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The Fart Metaphor, Bio-Emissions, Negativity and Healing

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The Fart Metaphor, Bio-Emissions, Negativity and Healing
November 4, 2016 omnipulse

If someone farts in the air, and it burns the nose, the eyes. And a person says, “F-you, you stink. You fing f-ass, always you with the crap.” Then it has emotionally and mentally A-ffected, or INfected us. This is a metaphor for the mind and the way negative emotions, emissions, or energies of others influence on a conscious level. If we see/smell/sense this happening, and we go, “Oh! *holds breath*” and wave the air around, open a window, clear the air or remove ourselves from the environment, then we are not negatively A-ffected or “IN”fected by these emissions.
This is a metaphor for the negative entrainment, the devices and technology, the spiritual substances, the emotional entrapment, the mental disruption of one’s peace of being through the introduction of disharmonic energies.
If we are capable of passing along the message of how to help avoid this reaction to others, and to the individual in question to assist in them clearing their own energies (bodily functions in this metaphor) then we remain as healthy as we were before the encounter without allowing the negative/draining bio-emissions of the other to weigh us down AKA infect.
In other words, to be able to laugh it off and remove yourself from the environment or clear the air yourself, while also taking steps to assist the A-ffected in increasing their own frequencies then we act as beneficial reality generators. If we immediately respond to negativity with negativity, then we are either A-ffected and effectively overcome by such, or we are participating in the process of adding negativity. Either way, a negative response is participating and a neutral or positive (healing, informational, conscious) response is clearing.
While this explanation may induce laughter or a humorous response, (and that is the intended light-hearted result) the influence of this negativity in the actuality of what the metaphor represents is much more serious. Our environment is being poisoned, the air and water is being poisoned, the media has polluted the minds of many so that now the actual etheric mental waves in the air around many people’s, over the entire planet is literally coated in this negativity. We are swimming in a sea of negativity that is injected into this reality through artificially propagated means.
This did, however, begin as an etheric process through various scenarios and mind-control methods, and this resulted in a tangible change in the energy, but it is now being propped up through these “modern” technological means. The original method could very well be named, especially for its time, a simple method of using advanced technology through various advanced energy work to induce such states within the minds of people. These were methods that seemingly used no technology, but through the methods were actually using advanced spiritual technology that this time-period in civilization had no way of comprehending other than as the works of “gods”, aliens, or demons.
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The origins of this system, this self-propagating (as long as people are supplying the energy) grid, may have very well stemmed from a simple desire to build a mind control construct which would feed the creative and will-power based energy of the people into an energetic system that could contain it and use it against them by feeding a select group.
Fast forward many years and this system is intelligent, beyond the control of it’s creators, and dominating all energies in sight.
Cue the introduction of the higher-frequency energy beings and their methods of clearing these lower energies through inspiring the will-power, creativity, and emotional and mental balance/wholeness of the human.
We have broken off into a time where these situations must be dealt with one by one, on an individual basis, coming from a long-forgotten time where people once saw these great works occur in the skies and on the land.
We may be returning to a period of consciousness a cycle of civilization where these great events will take place, in the skies and on the land for the larger numbers of humanity to see and participate in at once. This can be great clearing, or disrupting events depending on the individuals involved, the intentions, the level of spiritual advancement, clarity or frequency.
We have had many of the great depressions that occur, these events knock humanity on the spiritual head and cause forgetfulness and low energy.
What’s next may be a series of these ‘attacks’ followed by and simultaneous with a great occurrence of clearings and opportunities for humanity to heal and collective choose the higher frequency route of increasing awareness, wholeness, peace and progression/remembrance of the collective field.
The field is a sentient, living, ‘liquid’ etheric substance that is literally being fed upon by a parasitic foreign intelligence. These large events in question are healing events, but in the same way a body may experience a ‘herxheimer’ effect when ridding of toxins which is very painful, we may see a reaction and an initial revolt as people are faced with the options to give up their addictions, to reject the malignant parasites and to cue into their generational conscious codes (RNA) patterns to heal the past trauma that has been so great it literally wiped the minds of this entire civilization.
This post began as a simple metaphor explaining the process of negativity influencing, A-ffecting or “INfecting” others and extended itself to a larger perspective of how this explanation and process relates to the world situation in this time period as well as the previous. Thank you for reading, please share if you feel people will get a laugh of light-heartedness or be helped to make sense of how this world situation, and our individual situation, relates to what can be tied into cosmic events. I have not included the cosmic nature, but this is where the individual situation, when connected with the civilization-wide and extra-temporal situation leads to. This is a cosmic event, because life is a cosmic occurrence and the universe is a large cosmic clock where in all parts are connected and related to the whole of existence.
In other words, it went from funny and simple, to still simple yet more serious and involving more details and a larger scope.
This is the same pattern that will be experienced when these larger events begin to take place, as they already have.
The control system attempts to maintain seriousness, competition, and lower animalistic consciousness in behavior throughout the ‘pre-show’, the beginning, middle and end. Soon, however, the influence of this cosmic lightening and reintroduction of the heart frequencies will become so far-reaching that those who are ready to see the truth will see it and this will outweigh the false-interpretations or interjections of fear.
However, it is not all one clean sweep, or one continuous love-experience, even if we remain on those frequencies. The more one remains, the more the masses will attempt to balance that out because that is what this system is, one big collective reality. So those who choose to remain in love will be tested with their ability to uphold those frequencies and those who remain in fear will be seemingly more and more reinforced until both people can see the same world in a very different perspective, just as we can now.

Thanks to omnipulse at: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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