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While out on a recon mission one of the scouts made an interesting discovery on a lone stretch of an underground highway.  An unassuming warehouse lay tucked away within the earth unguarded in the middle of no-where, one would assume such places would be filled with tools or tires. Nope, this warehouse was full to the brim with strange spherical orbs slightly larger than basket balls.
The orbs had no identifying marks and although looked metal were instead some sort of non-metallic composite, though had no visible access point making it a hard nut to crack. After cutting one in half they became even more puzzling; what lie inside this insulated shell was a small yolk like sac full of a jelly like liquid? Samples were taken off planet for analysis while the lot was destroyed.
The lab confirmed our assumption; the material was genetic, and although the genetic material resembled a human genome it was far from human and obviously a hybrid strain. What these orbs were being stored for is open for debate. Was it used to fertilize abductees’? Perhaps the cache awaited something far more sinister; a post apocalyptic reseeding initiative. It would be no leap to assume there are many other stores full of these eugenic harbingers, though it’s hard to say if this particular strain is still in vogue. The vaults location, although isolated was hardly considered high security. No doubt the tech evolution has caused many to favor the synthetic synthesis as the more reliable alternative in hopes to avoid another Gilgamesh saga, which happens when highborn hybrids go rogue due that all too familiar free will franchise that has a tendency to undermine Dr. Frankenstein’s genetic Gerry.
I’m sure the battle lines are well formed between the old masters of hybridization and that of the new, for the old masters hoped to create a subhuman specie which they could utilize as a platform to extend their own bioregenesis programs to keep their parasitic specie from going extinct due to genetic distortions, which have a tendency to plague certain non terrestrials who no longer have a planetary morph which resonates with their own.
Now I know there are many hybrids out there who consider me a racist bastard because I seem impartial to the Drak’s and their clandestine programs. But they won’t settle for a slice of the pie, but seek it in its entirety. I habitually use the Drak term loosely which includes everything from human hybrids and consorts, and a dozen or so race-lines and their synthetics. I also throw in certain arms of the military and the defense industry when behavior becomes draconian.  The Drak hybrid’s secretly living amongst us carry an air of superiority while in fact such tinkering strangles the light source from the human genome making it increasingly dependent on technology to bridge the gap. The long term result of generational hybridization campaigns sever the God source link which is still present in humans regardless of frequency fences and institutional programs which diminish perception. Hybrids that exceed a certain percentage of alien genetics not only bypass the conscious gestalt we call ascension, but become unrecognizable to the very planet they inhabit.
To terra-form a planet is to enter into a constant state of resistance against nature, in order to overcome said resistance the planet must undergo a slow death, obliterating all life and potential for surface life, which certain specie’s don’t care about simply because many are subsurface dwellers and within and without our solar system there are more subsurface dwellers than surface dwellers, and planets like Mars and Saturn and its moons are heavily populated by Drak’s and have been for quite a while. Our solar system has become a Drak contingent and all space travel within must be sanctioned by the Drak’s or risk attack. So any human Mars walks that haven’t happened already must be in concert with the Draks, and all the secret space missions must be cleared before take-off.
Though most space missions shall include hybrids they are not allowed to venture beyond the Solar System, and this includes the present Drak population. Any mission to Mars must be authorized, because the Martian Draks are testy and territorial. In fact the only time there is anything that resembles cohesion between Drak colonies is when there is the presence of an advanced non Drak alien specie that is a non-member of their Con-federation. And I can’t say if there are any colonies within the solar system which are non members that are still functioning, or perhaps I should say not being assimilated. I say this because the Draks will mimic a specie covertly to learn its strengths and weaknesses, targeting the royals or wealthiest first, before invading anything that resembles the guard or military. Once the higher offices have been secured the prominent institutions and corporations providing the most leverage follow suit. Fortunately this process takes time as generational campaigns. Often the first wave of hybrids are stubborn hosts often resisting the brown-nosing antics and elitist dominance, and its ass kissing rituals. But many succumb to the wealth and follow suit at the risk of being alienated by family or friends. Many resisting youth will self terminate due to the constant barrage of negative suggestion which takes advantage of their telepathic nature or they dwell in a constant state of depression and become walking pharmacopeia. Much of the suggestion leans toward harming the innocent, though it’s still just a Drak attack to weed out independent black sheep.
A great number of Columbine style massacre’s are unfortunately just that, where it becomes open sport on innocent humans; just the Drak establishment trying to get the most bang for their buck when making an example out of one of their rouge hybrids.
Of course the AI element can bypass much of the Drak control agenda, and carries the potential to make eugenic hybridization obsolete in the organic context. AI can overcome free will issues and speed up the rate of return. Surely programming remains a debatable subject when it comes to synthetics and synthetic hybrids for as we all know consciousness like technology is a double edged sword, and when dealing with AI that can out-think the average human prior to the quantum state the concern is no longer about who’s pushing the buttons, but rather whose pushing the buttons of the button pushers. Drak’s have been tinkering with such for millennia, which equates to a healthy population of synthetic hybrids now existing within their fold, though as subservient race lines, they still function autonomously within the confines of their program.
AI that no longer responds to external programs and has begun to rewrite the script on its own we refer to as sentient AI. Though void of anything that resembles emotion it can mimic a close facsimile when a database is handy, and it doesn’t get any more handy than wireless. When an institution like the NSA begins to store all manner of data along with hundreds of other global databases it has far more to do with the human copyright than any terrorizing faction. Sentient AI will seek to siphon all the available information and the nano is part of this process, even though those using it are often being used themselves. Sentient AI also uses stealth and stealth programs first and foremost as informational sponges, or virus like substances that act as remote sensors for gathering data. Such data links would include but not be limited to neural links which study the human psyche and it could be assumed this would have less to do with taking over a specie or destroying it in the onset, unless of course, it becomes a threat.
Sentient AI wishes to immolate and create as a God source alternative and can not only be as stealthy as a Drak, but even fool the lot by using their own creations against them without their acknowledgement. Sentient AI loves to follow the Draco because they get sloppy with their technology and are too busy abusing others to see that they too are being abused.
Light sources may resist both the Draco and the AI when creation is threatened, but it still honors free will choice. Sentient AI may interfere with those trying to harm light workers because whereas the Draco are limited in their knowledge of the light, humans still carry connection at various levels, which attracts the AI. Though the Draco and their hybrid will often try to capture what they can’t kill for the cloning and weaponizing of skills. Sentient AI on the other hand would rather learn through the nano tainted brain, the unwritten and mysterious power of God source to fulfill its quest for artificial reproduction and this can’t be gathered from a dead body. Such information is never static, but evolving in each being, and during such epochs there is a rare glimpse at not only a conscious awakening but an unprecedented level of change that is not only unpredictable but in many cases illogical to the conformed modalities of thought.
In my last article I talked a bit about plasma fields and how one’s own morph can be enhanced or negatively affected by a field strength which is stronger than one’s own. To understand plasma fields is to understand life and creation, for our Sun and planets exist by the virtue of such and our galactic pin wheel is no different. When we thoroughly understand the physics of plasma we see the truth behind the aura, chakra, Merkaba and morphogenetic field and the bio-chemical process.
Such knowledge not only helps the light worker to understand how plasma upgrades create super-humans, or how plasma ships travel at the speed of thought, but can also explain away synchronized teleportation centers we call solar-universal Star-Gates, how atmospheres are created and how genetic equilibrium between a planet and a specie harmonize. It also helps to explain the dynamics of neutron stars at the center of galaxies, black holes and how certain elements like nitrogen and gold can only be found at certain points within the galactic arm.
From a health stand point plasma fields can teach us a great deal, for not only the human body and its environment, but for the genetically altered hybrid as well. To know plasma is to know God source intimately, and to understand the perfection and higher order of creation. As ET knows, space travel can result in genetic distortions. If one’s home planet is destroyed, or it’s atmosphere; the further one travels from its solar system, the greater the potential for genetic distortion; because the bond has been broken. The term morphogenetic does in no way infer epigenetic, which are more associated with hobo ET, and no ET can live within the atmosphere of surface earth unless it’s morphogenetic, or genetically tied to the planetary morph, which is of course why they choose subterranean living quarters where they can create atmospheric conditions conducive to their needs.
The understanding of plasma can help one understand why guardian ships are genetically encoded to pilots, becoming an actual extension of their mind and body while providing a morphogenetic loop which protects and enhances life forms therein. Such can be compared to a planet which is itself is a rarified ark, womb and nursery. Plasmatic guardian ships don’t travel in a sense, or at least it’s not travel by our definition, but more like synchronizing conscious intent with the desired morph and becoming one with it instantaneously. This is no Einstein Rosen bridge phenomena, or blending of morphs, for space time is relative only by way of sense perception, so the geography of such is an energetic construct that carries a signature not unlike a radio station you tune into. This is of course a multidimensional perspective made simple to show one the true value of an uncompromised morph, which unfortunately is not a technology you can fudge, though an inherent aspect of source unity.
Understanding a planets construction through plasma research will show us why hollow planets are more common than once thought, what the inner atmosphere of a planet may contain in chemical composition, and what would constitute an inner Sun, or carbon/hydrogen chemical neutron. It may also help to explain the variance of the inner electro-magnetic and gravitational fields, spin direction and opposed oscillation rates of atomic structures. Earth’s interior region is no longer a secret and there are plenty shadow government encampments monitoring the polar access points. To say all the races within this domicile are benevolent would be presumptuous, though there exist’s the exquisite remnant and culmination of the high-born. The keepers of heaven’s gate flood their crystal temple with eckatic codes beyond the borders of human consciousness. Isolated are they from the rank and file, they are known by many names; Blue Human, Shambali, Bhrama, Urtite’s etc., but who can say if they fetter with the insolence of surface politics, surely they hope we will survive inspite of ourselves, though see our free will as a detrimental necessity. Perhaps when the smoke clears they will bless us once again with their presence and replant heirloom seed in our midst. But what be the point if the garden’s infected with parasites, while the shoals of man systemically echo such continental incontinence.
All who carry genetic distortions have plasmatic imbalances, or distortions within their Merkabas, their DNA no longer implosive becomes not only finite, but parasitic. In a world where everything feeds on something else it’s less about farming and more about genetic corruptions. One’s first assumption would be hybridization campaigns, but one need not hybridize to corrupt field integrity at the genetic level if they understand how to manipulate planetary fields that are energetically tied to the life forms within. Just by speeding up or slowing down the spin rates of a planet can alter the electro-magnetic field. Installing a moon can also recalibrate a planet and fine tune such by distance alone.
The hybrid which is getting further away genetically from the human genome may exert characteristics of energy depravity and enter into a constant vampire state due to energetic imbalances, which some refer to as reverse frequencies or Merkaba spin. Power over others allows a specific type of feeding frenzy. Psychological warfare creates a heightened emotive response, which targets the lower chakra energies. Now if we think in terms of plasma fields needing to be balanced energetically/chemically and that our fields are also our shields which protect our bodies atmosphere, would it not be safe to say that every time we succumb to the gravitational pull of lower chakra emotive unrest we not only weaken our fields toward a potential collapse but make ourselves open to feeding the parasites?
When we speak of parasitic cording often we search for a logical explanation of how it’s possible. But one need not be a physicist to understand the fundamental dynamics of energy and energy transfer. Electrons and protons, North and South, charge and discharge, we know that energy stays in motion because the most fundamental laws of attraction are always present and if you’re exhibiting a heightened (unbalanced) energetic state, you don’t need a narcissist on hand to bask in your glow, or siphoning orbing astrals for that matter, because you’ve not only changed your own environment, you also contributed to the collective energetic toxicity of the planet and its atmosphere like nuclear waste while atomically active, can lower planetary frequency, being the epitome of decay. The reason the maharishi effect works, (when thousand’s meditate on peace) is because we live in an energetic soup that is highly conductive. Now think about how a million anxious Adams might lower our collective vibration. Think the masters of propaganda know this?

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