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JULIAN; Martyr or Mockingbird

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1JULIAN; Martyr or Mockingbird Empty JULIAN; Martyr or Mockingbird Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:40 pm


“So call it: but it does fulfil my vow; I needs must think it honesty.
Not for Bohemia, nor the pomp that may be thereat glean’d;
For all the sun sees or close earth wombs, or the profound seas
hide In unknown fathoms, will I break my oath to this my fair belov’d:
Therefore I pray you, as you have ever been my father’s honour’d friend.”
Florizel; Shake a spear; The Winter’s Tale
The recent demise of Julian Assange may not be a total surprise for many, nor the entire Weaki-leaks saga which has created what appears to be an all out attack on alternative media, or anything without a swastika, crucifix or the appropriate triple lettered lingo being the trademark for the institution’s allowed by the self ordained establishment. I guess it’s OK to publish murder 24-7, but the imaginary line has been crossed with pedophilia which I believe is a notch below pornography, so just the mere mention by association creates a carnival of caveats, so of course it may cause many proprietors to slam their doors.
Perhaps it’s best to avoid the “P” word altogether, though it does seem to come in handy during election periods. Let’s just sum it up as errant behavior until we can paste it somewhere between shaking babies and the Ten Commandments, or until we can ratify the subjective moral imperative. Adult’s, politicians and pontiff’s engaging in such lewd behavior were obviously victims themselves and this chain reaction may go back centuries. Such addictions are energetic in nature so our friends in the pharmaceutical industry may be able to help. Of course addicts would need to get therapy like other addicts for the required prescription. Then all those campaigning for public positions shall be required to undergo a series of psychological examinations with polygraph, to ensure there are no hidden variables. Testers should also be tested as well as those authors of tests with testicular handicaps.
The size of Julian’s oysters were said to be so large they entered the room before him and had a nasty habit of rubbing all those present inappropriately. Like etheric Elephantitus, where only felt by those with higher sense perception; and feel them they did. Of course Hillary and Co. lacked this sense perception and tripped over them on their way to the Ball ;). But publishing information is one thing, obtaining it is another and this masked distributor would have known the information would be harmful to both parties. There also exists the possibility that Julian had nothing to do with the effort and was the patsy for the inevitable backlash from the Clinton mafia, while the true architects chalk one up for political strategy.
Oh Hillary; where art thou Hillary, you are the weakiest link, goodbye!
We shall miss Mr. Assange, and although my sources told me last week that the body still carried a pulse, the mind was neither hither or thither. But his balls shall live in infamy, they shall be remembered bearing down upon the shoulders of Hillary and her establishment like the weight of the world upon Atlas, causing knees to buckle. Whether it was live or Memorex matters not.
We have lost some notables this year, and no doubt many others which are yet unknown to the public eye also felt the nasty blade of the guillotine during this reign of terror. Surely there are countless others who have come under the radar and are being harassed to no end, for what can be considered meager offenses as the establishment tightens its noose and expands its dragnet. The occult totem is still missing a few heads I’m sure, but there, nailed to its base are the gilded “Testicles of Testimony”. Perhaps they’ll get down to the Bohemian rhapsody, in the midst of the largest virgin sacrifice in recorded history.
How utterly desperate they’ve become; tools and fools animated before the Lizard King. Should we tell them of the true climate change, the great posterior rift; creations enema; Mother Earths IBS. Woe to those subterranean dwellers, tarry therein at your own risk as mother evicts without mercy. Take no comfort under stormy seas, nor in airs, ether’s and orbits, for the arrogance of man shall pass, the vices of foreign allegiance shall perish as assets flee from scorn. Those profiteers of misery and chaos shall come to know it thusly. See not the wave of light, nay, a tsunami.
I must be thinking to loud, the aircrafts are gathering again. Yesterday they sprayed their bettlejuice to no end, bringing jets from neighboring states for the campaign. No doubt by now they know that we know about the slurry pipeline which runs through their utility tunnels, going from manufacturing facilities to pertinent Air Force bases across the country. Like an oil pipeline the silver slurry travels for hundreds of miles underground unabated; well, until now.
 Obviously, years of labor went into this infrastructure, not to mention years of planning beforehand, and the billions of tax payer dollars spent to gas the public indiscriminately. But surely it’s all just Woo Woo.
The Galactic front reports that on the eve of Pearl Harbor a massive Drak attack upon Guardian ships came from both inside and outside the solar system; roughly 100,000 Drak sorties engaged in a fire fight that lasted 48 hours. Although they were ultimately vaporized there were losses sustained in the thousands. Though there have been many skirmishes over the year this was the first all out assault and may not be the last. No efforts for diplomatic relations at this time have been forwarded by the Drak Confederation, and though it was tested, the Guardian resolve remains unperturbed.
Many a light worker has made the ultimate sacrifice, and this will continue until some sort of compromise is attained. We humble ourselves with the belief that this engagement is all about Earth and its nurseries, but it goes far beyond this, and while humanity is mostly asleep behind the wheel a battle rages beneath their feet and above their heads yet nothing is reported and many so called whistle blowers are either kept in the dark or on the dole to keep the alternative media mesmerized with trivial pursuits.
December 2016 was slated to be the month that the negatives made their push to recover lost ground in every sector. The list of targets for termination among humans is extensive and
there has been a great deal of troop and equipment being shuffled around in preparation for potential tyrannical takeovers. Media censorship is only one small spoke in this massive wheel, for while they keep the public atrophied with rumors of WWIII, they won’t know the truth, in that our world has been in the middle of WWIII for years, albeit this is no conventional war fought with bombs and bullets and the battle lines are quite blurred.
Although the defense industries would love to see a war of armaments the disunity is stifling. All are plagued by fragmentation and allegiance issues, for in a world of rampant greed most have succumb to self interest. There are wars of psychological sovereignty and intellectual property. Wars over AI pro and con and AI vs AI. Wars over energy resources and lands; wars over drug territories, both illicit and pharmaceutical; Financial wars, commodity wars, and dollar vs trade wars. Political wars which include wars over moral issues. ET and hybrid wars which pit the branches of the military against one another along with their representative political and industrial factions. War’s are even being waged over how best to control the sheeple, for even with endless towers of frequency modulation, food, water, air and drug additives the wave of opposition is growing.
The One World or New World Order, that has worked diligently for the last century to evoke a global system of control which allows no stone unturned, seems to be spending more time putting out fires than sparking them. The rift within the consortium is beyond complicit and is evolving into two distinct categories of industrialists, being the fabricators of anti life products vs the fabricators of pro life products and the companies or middle men who cater to both, for some companies dabble in both toasters and particle beams. The philosophical difference is simple; manufacturers who rely on a consumer base don’t want their revenue stream interrupted by war mongers. Those who own stock portfolios should research their investments, for we don’t want to be financing our own demise. Unlike our tax dollars whose exploitation goes beyond surreal, financial investments are still held by choice and if you still own shares in Google you’re not helping.
Most light workers present on planet Earth have been in the fray at one level or another and have come to know their share of hardship, for attack has most likely become a way of life, and although a great deal of this will resemble a financial blockade the list of alternative harassments is as licentious as it is lengthy. Many of the seemingly enlisted who feel the need to help steer the steamship through troubled waters can help by not inadvertently aiding the wrong party. This can be as simple as keeping ones money out of the hands of conglomerates and supporting mom & pop and grass roots pursuits. Using alternative health products before adding to the commercial health debacle is educational and rewarding. Of course the biggest thing one can do for the greater good is to invest in one’s own energy before anyone or anything. Humanity is only limited in perception not ability, the wisdom that awaits each, though varied, has the potential to not only transform the individual but the abstract reality in which they dwell. The problem generally is overcoming ones programming, and it’s all programming down here.
The old parable “be as children” has many connotations, but essentially it speaks of our childlike inner world of imagination. I realize the attic has a few cobwebs, but boy are there toys up there and learning how to play here can add a new dimensions to your game, for its been said a thousand times “thoughts are things” and for higher level creations it all starts here. Energizing such imaginative musings into crystallizations is the easy part, it’s the blueprints that really require investment. But don’t look at it as work; it’s all child’s play.
In memoriam; Julian Assange; the man with titanium balls.
Darkness falls, candidates smeared,
grandma’s cringe, the Clintons are weird.
Front page news, capitol blues,
Pizza, pizza; a franchise or woo.
Amber alert, a child is missing,
Milk carton kids, cops go fishing.
Grand theft youth, millions a year,
Mother’s weep; sum of all fears.
What lies beneath, conspiracy of evil,
Silently slither, illusive Bo-weevil.
Politicians are mute, cloak or dagger,
Pray thee a church, Swaggert or Tagert.
Pedophiles or lizards, a fetish of dread,
Silly muggles, such notions, all in the head.
Sickness profound, psychos hidden paths,
Human blood-hounds, mega-bit pasts.
Disclosure, disclosure; we want the truth,
Government men, shark skinned suits.
Truthers despoil; guys we’ve been played,
Media busted, shape-shifting charade.
Billions for bunkers, American bought,
Wage slave republic, trust in naught.
Buy shares in Google, mind controlled fools,
Finance your demise, capitalistic tools.
Millions of poor, living in tents,
Billionaires do nothing, save build a fence.
System shes broken, Wall Street a mess,
Bail out the bankers or all will confess.
Trillions go missing, where’s the concern,
A hurricane’s been spotted, look at it turn.
An alien invasion, coming this fall.
Been there done that, Grey’s playing ball.
New World Order, controlleth thou fate,
Lets ask the AI, real bombs or fake.
Denver Bohemians, a queen on a nest,
Poor O’l sod, she thinks she’s a guest.
Gas the Highlander’s, Air Force AI,
Swords of light litter the sky.
Twelve days of Kryst, end and mean,
Warriors want mercy or wipe slates clean!
Val  12/14/16

2JULIAN; Martyr or Mockingbird Empty Re: JULIAN; Martyr or Mockingbird Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:17 am


Val.. this may be one of my favorite pieces that you have shared here!

Thank you


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