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Super Bowl 49 Nexus by TS Caladan

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1Super Bowl 49 Nexus by TS Caladan Empty Super Bowl 49 Nexus by TS Caladan Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:05 pm



Super Bowl 49 Nexus
by TS Caladan

[Author’s note: What’s actually behind the scenes of just about everything? I don’t believe it! Take the Super Bowl, please. Hypothetically. What if the Big Game was nothing like we think it is or trained to think it is? It could be something WAY different and we ain’t seeing it. Remember the incredible ending to SB49? The end could have thrown the entire time-continuum out of whack!].

Super Bowl 49 Nexus by TS Caladan CxBtMtcXAAA298U

Super Bowl 49 Nexus by TS Caladan CxBtPYhWgAAg9Ok

          “I can’t believe the call. You have Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. You got a guy that’s been borderline unstoppable in this part of the field. I can’t believe the call,” Chris Collingsworth gasped in amazement right after the conclusion.

          “Me, either,” Al Michaels agreed.

          Throughout America, other countries and elsewhere, sports fans did not believe what they observed. Very few on the surface of the planet realized what truly occurred underneath it all.

          Stephen A. Smith: “When you consider what the options were, the position you’re in, being on the one-yard line, 20 seconds left, a time out with at least two chances if not three to give the football to ‘Beast-mode’…and somehow/someway this guy that you’ve leaned on for the last several years and you DON’T give the ball to him in that situation? (Instead) You want to throw it to Ricardo Locket, really? No. This is about Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll blew the game, to make this decision. This is going to haunt Pete Carroll for many, many years if not the rest of his career. A Super Bowl Championship was lost last night because this man did not call Marshawn Lynch’s number. Inexcusable.”

          Herm Edwards: “…When a big play, and it was a big play when Kearse caught the ball on his back, the clock is working and they take a timeout; you’re gonna run with Lynch. I’m in the mode, let’s run it. Let’s give our best player the football.”

          Skip Bayless: “Is it possible Pete was covering for Darrell Bevell, his coordinator, who maybe made the call against Pete’s better judgement? Did he take the bullet for the team, so to speak? Is it possible Pete really wanted to run the ball and Darrell called a pass play?”

          Stephen: “Y’all are going to tell me he had nothing to do with the call? Pete Carroll got the 36 million dollar contract; he’s the boss, Okay? It’s the Super Bowl. It’s 20 seconds left and you’re gonna tell me he had nothing to do with the call? No way.”

          Skip: “Isn’t there a third possibility? Are you sure that Russell Wilson didn’t audible to the pass? I doubt it very seriously, but it’s still a possibility.”

          Stephen: “I don’t think so.”

          Herm: “All I know is Russell Wilson threw the ball 21 times and he should have only thrown it 20. This was a great football game, guys. This was one of the best Super Bowls I’ve ever witnessed. Ah.”

          Cari Champion: “That’s what we needed. After last year, we definitely needed a good one.”

          After the game, in the Seattle locker-room, a conversation was semi-overheard between Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman. The two ‘stars’ of the day laughed and were not upset about the Super Bowl loss at all, which was about a half hour ago. They hid their lightheartedness when they realized another teammate was in the room on the other side of the lockers. Wilson’s and Sherman’s expressions definitely changed from just a moment earlier. They changed from shock, surprise, joy, elation and congratulations to…stark seriousness.

          Their reactions might have had some explanations or made perfect sense taken out of context to wide receiver, Doug Baldwin. He was in the ideal spot not to be seen by the quarterback and cornerback. He was not going to approach or bother them, initially, after what he thought was a devastating defeat. But then he heard weird words out of their mouths.

          Baldwin felt terrible and was shattered with the final score of 28-24. He was cloudy in the head, yet he clearly heard a few sentences. The sentences could not possibly have been true. He walked around the lockers while Richard Sherman pointed to his head as if still in the game and wore a helmet. Doug asked about what he had heard. “What do you mean, we all have radios in our headgear?”

          Russell and Richard played dumb. After an awkward moment…

          Sherman looked at Baldwin and acted surprised. “What, man?” He laughed and smiled.

          Without emotion, Wilson stared directly into the eyes of Baldwin and lied: “That’s not what we said. We said we all should have radios…then we’d know better what’s going on.”

          Doug looked at both of them in total disbelief. “I know what I heard. I also heard a little about your bets…against Seattle…”

          Richard Sherman busted out in loud laughter! The moment was quickly gone and then he got very serious. He was angry. He grabbed Baldwin. “You didn’t hear anything, man! There were no bets! They will crush you like the cockroach you are if you say one thing about it.”

          Baldwin was equally angry and pushed Sherman off of him.

          Russell Wilson came between them and eased the tense situation. “Hey! We have interviews to do. We have to put on the right face. Just say…we realize we need to stick together.”

          A few other Seahawks entered the locker-room.

          The three players acted appropriately.

         Later, Doug Baldwin was in front of the cameras and up on the raised set with a world that watched. He was slow and distraught and confused. His eyes were on the floor. He simply stated, “We realize we need to stick together.”

         And later still on the north bound plane, Wilson and Sherman caught a moment where they knew no one else observed them. They were again happy in the extreme. (In secret) They were told months ago: “Payment (a loss) for last year’s win had to be paid this year.” Seattle owner(s), head coaches, key personnel as well as a few superstar players were told in advance:

Seattle would repeat as Super Bowl champions.

The score would be 31-28, Seattle Seahawks over the New England Patriots.

Unfortunately for those in-the-know, all of Seahawks’ 20 million dollar [occulted] wagers on New England would be forfeited!


          No one was more surprised at the bizarre turn of events at the climax or nexus point (in time) of Super Bowl 49 than the few elites and key players and personnel on both teams…

          The point where Malcolm Butler intercepted the football with only a few seconds left was a situation completely remote-controlled. But. Worlds collided, time-realities shifted and a very different and unexpected universe resulted. Patriots were absolutely supposed to lose the game.

          Richard Sherman and other key players in-the-know were forced to react as they did right after the nexus point or the incredible interception. Their outward appearances responded with expected pain…while on the inside, in the controlled subconscious, unseen reverse-reactions happened. Swiss bank accounts of key Seahawks instantly ballooned up by 20 million bucks!

          As much as Seattle key ‘people’ reacted with outward distress, key New England ‘people’ were forced to act OVERJOYED at the big win! In truth, in-the-know Patriots were ready with sad ‘loser-speeches’ while (down deep) secretly thrilled that their bank accounts swelled by 20M.

Pats, the ones in on it, actually LOST 20Mil, but had to hide this fact with big smiles on their faces.

          Even the gods were surprised…

          No one! Not one of the large array of aliens that saw the game thought this could occur. Every type of extraterrestrial and federal “Time-Viewing” method…

          Got it wrong! A universe shook. (Earthlings were clueless). More than one elite and higher elites knew now: TIME WAS NOT FIXED; the future could be changed. Tomorrow does not necessarily have to abide by 1-view from a spectrum of ‘tried-and-true’ forecasting “machines.”

Before SB49…    

          Vegas (Disney) corporate moguls, New York gamblers, London/Rome, the ‘mob,’ NSA agents and Navy officials were in place, where they annually met around this time of Earth year for almost a half century:

          Underneath the polar icecap of the North Pole to ‘play-out’ the Super Bowl for the masses that believed what they viewed, but far more importantly: For Time Lords that played a simple game that resulted in one particular continuum or future reality of the material world. Vital, global, geo-political decisions (wars) were also planned from the perfect, underwater location that insured secrecy with the certainty of a Faraday Chamber.

          The nuclear submarine nicknamed “Rainbow” stopped its forward motion and settled into the best underwater position for the EM transmissions. Fifty royal ‘gamers,’ 48 humans and two mega-elite “Earth-owners” were onboard the Illuminati submarine and understood their jobs.

          The execution of the grand illusion or “big show” was set and everything in its place on one of the battlefields: the University of Phoenix’s Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

          Within Rainbow, under the icecap, two Lizard Time Lords sat in the usual “large Chairs” or ‘radio-seats’ like master Chess Wizards. They were ten feet tall, smelly and not too attractive for Time Lords. [Federal Royals utilized special Radio-Seats for a variety of destructive purposes, very different from Tesla’s original intent].

          “Supreme Magistrate” Darza controlled #3, Russell Wilson. “High Prime” Rizla controlled #12, Tom Brady.

          Why play the game if the outcome was already known to Insiders? The question was a Big Question, strangely unknown to Time Lords and even Green Lanterns. Nevertheless…

          The Game had to be played~

          Darza and Rizla resembled Star Trek’s ‘Gorn.’ The Gorn was based on real, green/grey creatures who claimed ownership of the Earth. They are one group of secret rulers that have influenced our world for occult purposes and operated from behind dark, mysterious curtains. 

          Place your bets! Wagers were made on the Earthly level as well as on cosmic dimensions…

          Darza (winner) and Rizla (loser) had different Game Boards in front of them than last year as they sat in Radio-Seats, the big, comfy Chairs. The Lizards had wonderful control panels in front of them with new, updated tools. Game equipment had changed over the last half century, but the Time-line battle was basically the same. Fine-tuned controls now contoured a spectrum of player actions and reactions unavailable to Lizard ‘users’ previously. The latest in mega ‘joysticks’ produced…

~    Controlled cerebral cortexes of every player with radio-chips in NFL helmets, therefore specific movements were stimulated from great distances.

~   Desired game penalties, generated (usually wrong) by a wireless control-chip in head referee’s brain, the guy with the white cap. Media brings in “apologists” that tell you wrong calls were right.

~    Head coaches and coordinators with ‘radio-headgear,’ the result is the 100% directing of every single play and decision made on the football field.  

~   Replay images, almost instantly, changed into whatever they want viewers to see and various angled shots of confirmed deceptions.

~    Footballs themselves, via an “organic-magnetic” technique, can be moved in the air as if a gust of wind suddenly changed its trajectory. Important field goals were manipulated to be made or not.

          Rizla and Darza went at the ‘game’ or Time War, furiously! The great BATTLE with mega Game Board and a host of midair holograms and updated joysticks and Seats for large Lizards…

          Only lasted three minutes! Other humans onboard the sub observed a vicious FIGHT as if Life itself depended on the outcome from the Grand Masters. They witnessed the real directors of the Seahawks and Patriots battle. It wasn’t a game to the green/grey Lizards who flailed their massive arms in animated gyrations for what were only minutes to the humans on the submarine.

          On the human level of the BROADCAST and what millions of sports fans worldwide experienced “in the now” was a Super Bowl that went on over the course of HOURS. Relativity.

          Two 2-legged, intelligent Reptiles stopped time, slowed time, reversed time, but they never expected to CRASH Time. They caused a completely different result as every TM source had earlier reported. Wow! What happened? Why did it happen and who did it?

          Darza was (Herself) controlled from above at the right moment. The Queen was manipulated to call the pass play, not Pete Carroll. Rizla, for the Patriots, did the “unbelievable” and the totally unexpected: Malcom Butler was weirdly maneuvered into perfect position to intercept the football.


          No one understood the answer to the ultimate question at the time.

 One week before SB49…

Super Bowl 49 Nexus by TS Caladan CxBtRqbXEAAtBmF
Super Bowl 49 Nexus by TS Caladan CxBtTzwXEAEMi10

Robert Kraft (Patriots’ owner) and Paul Allen (Seahawks’ owner) were seated alone in their plush Faraday Chamber offices, separated by a few thousand miles. Each wore “Rainbow” sunglasses, which were ordinary in appearance but extraordinary in function. Rainbow sunglasses were unavailable anywhere on the surface of Earth.

          “Paul. I’m not too clear. Why was ‘Deflate-gate’ created? You, you mean the balls were never, ah, deflated?”

          Mr. Allen answered the shaky owner, “Of course not, Bob. You know how long it’d take to make Katy Perry’s deflated football earrings? There she was, overnight, being interviewed with them on.”

          “Ah. Then, then why does Magistrate Darza and Prime Rizla, ah…want us to pretend they were deflated? I, I don’t understand, Paul? Paul? Oh, no.”

          “We’re right here,” a strange, deep, slithery voice was also heard over the sunglasses. “You can dispense with our formal titles from now on, children.”

          The other spooky, snake-voice vibrated through the dark glasses: “Why do you question things you do not understand, child?”

          Images of both Lizards suddenly popped into the viewers and always disturbed the helpless, human ‘golems.’ Bob Kraft was frightened and jumped at the sight more than Paul Allen jumped. NFL team ‘owners’ never fully accepted the concept of the ‘Overlords,’ Master Owners from Saturn and the Agenda for what the Lizards owned.

          Mr. Kraft replied in fear, “I am…I am an unworthy host for all you have bestowed upon me, ah, me and my family. Ssssir, Rizla…”

          Lesser-ranked Overlord and Owner interrupted his puppet: “Cover story is for your Media. We need a scandal so the real scandal is never revealed.”

          “Of course, of course, your g-grace,” Kraft said nervously as he tightly clenched the arms of his fine leather chair. “I know my p-part…to act indignant, hurt, sad at the bitter loss and, and, and THANK YOU once again for the big boost to the Swiss accounts, yes?”

          Paul Allen asked a frank question to his Overlord Lizard: “If I may ask, Queen Darza…er, what is the real scandal? Who’s to win?”

          Darza replied, “You only need to know Time needs no repair. All is as it should be in this continuum. Seahawks must and will win at nexus point so future remains intact with our World Government.”

          Paul Allen spoke for Robert Kraft as well. “We are here to serve, serve the greater good and the highest levels of Lords.”

          Rainbow viewer-sunglasses turned completely black and the creepy meeting was over.

At present, post Super Bowl 49…

          If Time was unexpectedly changed at the Nexus Point, then a frozen/constant future reality could be altered in any time-line…to anything desired. As far as Earth went…

          The only question was, “What will reign in the future? Will there be a bright utopia and a fantastic World of Tomorrow? Or will good people of the planet remain poor victims and continue to suffer under the evil boot of invisible fascism?”

          What was different in the new time-line, now that the ‘Game’ was altered?

          Gorn Lizard Overlord Time-Controllers no longer had territorial claims on New Earth. They no longer owned us. A wondrous and very high-tech tomorrow was now upon an attainable horizon. Clean, natural, free-energy stations will once more electrify the Earth through pyramids: Power for everyone! Every bit of true knowledge and science will be utilized for the benefit of “Spaceship Earth” and the good people upon her.

          Fate can be changed.


          In time…the Meek inherited the planet and everything returned to what it once was~

Super Bowl 49 Nexus by TS Caladan CwRzRlwW8AQOa5t

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