan. That could be payback for Ryan saying in May that he was “just not ready” to back Trump. Ryan subsequently supported Trump but has criticized him frequently, and their relationship is cool.

Trump praised Nehlen this week for defending his criticism of the Muslim parents of an American soldier slain in Iraq.

Ryan campaign spokesman Zack Roday expressed confidence in a primary victory and said,

“Neither Speaker Ryan nor anyone on his team has ever asked for Donald Trump’s endorsement.”

Ryan has raised 12 times the $489,000 Nehlen has reported collecting. Not taking chances, Ryan is airing his third TV ad with people waving flags and praying as Ryan tells the camera, “I am committed to securing our borders.“ (America, don't be deceived. The foxes are alive and well in the hen house.)

If you had any guts for the few years, the borders would have already been closed. The establishment in D.C. is reactive; not proactive. You will never beat ISIS with this mindset. Wake up.

Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Ryan need to resign immediately along with President Obama. They all have blood on their hands. America is in trouble because of bad leadership and weaknesses. They have failed to secure the safety of the American people. It is time the leadership in DC owns up and take responsibility for lack of action to protect the American people.

What do you think of Ryan’s statement about protecting the borders? Do you think he’s telling the truth, or do you think he’s pandering to his voters?


Posted by Olive Oyl at 1:24:00 PM

Thanks to: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com






Americans - are we continuing to be DUPED BIG TIME?


Below is information regarding the original Republic versus the form of phony 'government' that this nation has been manipulated and controlled by since at least 1871!!!  

Americans have been ON PURPOSE so dumbed down through 'education', television, radio and media publications through such programs as 'No Child Left Behind' and "Common Core Curriculum'. Americans don't have a clue about what the original Republic form of government provided to all Americans versus the 'democracy' (socialist/marxist/nazi) form of 'government' in place in this nation since at least 1871 and, in particular, since the 1930s up and until today. America has NO IDEA what returning to a Republic form of government would mean to each one of us as well as to our nation.  

The United States exists today in two forms:

One is the original de jure United States of America Republic that was controlled by the American People until about 1871. The government had very little authority since the power was in the hands of the People. The original Constitution was never removed; it has simply been dormant since about 1871. It is still intact to this day.

The other form is the de facto. During the years around 1871 the original representative American Republic was usurped by banking interests and others to create a separate and different 'government', a corporation (the UNITED STATES Corporation,) that poses and acts as our current government.  

Today's UNITED STATES Corporation operates under Corporate/Commercial Law rather than the common law (Constitution)/Private Law. 

The rewritten UNITED STATES corporate Constitution subverted the original Constitution for the United States of America. In other words, the Constitution was placed UNDER the Corporation as opposed to OVER the government. This explains why our Congressmen and Senators no longer answer to the People, the President can write unlawful Executive Orders and the judiciary can make unconstitutional rulings. They are following corporate laws that completely strip Americans of their God given unalienable rights.

What the Republic for the United States of America (the Republic) is NOT:

1. The Republic is not part of or associated with sovereign anarchistic groups or movements.
2. The Republic is not part of or associated with unlawful anarchistic militia groups or movements.
3. The Republic is not part of or associated with nation state groups or movements.
4. The Republic is not part of any groups or movements that promote violence of any kind.
5. The Republic is not part of the unlawfully chartered UNITED STATES municipal Corporation, its agents, or any of its sub-corporations, either directly or indirectly. This includes any of its political parties.

What the Republic for the United States of America is and what it stands for:

1. The Republic is the only lawful provisional (interim) government in the United States of America.
2. The Republic has peacefully, honorably, and lawfully re-inhabited the representative American Republic guaranteed by the Constitution for the United States of America that was vacated in 1871 by unconstitutional acts of Congress.
3. The Republic has been in operation since 2010 as the provisional interim government. The goal is to bring the United States of America into complete compliance with the Constitution within 10 years.
4. The Republic is a peaceful, honorable, and lawful interim government which relies on Law as its foundation, not violence or power.

History of the American Republic

On July 4, 1776 our American Founding Fathers signed a Declaration of Independence that changed the world forever. It was the first time in history that a group of common People declared their God given right to be free from the oppression of a tyrant king. This was a new idea. 

The Revolutionary war was fought and won under the direction of General George Washington who became the first President of the United States of America. A Congress was convened and the Constitution was adopted in 1787, ratified in 1788 and amended through the Bill of Rights in 1791. 

The (original organic Republic)  Constitution established and guarantees a republican form of governance to and for the American People. The actions of our Founding Fathers set us on a path that created one of the greatest nations on earth.

It also established that the American People must self- govern. According to Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 U.S. (2 Dall.) 419 (1793,) the Supreme Court ruled that the American People are the Sovereigns of this country, hereinafter referred to as the “American People”; quote: “It will be sufficient to observe briefly that the sovereignties in Europe, and particularly in England, exist on feudal principles. The same feudal ideas run through all their jurisprudence, and constantly remind us of the distinction between the Prince and the subject. No such ideas obtain here; at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people, and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects … and have none to govern but themselves; the citizens of America are equal as fellow citizens, and as joint tenants in the sovereignty. 

In Europe, the sovereignty is generally ascribed to the Prince; here, it rests with the people; there, the sovereign actually administers the government; here, never in a single instance; our Governors are the agents of the people, and, at most, stand in the same relation to their sovereign [the people] in which regents in Europe stand to their sovereigns. Their Princes have personal powers, dignities, and pre-eminences; our rulers have none but official; nor do they partake in the sovereignty otherwise, or in any other capacity, than as private citizens.” (emphasis added.)

The “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men” that George Washington warned the American People about ultimately were successful in subverting our representative American Republic. One of the ways they did this was using banking as a weapon against the American People.  

Foreign banking interests influenced many in our nation and in our government to take control of our monetary system. During and following the 1870’s, these banking interests realized that the Constitutional Republic could not be lawfully destroyed, so they set it aside and moved forward with a new corporate democratic system of government. However, the American People were never informed that their governance had changed from a representative republic to a corporate democracy (oligarchy) controlled by the rich and powerful. 

The American People have the lawful right and authority to change our system of government but a de jure Congress never asked us to decide or approve this unlawful change in governance. They unlawfully usurped the God given unalienable rights of the American People without our consent. This is in direct violation of our lawform and makes any actions taken under color of law by the UNITED STATES municipal Corporation null and void. They used a de facto legal system and an unlawful practice of implied consent, without full disclosure, to create an unlawful government to force their rule over the American People. The end result was that the Representative American Republic was abandoned. In fact, since the 1870s, elected “officials” of the UNITED STATES Corporation do not convene as “members” of Congress, but only as “office holders.” Please read Re-Inhabited, Republic for the United States of America by Jean Hallahan Hertler with David Carl Hertler for a detailed presentation of American History.
So, hired corporate actors usurped the God given unalienable rights of the American People without our knowledge or consent resulting, until now, in the abandonment of our representative American Republic. 

Understanding how these corporate actors, under color of law, were able to usurp the Constitution is critical to providing redress to the American People. For instance, the District of Columbia was set aside to be the Seat of Government FOR the United States. It was never intended to be a separate government nor for the Constitution to be placed UNDER it. An Act passed in 1862 unlawfully classified Senators and Representatives as Officers/Officials (see the Iron Clad Oath.) This new oath is evidence of a change in our form of governance. Senators and Representatives were intended to be “Members” and to hold Seats in Congress, not to be civil officers. 

This Act deprives the People of Suffrage and Representation under the Constitution and continues to this day. Acting under color of law, adhesion contracts and implied consent without full disclosure this unlawful democratic Corporation continues to rule over the American People.

Unfortunately, for many years, the American People have been fed a steady diet of “Patriot Myths” and “Commercial Remedies” that only serves to divest people of their time, money and in some cases their liberty. The U.S. Corporation used well intended Americans as bait to lure the public into research, debates and law suits that only serve to cause division and keep the American People from becoming unified and learning the truth.

The Republic for the United States of America

A few brave souls kept the fire of liberty smoldering slowly throughout the years. After years of research by many Americans, a solution to the unlawful municipal corporate government in Washington, D.C. was found. These Americans realized that Congress had never repealed the original Constitutional Republic. So, in 2010 the American People gave public notice by warrant to the fifty corporate STATE governors which ordered restoration back to lawful de jure constitutional governance. They refused to reoccupy the vacated American Republic. Once they refused, the American People took lawful steps to re-inhabit the positions of the original Representative American Republic.

On September 23rd, 2010, elected statesmen and delegates from the free States in union gathered to establish an interim government as the 1st Congressional Assembly for the Republic of the United States of America. This gathering effectively established the first functional de jure interim government since the 1870s when the American Republic was vacated.

Then, on November 13th -15th, 2010, the Republic of the United States of America convened the first lawful de jure Republic Congress with a quorum of members of Congress who were not civil officers. This Congress was lawfully re-convened for the first time since the last de jure Congress adjourned sine die in 1860 when the delegates of the southern states vacated their seats. This lawfully convened Republic Continental Congress unanimously adopted the “Declaration of Sovereign Intent” which lawfully reclaimed the American Republic on behalf of the American People and changed the name of the provisional government from the Republic of the United States of America to the Republic for the United States of America.

Since November of 2010, the Republic for the United States of America has been the only lawful de jure government in America, however ONLY in a provisional (interim) capacity. We lawfully notified the UNITED STATES Corporation of our plans to re-inhabit the original representative American Republic, and have peacefully done so. In short, the American People have taken the necessary steps to lawfully re-inhabit our republican form of governance. We will remain interim and parallel with the de facto Corporate UNITED STATES until the majority of Americans want their representative American Republic back. The Republic for the United States of America has the lawful right to operate as a parallel provisional government in America while the UNITED STATES municipal Corporation continues down the path of self destruction. Imminent collapse is the result of their immorality and failed economic and financial policies. The UNITED STATES municipal Corporation, posing as the government of the United States, has clearly sown the seeds of its’ own destruction and will fall.

Both Houses of the interim Congress continue to meet regularly and engage in separate and joint Congressional committees and subcommittees, actively researching and defining procedures, acts, resolutions, bills and findings in an effort to move the interim government forward on behalf of the American People. 

The Senate continues its work to vet and approve nominations by the President for various Offices. The interim Supreme Court and interim district Courts are conducting training and preparing to hear cases.  Members of the President’s Cabinet are likewise conducting their own research to assist in the transition process. 

Extensive research and work has been put into banking and finance. The treasury and banking system is under development and being reviewed. Start up budgets were proposed and passed by Congress to support the free States and general government during the period of interim governance. In short, in spite of determined opposition, the Republic is moving forward rapidly.

Once lawful de jure governance has been restored with full disclosure and support from the American People the process of petitioning for redress of grievances, restitution and healing can begin. Then, through education and vigilance, the government will not be allowed to act outside of its enumerated powers ever again.

For now, the Republic for the United States will operate peacefully in parallel with the Corporation. The unlawfully chartered corporations that usurped the Constitution shall be put into receivership under the Republic during the transition and every effort will be made to bring the corporate actors that have acted against the American People back into lawful conduct. 

We do not want confrontation with Washington, D.C. We believe that the majority of People and the corporate actors alike will embrace and support their Republic once they understand what has been perpetrated against America. We also believe that those who are in positions of power will be compelled by public opinion to acquiesce to the will of the American People. Failure to provide a platform for peaceful transition could plunge America into anarchy and have a potentially devastating impact on the economies of the world.

The UNITED STATES Corporation and all its financial partners are still able to project their power through deception, division and fraud. However, due to greed, the lust for power and control and careless fiscal policies, the UNITED STATES corporate government is insolvent. They have no capital, credit, collateral, or credibility. The collapse of any corporation with these financial conditions cannot be avoided. The Federal Reserve, that supports Washington, D.C. financially, is also insolvent. They no longer have the funds or backing to manipulate and control the nations of the world.

With the help of God, the American People can prevail in lawfully preventing more atrocities from being committed. Our Nation must be restored back to a virtuous, righteous and honorable Nation in peace and harmony with the world. We humbly ask for your prayers and support as we go through this transition and may God have mercy on us all. 

Many Americans across the nation have reported being divinely compelled to get involved and support the Republic. We also hear the American People say they know it’s the right thing to do. Many who work in Washington speak about the necessity of change in our country. Change is occurring thanks to the direction of our Almighty Creator. The Founding Fathers expressed through the Declaration of Independence and in their personal correspondence their reliance upon “Divine Providence,” so it is with us! When this process is complete the whole world will know that it was done by our Divine Creator and not the power of man.

History teaches that a successful change only requires a small percentage of the People to participate. To date, the public servants of the Republic have served the American People through donations and self-funding. Many have been worked for over five years and risked (and LOST) their lives and fortunes to advance the Republic. Nothing is MORE important than the American People taking hold of the truth and taking personal responsibility to see this process through. 

Please take the time to review this presentation, the Republic website and to attend conference calls to become informed.  Get your questions answered and find out how to put your gifts to work.

What is needed by your Republic for the Untied States of America Today?

1. An understanding of the Lawful actions of the Republic for the United States of America in the re-inhabitation process.
2. Recognition of the lawful government of the United States of America re-inhabited known now as the Republic for the United States of America.
3. Recognition that a for profit Corporation is unlawfully acting as the government of the United States.
4. All enforcement must be relinquished back to the American People.
5. The de jure laws (up to 1860) must be used by all courts along with common law and must be
re-established and recognized as the rule of law.

What is needed in order to fully transition back to a full de jure republican form of government?

1. Courts must be converted to de jure under the Constitution and jurisdiction re-established.
2. Enforcement must be returned under the rule of law.
3. Banking must be corrected under the rule of law.
4. The monetary system must be corrected and be Constitutional and lawful.
5. Then, rebuild the United States economy back to the great nation that it once was.
6. Mainly, a majority of the American People must want their representative American Republic back.

Your American Heritage

You have now heard that your American Republic is back. Yes, the Republic for which our flag stands has been re-inhabited. Whether you knew it or not, the Republic to which you have sworn your allegiance had been vacated, dormant, seating on the shelf so to speak ever since the Civil War era.  

Pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.

President Lincoln was assassinated by the infiltrators that George Washington warned the American People about in his farewell address.

“…cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be able to subvert the Power of the People and to usurp for themselves the reins of Government; destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion…The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism…”

— George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796

President Lincoln was able to preserve the Union but was assassinated before he could restore the Republic.

Yes, of necessity, President Lincoln took the necessary steps to preserve the Union. He found himself running an “executive government” since there was no quorum of Congress to perform the legislative duties of the government. In essence he found himself standing as the last bastion of freedom and liberty. He expressed this very well in his Gettysburg address. Namely that the Civil War was about determining whether our Republic, “conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal… that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government: of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

So it is that we Americans today find ourselves engaged in the same battle. Will we resolve that our American Republic that was conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal shall not perish from the earth? That is the question each of us must answer. 

No longer do we have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines and letting others fight for our Liberty. We must understand that the enemy of our souls and the enemy of our Republic are one and the same.

The luciferian host of which George Washington warned us about have no problems taking everything away from all Americans, never mind your liberty. They are about destroying our Republic and our liberty with the goal of world domination.  

So, the question before you today is: Will you stand up and fight? Or, will you go down in history as someone who did not deserve the blessings of liberty? Come stand with your Republic now.



Posted by Olive Oyl at 10:42:00 PM  Paul Ryan Just Made A SHOCKING 2016 Announcement! Icon18_email

Thanks to: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com




This is indeed a necessary thing, I don't believe the truth of history can be denied, but my concern is not only in the difficulty of getting the 'Sheeple' to wake up and stand up, and then resist the temptation to subvert the Newley inhabited Republic into the same mess we have now only with different names on the door... Not to mention, when in the entire history of the world has the transfer of the real power and control over people ever happened peacefully and "LAWFULLY" ??  As much as I would love to see it out in the open come to reality, I'm not seeing it. Waiting for the current empire to crash and burn doesn't really seem like much of a plan, as they've been kicking that can down the road for near a hundred years already...
  I do though have that part of me that still holds on to the possibility of miracles, they do happen.

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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