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A Holographic Healing Session with Cindy Carter

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A Holographic Healing Session with Cindy Carter
December 5, 2016 omnipulse

The Session Begins

The healing session begins. There is a sensation of difficulty upon relaxing on my back and breathing gently. This is associated with the chronic pain that has been a part of every day life.
There is a sensation of connection to someone else’s consciousness. This feels to be a benevolent presence, like a magnetic pull on my own consciousness and the entire sphere of my embodiment. I feel information exchanging and waves of non-verbal energetic communication taking place. I relax a bit more gently.
There is a reduction of difficulty in breathing. My body relaxes along with my mind. It is as if there is a sense of calm, like a ‘tint’ has merged within my ‘perceptual vision’. The sensation of tension eases and the tension around the abdomen and chest loosens and breathing is fluid and easy. I feel I will soon fall asleep if this continues!

Harmonization and Flow

I experience a sensation of harmonization and organizational flow in my awareness. Instead of a flat trajectory or a highly excited state, my energy begins to move in a direction of general unification.
As this occurs there is a sensation of settling and motion. I seem to sink into the pad I am on and with this my energy gently swirls and resonates within the body. This is as if the energy of the mind and the body are coordinating and where there is discord there is an obvious sensation of the blockage of the gentle swirling or an over-excitation of that swirling. From this sensation the underlying pain is brought to the surface and automatically acknowledged both by the body and the mind. The pain is distinct, but not overwhelming as if there is the beginning of an integration taking place.

Interlocking with the Healer’s Energy

At this point there is a sensation of interlocking with the mental energy of the healer and there is the perception that this coordination of energy is attempting to locate and break up the disharmonic gatherings of tension.
Before this motion completes there is a sensation of mental and emotional rising of disharmony. Pain is present but wavering.
From within this swirling and organizing vibrancy of energy there is the sensation of communication across layers of correspondence. The mind is instantly speaking into cells and in return the cells are speaking back to the mind.

Precipitating Wisdom

A sensation of the precipitation of wisdom occurs. I feel larger than the situation, larger than the disharmony of any one part and even larger than the whole body. This is partially through the acknowledgement of disharmony and the realization that the disharmony can never over power the harmony of what is as that harmony is what enables experience in the the first place.
I experience the automatic acknowledgement of disharmonic presences in the energetic field. I begin to sense the source of these energies in the body and mind. All sources seem to trace back to how the mind influences the body. There is an alignment or correlation of the source of disharmony to certain relationships past and present and certain memories both primary and secondary traced to traumatic experiences.

Acknowledging Distortions

A precipitation of wisdom again occurs between layers of correspondence. The individual units of consciousness within the body are telling me that the boundaries “down here” are blocked and distorted because my mental and emotional perception of boundaries in the world have been intruded upon and distorted by the disharmony of those around me. Through this, the clearest picture ever that I am one individual consciousness unit comprised of many individual consciousness units is presented. The correspondence between how I interact with others through boundaries and with respect and self-respect and how this relates to how my inner individual units will then interact with each other is made so directly apparent as if that is all that can be known.
Again, a precipitation of wisdom occurs. I am informed and I realize how I accepted upon myself the allowance of such intrusions and distortions of boundaries externally and how this seeped within and caused internal distortions. This is represented by those distortions of boundary from others onto myself then leading to my own acceptance of those distorted boundaries within myself. Through my acceptance of those distorted boundaries others have applied to me for myself, I transferred the same relationship to within myself. This is essentially disrespecting myself and my own boundaries as the result of trauma of others, not related to heavily traumatic situations but secondary situations where people choose to take, insult, harm, or to categorize and label in ways that ignores or distorts the self image as well as any potential for a healthy relationship channel. These distortions went within because I accepted those distortions around me for so long that they outweighed my own original self-respect.

Visions Through Time

Upon the experiencing of these waves of precipitating wisdom and clouds of harmony and disharmony my awareness is taken within through multiple visions. There is a sensation of moving through time starting with the most prominent experience of disharmony in a previous friendship where trust and respect was imbalanced. The sensation of a changing scene occurs again, this time there are visions and the sensation of the most recent extreme physical and mental/emotional challenge of the recent ER visit I had and the howling in pain. There are more sensations of flying through time and I find myself observing myself in another time period where and when I am much younger and experiencing life from a perspective of freedom and enjoyment. From this there is another precipitation of wisdom and I am sensing the particular energetic configurations that acted as the foundation for what became the distortions in the vision of that past time. I am sensing the distortions as being hidden under the surface to me then, yet I can see them clearly now as something I was hiding from myself and knew was relevant but chose to confront indirectly at that earlier time.
I am seeing visions of the self and of others, relationships, friends, and family. Sensing the misalignment in mind and emotion. Great emotions are rising up within me, it is as if energetic entanglements, mental and emotional knots are being untied. They are not breaking, as though there is a limit reached, they are being loosened and relieved of their pressure on the mind and body and this is even felt as changes in the tension of physical spine and organs.

The Healing Begins

This is a heavy rush of energy and there is a sensation of moving through time and feeling the “tracing” of the current distortions to each and all of those previous times as configurations within my own mental  and emotional fields or ways of interacting with the self and others.
Throughout the experience there is sensation of being led through such visions by some organization of beings connected to me. Sensation of communication directly with living cells as teachers, life containment units and aspects of nature within themselves, within me. The healer’s energy is motivating the initiation of each unveiling of mind and emotion. This energy is both the catalyst and the lubricant of each experience of pain and the revival of the original self that was covered beneath such pain. The healer is the force behind the initiation of the unveiling and the force that steadily moves each phase along.

Wavering Energy and the Dissolution of Energetic Blockage

I am brought to the “present” by the voice of the healer. (this part occurred partially throughout the previous), time was highly non-linear at this point, I (my awareness) was bouncing back and forth. An indication that various motions will begin. A sensation of a literal rocking back and forth of energy. I use my mind to enhance this rocking back and forth. I perceive this as similar to various advanced methods for entering into a dream-state which are only for advanced practitioners. I enhance this method and experience the beginnings of what I call an emotional, mental psycho-spiritual release. An orgasmic or energetic sensation rises through the cells of the body.
I am brought back to the present via the instructors voice informing me that she has been “bringing the energy back and forth” over the specific area where I noticed the rocking/wavering motion. This increases the intensity of my appreciation and connection to my own body and the healer.

Holographic Insertion of Mental Energy

The healer then moves to another method of connection, one that is more direct.
1 minute passes and there is no sensation. Around 1 to 2 minutes in (time was all over the place) the sensation of a pressure bubble, literally like gas (which I had been experiencing throughout from various ongoings in the digestive system) appears directly in a specific spot on the body. Pain is brought to the surface. Specifically to one location.
Three knocks are heard from an om or tone generator. After the last knock, the bubble of pressure “releases” dissipating into a sensation of clarity and relaxation. There is a feeling of clarity instead of emptiness, of relaxation instead of residual tension.
The voice of the healer describes how there was an insertion of the energetic hand into that area and this has concluded directly coinciding with what was felt. I asked the healer to describe the location, this location was precisely the same location down to the exact spot on the body.
I have seen many uses of holographic healing techniques, this is one that I will remember throughout every individual unit of consciousness within my body and mind throughout all experiences. This will act as an anchor point in time, this will continue to heal throughout and beyond the singular perception of times, planes, and physical challenges.

Scanning, Realignment, Return

The session is nearly complete. There is a scanning and re-engaging of the energy of the mind with the body. The healer gently brings me back into cohesion, into conscious alignment with my body. I am still asleep, dazed within this trance state. I am floating here and there, back in time and in the present, wondering and examining. Then the healer performs a motion which is to abruptly and securely relocate my awareness back into the conscious alignment of the physical body. My eyes widen, I am no longer tired or in a spiritually ecstatic state to the point of floating around. My awareness is fully positioned within the physical body. There is a sensation of relaxation, emotion, mental clarity (the most powerful part that ties all other benefits to the present and solidifies these changes) and re-awakening that rivals any dream-state or automatic self-healing in the past 6 years.
We continue to talk for almost an hour. We both realize I have not be healing myself. I knew, but wouldn’t confront. The automatic nature of the coherence and decoherence effects taking place did not force me to heal myself, they automatically aligned my mind and my inner units of consciousness and a magnetic/electric flow naturally occurred which enables the healing to take place on its own. I enhanced this process and every step of every experience the healer’s energy was with me, guiding me, acting as protection and motivator pushing when required or gently drawing the experience along.
The individuals units of consciousness within are central to all. They are the teachers, while we are the learners.

Cindy Carter, Spirit Consultant, Artist, Energy Healer

I have a unique view of ascension and self mastery after a sudden awakening in 2007 an angelic intervention, a soul fusion, I could see through new eyes. Only seeing ever-present life in front of me, no longer any concerns in my world. I was healed. I am now of universal service to gift back from my life uncommon.


I woke up in 2007 on my birthday, April 1 (yes April Fools day) ..
I woke up totally different. I did not recognize my life, the health issues, the
marriage issues, the financial issues, the manipulations and controls were GONE.
I woke with new vision, new sight, new feelings – a completely new life.
I woke with information I had never heard before, I had flames
shooting out of my hands. Me, a non religious, non spiritual over achiever mom,
entrepreneur, philanthropist, was now gifted a new life.
The angels conspired with my higher self to resurrect the spirit living in this body.
Solene came alive that day.
Some humans call this a walk in. Some humans call this a soul transfer.
I call it
As soon as I literally woke that day, beings from close and far started
finding me and gifting me with their guidance. Shaman would show up, healers, metaphysicians, druids, pastors, healing artists, inventors, time travelers, beings from many off planet races, interdimensional beings, ascended masters, and everything under the sun that could show up to show me my truth!
I woke with specific information that took me 7 years to comprehend.
I have the understanding of immortality.
I have the understanding of resurrection.
I have been given the codes to ascension.
I have been very careful to allow only what humanity can honor from this information.
I asked on several occasions if I should be translating these transmissions, so that more people could understand them, I was given the answer no, not yet, over and over again.
It is often a couple years ahead of what others can handle as a truth.
All is coming around now as the energies allow a broader clarity.
All the codes are here within the transmissions and poetry.
How to change and remove the cellular markers, how to accept that you are not your traumas, to allow yourself to merge with your Ancient Self, the science of epigenetics is in play here.  Knowing that you are
Divine is not enough now, activating the Divine within your cellular body is what is in play here.
I took the call to return to my original essence, which is love.
This is how I operate my life.
I am an UPLIFTER of healers.
I am a cheerleader for all those that uplift humanity.
I support and love all these uplifters.
I started bringing information from a collective consciousness I called
The Ancient One.
A blend of earthly wisdom and cosmic field consciousness.
In 2011 I started the blog, Solene The Ancient One.
I learned how to understand the codes given to me. They were strong messages that required no editing, no thought, nothing but sitting and listening to the words come.  Then the messages started becoming more refined, more rarefied, they became poetic,
flowing utterances of accelerated truths.
I didn’t take poetry in college.
I then was gifted the understanding of cellular proliferation vs cellular mytosis.
I didn’t take science in college.
This information is how to ascend IN THE BODY.
I was being guided and taught and supported by my highest aspect, my soul partner,
the Divine within me. All beings that came to assist were confirming what I already knew.
Super consciousness is possible for all humans.
I am blessed, and grateful to be gifted this life.
I have chosen service to humanity as my mantra.
I am a sovereign on the earth wishing abundance and beauty and peace for all.
many blessings.  Cindy
Cindy’s Website: http://www.knowingdoe.com/
Cindy’s Facebook Groups:
https://www.facebook.com/solenetheancientone/ –
Spiritual Rejuvenation, Alchemy, Messages, Lightcode Poetry, Art, Self Mastery, Healing, Multi Dimensional Being, Angels, Et’s, Soul Transfer, Psychic,
https://www.facebook.com/ActivationQuanYin/ –
Activation of the energy fields around you brings a transformational process towards a higher vibration. In person, Dillsboro, NC or distance sessions

Thanks to: https://augtellez.wordpress.com


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