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Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities

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1Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Empty Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities on Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:01 am


Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities

Whenever I bring up the subject matter of blood types and personality traits, people tend to immediately make the connection to Korean and Japanese theories.
This is unfortunate considering we are not talking about a fairytale owned by any specific group of people.

It has been proven that rh negative people overall have worse health than rh positives and with that come mental disorder, illnesses and neuroses.
The logical line to follow would lead to acknowledging a connection between mental presidpositions and personality traits.
Of course, what we are speaking about is statistics, so know that just because people with your blood type are more likely to develop OCD for example, does not mean you are likely to get it.
Nature vs. nurture is in existance. And if you are a balanced person living an overall balanced life, there is not going to be the stress factor expressing itself in the way that you might be predisposed to.
The other thing about the Japanese and the Korean models that bothers me is the absence of the rh factor being considered in their models.
This is of course understandable considering their low percentage of rh negatives, but it still means we ourselves need to now come up with our own model to let other rh negatives know what we have collected in terms of data.
As usual, feel free to comment in agreement, disagreement or in form of a question.
The following personality traits are my opinion and nothing but, gathered from personal experience, feedback and discussed with rh negative individuals such as you.
For men:
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Rh-negative-men
RhD negative men more often reported certain mental health disorders including panic disorders, antisocial personality disorders and attention deficits, ticks, fasciculation, thyroiditis, immunity disorders, allergies, especially skin allergies, excessive bleedings, anemia, osteoporosis, liver disease, infectious diseases and acute diarrhea diseases, while they less often reported gall bladder attacks, coeliac disease, maldigestion, malabsobtion, warts, some types of cancers and prostate hypertrophy.
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Leonardo-DiCaprio
O Negative
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities O-negative

O negative men are very centered and express what is on their minds right then and there. You will not likely have to guess what an O negative man means when he says something as they can be quite direct. If you are in the situation where you need assistance, O negative men tend to be very solution based and overcome any ego quickly to get help to get the job done. Being a team player is important to O negative men, but they also like to naturally be in charge. O negative men feel good when they are able to walk after the beat of their own drum and appreciate those who take their advice, respect their lead and are overall supportive to whichever causes they choose.
In friendships
O negative men are very social when they feel comfortable in their environments and quickly ditch whichever group they have no interest being a part of. It is tough for O negative men to follow rules they don´t agree with and have a tough time being followers. O negative men not only want to be in charge just to be in charge, but simply because their lives are most productive when they can set their own time and program. Being friends with O negative men is simple, but do not try to change their ways and things will work out great.
In relationships
O negative men are able to make relationships work well when they believe in them but not likely to make things work when there are too many obstacles for the relationship to make sense to them.
A negative
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities A-negative
A negative men tend to be passive, observant and often deep in thought. A big misconception is that A negative men are not understanding something simply because they are
not doing something right. A negative men tend to be very much able to give good advice to others, but are not always good in terms of applying this to their own lives.
In friendships
If an A negative man thinks you are on his side, he will literally do anything for you. If there is one sign of indifference or intentional hurt, you might as well stay away from the A negative guy from then on as he will not be able to forget it or treat you the same every again. People who are A negative have a high tolerance for people´s mistakes, but betrayel won´t be forgiven.
In relationships
A negative men are very sensitive not just to the feelings of the partner, but also in terms of being easy to hurt. An A negative man can change completely quickly due to being in a positive relationship and the other way around when it ends. An A negative man usually prefers being not in a relationship to being in a bad one. When the emotional compatibility is there, amazing things will happen. If not, the relationship likely fades away quite fast.
B Negatives
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities B-negative
B negative men are natural born planners and once a plan has been created, they tend to follow through without looking to the left or the right. It is a blessing and a curse considering while A negative men for example feel their way through life and flexibility can work out positively, B negative men can miss some things on the way but overall manage to accomplish their goals based on determination. You always know where you are at with a B negative man by the way he sets his mind on something.
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Johnny-depp
In friendships
Don´t expect flexibility and being able to switch quickly in terms of opinions on anything, even when it would make sense. B negative men like things set in their ways and operate by procedure. Great in business, not always sensitive in terms of picking up on something, but reliable and very good friends when not being crossed and each others´ spaces are being respected.
In relationships
B negative men make things work. But are also stubborn. You can have the most amazing relationship with a B negative man if there are certain sets of rules ensuring no negative surprises. Within those simple rules, a relationship can flourish. But it is always important that mutual respect exists or there will not be a great passionate relationship happening as B negative men are very happy when they know where things stand and cannot easily handle it when there is uncertainty or a lack of loyalty.
AB Negative
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Ab-negative
AB negative men are appreciative of those who do right by them. AB negative men can be suspicious of others and need time to trust. But once they do, they are very comfortable and able to express themselves very openly.
In friendships
AB negative men tend to appreciate input and advice as well as general feedback. AB negative men are great team players amongst those who they are comfortable with. When not sure about someone, AB negative people are very distrustful.
In relationships
AB negative men are tolerant and interested in the other person. AB negative men tend to be very good in relationships and it comes natural to them.
For women:
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Rh-negative-women
RhD negative women reported more frequently psoriasis, constipation and diarrheas, ischemic diseases, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancers, lymphatic nodes swelling, vitamin B deficiency, thrombosis, tonsil stones, too high sex desire, precocious puberty, urinary tract infections, scoliosis and they less often reported hearing loss, weight loss, hypoglycemia, glaucoma, fasciculation and warts.


O Negative
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities O-negative
O negative women are very passionate. An O negative woman is usually very intuitive and when in a relationship she is sure about, fights for it and gives it her all. When unsure, an O negative woman is less likely to give it a try and much rather reserves her good energy for someone she feels 100 percent about. O negative women match well with O negative men but can also be in relationship with AO and BO men (genotype wise) as long as those men have strong personalities. Blood types carry predispositions in terms of relationships and personality traits, but nature vs. nurture is also of importance. If you are a strong person and are focused on what you want in life and what is best for you, you might be good in a relationship with an O negative woman.
In friendships
O negative women are great friends as long as you are honest with them.
In relationships
As said above, O negative women are excellent in relationships when they believe in them.
A Negative
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities A-negative
A negative women are sensitive and can easily be hurt. Stress they cannot handle well and while very loving and protective, A negative women can turn into very angry beings and let you have it when you do them wrong.
In friendships
If you are loyal to her, she will do anything for you. You will have a best friend and supporter for life as long as you do not disappoint her. At least not on purpose or through indifference.
In relationships
An A negative woman without baggage is the best girlfriend and wife for her partner, but when previous baggage has not yet been dealt with, things can be extremely difficult.
How do A negative women view themselves?
Brittany Sierra Sovocool writes:
Open minded, skeptical, caring, considerate, maybe somewhat moody, loners, sensitive to everything and everyone. Willing to help others, a magnet for others of many personalities and emotions. Great at giving advice, tends to have a mysterious nature to them, doesn’t tolerate rude behavior given to themselves and others, loves intellectual conversations, worries all the time, over thinking, analyzing, seems to have curious drive to learn.
B Negative
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities B-negative
B negative women are set in their ways in terms of what they expect from a relationship. If things do not go the way that she expected them to, it takes time to adapt to the situation at hand. B negative women tend to see life according to the plan they set for themselves and when dealing with a B negative woman, be aware that she might not be as flexible as you and need some adjustment that can appear to be easier to you than to her.
In relationships
B negative women are one way or the other, hot or cold. And both can easily go to extremes. You might not want to chance doing something that could cause friction without ensuring that things will be ok. Communication is very important and has to be kept up in a continuum. B negative women match best with O negative or B negative men, but at times AB negative men can also be great matches if there are common interests binding both together.
AB Negative
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Ab-negative
AB negative women are very happy with someone who is paying attention to them and there for them every step of the way. If you are able to be that man to an AB negative woman, your life can be close to perfect. But letting her down once can immediately close all doors.
Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Marilyn-monroe
In friendships
AB negative women will put the need of true friends above their own if needed.
In relationships
AB negative women tend to be very gentle and loving without hesitation. They give you the benefit of the doubt. AB negative women match very well with AB negative men, but all the other 3 negative ABOs can work out depending on the timing and social surroundings leading towards the relationship as well as common interests which work out very well in terms of creating a strong bond.
Disclaimer: This is not an official study, but ideas thrown out for discussion on this blog and Facebook .

About The Author

Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities 0e21532f6c4b6f7883ffe21d273b9c77?s=110&d=mm&r=g

Thanks to: http://www.rhesusnegative.net


2Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Empty Re: Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities on Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:29 pm


Not a long time ago, I had edited a book that spoke about all this and it was someone's personally researched dissertation as well. I won't go into details about that but will handpick some astutely studied matters related to the topic. O-ve group people actually are RARE because they have a weird rate of procreation, which is sustainable only if they are IN-BRED with their kith and kin. The theory goes like this: The Caucasian race started from a very small village like town called CAUCAUSES in a place called BARRA in Europe. These beings were tall, handsome / beautiful, sharp nosed and truly resembled what we know as VIKINGS or SCANDINAVIANS. Some of those women were as tall as 7 feet too. They had greenish-hazel-blue eyes mostly and had "Silvery" hair, not Blonde. Their DNA mutation was and still is, called "Y-DNA" group. They have strange eyes and are generally born with strong leadership qualities and are "One way traffic in arguments". Most men are left handed too, sometimes they have slight squint in eyes and it often goes unobserved. They never stop in their path of progress. If they ever become political figures in their journeys, then it usually ends very violently.

3Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Empty Re: Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities on Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:42 pm


I am O- as well as many members here. We share interesting traits to be sure.
But the reason that this a field of life long research on my part is because all data that is released to john q public is false history. They don't want us to know the truth. Why?


4Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Empty Re: Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities on Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:52 pm


I am O+ve, luckily. But "O" for sure, LOL. I know the entire history of how the O-Ve folks came to be because of that one dissertation I was editing and helping in. Their GENOME is strange (Mutation Y-DNA). It is called "HAPLO CODE" (Written as HAP Lo Code). They are generally born with great talents. Most of them are born with certain last names, but to hide their true origins these European Hap Lo Code families changed their names to:
Gist, Guest, Gest, Gille, Guille, Gayle, Guergen, Juergen, etc,
Howard, McNeil, Sinclair, La-Fontaine, BelaFontaine, De-La Fontaine, etc,
Among the French and Spanish names, RAMIREZ is a definite Hap Lo code name, then Merkel is also a Hap Lo code, so was Sarkozi, Marcos (Ferdinand) etc. Most of them reach the top of the ladder in Political lives. Try to find a copy of a book called "A face to my Name".

5Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities Empty Re: Rh Negative Blood Type Personalities on Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:22 pm


I was amazed at the names of the negatives that lead in all positions be it politics, royals of course, hollyweird elite, rock stars.... it goes on and on. Pretty impressive odds seeing as how there are said to be less than 8% of the worlds population Orh- and 15% including the other groups. Not included are those that have the alleles from prior generations dna.


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