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Lather, Rinse, Repeat....

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1Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  Empty Lather, Rinse, Repeat.... Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:38 pm



Lather, Rinse, Repeat....

Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  Lather-rinse-repeat

November 17, 2016

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.... until..... you wake up....

By American Kabuki

Seeing some common themes playing out  nationally and with the world at large.   Stuff circling back to addressed and finally let go.  Its happening individually, it happened here this week with all of us. Madison Avenue set up quite a curious neural linguistic programming endless loop coding for its shampoo clients, "LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT"... and the implicit infinite loop that represents.   A lot of lessons been repeated until its seen for what it is. And its becoming more forcefully in everyone's face each time the lesson is repeated.

Comes a time though, to move forward while you have some hair left.  Whether that is shampooing your head, or repeating the same old storylines that have not freed humanity in the 13,000 years since the fall of Atlantis.  What we have here is a failure of imagination and awareness.  Especially in the banking sector.

The corridors and corregidors of power on this planet really hate "chaos".  They've created every conceivable system template and tool imaginable to try and "manage" that which is unmanageable (Source itself), in the attempt to turn humans into "re-Source" which was never theirs to own.   Humanity defies containment.  It exists to expand throughout the cosmos.  And has in this planet done exactly that several times.  The Galactics ARE US!

The "VALUE" in the banking systems was always the humans on this planet, inbodyments of Source.  Money and every other transaction system was a mirror of that value to hide where it came from.

Where does poverty come from?  NOT FROM SOURCE! SOURCE PREPAID IT ALL!  IT COMES FROM STOLEN VALUE! You know how to fix it!   PUT IT BACK!

But the cry of the bankers is "then who will take out or garbage?".... REALLY??? In this age where robotics promises to make many jobs obsolete you bankers worry who will carry out your garbage?  Imagine a world where people did what they love doing rather than what they must do to only survive.


REAL is a Spanish word for Royal. Spain was ruled by Morocco from 711 to 1492, when Granada fell. The same year Columbus, himself a royal bloodline Moroccan (or as the Italians call them Marocchino) sailed to the "New World". Where do you think he got the maps? Morocco was one of the landing sites of Atlantean survivors, of which the Berber people of North Africa are but one group. Rh Negative blood types are common to people who came from Atlantis 2. The worlds oldest university is in Morocco.

Its no accident variations of the word REAL appear in the Western and Arabic countries. Moroccan words are all over the geography of Spain and the genetics of Morocco was carried into Mexico, Central and South America by the Spanish. A lot of intermarriage occurs in 700 years of rule.

Morocco always knew about the "New World", it was just kept hidden for a long time. They also had the perceived "deed" for America, but the Native tribes of America might differ on that point. Its no accident Columbus took that journey or that a Spanish Queen funded him. Columbus was not truly an Italian he was as the Italians say, he was a Marocchino. But then Italy like America is a melting pot nation, its very difficult to say what a "true Italian" is, as there is so much genetic diversity in Italy because of the Roman Empire.

Morocco is a country that is designed to look like a third world country, but it is anything but that. The King of Morocco is the 6th wealthiest man on earth.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  Real

Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  ITY

REAL-ITY is defined in the systems as the declaration of the King's decree,  and insanity as losing touch with "REAL-ITY". Convenient huh?

(essentially unaccountable Kings declaring what is value
and not telling you, that you are the value)

Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  REAL-MONEY

Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  Rials

Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  Iranian%2Bdinar


Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  CONTROL-LOOP

The tools of elite enslavement

1. One tool was "enlightenment" or "illumination" (for a price), originally through elite secrete societies compartmentalized to such an extent from both the greater world and competing secret societies. All run by the very same controllers they unwittingly work for.  The left hand never knowing what the right does.  Bi-cameral rule of compliant elites thru separation consciousness.   They needed some competent ones because there just isn't enough of them,  but made very sure they never had the complete story, and the fights over dogmas of the religions and secret societies made sure they never did get the complete picture.  Did you ever read the book series "The Masters of the Far East"?  Its mostly about the "Great White Brotherhood", I believe its in book 6 where they get into the actual actions of these masters in Tibet, and its actually a bit horrifying.   So much for ONENESS consciousness!  The Great White Brotherhood is one of the secret societies that sits under that grand united nations of secret societies known as the Vatican.

Within these systems the left brain was encouraged to grow its neural connections, while the intuitive right brain which is expanded by art, music, poetry, and creative endeavor was to be denied.  And what is the first thing to be defunded in cash strapped school systems? The only thing in them that gives the kids some fun, the Arts.  Left brain logic (and logic is a useful tool) was promoted as being superior to heart, because with a cleverly chosen false premise, you can logically argue a person's self-enslavement or complicity with the greater crime of enslaving others or that they will always be a slave system on this planet.  Compound interest is the tool of enslavement, of individuals and nations.  They

Any form of knowledge of subtle energies was said to be "un-scientific" and any discussion of "spirit" or formlessness was only the purview of the clergy.  Discussions of frequencies, tones, scalars, mathematics derived from geometrics, was dismissed as not being valid or real.  The whole outgrowth of the fight between the church and Galileo was to segregate the "spiritual" from "science", yet in truth, there is no separation.  Its all quantum.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  -archy

The created the logical premise always being there is an "OTHER", that poses danger to "YOU", and they are going to save you from it.  And if there isn't an enemy they will damn sure make sure they create one to justify their position OVER you.  In medieval days it was the neighboring king, pirates, bandits, or the unruly "unwashed masses" of those who don't really care to be managed or be someone's financial resource.  They have always castigated free thinker,  the "an-archist" (which literally means "against the ruling class"). They think its their divine meritocratic right to rule over others, take their ancient lands, or put pipelines through Syria and The Sioux Nation.  And they don't care who they kill in the process.

They see themselves as more worthy, run campaign ads that tell you they are looking out for you and your best interests. Yet privately, in true Machiavelli fashion, they admit to having a private policy that is different than the public policy and brag about it to their cronies.

I have a friend that had her spouse recently call her a "TRUMP" as an insult,  she replied "What does that even mean?" 

Trump (a Draco essence - he is not a shapeshifter lol... he's most human)  has ties to the Chinese and Russians (his Trump Tower sits on Chinese Sovereign Territory within the USA - but then so do many of our national parks now since the US Corp. Government sold them off).

Trump is upsetting the ruling royal bloodlines elites in this country, and defeated their favorite royal bloodline, Hilary Clinton in the election and the Bloodline Royals are hopping mad about it!  The world has been run since the fall of Atlantis 2 by these two factions. And was always very competitive between the two control partners. Some "light workers" refer to "Bloodline Dracos" which is a bit of an oxymoron.  Dracos get to the top by how ruthless they are.  Bloodlines get there because of their family connections. The Royals of Europe are not dracos.  There has been very little overlap between the genetics of the ruling bloodlines and dracos (whether in monarchies or is alleged democracies).  The Dracos have had a pretty full on lock on the banking systems however.  It is an Orion financial system that was imported to this planet.

Is Trump a savior? Hardly.  Is a devil? He's not that either.  He's a man with flaws like the rest of us.   But what is sure to happen is he will expose what was hidden  and then expose himself like the others before him did in that office.

Both factions see you as not being smart enough to know better, and their "educational" systems made damm sure you didn't get information to make full competent choices.  Incompetence by design.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  Dumbing%2Bdown
2. The other tool was ignorance by design and neglect.  

Give them storylines, but don't teach them think for themselves.  The concise and simple the better.

The storylines are especially effective if it includes a "buy-in" like RV Dinars, or tithing to a church or mosque.  The heart often follows the pocketbook.

Morality shifts from being kind and decent to others, to creating a jeering crowd to shame "the deniers" of whatever the official storyline is. Mock a holy book, person or sacred secular political or psuedo scientific theme and they'll try to lynch you.  Science has been particularly infested with political correctness recently.  It was supposed to be subject to rational exploration and proof, not dogma compliance.

Want to make some new agers very angry?  Tell them the truth that the "western cabal" is the same as "the Chinese Dragons".... all draco origin beings.  They set up the religious and black magic systems. They have scripted a story line that says one portion of the banking systems is going to play a savior role while the other is going to play the devil (while getting a back door payout for that). Yet who hybridized and then hired these purported devils and funded them as their western proxy banking faces?  All roads do not lead to Rome, they lead to China!

That's not to say banking couldn't be used to help the planet, but these selfsame bankers still want to do it by ignoring the original depositories of value, the humans, and hide it all behind the secondary depositories of central banks and the recent BIS replacement in China.  That sets nobody free.  And it certainly doesn't raise consciousness. They call it a bridge, and it indeed original was, but they long ago stop letting people off that bridge.  Trolls do that you know. Bridges are about flow and this one ain't!

Those expecting funds from their Chinese paymasters continues to defy the obvious facts the Chinese can't deliver and blame the fact that the funds don't flow to their various humanitarian projects on evil doers in banking and governments.   Talk to your banker instead guys!   Put it into the original depositories if you want it to flow!

The bankers cannot get the systems to flow because they are not in compliance with the change of energies since December 2012.  They think if they just have the right formulations of elites paid off with earlier release RV funds, rebrand old debt as new money, and hide it in new institutions while dismantling the old ones THEY BUILT, and castigating the proxies, with will flow.  Perhaps its just the right document or biometrics!  NOPE!  Its about AWARENESS, not biometrics.  

They implore for meditations and visualizations to make it all flow, but FAIL to face the one thing that will make it flow,  putting the funds to the ORIGINAL DEPOSITORIES of value, YOU and EVERYONE ELSE ON THIS PLANET.   The rest are all mirrors and secondary depositories. But then they would have NO CONTROL if they did that, they think they would no longer be special,  as they see it. Separation consciousness at its rawest.

Everyone deciding what they do with that flow of value (which has been PREPAID, PRE-DEPOSITED into each INBODYMENT OF SOURCE) is pure chaos to them. Something they fear.   Just because you cannot see the implicate order on a higher dimensional level does not mean it is randomness.  Mathematics knows that now!  Why don't these guys?

Lather, Rinse, Repeat....  Dragon-king-events
IMAGE CREDIT: https://www.wired.com/2013/10/chaos-theory-dragon-kings/

I can't tell you how its all going to play out. I can tell you the links to China and Russia will be known.  I can tell you all the "SUPER HIGHWAYS" to the Galactics are in China.  The Galactic connection IS IN CHINA.  That will become known.  As will all that came before that, back to the original Garden, to be seen, felt and then let go.  Never to repeated every again!


Posted by Obi-Wan Kabuki at 9:02 PM

Thanks to: https://americankabuki.blogspot.com


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