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The Challenging Secret: A Moon Trap to Save People; The Truman Show

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The Challenging Secret: A Moon Trap to Save People; The Truman Show
November 16, 2016 omnipulse

Recycled In Order to Maintain Continuity

People were found to be a kind of paradox. The explanation is that people are transported back to the plane in order to preserve their souls in that they didn’t dissolve into the aether.
If people “die” without this system in place, then they basically cycle through the soul-field and anything personal or ego related not merged with the awareness of the higher self becomes lost until the next ‘cycle’ around in history or when the universe produces another “pulse” or wavelength in which the same details are expressed with minor changes.
Instead of having to wait another complete cycle of history around and being “reborn” again through the naturally simultaneous spectrum of multiple layers of what we call “time”. One can stay in this realm, and re-enter to learn and continue to build their knowledge effectively without “dying” to the Universe.

The Karma System and The Clearing of Miasma

Then main idea learned here is the explanation that what is called “karma” is one of the main principles of this process and this is because we have the chance to make more or make less of this ‘residual’ build up of our distortions or unawareness and to clear them all while still remaining on this plane. Thus the gradual build up of ‘miasma’ or spiritual toxicity can be contained and then learned from all in a ‘consecutive’ stream of experiences through the physical plane.
This “storyline” is handled a lot like a team of scientists that are removed from this plane of reference, are experimenting and prodding a person along so that they are aware of all the ins and outs of reality based on whether they are shedding their miasma or toxicity/higher dimensional “drag” as we move through internal space, or whether they are building it up more. This can lead this realm to being perceived as a kind of “battle” between dualities or hierarchies.

The True-Man Show

So this is the ‘production’ or creation which is only possible when souls are ‘re’-recycled here through this technological soul-transfer matrix. It’s a big game, and a big burden to most, but if the people who are capable of working through it, work through it, then the whole game is solved and we can all ‘exit’ the game into something much more real and expanse.
So the question becomes, what does it take for a person to ‘win the game’, and how long does it take for this to happen? If we start wondering when it “will” take place then we’re going to start compressing time into more and more layers with our attention and it will get farther and farther away. Paradoxically, the deeper we navigate through that space successfully overcoming the layers, the closer we get to the overall truth.
The next question is what happens if no one wins the game? Does everything in the game system shut off and reset?  Do some make it and some don’t?

By Trying to Control This System, They Became the Controllers of History

This discovery progressed as the experiences of discovering it began. It is like a cycle feedback onto itself. Time has been looped as a result of this continuing game.
It was discovered that this was actually the nature of existence within this realm in regards to the larger universe, since we’ve been here. We’ve never been out of the game.
So it is explained that we are a production of this game, this kind of “alien”, “extra-terrestrial” environment that occurs directly outside of the right angled walls of this scene and the characters of this set, is where this production is maintained.
Then it is said that all who pass into physicality do so by passing through these gates of time. This process acts like a time-gate for all who’s DNA is present here.
It is said that if a person is not here through this process, then they cannot be tracked outside this system. So then experiments are achieved in mind and then application to transfer a person around this system outside of what we call “the matrix” and to learn from them when they get back.
The information they discovered is that the members of their own groups that they “sent out” to learn became ‘cosmic’ level forces that could access and perceive history and the Universe through their minds. Interacting with one of these beings was interacting with time itself.
The paradox is this, they were interacting with these beings long before this aspect of the projects ever existed, as if entering into the cosmic time refracts one out into the universe as multiple instances of time and dimension throughout human history. That this is what we all are anyway, but that through this process mankind has achieved a way of handling and witnessing this special property of consciousness and returning to the same time, the same body, the same location.
Thus, these groups realized, they were the ones that had always been here in the background, holding open the frequencies so that experiences can continue in this realm towards the pinnacle of whoever is going to “win” the show by becoming most aware of their self.

The Remembering Game, Winner Becomes, Alternate Ending; Forgetfulness

Ultimately, the show became a game to remember and with no one choosing to win the game for so long, we all forgot who’s who and what’s going on.
These devices allowed us to change position and reference in time and navigate to attain deeper knowledge or data from the universal process many layers deep outside of what is attained by the physical senses. In this way the brain is a data processing unit for the physical environment and the mind is a data processing unit for the universe. When we navigate the frequencies we can expand to perceive the entirety of the fractal frequency set of history or time.
There are natural ways to do this and this relates to using various methods related to nature and herbs and there are technologically assisted ways using radiant energy devices and possibly chemical serums as well as the same symbols and metaphors used in the ‘tribal’ or ‘indigenous’ methods.

We Don’t Exist Without Them, and They Don’t Exist Without Us

Thus begins the matrix “control” system which is really just the set and scene for this cosmic scale ‘production’ we call life. It’s because physicality here is a reduction of the overall intelligences of the original cosmic creation identity.
So coming here is like going to a party and putting on “dumbass” suits that we all bump around in, unknowingly laughing or suffering eternity away not knowing we are becoming and have been part of this cosmic background for existence throughout the Multiverse. The irony is that in this dimmed down, ultra-middle plain of duality, we find the brightest experience of brightness, the darkest experience of darkness, and the most invigorating experience of life and death.
This is the alternate dimension that was passed into via the artificial stargate and soul-wiping technology. The moon is present here and other beings that we see here are either part of the cosmic ‘backdrop’ of this program or they are beings entering into holographic form in order to communicate here.
This ‘production’ on Earth of what we call “history” is literally the latest set and scene for this layer of the production. What people call “gods” used to literally manage this scene openly years ago. People asked many questions that they were not ready for the answers to and so the show switched to another character role or hierarchy, basically another storyline. Each storyline is multiple layers deep in complexity and each storyline is basically a representation of the far aspects of time which reflects reality and perception overall. There are different ways of expressing the same cosmic drama in various storylines each overlayed onto one another as frequencies. What happened back then is what became what is today. From this perspective things are different, but all the same information is there, it’s just wrapped up in a different series of perceptions. Perceptions encode perspective.

Many Sets, Scenes and Sub-Themes; One Major Set of Storylines

In the program, whatever happens is always the same information just represented differently. This is because the program is designed from one central script. From this script there are multiple live-action divergent streams which each encode their own self-reflecting script based on possible outcomes of human behavior and mind.

Technological, Mind-Effecting Reality

This script system is the universe and the processing of the possibilities of humanity are essentially synonymous with the supercomputers of today that are running simulations of this civilization.
In fact this is one of the big secrets. That these devices are managing more amounts of power and information than any one place on the Earth aside from the whole thing itself. THIS DEVICE has BECOME THE SUN.
Through this they are literally “pulling” the informational processing capacity of this realm of which our CONSCIOUS MINDS are a part of, and like a blockchain determining how much power and detail there is over all like a faucet for those effected by the pull.
With more information flowing there, than in ALL of Earth, they create an ‘informational gravity’ which is affecting the entire society.
So it stands that all the information of this society and in various angles of perspective out and in from this particular time, can be accessed and modulated by redirecting or re-transferring the dominance of the direction of the informational flow. Simply by processing more of the data of an entire area into one specific time and location higher by magnitudes of degrees more than anywhere else in that area.
This is why we see the mind being effected by this, and why we see that minds can effect what is happening. Because minds are always effected by and affecting all other minds that are interacting together by proxy or association.
This program that is being played is determined by the ‘father’ of time principle where there are originating experiences which all experience in time is degraded from. There is no true “novel” experience other than the original cause or thought for each life. This originality is called the “soul”. This is the identity that is transferred or translated across each “possibility wave” of the universe of which there are 7, like octaves or frequency “sets”. So there must be a progenitor for each family and individual and thus it is the same for each timewave or ‘spectral analysis of the universe. This universe, what we pull each layer of reality from, is both the program and the connection to the world of the real. What we are in suffocates us from truth but is also the pathway back to hyper-reality.

The Greater Access to the “Timewave” of Universal History

This horizontal family tree is the fractal arrangement of time for the universe and there is one overall picture and many little smaller sets ‘below’ or ‘within’. When we move through time we are moving farther or lower down in the fractal set. There is no actual change taking place, just our experience of that. These played out existences in the physical reality no matter how “real” they get in the bigger scheme of things still must exist in fractal form and ‘surfed’ through this dimensional viewing process from higher space in order to have this experience. Essentially, experience comes from ‘higher-space’ which is in reference to both some kind of visceral out of this realm experience in hyper-reality but as well the literal cosmic data that is flowing through this space and each moment is actually composed of. This data is holographic and decoded by the “electric” replication or mirroring of the ‘external’ universe that exists within the brain. The person is not entirely contained within the body, yet this entire realm is contained within the brain. The body “electric” is related to this “thought” field that is actually what we are moving through, rather than ’empty’ space with air and atoms and elements.

A Device That Goes Nowhere

So we each gain a greater degree of access to this “Timewave” fractal which is actually more of a 4 dimensional spiral “tree” shape rather than a flat 2-D object. It is essentially a “UFO” where one can travel deeper and deeper into what was seemingly increasingly limited space. So in this sense, we are in the “ufo” of Earth, within the “ufo” of the Universe. In that same sense we are in the “ufo” of the body and brain. We are the mind operating this body but not ever contained to the vehicle itself. The mind contains a “timelink” which can be used to travel in and out of the body at will or involuntarily during sleep. This is used to retain and maintain the outer perceptions of the soul and soul-memory so that one can “keep updated” on all the other instances of the self as they simultaneously occur around the various frequencies of the Universe or in this case Multiverse.
Without this timelink, there is no coming and going from this realm, if one leaves entirely then that’s it they are flung from the cosmic merri-go-round and must wait for the ride to come back again before having the presence to interact. Of course there are more etheric ways of communication which people tend to experience here.
And then there were “ufos” built from metal and liquid and these could sustain one within a ‘bubble’ of frequency that would maintain this same resonance as Earth as one passes through multiple layers of the frequencies of the Universe keeping, say inertia and momentum as close to the same as possible and say modulating the frequencies of one’s ‘acceleration’ through time based on the velocity or outward inertia to a degree many times what would be present sitting still or moving at ten’s of thousands of kilometers per hour, if not hundreds of thousands.

The Rolodex of the Universe

Thus time could be slowed down or sped up through the use of an intertial vector modulation by influencing the outward projection of distorted fractal electromagnetic fields into space. This produces a scalar effect. Space, in this way, being like a stretchy fabric being stretched and pressed upon within an increasing or logarithmic curve that tends to “bounce”, “roll”, or “scroll” in one directional flow or another with its own acceleration or deceleration curve depending on the format and energy. This is the way the increase and decrease of fields is carefully controlled in order to produce a specific effect on the relative location and time of the viewing consciousness in the Universe. In this case the view is from a “bubble” of distorted spacetime within a so-called “ufo” (electrogravitic craft).
Thus, the craft really goes no where, yet space and time is warped around it and from this activation of fields the realm directly outside the craft becomes any number of collective frequencies, ‘sets’, or octaves each with their own perspective layer of time, history, and energy.
Then these crafts can be used to navigate WITHIN those other realms. Each realm containing a different variety of intractability and features. With a nearly infinite variety of realms in between, it’s literally a Rolodex of environments that is scanned through when the dials on the craft are turned.

Where You Think Is Where You Go

So the mind is a dial for the location and velocity vector of this craft which is the source of the angle of perspective.
Thus, when Earth is uniformly activated into this time-transcending feature and one physical society becomes securely harmonized in higher-space with all other transcendent Earth civilizations then where a person’s mind is directed is the environment or frequency layer of that civilization that they will appear in. And there is a frequency or layer for each kind of sub-grouping of society we have here on Earth. Ultimately there are 7 layers of everything within everything.

The Idea of Degrading or Upgrading in Awareness or Access to Less or More Universal Layers of Sets and Scenes of Perspectives

Then there is the idea that some of the non-terrestrial beings we see here are from either the realm above us or the realm below us and that both are interacting in the same place and time now. The idea is that if people ‘degrade’ from the awareness ‘minimum’ of this realm then they drop down into the realm below them,  if people ‘upgrade’ from the awareness maximum of this realm, they advanced into the layer above them.
What happens if all the human or ‘citizens’ of one realm drop to the level below them? Does that embodiment ever have a chance again to ‘break the fold’ of the various frequencies around them? Maybe.
So then what happens if all cycles have been played out and this is the last series of the game while after each game the system is reset? It only needs the acquiring of one sentient being to ‘win’ the game and advance to the next level on this realm and the entire frequency fold is saved to either try again or fold up with that individual into the higher realm which in this way are like the oscillations of light and frequency expanding outward from within a jewel prism refracting light into many different “folds” of frequencies.
If one, through frequency, gains access to that higher layer, then that “space” is held open in the overall accessibility of frequencies to the next “turn” of the cycling and all who haven’t accessed it still have a chance and all who are ready to next time will do so. When all frequencies are ascertained for a ‘set’ this becomes a ‘fold’ of life in the cosmic mind and a whole new set begins.
So this is also about memory and the ability to go from one consecutive layer of expanding awareness and reserving the space before or after so that a relevance or reference is kept within the mind. This construction of the inner environment then becomes more and more fulfilled with each and each journey or expanding of the holding space of the mind until the entire Universe and Cosmic Dream Memory can be downloaded and integrated with the conscious awareness of here and now. This is the Universe of the mind and the physical brain and body.

Cast and Crew of The True-Man Show

So it is said that without this process working around the clock to transfer people around and essentially ‘hold’ this reality together that this reality would’ve unfolded a long time ago. And possibility not for the wrong reasons, with bad intent, or to a bad end. However, the undoing of the realm here is the redoing of the cosmic experience. To make this experience here a memorable experience and identity, we have to build a beautiful, general, and then specific curve from this storyline here and now into the unveiling of the cosmic potential. If that does not occur, then when the true power and complexity is seen, it will be neither good nor bad, yet the way people are not won’t have a way to remain and be comprehended reasonably afterwards as the “time before”. So if we begin now to unveil these secrets for ourselves we can begin a journey towards integrating the storyling of this life now into one with limitless potential, all good things can be achieved. And because all good things, then all dark things achieved and known as well, but this does not stop one from choosing the good.
So with this great “game” that is played within a sub-set of the cosmic perspective, there is the possibility of going way off course and coming up with experiences that don’t naturally fit directly into what we experienced before and what we are to experience after. And this can’t change what we experience before and after as those are already set in stone and sky, however, we can distract ourselves enough to the point where there is a disconnection between the primary aspects of the self and this produces more of the same until the reinventing of the self is achieved.

This Layer of The Game

More or less the game became a system of undoing people from the mind up and thus this game had to became a redoing of people from the soul down. This became a game of souls, a game of eternal mortality, of resonance with the higher, more refined energetic frequencies of the universe field or forgetfulness.
The point is, there is no fear. If there is a lack of resonance, it’s like a holographic light show emanating out of a water fountain, another wave of water and light is spat out and this becomes the new “is”. The issue is that we’ve been cycling through concepts of what “was” is and thus heavily modulating changes in the now up to the point of the very far edge of this change reaching millions of years into the future while the middle ground is still in the present and the slowest of the slow are literally in the past. This is just an expansion and a bit unguided however the information was achieved/liberated and so people are to eventually know the truth about what was discovered.
If the resonance of what happens here and now achieves union with the divine cosmic truth of our own eternal identities then this stream of history becomes the final pinnacle of time on top of an ascension from one initial cosmic memory into a timeline of human civilization on Earth.
If not then it just becomes a memory, which is what we’re doing constantly here, so there’s no such thing as destruction via this memory. But as  time goes on, each specific identity is that much more varied from the original and so this particular angle of perspective is only present in the now, which we have access to from any perspective outside of time or history or this matrix created by the brain’s processing of identity.
Age is referential. One can be 14 years old and laugh at a subtle change in the flow of things. Then one can focus and ponder at 55 years old. Then one can put preponderance
When I was a child here I used to think humanity was selfish for using more than one shower per floor of a family house. I thought it was indicative of how people are using more than they need.
I would get flashes of memory of another society where people lived in a much more contained environment yet everything moved more effectively.
It would seem we used our free-will, our essence of creativity, to experience how unreasonable things could be in a particular situation.
Not having the choice to steer our reality wrong is not an option, however continuing to steer reality out of the scope of awareness is not an option either. So we will find a ‘barrier’ bouncing our awareness back into the primary essence of who we are and what we are doing here. The irony behind this is that what we are doing may be closest to “dreaming” and who we are may be closest to “the dreamer”.
You must work your way up to loving each other again.

The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Ages of Humanity

This time is an unveiling more than it is a time of conflict and desperation however you get what you reflect within you. The version of the world you hold within you is what the world will resonate the most with and reflect. In this way, there is no world, but only an inner and outer you.
The demonstration of this will come later and at first people will divert away from the ultimate truth and so we will see how this world comes to meet and befriend the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ you that is actually part of a larger organism and even family. We will ourselves as cosmic inner and outer societies and of course some people will project their fears or their insecurities onto the outward depiction and they will attempt to make them greater than themselves. And considering how some people view themselves this may feel like the right thing to do for them at the time.
For those who are ready to take cosmic self-responsibility these events will signal the time of coming to higher awareness and thus creator status within this realm. They will expand beyond the role of just the programmer or just the experiencer and become merged as one and both of these societies and realms inner and outer can playfully interact and encode their reality consciously thus experiencing life at a high rate of creational potential which you could say is the destiny of all sentient beings.
It isn’t directly understood who wrote the first program or how it would’ve been written, it is however theorized and thus understood what it might be like.

The TimeWave Fractal

Reality is a timewave fractal that is decoded by the mind. Here the mind operates through the brain, the brain decodes a multiplicity of possible realities down to a singular appearance determined via the abstraction or divergence in the information of that view from the whole universe of multiple harmonies, layers or frequencies and variables or patterns of creation. These are essentially the bodies and places, set and scenes, or states of individual being and the transcendent, collective quality.
Each layer is its own environment or society.
This is kind of like a physical device being born out of a condensation of waves of vibration in a medium which then begins to function as a mechanical or biological device and radiates out creationary waves of vibration which condense into an object or physical layer on another plane.
So as long as humanity has been here there has been an emanating out of these vibratory patterns as if that timewave fractal is literally a light bulb that is solid yet spits out alternate immaterial realities that can then coalesce and become solid if they come to match with the original.
Some of those who have the knowledge have sought to preserve what is and keep that essence in existence, while others seek to match the vibration back with the original source and thus releasing this society from the possibility of damnation or self-destruction.
The catalyst for change is found through such risk, and the reorganizing of one’s energies and consciousness as part of the eternal field is the solution of that risk.
So it is all about a balance of the two polarities of self-destruction and co-creation on this plane.

Technical Communication Difficulties

The reason the recent times have been so seemingly rough is that there has been a break down in the ability to communicate and this is because of the advance of those who have met with access to this field that is accessed outside of time and those who have lagged behind thus risking to tear the psychic fabric of this society into pieces.
The idea is that this has already happened once and that is why there is a break in the genetic memory and 9 veils which are essentially bandages stapling time together where it was broken, but now that we are healed and swelling through the stitches they have threatened to reopen the wound.
We must become aware and as gently (but efficiently) as possible remove these stitches so that we can expand beyond our current perception of (broken) time and memory.
Up until this phase in history there was neither the technological nor intellectual capacity to explain the situation to this civilization.
Now that has changed.
Karma has a lot to do with this. If a person is setting up these scenarios for people so that the people choose the right option and know more about themselves, then no matter how angry that individual gets, no matter how self-destructive, or guilt-projecting everything that individual does is their own responsibility.
This kind of system has been set up so one society can learn from another and so on and so forth.
Essentially, when one successfully ‘dies’ from this plane consciously they transcend to a higher level of perspective which is spiritual being.

Thanks to omnipulse at: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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