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1NEIL KEENAN UPDATE Empty NEIL KEENAN UPDATE on Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:50 am


Keenan & Group K Take Down
Mark Carney And Possibly
The Bank Of England /
English Insider Steps Forward

October 31, 2016 / Keenan Team | GroupK / 6 Comments
This message was sent to Neil by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. We shall call him ‘The English Insider’.
“I understood when I began writing this that I could not use my real name.  Many within the establishment are well aware of who I am and where I work. Neil Keenan and team have put that which is required on the table in order to warrant an investigation into the many major bankers involved in the “One Million Metric Tons of Gold Deal”. 
There is no question that this situation is indeed real as I was to have personally benefited by way of a minor commission on the transaction.  I like the pseudonym “The English Insider”, which felt to be fitting given the other insiders such as “The Asian Insiders” that have worked with Neil and team.

Zero Hedge and the British press have also figured out the double-speak of Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England (BoE), hinting that he may step down much earlier than expected, possibly even as early as next week. 
The high probability of Mark Carney’s resignation is all over the mainstream media now as one can see in the examples below. This narrative is really a cover for the impending investigation:
The Telegraph: Speculation grows about Mark Carney’s future at the Bank of England
The Guardian: Mark Carney may end speculation about future this week
The Daily Mail: Mark Carney could quit his Bank of England role within DAYS after his ‘Project Fear’ predictions were repeatedly proven wrong  
The Sun: ‘BANK BOSS TO RESIGN’ Bank of England Governor Mark Carney could QUIT next week after fear-mongering predictions over Brexit were proven wrong
One must ask why someone in such a lofty and influential position in the banking community would relinquish such a prestigious position of employment at such a young age – unless there are extenuating circumstances such as personal, physical or fiscal issues surfacing. “I have personal circumstances which I have to manage”, Mr. Carney said when asked.   
Perhaps Mr. Carney is looking for a way out being that he must be well aware of an imminent investigation. Most here in England who are “in the know”, are taking measures to separate themselves from the syndicate of persons referenced in the recent Keenan article. That article in and of itself is so revealing that all involved should be well aware that there are circumstances that will lead directly toward incarceration.
The theft of one million metric tons of gold is not even mildly amusing unless you are George H.W. Bush and are “hand-wringingly” hopeful this deal may go up in flames being that he is not included. 
Imaginably, Donald Trump may be the proponent of such an investigation that will lead throughout Asia , Europe and the United States.  It is well worth the consideration. 
The recent Keenan article has created an underground uproar here in the United Kingdom and there are those who are left wondering why we would allow anyone to complete such a transaction, when it would subject the populace to a fate worse than slavery for hundreds of years. You now have the push for the revelation of this transaction that would destroy the people on this planet. How many similar atrocious plots of such formidable gravity is it now that Keenan and team have revealed?

Perhaps you can find the hyperlinks to such on Keenan’s internet site and recount these endeavours for yourselves. Many attempts have transpired and have been truncated – that had the intention of hi-jacking the world on the scale of a James Bond villain’s lunacy. This is yet another of the now numerous ventures that Group K has halted.

It surely must be a mathematical certainty that Mr. Carney is looking to flee the coop.  All involved should be very nervous as they observe the conversations in play around this conspiracy.  All should wonder if Mr.Carney has or will defect, with his escape made good under Police supervision until such time as he reveals the intimate details.

Perhaps Neil Keenan and Group K’s recent searchlight shining expedition upon the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, in a “One Million Metric Ton Gold Racket” with trillions of dollars in commissions at stake, may have hastened Mr. Carney’s decision to depart in an expedient fashion.
Of course, leaving before the guillotine drops is always a good idea. It is also prudent to ensure one’s extended vacation is somewhere so secluded and isolated that there are no telephones nor extradition treaties.
The next question is that if Mr. Carney was well aware of this Asian gold caper (as he would obviously have to be in his position as Governor of the Bank of England), then what of his comrades-in-arms at the Federal Reserve?  When will “Mad Dame” Yellen accommodate the press with her unconvincing denials? 
It is quite obvious that the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve are somewhat lacking in solid collateral backing. Without real assets of any tangible value propping up their Fiat currency, printing more Monopoly money will only lead to hyper-inflation and the demise of both the British Pound and the United States Dollar.
Consequently, it is no wonder that the establishment are hazardously desperate and willing to buy Gold, even from people who do not even legally own it. Refer: The Golden Dragon Family.

Therefore, adding Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak into this greedy amalgamation should serve to put Southeast Asia on high alert as well. This thievery of the Dragon Family’s assets has serious repercussions that must mandate the immediate attention of the Malaysian people and their government authorities. 
The specialists who deal in large quantities of precious metals at government and central bank levels are all aware that such deals are brokered at sizeable discounts from the current global market prices, while the margins being split between the interested parties (personally), before closing with the institutional buyers at full market values.
Commissions paid out on one million metric tons of gold would be exceptionally large as calculated by Mr. Keenan. Can you calculate 1% of one quadrillion dollars worth of new collateral-backed Fiat dollars as commissions (protracted vacation money)?
Mr. Carney, it seems that you may be compelled to elaborate on your “personal circumstances” that require your attendance, and in short order. Your precious Bank of England is going to be agape, split like a watermelon and whatever shall be revealed? You are all responsible for everything wrong that is happening in this world. The colloquial “Banksters” are the source of so much that is wrong with this world.

With the impending elections in the United States in the spotlight, has anyone considered “electing” Neil Keenan as the honorary Sheriff of Nottingham? He would waste no time in rounding up and arresting the “Robbing Hoods” of England, not to mention bringing them to justice. Alas, a true hero for our not-just-fiscally chaotic and challenging times.
Thank you, Neil and Group K for halting another treasonous hustle.  The times, they are indeed changing.

A concerned Englishman”

Thanks to: http://neilkeenan.com


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