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In a Time of Balancing ~ Ida Lawrence

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In a Time of Balancing

Posted on November 5, 2016 by talk2momz

“Had we not doubted love we would be in heaven right now.” Ishwar Puri
Abandonment… it happened to me. On the line was trust in my own feelings: the heart’s knowing. My heart took a hit, and now… ?
What to do about the pain? Well, some might react or retaliate, but I don’t feel any anger. Some might make an effort to dissect the situation, explain it away or psychoanalyze everybody. I used that route for years. It can soothe the ego but it can also lead to seeing oneself as ‘wrong’, a fool, or not good enough.
In truth, we don’t have to do anything with emotional pain other than to let it be a part of us. When we feel pain in our heart it’s very real. It’s our innocence. If we don’t reject or try to manipulate painful, negative or unwanted emotions, but instead acknowledge them, and integrate them, we nurture wisdom and a fertile heart space.
We don’t have to always understand what’s happening… it is enough to accept the feelings and to love our own innocence. And by loving my heart, I love all of us who have felt abandoned.
Love heals. Love also expands and is forward moving.
What does the future hold? It holds very great and frequent changes and some mighty generations of young men and women. People in their teens, twenties and thirties are ‘young’ in that they embody the idealistic energy: they want change, they definitely have their own minds, and the system hasn’t conquered them with fear.
We who love them can only be guides. How? Listen to them. Appreciate who they are. Appreciate their experience… their survival story.
Some of the stories are very traumatic. Thinking about it, I can say that emotional pain has been woven through all of the stories I’ve heard. As a result, these young people have bruises, but they also have quite a lot of understanding, plenty of empathy, and a strong desire to do right. They are capable of fully healing, but then again so are we all. And we are all creators.
Their experience is very different than ours. Sometimes I think it’s more than the normal generation gap. They were born into a shocking world. Can they see a future? If the answer turns toward “no”, then how are they dealing with that reality? Among them are communicators, problem solvers, warriors, rescuers – they have to be. Maybe it’s not just a few. They all could be heroes in the making. Who else would dare to be born at this time?
Every human being can ‘feel’, whether we are aware of the inner world or not, so we have that in common with today’s young. What do you experience in the mind and body when you feel abandoned, or defeated, afraid or ‘done wrong’; how do you respond when you feel loved, appreciated, respected, honored. Having an open heart means that you respond with appreciation for every feeling.
Some of us in the Elder generation have a ‘been there’ kinship with today’s youth: by that I mean the 1960’s energy. We got into justice, fairness, peace and ‘love one another’ enough to stand up for it. The warriors fought hard, and it felt liberating and hopeful. Black Nationalism happened, Wounded Knee happened. Some warriors took long prison sentences. Leaders were brought down. We watched as noble spirits were killed.
And then along came disco and Regan, crack, angry women and gangster rap… the system used whatever means it could devise to turn people against themselves. So, 1960 was basically a scrimmage, and today we gear up again. This time it’s the game.
Awakening and expanding our consciousness: we can call it a journey or path or way. It goes inside and from there forward. Today, with life itself in jeopardy, with pain all around us, we move forward from inside: we evolve with this energy. It’s good to know that our victory is already determined. Also good to know that there are noble humans everywhere, playing all kinds of roles. Don’t feel alone, everyone is here, never become disheartened enough to doubt Love.
We do need to see the way in which young people have advanced forward. They’re doing exactly what they should do… require more of us. As we did before, they do now. We’re all evolving and they’re the energy. Our role is to serve as guides, and this requires authentic, loving relationships. In order to offer them authenticity, we must bring our inner self into balance.
“War is over,” begins within, when the masculine aspect of mind and feminine aspect of heart are as one.
The role of the younger generations today is to navigate through a world where fear, and control, conspiracy, manipulation and all types of force, make up the fabric of the society. That which was hidden is coming out in the open and we are beginning to see: this is what the predominance of mind over heart has been expanding into. See it now? A world that diminishes the feminine is a dead one.
We’re in a time of conflict because we’re in a time of balancing.
How can we say the young are ‘navigating through’ such a world and not becoming trapped in it? Listen to them. They’re saying something, even if it feels like that something is hurtful or disrespectful. They have to reject anything that strikes them as false, and sometimes they can go a little far and miss the depth and the intention. The point is to help them. Take the ‘no manipulation just honesty’ way: it’s Love at work.
To them, and to all of us I would say, be willing to receive. I emphasize this, as I’d like the readers to just sit with this thought as their own: “I need some help.” What feelings go through the body when you admit to needing help? How does that feel?
I can tell you how it feels in me: there’s a voice telling me that if I were ‘getting it right’ I wouldn’t need help.
That inner judgment is against the feminine. It comes from seeing the interplay of ‘receive and give’ in a negative light. We’re conditioned to admire the masculine mind, i.e. “The whole world is me.” The feminine heart is receptive and giving, i.e. “The whole world is us.” When these two polarities become one within our own being, we can navigate through.
If you open up to receive, and you’re rejected, judged, abandoned… well that hurts. We have to be brave to venture into giving and receiving. It helps to live with nothing to hide, know that your feelings don’t make you ‘weak’, know that hurt can be transformed into great works, strive continuously on the high road, love love, and take it forward.
Today we can look out and see millions of young people concerned about the world and its people. They are wise to turn toward the Elders for help. Every one who took a position for justice in the 1960s and held it up until this day is serving as an anchor, holding the heart in a position of equality with the mind.
Earth is the Mother of Life, woman is the Mother of Life, the inner feminine aspect of us all is the Mother of Life. When the fertile darkness has been penetrated by light, the Mother produces transformed light… a new and unique generation. And so I ask, are not the darkness and the light equal in glory?
“Know that you yourself are essential to this world. Understand both the blessing and the burden of that. You yourself are desperately needed to save the soul of this world. Did you think you were put here for something less? In a Sacred Hoop of Life, there is no beginning and no ending.” Chief Arvol Looking Horse

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